“Outside Agitators”: Jews and the Civil Rights Movement


Kevin MacDonald writes:

“This does not follow. One surely can’t argue that because one Jewish politician in one state opposed desegregation that Jews did not have a decisive influence on the Civil Rights movement in general. South Carolina by itself could not withstand the onslaught against desegregation given that the laws against segregation were national in application.”

That’s certainly true.

It would be a mistake to generalize about American Jews on the basis of one example. The Strange Career of Solomon Blatt tells us a lot though about the Southern Jewish experience. From Colonial America through the Civil Rights Movement, Southern Jews never developed into a hostile minority in the way that they did in the North.

“Throughout the desegregation crisis that beset the South after the Second World War, African Americans and Jews in the region took no united action. In the Southern states at least, there was never any alliance between the two peoples.”

In Montgomery, Martin Luther King, Jr. couldn’t persuade the local Jewish community to support the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In Birmingham, the downtown department stores which were at the center of the 1963 demonstrations were owned by Jews who had enforced the local segregation laws for generations.

In Selma, the downtown stores had names like “Cohen’s, Levy’s, and Rothschild’s,” and Selma’s Jews had produced three former mayors and seven ex-presidents of the Selma Chamber of Commerce. Jews had always been members of the Selma Country Club and had even played a role in building it.

Sheriff Joe Clark’s official spokesperson was a Jew named Sol Tepper who was a diehard segregationist. When hundreds of Northern Jews arrived in Selma to participate in the Selma-to-Montgomery March, the local Jewish community attempted to persuade them that Selma was really a nice place for Jews to live:

“Mayor Joe Smitherman remembers asking Jewish members of the chamber of commerce to arrange a meeting with Jews who had journeyed south to join the demonstrations. The merchants were encouraged “to talk them out of being arrested” and “to assure them that we aren’t that evil of a community.” A delegation was duly dispatched, including prominent businessmen Sam Barton, Jacob Bendersky, and Maurice Hollonborg, but their efforts were unsuccessful.”

In South Carolina, we have already seen that Solomon Blatt was the Speaker of the House, and he used his power to oppose the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, no one in the South Carolina legislature was more opposed to integration.

In Mississippi and Alabama, large numbers of Jews joined the Citizens’ Councils and many of those who did genuinely supported the massive resistance movement and were ardent segregationists. Alabama’s Jews supported George Wallace’s campaigns and often appeared in public with him to oppose federal intervention.

Throughout the South, Jews more or less supported the status quo or were passive bystanders to it, and there was no organized pressure coming from Jews in places like Montgomery, Birmingham, Selma, and Albany – the key battlegrounds in the Civil Rights Movement – to overthrow the South’s racial caste system.

It is certainly true that tons of Jews did come to the South to participate in the Civil Rights Movement: the Freedom Riders, the Mississippi Freedom Summer, SNCC volunteers, to work as volunteer lawyers, etc. Virtually all these Jews came from the Northern states like the Gentiles who came with them to stir up trouble.

Some of these Gentiles never went home: James Reeb, a Unitarian minister from Boston; Jonathan Daniels, an Episcopalian from New Hampshire; Viola Liuzzo, a fanatic from Detroit. The entire Unitarian national convention came to Selma along with legions of Northern Protestant ministers and Northern Catholic priests.

In 1963, the Jim Crow South was a segregated island in an integrated United States. The South’s racial caste system had no parallel in the Northeast and Midwest which had been integrated since Reconstruction or in some places long before. The North’s culture at the time was boiling over with hippies and beatniks while Southern college campuses were rioting against integration.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the South during the Civil Rights Movement was more like a foreign country than part of the United States. In terms of its racial and cultural decline, the North had far more in common (in the 19C and 20C) with Great Britain and Canada, maybe even France, than the Southern states.

You could go one step further and compare the North’s relationship with the South to France’s relationship with Algeria or Britain’s relationship with Rhodesia where large numbers of Arabs and blacks fueled an unsuccessful White resistance to the insanity that had captivated the metropolitan central government.

By themselves, Southern Jews (who were a fraction of 1 percent of the population) weren’t inclined to challenge the South’s racial caste system. The South’s honor roll of race traitors – Harper Lee, Clifford and Virginia Durr, Morris Dees, Howell Raines, Frank Johnson, Paul Hemphill, these were all from Alabama – have tended to be White liberals.

