White Majority Renegades of the Year

Still Screwing our people
Still Screwing our people

Hard working, White activist Jamie Kelso at White News Now has uploaded virtually every single edition of Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration Magazine – the greatest magazine ever published. In an annual January edition, Instauration Magazine (dis) honored the White American renegade/traitor of the year – that member of the White (anglo/British) majority who did the most to betray our people. Many of the dishonorable White Majority renegades of the year in the 90s, 80s, even the 1970s hung around to do terrible damage to our people in recent years. This just goes to show that our people, even terrible renegade traitors tend to live long, long lives. In contrasts, low life Black undertow gang bangers, rapists, scum tend to flame out and die at an early age. Another reason that the White traitors in our ranks are more damaging to our people than the clearly identified BRA adversaries.

Occidental Dissent and other racial realist sites like American Renaissance should consider taking up this tradition, nominating candidates for 2013 White (soon to be a minority) Majority Renegade of the Year. My nomination is Rand Paul.

Here are links to Instauration Magazine White Majority Renegades of the Year, most of the featured articles are on pg 6:

1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glen Miller

1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

1990 “Conservative” TV talking head George Will

1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 “Conservative” TV talking head II Fred Barnes

1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame)


  1. I used to subscribe to Instauration back in the 80’s, but I quit taking it because of the Anti-Christian bias I saw in it. I soured on WN for a while because of that. However, thanks to HW of OD and PK of SBPDL and some of the sounder commentators on this blog, I now realize that race realism and WN does not have to be based on religious kookiness like CI or Aryan asinine foolishness. It can be based on solid scientific and historical facts about races and ethnicities. And, important to me, it doesn’t contradict true Christianity.

  2. Thanks Stephen.

    I don’t think Instauration was anti-Christian, just took a real hard line with formerly White, tax exempt Judeo X’tian “leaders”, churches that went over to the anti White side.

    I know I am getting old when I can remember a time when the American Christian Religious Right was reasonably pro White and opposed Hollywood.

    Arch White hater TV Jew producer Norman Lear (All in the Family’, Maude) actually set up an organization “People for the American Way” designed to counter The Religious Right which he claimed wanted to make America like Nazi Germany.

    Instauration was right to attack rich traitor frauds like Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, Christian Zionists, Rapture cowards etc.

  3. I led the way in outing Ron Paul and now his son Rand Paul asshameless White renegade traitors who pretend to be on our side when they are with White groups, then they turn around to be shameless traitors pandering to anti White groups.

    Rand Paul was at it again the day after the procedure vote pushing mass amnesty forward – from Vdare.com

    “Rand Paul Does A Rubio: Tells Illegals “We will find a place for you”
    By Jesse Mossman on June 12, 2013 at 8:51pm
    I think it was only a little over a year ago that I confided to a friend about Rand Paul, “We have got to work to make this guy president!” Well that was then and this is now. As Patrick Cleburne wrote, his “patriotic shelf life” expired quickly.

    Today Terrence P. Jeffrey reports that Rand Paul told the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles: “We will find a place for you.” [Rand Paul to Illegals: ‘We Will Find a Place for You;’ Envisions 12 Million ‘New Taxpayers’, CNSNews, June 11, 2013]

    He also said:

    “Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers.”

  4. Illegal invaders are often not “in the shadows”, they make public appearances all the time (including with Obama at the White House).

  5. Jack, I’m aware that the magazine took a hard line against phonies like Pat boy, but I also remember a few articles that mocked IMO Christianity in general.

  6. Similar to SPLC’s “intelligence report,” but for anti-Whiteness.

    The Intelligence Report is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s award-winning magazine. The quarterly publication provides comprehensive updates to law enforcement agencies, the media and the general public. It is the nation’s preeminent periodical monitoring the radical right in the U.S.

    However, considering that anti-Whiteness is the norm and so pervasive, you could talk about any politician in that regard. It’s just a matter of degree.

