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  1. They are not the descendants though. Elements of Iceland, Normans, Scots, English, Irish, Icelanders, Russ are the ones who conquered and settled… and by extension Americans and Aussies I guess.

  2. Has the Swedish Left surrendered yet? And has the “respectable” Swedish Right lectured Swedes on the need for “anti-racism?”

    You will also have noticed that the darlings of diversity are never lectured on their racism.

  3. Looks like the West is in for a winnowing. Those of us who survive will not be your normal passive DWL that is for sure.

  4. “His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clear His threshing floor; and He will gather His wheat into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

    Matt. 3;12

  5. The “Yutes” are on the warpath again – a very aggressive tribe – didn’t they originate around the Great Lakes ?
    Question: Who is more brainless: Scandinavians or British ?

  6. The one thing Mayor Daley got right… “shoot on sight and shoot to kill.” We just don’t make em like we used to.

  7. “Why does diversity like to riot during the warmer months?”

    Why does “diversity” decrease from south to north (except in urban areas) — decreasing exponentially with latitude above 40 degrees?

  8. ” ‘Why does diversity like to riot during the warmer months?’ Why does ‘diversity’ decrease from south to north (except in urban areas) — decreasing exponentially with latitude above 40 degrees?”

    The apparent natural tendency for “diversity” to flourish (and revel, and riot) in lower latitudes, lower altitudes, higher average temperature and sunlight hours and intensity might frustrate The Plan to move the diversity north after the secession. The purest white genetics naturally love cold weather, mountainous terrain and darkness, and even ubiquitous air conditioning may not be enough to keep them on tropical plains.

  9. “Question: Who is more brainless: Scandinavians or British ?”

    Most people in Sweden won’t even know this is happening.

  10. Just as in Britain where the police are targeting the “far right” (even 85 year old “racist” grannies ), we get this in Sweden:


    In Storvreten in Tumba was unsettled during Friday evening and police were on hand to control the situation.
    A police officer on site in Storvreten told the Aftonbladet reporter Kenan Habul that it was around 50 right-wing extremists. For several days, the right-wing discussed on social media to mess with youths who threw rocks at the police.
    – There are many people in the area, but we have nothing concrete right now, says Towe Hägg on Friday evening.
    According to her, two people were removed from the site.
    During the evening, reported Aftonbladet reporter Oskar Forsberg to a crowd of about 50 people gathered at the Stockholm International Fairs. In Mälarhöjden police apprehended 18 people.
    According to TT pulled right extremists around the 30 or so cars in the Stockholm suburbs, guarded by police. In Tumba, south of the town persecuted the people on the streets until the police intervened and stopped them.

  11. The Swedes wanted “diversity.”

    Yes they did. In democracy people get the governments they elect and consequently the immigrants they deserve.

    They evolved in the tropics and subtropics.

    These blacks should be in tropical climes, wearing bright colored oxfords with white linen pants, smiling with their large teeth, snacking on saltcod and repurposing steel barrels into drums. They’re only in Sweden due to the inherently matriarchal welfare state. How sickening.

  12. It’s pretty shocking.

    Nothing that has happened in Sweden since the reformation should be shocking. The welfare state started when Luther’s unreasonable position against the necessity of good works for salvation was reasonably interpreted to mean alms giving was no longer a spiritual burden for citizens/church; it became the domain of the state.

    The welfare state is a child of the reformation and is thoroughly materialist, thus anti-mendicant in the physical and accompanying spiritual sense.

  13. I look at what goes on in Sweden… especially when they talk in their ugly gibberish tongue and feel nothing as they experience what Luther called “the scourge of God”, Islam.

    The majority of Sweden’s population is not religious and there is an increasing demand for secular alternatives to religious ceremonies. The ceremonies of baptisms, marriages and funerals are still largely carried out in churches, conducted by priests, even though the participants rarely are practicing Christians. The SHA offers help and advice in creating secular ceremonies for those who don’t wish to employ the Church of Sweden or other religious institutions. They also organise coming-of-age summer camps for teenagers where the participants get to discuss ethics, philosophy, religion, human rights, discrimination and other important issues


  14. Actually the problems in Sweden began when a rightwing extremist lackey of the US imperialists became Prime Minister (Carl Bildt). As our “neoliberals” abuse and rob Americans for their wet dreams of world domination, so they also began to abuse Swedes. For this “class”, having an “underclass” is a useful mechanism for keeping the population dumb, divided, docile and easy to fleece by having convenient “whipping boys” to keep the population from becoming enraged by oligarchical abuse.

    By now Sweden has the same kind of parallel “secret” government as in the US. Parts of which use the “justice” system to play imperialists and lackeys of the US and even to supply the Pentagon with honeypots. http://original.antiwar.com/pilger/2012/08/23/the-pursuit-of-julian-assange-is-an-assault-on-freedom-and-a-mockery-of-journalism/ That is also why we see young, rightwing swedish politicians carrying out CIA missions to Cuba.

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