The presence of so many notable White race traitors combined with the relative disinterest of Southern Jews in the Civil Rights Movement and the fact that virtually all the civil rights  demonstrators (Jew or White) came from the Northern states gave White Southerners the impression that it was all the work of “outside agitators.”

Note: I should emphasize here that the author says that 80 percent of the South’s Jewish population are now transplants. None of this implies that there isn’t a Jewish problem in, say, Atlanta or South Florida in 2013.

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  1. Thanks for the ongoing education, Hunter.

    It’s almost a full-time job, constantly explaining to yankees why southern jews don’t send us instantly into twitching foamy-mouthed rage seizures 😉

  2. Generally, people will mind if they understand the rules, and if there are strict consequences for breaking the rules. Under such a condition, disparate folks can usually “get along.” In fact, they most often “internalize” their environment and adapt as they are able. In the South before “civil rights” even negroes were, for the most part, civil (if not civilized). On a larger scale, look what happened when the Soviet Union broke apart.

    Absent constraint, people will quickly revert to type. With external constraints imposed, people’s internal constraints do not really need to be considered as principally determinant. This is why the myth of libertarianism will never produce a good society. A diverse people, or even a larger homogenous group, require discipline, but not so much freedom. And only a few have true intrinsic discipline. The rest need a social order that will impose on them the good life, whether they like it or not.

  3. @Hunter

    The Jews in the South in the 1960’s were a tiny, but, noticeable minority because they were engaged in trade. When the White corporate elite sold out in the South the Jews sold out with them. Anyone can talk a good fight, but, it’s what they do, and what they accomplish that counts!

  4. @Hunter

    The Jews in the South in the 1960’s were a tiny, but, noticeable minority because they were engaged in trade. When the White corporate elite sold out in the South the Jews sold out with them. Anyone can talk a good fight, but, it’s what they do, and what they accomplish that counts!

  5. “It’s almost a full-time job, constantly explaining to yankees why southern jews don’t send us instantly into twitching foamy-mouthed rage seizures”

    It has yet to be explained at all here why southerners are prone to the Error of Neoconservatism and pro-Zionism.

  6. Back in 2007 on a forum we both hate, I made the point that Southern Jews and Northern Jews didn’t go off in the same direction ideologically.

    Of course, the response from the white nationalists on that forum was predictable.

    5 years later I read occidental dissent and see that Hunter has basically taken my position, although I’m not taking the position that segregation should be brought back.

  7. My belief is that agitators played a role in speeding up desegregation.

    Most of them were Northerners. A disproportionate amount were Jews, but the Jews had non-Jewish allies.

    It’s also my position (and this is where I differ from Hunter) that capitalism’s natural progression was to end segregation. It would have happened, just later, without the agitators.

  8. “Back in 2007 on a forum we both hate, I made the point that Southern Jews and Northern Jews didn’t go off in the same direction”

    But the most important point to make is about WHY they seemed to go in different directions.

    Furthermore, this dichotomy of the good/southern/Sephardic kind and the bad/northern/Ashkenazic kind is sophistry. It was Sephardics in the southern AND NORTHERN colonies who led the way to “Golden” multiracialism, which failed however to take hold in the northern states where commitment to CHRISTIANITY was much stronger, at least in the beginning.

  9. That’s an easy one.

    It is because of the absence of Yankees and their nutty liberal culture in the South which came up with abolition and civil rights by itself.

  10. “Yankees and their nutty liberal culture…came up with abolition and civil rights by itself” — and that is the REASON why “two kinds of” Jews “went in different directions” — you think?

    It is a “fantasy” that ” ‘White people’ are basically the same” — because “Yankees,” at least, are a very DIFFERENT people and the ultimate source of all this evil that plagues Dixie — you think?

  11. A difference is that Southern Jews wanted to be friendly with southern non-Jews.

    On the other hand, Northern Jews would come in, promote their agitation, then leave. So would the Northern non-Jews.

  12. “A difference is that Southern Jews wanted to be friendly with southern non-Jews”

    A SIMILARITY is the “Northern Jews” also wanted to be friendly with “Northern Gentiles” that THEY did business with.