  7. I agree, it’s a great magazine. Wilmot has a good sense of humor too.

    Of Swiss origin, I deem myself not a perfect Nordic, sad to say, but I have been living and thinking Nordic since I became a man and put away my childish things.

    I have a friend who says he has converted several people to our side. He found that if he uses the term “dark force” instead of Jews, Commies, Mexicans, Negroes and other assorted unwanted, he gets a more positive reaction. “Everybody knows,” he told me, “at least subconsciously, who the dark force is, so why not call it that?”

    Having lived in New York most of my life, I
    had begun to despair of the survival of the white
    race. The past seven months, however, I have
    been living in Clearwater (Fl) and have been
    amazed to see young white couples (blond hair
    and blue eyes in most cases) with tow-headed
    children in tow. If whites are still reproducing
    at this rate outside the big cities, maybe there is
    still some hope.

    I agree, seeing a blond couple with blond children always warms my heart.

  8. Instauration was a classic publication. Funny too – I would have to read it along as I would burst out laughing every page or so.

    Rand Paul – and his geeky father – would have been a huge target for Wilmot Robertson.

  9. If this actually comes to pass, I think Rand Paul would win this year’s balloting in a landslide. It would be the last landslide political victory he ever has.

    Rand’s “we’ll find a place for you” malarkey (like the 50th time he said it) is starting even to get on the nerves of lamestream conservative talk radio hosts. I would ask them: What took them so long? It hacked me off the FIRST time he said it. Better late than never, and best any time before the 2016 Presidential season, I suppose.

  10. Instauration Magazine:

    “Any informed conservative who knows what Anne, a super-WASP renegade, represents knew that Gingrich had to be totally rotten to get this kind of media attention.”

    Fooled me once…..kick the bastards.

  11. “I now realize that race realism and WN does not have to be based on religious kookiness like CI or Aryan asinine foolishness. It can be based on solid scientific and historical facts about races and ethnicities. And, important to me, it doesn’t contradict true Christianity.”

    As long as it’s the correct group that defines what ‘true Christianity’ is, I suppose I could agree with your comment, Stephen.

    But, just as imprecision in any definition thereby weakens that definition, or doing a “180” on what said organization once held to be ‘inviolable,’ (such as the term ‘semper edeam,’ for instance?), leaves such ‘wafflers’ out in the cold, when the opposition mounts their campaigns of slander, abuse, and name-calling, you have to REMAIN STANDING in the same place, when push comes to shove, or you LOSE YOUR LEGITIMACY.

    As Bishop Williamson noted only recently: “The fall of the Society of St Pius X from what it was under Archbishop Lefebvre between 1970 and 1991 to what it has become over the last, say, 15 years, is little short of horrible. ” If that is where the RC TRADS are these days, “how much more” (to use a pleonasm of St. Paul) have the Vatican II-ites fallen from grace?

    Now, unless you are a devout universalist, pro-abort, sodomite-friendly Novus Ordo RC, (and nothing of the modernity of Rome shocks you any longer), I think you can get the point I am trying to make here- But, just in case your IQ isn’t high enough, I’ll spell it out:

    You cannot, DARE NOT call others ‘kooky’ until, like Christ warned, you deal with your own sickness, first! ‘Physician, heal thyself,’ I believe is the verse? So, if the “asinine foolishness” of the last fifty years in the “Synagogue of Sa- I mean, Church of Rome” has not gotten you worried, I wonder at your ability to speak for others, when you yourself are so mired in sh*t.

    You have probably never read any of the CI works of trained legal minds such as Bertrand Lewis Comparet (January 25, 1901 – October 10, 1983). More’s the pity. I have, as well as the Fathers, and often, they actually speak the same thing- not that you’d know it.. or acknowledge it, if you did, of course.

