White Majority Renegades of the Year

Still Screwing our people
Still Screwing our people

Hard working, White activist Jamie Kelso at White News Now has uploaded virtually every single edition of Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration Magazine – the greatest magazine ever published. In an annual January edition, Instauration Magazine (dis) honored the White American renegade/traitor of the year – that member of the White (anglo/British) majority who did the most to betray our people. Many of the dishonorable White Majority renegades of the year in the 90s, 80s, even the 1970s hung around to do terrible damage to our people in recent years. This just goes to show that our people, even terrible renegade traitors tend to live long, long lives. In contrasts, low life Black undertow gang bangers, rapists, scum tend to flame out and die at an early age. Another reason that the White traitors in our ranks are more damaging to our people than the clearly identified BRA adversaries.

Occidental Dissent and other racial realist sites like American Renaissance should consider taking up this tradition, nominating candidates for 2013 White (soon to be a minority) Majority Renegade of the Year. My nomination is Rand Paul.

Here are links to Instauration Magazine White Majority Renegades of the Year, most of the featured articles are on pg 6:

1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glen Miller

1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

1990 “Conservative” TV talking head George Will

1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 “Conservative” TV talking head II Fred Barnes

1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame)


  1. VA says:
    June 14, 2013 at 1:52 am (Edit)
    Robertson points out in that piece on Gingrich that Gingrich was not native to the South, though many identify him as a ‘Southerner.’ The same should be said of another on the list, Ted Turner, though he too gets blamed on the South.

    And it should also be mentioned for accuracy’s sake that many if not most on this list are not ‘Anglo/British’ or ‘WASP’. True of Gingrich, Lugar, and several others on the list. I only point this out because Anglo-Americans are lambasted for being guilty of betraying the country they founded, etc., while ethnic Whites get off easy.

    Jack Ryan replies.

    Have to disagree on Ted Turner. Please read the link to Wilmot Robertson’s article on Ted Turner White Majority renegade of the year for selling out his White Southern based TNN, CNN network to Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Inc. Ted Turner, Atlanta Brave owner was very White Southern, not Christian, actually anti Christian, but his media empire grew to great success and actually challenged the Jewish monopoly on the media as being based in a White cultured Georgia, not Hollywood, or Jew York. CNN used to feature Pat Buchanan, now look at the Jew race mixing propaganda, ZOG propaganda put out by Wolf Blitzer and the tribe on CNN.

  2. Denise,
    I just read the piece on Eustace Mullins. And yet we have all these apologists for the Jews, and I mean our people!

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