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  1. However, Hunter, some of these French Spring protesters do understand quite well the evils of the Republic. Many remain brainwashed, but I know that the traditionalist groups Renouveau Francais and Institut Civitas have also been in on the action, and they often favor the Tricolor emblazoned with the Sacred Heart as Our Lady requested.

  2. The Oscar Wilde trial occurred in 1895. Progressivism took about 120 years to progress from Oscar Wilde to Elton John. In Anno Domini 2133 there might be even more progressive forms of marriage.
    “Which would a boy rather have: a daddy and a mommy, or a daddy and a pony?” – RamZPaul
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVQuf05U1Jo Support Marriage Equality

  3. “I don’t understand why they are waving the tricolor to protest gay marriage. That’s even worse than the Star Spangled Banner.” – HW

    Because, HW, they still all believe the lies of the filioquist West- that ‘Equality’ is actually REAL- it just stops at their preconceived notions.

    Rather than realize that Burke was correct, and that the French Revolution unleashed a demonic spirit that is satisfied with nothing less than massive bloodshed, the “paysans” that killed the Anglo-Norman Nobility (most of whom were blond/blue-eyed) in the days of Robsepierre and after, have never really repented of that sin- and the ‘eldest daughter of the Roman communion’ still thinks the nihilism of Camus and Sartre is worthy of study, even after almost 100 years.

    Those peasants of yore, are the bourgeois Frenchman of today. They are more than willing to think themselves the equal of the Kings, but they’re sure not happy that “Les nègres” think themselves the equal of THEM!

    Trouble is, they don’t realize that (just as in the USA) the same BS rhetoric that made miscegenation legal in the USA (Loving v. Virginia) is EXACTLY the same rationale that gives ‘legitimacy’ to ‘les pédés.’

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