  13. “Jews had to carefully negotiate their position during times of unrest. Former Lexington resident Robert Berman, author of the 2009 book ‘A House of David in the Land of Jesus,’ said that in their own stores, many Jewish business owners employed black workers and served blacks as customers equally with whites. But when it came to larger segregation issues, local Jewish residents felt it was best to stay neutral. ‘They did not strive to preserve segregation, nor did they speak out about it,’ said Berman, whose book examines the relationships between Jews and other faiths and races in Lexington….” http://forward.com/articles/175460/southern-jews-a-dying-breed-as-small-town-communit/?p=all#ixzz2VP80bZue


  14. Sigh.

    The reason that “southern Jews” were not so openly anti White, is because the Soutghenr Plantation culture, fueled by slave labor, suits Jews to a “tee”. It’s aligned with THIER culture. Their most fundamental philosophical doctrines tel them that they are Born to Rule – and ALL the Goyin are born t obe their slaves.

    They let the Scotch and the Irish and Italians literally build the South. Then they moved in, and began their various trades.

    What oyu Southerners do NOT seem to be albe to comrephend is they you White Goy are NO different, in value, and essence, than Niggers. You are thier Niggers.

    They are Jew. Greek/Russian/English/German/Polish/Yankee/Dixie – they are Jews.

    You are their Niggers.


    You’ll find out.

  15. “Mosin Nagant says:
    June 6, 2013 at 3:47 am
    “Jews had to carefully negotiate their position during times of unrest. Former Lexington resident Robert Berman, author of the 2009 book ‘A House of David in the Land of Jesus,’ said that in their own stores, many Jewish business owners employed black workers and served blacks as customers equally with whites”.

    Thank you Mosin. Perfect timing.

    “…in their own stores, many Jewish business owners employed black workers and served blacks as customers equally with whites.”

    That’s because Whites are pale Niggers, and Blacks are dark Niggers.

    That’s ALL.

  16. Denise’s remarks shows she knows nothing about the culture of the South. I was born and raised in Illinois, but I’m the descendant of two very old Southern families, the Daltons and the Mustains of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. Since getting into my family’s history nearly a decade and a half ago, I’ve have learned a lot about the history and culture of the South. One of the things I’ve learned is that the so-called bigoted South is an extremely tolerant place when it comes to religion. While the North, (especially New England) was a magnet for fanatical bluenoses, religious fanaticism, (the Burnt Over District of New York State) religious and compulsive social reformers, the South attracted Catholics, Quakers, Lutherans, Jews, and other groups who were not welcomed in the Puritan North. It was this tolerant attitude that held Southern society together, not the Southern plantation culture. Only a small minority of Southrons were plantation owners, and some groups, like the Quakers, were opposed to slavery. The only time when the Southrons got ‘intolerant’ is when the Yankee’s tried over the years (Reconstruction, Civil Rights) tried to change that culture. This, of course, was used by the Yankee’s as ‘proof’ that the South was backward and bigoted.

  17. “nationalist Yankees support single-issue nuts like Kevin MacDonald”

    “Jews have been deemed the problem with America by nuts” — those “dirty faced kids” —

    whereas consistent ODers who are sane, intelligent and truly wise, understand that the REAL problem is THE YANKEES (who are a different white people).

  18. Southern Nationalism will fail if Jews are involved in any major part of it. You will get a few stragglers that will play for awhile, but eventually they will return to their own and for their own. Some Southern Nationalist can play with the idea that they can be or should be included, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Yankees are the main problem because they are the majority population that despises our ways and who use their money and their vote to go along, but who lobbies and controls the Yankee government? Yankee educational system? Yankee military? Yankee media and entertainment? There traceable history as to how we ended up where we have in the South today. In modern times, much of the blame can be placed squarely at the foot of the certain Jews and their liberal, Neo-Con, Republican, and Judeo Christian familiars.

  19. Yankee became god and the jew who followed became the holier than thou god. Its not that complicated.

  20. Dalton’s remarks prove he’s an obfuscatng, deceitful Jew.

    I repeat – Southern Whites – wake up.

    The Jews Hates YOU.

    You are their Niggers. You are their pale Niggers. Blacks are their dark Niggers.

  21. Oh look – the Southern Kikes are subverting you all along!

    “It was not unusual for small town Southern Jews to profess sympathy for segregation”


    “In fact, it was discovered that the Jewish shopkeepers had secretly supported the local NAACP chapters, served as conduits of information to the Blacks and the government about the local White community and so on.”


    Der ewige Jude.