    Since I know many here disparage my own training, doctorate, the ability to speak four foreign languages fluently, and even my priestly ordination, (typical of any protestant, is the denial of a lawful superior over an inferior, as the WCF delineates Christians in a civil society SHOULD act) I yet wonder at the kookiness of those who can disparage someone who was a Christian Identity minister, and also a Licensed attorney, with the concomitant trained LEGAL MIND?

    “Comparet was a Stanford law graduate and practicing attorney in San Diego, California. He was San Diego assistant district attorney from 1926 to 1932. From 1942 to 1947 he was deputy city attorney for San Diego. He retired in 1968…”.

    If men like Comparet could come to see these things, at a time when most Americans still believed in the inherent differences between blacks and whites, when Messicans weren’t even a blip on the Rio Grande radar, and virginity was still valued (and gays were in the closet!), why disparage them nowadays, when you can see the ‘fruits’ of the heresy of multiculturalism all around you today- and think that adopting any of the positions of the CI folk, is any ‘less heretical’ than the gobbledygook of a Kung, Shillebeeckx, Rahner, Montini, Razinger, who continue to ‘reinvent’ the faith, supposedly ‘once delivered unto the saints’? Or the anti-culture at large, who gushes all girly-like, when some baboon sports hominid ‘comes out of the closet’? How much further does one need to sink, in order to see the seminal differences between the Adam of God, and the ‘goyim’ around him? Or, can only JEWS hold to this ideology, and gain approbation from Rome, while poor, struggling Anglo-Saxons are condemned to genocidal annihilation at the hands of idiots such as yourself?

    Now, I don’t “really” give a fudge about what you think, for I believe you to be both a mischling (and therefore not of the Elect) as well as a Romanist (and therefore, damned), but I DO care that such utter, specious BS is left without comment on this, or any other board.

    I’m more than willing to take tar and feathers from those who don’t already have pitch in their own eyes, and are therefore unable to “judge righteously,” which is the only mark of a true believer, anyway- “for, in the manner that YE judge, you shall be judged also.” Perhaps you’ve heard of the man that uttered those statements, even being Catholic. His name was Jesus Christ, saviour of HIS PEOPLE. [ Matt. 1:21] And not (as Franky the First claims), ‘everyone’ on planet Earth.

    But, like all deluded minds over the centuries, it is easier to be lemming, than an eagle, especially when you’re predestined for no higher existence, anyway…. which only makes the Elect of God, long for the Parousia all the more, to establish the truth of our position, anyway…

  12. I don’t know who runs this site but whoever it is is a MORON if they think any of these career politicians are worth a …..

    (Editor’s note: comment deleted for vulgar language)

  13. countenance says:
    June 13, 2013 at 8:06 pm (Edit)
    If this actually comes to pass, I think Rand Paul would win this year’s balloting in a landslide. It would be the last landslide political victory he ever has.

    Rand’s “we’ll find a place for you” malarkey (like the 50th time he said it) is starting even to get on the nerves of lamestream conservative talk radio hosts. I would ask them: What took them so long? It hacked me off the FIRST time he said it. Better late than never, and best any time before the 2016 Presidential season, I suppose.”

    Jack replies:

    Lots of competition for the White renegade traitor of the year award. Rand Paul certainly is a top candidate. I spoke with very nice members of his staff in his Kentucky office, they said all the calls were strongly against mass amnesty and they couldn’t explain why Rand Paul was talking this nonsense.

  14. I wonder if I and 5 of my family members broke into Paul’s house looking to make a better life for ourselves he’d find a place for us?
    Damn I freaking despise Libertarians.

  15. Jack Ryan writes:

    I spoke with fery nice members of his staff in his Kentucky office, they said all the calls were strongly against mass amnesty and they couldn’t explain why Rand Paul was talking this nonsense.

    I respond:

    I can explain it. Part ideology-cult prostration, part whoring himself to the Kentucky special interests that want EL CHEAPO labor (horse farms are a biggie). I wouldn’t be surprised, in spite of all his stated opposition to the Gang Bangers of Eight bill as such, that he winds up voting for it in the final vote. He already voted for it in the procedural-cloture vote.

