Richwine Defends Himself

District of Corruption

Richwine defends himself in National Review.

My thoughts: if he graduated from Harvard and worked for mainstream conservative orgs in the Beltway, then he was smart enough to know that Conservatism, Inc. is a fundraising scam, and that the price of legitimacy for “mainstream conservatives” is allowing the Left to set the parameters of public discourse.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. He knew what he was getting into when he started working for Heritage. He knew better than to even mention the relevance of racial and ethnic differences in the report because self censorship is part of the game. Thus, it is hard to see Richwine as a victim.

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  1. He was very careful to hedge his piece, it was not in any way controversial when written. Of course that goalpost is getting moved over time, so eventually the game is up for Con Inc.

  2. “… self censorship is part of the game.” My guess is that Jews downplay racial and ethnic differences as part of their DNA programming. Bribe and thrive, we are all part of the human family. Jews are superior intellectuals, scholars, and merchants but also superior deceivers, parasites, and manipulators. IMO the Jews partially took over the Democrat Party in the 1930s and achieved total Democrat control in the 1960s. The Jews partially took over the Republican Party in the 1950s and achieved total Republican control in the 1990s.
    “Buchanan announced his departure from the Republican Party in October 1999, disparaging them (along with the Democrats) as a “beltway party.”
    Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory. – Pat Buchanan, 1990
    MSM now denounce truth about racial differences and common sense on racial awareness as dangerous hate speech. It is always darkest before the dawn.

  3. I realize there is a personal satisfaction in defending one’s positions but the story is done. The media had to kill it. If not sheeple might start wondering about the IQs of negroes.

  4. “Richwine defends himself in National Review.”

    Now there’s a sentence I never expected to read.

    So Richwine, who has no relationship to NR, is given this real estate, while Derb, who wrote for the magazine for a dozen years, was thrown under the bus at a moment’s notice. F*ck National Review.

  5. @Hunter

    You are 100% on the fact that professional “conservatism” is a fund raising scam, and has been since almost the start. What have any of them accomplished in the last 50 years for White Americans?

  6. Yep a scam, contards paid to quibble the details but never ask the tough questions the left did not want to talk about and most certainly never challenge the left’s sense of moral superiority.

    But one thing the “nurture” programs and the political theology built around them is predicated upon a fraud. The smarter ones know this, and they are scared shitless that they won’t be behind the gated community walls when the EBT stops working and all those low IQ eaters go wild.

  7. 363 comments, typical quibble like you would find on AmRen, but even that is a good sign, the goal post is moving.

    Really no need to quibble anymore, but most people are not really leaders and willing to make declaritive statements especially since the West is in the thrall of PC the religion and its tenant being the ultimate plasticity of the human individual to be a libtard drone.

    While all us conservatives moan about the omnipotence of this religion, remember it is but wordism which works till one day it does not. IMO it will collapse as fast as any fashion trend.

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