    Eternally duping

    Der ewig White excuse-making Schmuck.

  22. “Even the “nationalist” Yankees support single-issue nuts like Kevin MacDonald. “

    MacDonald merely studies Jews in an objective fashion. Much like the Jews subject every White ethnic group too criticism. The only problem is the Jews squeal like stuck pigs when he does so.

  23. Southern Nationalism didn’t fail because of the Jewish population in the South. It failed because Yankees invaded the South and armed hundreds of thousands of negroes to destroy the Confederacy.

    Later in the 1960s, the Jim Crow South didn’t fail because of the Jewish population in the South. It failed because the federal government systematically dismantled the segregation laws and there was no was solution to that problem.

  24. WNs look silly when they try to pin the Civil Rights Movement on, say, the Jews of Selma and Montgomery, who had nothing to do with MLK, and not on someone like Frank Johnson, who did more damage to Jim Crow than anyone in this state.

  25. Why did all these Jews and Yankees from the Northern states come here to march alongside negroes and stir up trouble in the 1960s?

    There is a very simple answer: they could parachute into a place like Selma, act out their liberal fantasies, and return home to the Northern states where they would be greeted as heroes by their peers and where they wouldn’t have to face any consequences.

    That’s why Northern Jews and Yankees were so heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement whereas Southern DWLs and Jews were comparatively intimidated and marginalized. It was because the stigma attached to being an anti-racist liberal wasn’t nearly as great in the North and West.

    In the South, Jews were terrified that the Klan would blow them up, or the Citizens’ Council boycott them and strangle their business. Jews in the Northern states never had to worry about any of that.

    The North had been integrated since the 1880s. There was nothing wrong with racial equality and integration because it had been practiced there in most places since Lincoln’s time.

  26. “Lew says:
    June 6, 2013 at 5:58 pm
    Good find Denise.

    Southerners never should have trusted Jews.”

    NO ONE should. They are really going after the South, now.

    Here’s what I got in my Mailbox, this AM, fromthe “American Prospect”:

    Dear Friend,

    Every election night we’re gobsmacked by the endless sea of red that is “The South.”

    GOP dominance of Dixie has been built, year after year, with careful planning, patience, and a whole lotta dough, all in order to establish fiercely tight hold over the politics of the region.

    But now we see the beginning of the end of the Solid South.

    From Virginia to Georgia and even to the Republican citadel of Texas, the South isn’t so much rising again as it’s being shaken to its foundations by a demographic tsunami that threatens the very foundations of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.”

    Anyone can give you the talking points. Here at the Prospect, we’re giving you the real shebang, in four acts. Here are the first three pieces of our week-long series.

    Bob Moser lays out the broader context, explaining how we got into the current mess, and why there’s light even in our darkest hour.

    Abby Rapoport (Jew) goes deep in the heart of Texas with “Battleground Texas,” a look at a group of former Obama Campaign staffers fighting to steal the crown jewel of the Republican Electoral College. Sue Sturgis and Chris Kromm explore the dynamic at work in North Carolina, a state that’s becoming more progressive and more conservative at the same time. Southern Progressives: stick with them and you’ll never go hungry again.

    But for all the great progress we’ve made, there are reminders of the truly monumental nature of the work ahead.

    On Tuesday, Battleground Texas posted audio of the Texas Republican Party Chair being asked what the GOP was doing to get black people to vote. His response:

    “I’m going to be real honest with you – the Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote if they’re going to vote 9 to 1 for Democrats…”

    Sound unbelievable? Listen to it yourself. ”

    The “American Prospect” was founded by Robert Kuttner. Jude

  27. It’s true that amnesty will have terrible electoral consequences..

    In 1986, the South voted against the IRCA amnesty too, but that also became the law of the land because of the existence of the Union.

  28. Why did all these Jews and Yankees from the Northern states come here to march alongside negroes and stir up trouble in the 1960s? There is a very simple answer: they could parachute into a place like Selma, act out their liberal fantasies, and return home to the Northern states where they would be greeted as heroes by their peers and where they wouldn’t have to face any consequences.

    Nothing is more true than this statement. Same is still true today.

  29. Hunter – you are missing the point – the POINT is that those Southern Jews were NOT benign, or helpful. They were simply outnmubered at the TIME. That’s it.

    Are you dating a Jewess, or something?

    • Haha, no.