  16. Rather than go after the libertarians, my choice would be Reince Priebus. He is as White as they come–he is even from an Orthodox family, and they often have more ethnic pride to begin with–but under his leadership the G.O.P. has, so far as I can see, focused more on minority outreach than it did even under Black chairman Steele.

    I am sure Priebus has a few worthwhile issue positions, but he’s taking the Republican Party in the complete opposite way it has to go if it ever wants to better our country or win elections.

  17. Let me share the Instauration Magazine exposure of Newt Ginrich White Majority Renegada for 1985. Understand this wretched traitor was brought back from the dead by shyster Vegas Jew Casino owner Sheldon Adelson to run for President of the United States in 2012. He actually won one Southern GOP primary (South Carolina?). So this shows us the power of Jew money, our people’s short memories or failtures/traitors.

    Here’s the article:



    It’s not easy to betray Mother Nature. Ask the late Rock
    Hudson. It’s a snap to betray one’s own people. Ask the
    Majority Renegade of Anno Domini 1986.
    Conservatism in America used to stand for guarding the
    great legacies of the great race — cultural, political and
    social — meaning by great race the people of Northern
    European descent who settled the 13 British colonies in
    North America and turned them into what became (but is
    no longer) a wonder of history. American conservatism
    had a few special characteristics of its own, not all of them
    shared by European conservatives. It stressed isolation in
    foreign affairs, recommended keeping a safe distance from
    entangling alliances, promoted Manifest Destiny and saw
    to it that high tariffs protected the country’s pubescent
    industrial plant. The conservatism of yesteryear also fought
    for strict immigration laws to ensure that most new Ameri­
    cans were of Northern European provenance.
    What passes for conservatism in present-day America
    would hardly qualify as wild-eyed left-wing socialism in
    the 19th century. Today’s right-wing bunch cannot refrain
    from sticking their dickering fingers into everyone else’s
    affairs from Tientsin to Timbuctoo. Enemies are manufac­
    tured out of former friends (Arabs and South Africans) and
    free trade is touted to the skies, even though hundreds of
    thousands of Americans have lost and are continuing to
    lose their jobs in a rigged contest with sweatshop foreign
    labor. As for guarding the heritage of the race, our modern
    conservatives couldn’t care less about the tragic racial
    transformation of their country wrought by high nonwhite
    birthrates and vast torrents of legal and illegal nonwhite
    immigrants. About the only authentic conservative traits
    still exhibited by our misnamed conservatives are the pro­
    motion of a strong but hopelessly bureaucratized defense
    establishment and lip service to such dying virtues as self­
    reliance, sexual restraint and respect for religion.
    What has happened to American conservatism? What
    has turned it upside down and inside out to the point where
    it hardly differs from liberalism? Part of the answer is to be
    found in the present-day conservative leadership, as
    preached and practiced by Instauration’s Majority Rene­
    gade of the Year. The life, works and thoughts of Newton
    Leroy (“just call me Newt”) Gingrich* tell more about the
    decline and fall of genuine American conservatism than
    any number of think-tank studies, post-doctoral disserta­
    tions and other recondite forms of political punditry. No
    • To promote a folksy image he had his name legally changed to just
    plain “Newt.” A newt is a small salamander. As a onetime history teacher,
    Gingrich must surely have known that salamanders were believed by the
    ancients to be able to live in fire. Was Newt trying to give present and
    future voters the subliminal message that he was endowed with magic
    powers? The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that the salamander “secretes
    a milky poison” on its smooth, shiny body.
    Just plain IINewt”
    one politician better symbolizes the waffling and contra­
    dictory cross-currents of contemporary American conserv­
    atism than the Republ ican congressman from the 6th Dis­
    trict of Georgia.
    First of all, he’s only a Southerner by adoption, having
    been born in Harrisburg (PA). Because he was transplanted
    to Columbus (GA) at an early age, it might be unfair to call
    him a carpetbagger, but it wouldn’t be too inaccurate to
    call him a onetime liberal. He entered politics as a cam­
    paign coordinator for Nelson Rockefeller after obtaining
    (like McGovern) a Ph.D. in history, a degree guaranteeing
    that the recipient has undergone the most intensive in­
    doctrination our left-fixated educationists can provide.
    Also, like McGovern, Gingrich was a history professor and
    like some other prominent Democrats –e.g., the Kennedy
    triumvirate –a round-the-clock womanizer.
    Gingrich’s first marriage was to his math teacher, who
    was seven years older than her 19-year-old suitor. After she
    had expended a great deal of shoe leather on his congres­
    sional campaigns, in which he orated officiously on the
    importance of “family values,” he dropped her for a phil­
    andering spree with shorter skirts and eventually took a
    wife of his own age, a government bureaucrat. He bullied

