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  1. Boehner is a bit of a sleeze. The tan makes him look like a porno director. The daughter’s marriage choice confirms it.

  2. Even if it passes the house what of the Senate? McConnell anyone. As I said on a earlier thread, Republicans will not pass this.

  3. Matt,
    What planet do you live on? Of course the Republicans will pass it. It will take a miracle to stop it this time.

  4. “what is the point of the GOP again?”

    Originally: free the slaves.
    Nowadays: enslave the free.

    Both political parties exist today only as an audition process for future lobbyists and government consultants who engorge themselves with “free” money from tax slaves.

    From the public office to the lobbying firm is the normal career progression. Examples of this are legion among these dirtbags. They don’t call them Beltway bandits for nothing. Most are rather proud of this moniker.

    Abjure the realm.

    Deo Vindice

  5. I’m living on Earth (even if it is Florida). Guys, so far the Senate can’t even get its basic function due to Republican roadblocking. McConnell is definitely not going to allow such a political win to Obama. O made the promise of Amnesty, it was a political point during the election. So far McConnell made a point to try” making Obama a one term president” so anything O is for he’s against. I know it’s cynical to make such a statement, but hey its true. The whole filibuster bit with Reid proves that. The House is an interesting case thanks to not all Republicans are for this anyway. The Democrats have Blue Dogs and conservatives who are also opposed to this. So its hardly a united front. 201 Republicans and 201 Democrats in the house and 52 Democrats in the Senate 2 independents and the rest Republicans. You need 60 votes in the senate to break a filibuster which the Democrats don’t have. So one could filibuster this bill to death in the Senate. Add in the time to add amendments, one could make it a poisonous bill to vote for. So while it is surprising Boehner may vote for this, I doubt it’ll get to far.

  6. A member of the Occidental Dissent blogroll: Spirit Water Blood has posted the final essay by Admin, the host of that website. SWB remains in a class by itself.

    Don’t miss the farewell address

    Friends, Southron and countrymen and women, Yankee foes, sparring partners and enemies – now is the time to log in with laurels, plaudits, best wishes, reminescances and parting shots.

    As we would say in Cricket – great innings for Spirit Water Blood. Every Jew, Crypto, Yankee whig and liberal who ever took them on was clean bowled out for a duck.

  7. “A member of the Occidental Dissent blogroll: Spirit Water Blood has posted the final essay by Admin, the host of that website. SWB remains in a class by itself.”

    Sorry to see that. One of my most frequented and favorite sites. Even if I ain’t exactly Protestant, Calvinist, and Theonomist (whatever that last one is). Damn fine site and an antidote to the pusillanimous counterfeit Christianity that seems everywhere these days.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Matt,
    Thanks for the response. Still can’t agree with you. While McConnell might like to best Reid, I think that’s part theatrics to amuse the masses. The marching orders from the establishment are to get rid of the pesky illegal alien issue once and for all. That trumps the partisan games.

  9. Well, Earl, he is Irish, also.

    Imo, at some point all the young Irish people will start to claim ANY English they have left in them… this guy and people like Tim Kaine, the Ryan guy who wanted to be VP, the cryptos who invented “mormonism” in the 1830s in order to start cataloguing the future taxpayers of the welfare-warfare state— all of it, having become way too embarrassing.

    Sadly, shunning them may be the way to go— letting them know they won’t be hanging out in the same circles as some of the others.

    If your daddy is a Tim Kaine, Boner, Ryan, etc— then you won’t be invited to any of the parties held by certain groups and you can be relegated to go hang out with the indigenous folks your daddy brought for you to play with.

    If you import new playmates—- then play with them.

    And that is your life.

  10. I see that Rand Paul is set for an other pander-fest to Hispanics today. This oaf will definitely join his fellow retards like McCain, Graham, Rubio and Ayotte in pushing for more amnesty, which means more affirmative action and more welfare.

  11. I must have said it 20 times on here already, but we WILL have amnesty. After all, we are a nation of immigrants, diversity is our strength, it’s the compassionate choice, Dreamers, blah, blah, blah. Republitards will piss paddle around about how many unmanned drones are required, funding for DHS, blah, blah, blah. Israel has a fence that has reduced illegal crossings by 98%, but since America is the world’s genetic dumpster, we don’t get one. After all the hot air the Republitards will the. Tell us it is not amnesty and the Dems will forget anything about the border. It is a tired, tired rerun. The plan is for America and Mexico to merge economically, which really means socially as well, so the more Mexicans here the better.
    Meanwhile, the conservitard sheeple bleat “gun right gun rights gun rights”. The poor bastards must not realize that once we are no longer the majority that piece of paper our ancestors wrote won’t mean shit.

  12. “what is the point of the GOP again?”

    Romans did to Carthage. DC needs to be leveled and saulted.

  13. The three punic war against the Carthagians. Romans never fully recover. U.S., England have declined as well in the 20th century wars.

  14. Boehner represents everything that is to be despised about the so-called “conservative” leadership of the sinking ship Amerika, even down to the daughter engaging in unholy matrimony with a Jamaican.

    All this aside, I look forward to the upcoming League of the South Conference. I hope to see many of you folks there.

  15. Carthago Delenda Est

    True the civilization was destroyed, but not all Carthaginians were destroyed.
    Where do you think that J2 haplogroup among western Sicilians comes from?

    Hannibal ad portas

    Deo Vindice

  16. @Earl Butz and @ DixieGirl
    Just for the record, while you’re bashing Catholics let me point out that Romney’s largest percentages in Ohio were 74.8% (Putnam Co. which is 60.3% Catholic) and 76.6 % (Mercer Co. which is 58.1% Catholic). Both are largely German-American.

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