      This whole discussion got kickstarted in the comment section. In one of the previous threads, there was a huge tangent in the comments about whether the Jews were the primary or secondary cause of our decline.

      That’s why I wrote the Bicausalism Type B post. I said that the existence of the Union was the primary cause of our decline. Jewish influence is a major problem, but instead of welling up from the grassroots level, it has negatively impacted us from the top down through the federal court system.

      Anyway, the Bicausalism Type B thread got 500 comments, and it sparked so much interest that I decided to probe the matter further, given the interest here in the South and Jews. So why not research Southern Jews?

      I bought some books off Amazon and decided to review them for you guys. As I have read the book, I have posted excerpts here for everyone could see what I was seeing. It’s really no more complicated than that.

  30. Amnesty – Ann Coulter was on the Cavuto showlest night. She said that the Obama Media are lying, and that Amnesty is on track to pass. She told people to call call call.

  31. “WNs look silly when they try to pin the Civil Rights Movement on, say, the Jews of Selma and Montgomery, who had nothing to do with MLK”

    Who actually did that? No one has tried to pin it on the local Talmudic establishment. That is an absurdity, a straw man.

    • I was referring to the conspiratorial line of thinking.

      I don’t believe there was a Jewish conspiracy. The mainstream Jewish organizations – the ADL, the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee – openly supported the Civil Rights Movement. There was no cover up. It was all done out in the open.

      The local Southern Jews had no reason to get involved in the Civil Rights Movement. It simply wasn’t “good for the Jews” in places like Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, the Mississippi Delta, Atlanta, and really everywhere across the South. Jews had nothing to gain in the South by supporting MLK and that’s why they didn’t support him.

  32. There is no harm in calling and protesting. If it makes a 1% difference, in slowing down Amnesty, etc., it is still worthwhile. Why should we become silent, acquiesce now — and what is this veneration of “southern” Judaism all about?

    • There is no veneration of Southern Judaism here.

      Half the people who come here are interested in Jews. Half the people who come here are interested in the South. So, I bought some books on Southern Jews, which I surmised would pique your interest.

  33. Hunter,
    Take a look at who were the main lobby for dismantling the South during the 60s. The Hart/Cellar act was already mentioned on the other thread along with a list of influential Jews who used their influence to push through the 64 CRA and the 65 HCA.

    It wasn’t a huge problem in the South traditionally, but with the theft of Palestine and now powerful Israeli state and huge Israeli lobby it is a different environment. Yes, whites were the majority of the problem because they voted for such things and later accepted them and etc. but they are not the head of the snake anymore.

    • Jewish influence hit a brick wall in the South:

      1.) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was filibustered for over 50 days and 90 percent of Southerners ended up voting against it.

      2.) The South was the only region of the country that voted against the Immigration Act of 1965.

      If it were not for the existence of the Union, there would be no Civil Rights Act of 1964 or any Immigration Act of 1965, which only passed Congress due to their overwhelming support in the Northern states. Every member of the House in the Northeast voted for the Immigration Act of 1965. Every senator from the Midwest supported it.

      Jewish influence alone can’t explain why one region of the country rejected it whereas another section of the country overwhelmingly supported it.

  34. Hunter- I recall that thread. I stayed off that thread, mostly (I may have taunted Dalton the Jew, for my own amusement – but the threads on which I do that are irrelevant), because I regarded that thread as yet ANOTHER Asperger Geek Theorist style excersize n navel-gazing. You may note that very few of your female Commenters weighed in; the Racialist/WN/Whatever Female Commentariate are the Outliers of the Outliers, and we are mostl concerned with practical matters. Not that the Whites Males aren’t; it’s just that Theoretical Arcana is the beloved realm of Males. Like old maps, and potato guns.

    I have no problem with studyng Jews, since I am solidly in the Blame Jews for 99.99999999999999 % of everything Corner. I know that there are bad, very very bad Race Traitor Whites (Can I handle THEM, as well, in the upcoming Trials? I promise excellently entertaining and memorable punishments!), who have done immense evil – but the thrust of your Southern Juden posts seem to indicate a sensibility that regards the Southern Spawn of Satan as “not really the problem”.

    They are ALWAYS The Problem.

    I’d rather focus on the Big Picture. Their nefarious, 100% evil track record – as well as What Works. Whites World Wide are just beginning to Mass “Get-it”, and awaken to our Existantial Peril. There haven’t been a lost of successful pro=White Existence movements, because the Existential Perila thing only developed in the past 100 years. And WE HAVEN’T BEEN IN CONTROL OF OUR MEDIA AND MONEY FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS.

    Who knew?

    There are Harbingers of a New White Age, however. The Golden Dawn is WINNING. So is Jobbik. Yup. So it Putin. Yup – they are. Those new “You CAN’T Hate Us Jews Cause It’s ILEEEEEGAL” Jew laws will backfire, as in a Reichstag conflagration, in Greece. The Tide is turning, elsewere.

    I WANT Dixie to win. Don’t doom yourself from start. You don’t need the Hebes – so don’t be “fair”. Eschew the Jew. Hail Dixie!

    • Here in the South, the Klan and the Council were successful in nullifying any threat from the Jews. They were also successful in neutralizing the Southern DWLs in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma. Across the South, Southern Jews never played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement.

      The one thing that proved absolutely fatal to Jim Crow was the existence of the Union. The federal courts could issue ruling after ruling that eviscerated Jim Crow. The White House could send in the military to enforce integration. Finally, Congress could pass laws (over our almost unanimous opposition) that destroyed the Jim Crow system.

      The Union, not the Jews, was the primary cause our downfall; the Jews here were held in check by the Klan and Council, but the federal courts were not.

      • The real question is why the Jews were in check in the South, but not in the North.

        In the South, when Jews agitated on behalf of civil rights, there were serious consequences (Klan bombings and Council boycotts), and Jews understood this and refrained from doing it. In the North, the Jews were loudly and openly subversive, but there were no consequences to behaving in such an offensive way.

        Because there are no consequences to Jewish misbehavior on a national scale today (thanks to federal civil rights laws), Jews everywhere are now at the forefront of subversive movements.

      • We have the same problem today.

        If Alabama passed a law that authorized state troopers to round up every illegal alien and deport them from the state, it would be struck down in five minutes by a federal judge. The presence of the SPLC – one of the biggest Jewish subversive organizations in America – didn’t stop us from passing HB 56.

        It was the federal courts that shredded the law.

  35. Hunter – you are missing the point – the POINT is that those Southern Jews were NOT benign, or helpful. They were simply outnmubered at the TIME. That’s it.

    I agree with this as well. Hunter is still right though when he says that the Yankee attitudes paved the way for the Jewish takover. Yankees even now approve of what the Jews have done to our culture, as with Biden’s recent statements. It makes complete sense to me and lines up with what has happened.

    Southern “Judeo” Christians support the Jews in Israel who are trying to create an ethnostate. Yankees approve of Jews in America who are dismantling our culture and turning us into a third world shithouse. While both are bad, one is worse.

  36. That quote from TOO has nothing to back it up. It’s just an opinion with no sources being referred to. If the author makes such a claim, he should be able to footnote it, so his readers can check his sources to see if he’s accurate or not.

    Denise, making derogatory remarks like “are you dating a Jew” to put down someone because he disagrees with you is not good. It makes you look petty. Mr. Wallace documents everything he says in his articles. My readings in Jewish and Southron history lead me to the same conclusions that he expresses in his articles. You should do the same so you don’t come off as a loudmouth ignoramus who thinks the Joooos are behind everything.

    • As for the latest TOO article, it simply reflects that Southern DWLs everywhere were successfully intimidated and marginalized during the Jim Crow era after the Brown decision.

      Back then, the shoe was on the other foot: racialists were dominant in the South and could successfully intimidate Southern DWLs through political, social, and financial pressure. Insofar as there were racial liberals, they were forced into the closet, or driven out of the South altogether.

  37. Now that I think about it, the “outside agitators” have set up camp in Montgomery with hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, but the only reason they have any power over us here is because of the existence of the Union.

  38. A few interesting paragraphs from on-line article.

    Jews in the Civil Rights Movement
    Working to extend America’s freedoms.
    By Howard Sachar

    ‘Nowhere did Jews identify themselves more forth­rightly with the liberal avant-garde than in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

    It was an uneven identification. For Jews living in the South, the issue of racial integration posed unsettling questions. They constituted barely one percent of the region’s total population. Among their white neighbors, they had long been accepted as “honorary white Protestants.”

    Even Senator Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi was prepared to draw distinctions between Northern Jews and “good” Southern Jews. The latter were circumspect, in any case, unprepared to question the South’s social order.

    But in 1954 that social order was challenged head-on. It was then that the United States Supreme Court rendered its judgment in Brown v. Board of Education, striking down racial segregation in public schools. Within the next dozen years, as a series of federal laws and court orders shattered every legal support of racial segregation, Southern Jews faced an agony of indecision. A very small number responded by joining the ardent segregationists.

    They were entirely atypical of Jews even in the Deepest South.

    Black-Jewish Relations in the South

    As far back as the 19th century, Jewish storekeepers were virtually the only Southern merchants who addressed black customers as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” and permitted them to try on clothing. By the early 20th century, a few Southern Jews even ventured to speak out against the evils of white supremacy. In 1929, Louis Isaac Jaffe, editorial writer for the Norfolk Virginia-Pilot won the Pulitzer Prize for his denunciation of lynching and the reactionary Harry Byrd political machine.

    Julius Rosenwald chairman of Sears Roebuck, contributed more generously in behalf of Southern blacks than did any philanthropist in American history. Rosenwald was Chicagoan, but his munificence was continued by his daughter, Edith Stern of New Orleans, whose Stern Family Fund in later years contributed vast sums to civil rights activities in the South. It was known, too, that Southern Jews privately tended to be more liberal on the race issue than Southern gentiles, and often quietly provided manpower and funds for civil rights causes.’

    Well, that last line is very informative. Damn straight the jews in the South QUIETLY provided manpower and funds for civil rights causes!

    After good ol’ boy Sol sold his stock of white sheets to Buford and Cletis he sent the profits to fellow jews up North, then called Abraham at the local F.B.I. headquarters giving a heads up to the whereabouts and intentions of Buford and his cohorts.

    You can bank on it!!

  39. If every Jew in the South had vanished in the year 1954, the outcome of the Civil Rights Movement wouldn’t have been any different, but if the Union had ceased to exist in 1954, the Civil Rights Movement would have instantly been stopped dead in its tracks.

  40. In the entire South, there were 7 rabbis who publicly supported the Civil Rights Movement.


    “Most local Jews then tended to adopt a low profile on the race issue. At the express wish of their congregations, a majority of Southern rabbis similarly agreed to be restrained. No more than six or seven of them in the entire South worked openly to promote the cause of civil rights. But, of these, Rabbi Julian Feibelman of New Orleans opened the doors of his Temple Sinai in 1949 for a lecture by Ralph Bunche, the black United Nations ambassador, permitting the first major integrated audience in New Orleans history.”

  41. “There is no veneration of Southern Judaism here.”

    There appears to be something more than objective interest, at least an “appreciation” of “Southern Judaism” here. No objection or regret is expressed regarding their central role in the establishment and operation of the multiracial caste system, and regarding the “symbiotic” biracial Elite. Those without Christian conviction may consider the “symbiosis” either harmless or beneficial to whites.

    • In our society, the importance of “whiteness” was enshrined in the law, and the presence of Jews here for 300 years never had much of an impact on the South’s racial caste system.

      In your society, “whiteness” either never had any legal importance (see New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey), or its importance diminished far earlier than most WNs assume (like in Massachusetts in 1843). As we have already seen, Pennsylvania repealed its anti-miscegenation law in 1780. The state voted for Lincoln, sent the Black Republican Thaddeus Stevens to Congress, and was integrated during the War Between the States.

      Like the South, the North was also multiracial, but the difference was that “whiteness” didn’t have the same legal or cultural importance. Unlike the South, Northerners had built their own society on the basis of equality due to the cultural legacy of the Puritans and the Quakers there. They believed in racial equality, repealed all discriminatory laws against blacks, banned segregation, and invited millions of blacks from the South to come to the North and live among them.

      It’s hilarious that you people claim the Jews made you do it, that they were “brainwashing” you and so on, when all these Jews didn’t even arrive in your states until decades later, and only then because you literally invited millions of them to come move there. Alternatively, you could have stopped yourselves at any time from repealing your own anti-miscgenation laws and black codes to say nothing of electing men like Stevens and Sumner who rewrote the Constitution itself to destroy the White Republic.

      Stephen Douglas told the state of Illinois before the war that racial equality was the ultimate goal of Black Republicans like Lincoln. Everything Douglas said came true a few years later.

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