    his cast-off wife into signing the divorce papers while she
    was recovering from a cancer operation in a hospital bed.
    The amount of money he gave her in her bouts with death
    was so niggardly that if her friends had not pitched in, she
    and her two children (he hardly acted as if they were his)
    would have barely been able to make it. Finally, a judge
    had to order the “moral” congressman to provide his
    neglected family with sufficient money to survive or face a
    stint in j ai I.
    Having failed in his first two tries for Congress, Gingrich
    won on his third attempt and quickly made a name for
    himself by becoming the House’s buzzingest Republican
    gadfly, accusing the Democrats of all kinds of sins and
    ultimately earning a reprimand from Speaker Tip O’Neill
    that made the TV evening news. The reprimand was so
    sharp and so personal that the House ruled it out of order
    and voted to have it stricken from the record.
    In general, Gingrich follows the Reagan line, though he
    meanders back and forth on the more controversial issues,
    relying on the old time-tested “I’m against it, but …” ploy.
    He’s against ERA, but would be for it if it specifically
    exempted women from miltary service. He’s for keeping
    the government out of the public school system, but voted
    for the bi II that created the Department of Education. He
    wants peace in the Middle East, but blindly adheres to the
    Israeli party line and cheered the invasion of Lebanon. He
    thinks the trade deficit is horrible, but he has never been
    known to criticize or vote against the soaring billions of
    dollars Congress pours each year into the bottomless pit of
    the Israeli economy. He’s for closing tax loopholes, but not
    one of the biggest — the tax deductibility of huge financial
    contributions to Jewish agencies which promptly funnel
    the money to the Zionist beachhead in the eastern Mediter­
    Newt spends an inordinate amount of time with liberals
    and minority members. He has spoken often at National
    Education Association meetings and was a co-founder of
    the Conservative Opportunity Society, whose aim is to lure
    blacks into the Republican Party fold. Some years ago
    Gingrich actually ran an Outreach Program for minorities
    from the Atlanta office of Wyche Fowler, one of the flam­
    ingest of New South liberal Democrats. He also must
    shoulder the responsibility for unseating Congressman
    John Flynt, a true Southern conservative who put racial
    loyalty before party loyalty. As one veteran observer of the
    Georgia political scene remarked, .
    In Gingrich’s challenges against Flynt he had the ~onsis­
    tent support of Anne Cox Chambers, who controls the
    Atlanta Constitution. She and her minions viciously
    smeared Flynt and belittled, derided and attacked him at
    every opportunity, while ballyhooing the “young,” “hand­
    some,” “articulate,” ad nauseam Gingrich. Any informed
    conservative who knows what Anne, a super-WASP ren­
    egade, represents knew that Gingrich had to be totally
    rotten to get this kind of media attention.
    As further proof of Newt’s ideological ambivalence, it
    might be appropriate to mention that he has put a black
    woman, a registered Democrat from Baltimore, in charge
    of his congressional office. The turnover, incidentally of
    Gingrich’s staff is one of the most frantic in Congress, and
    whether they are fired or quit, the staffers seldom leave on
    good terms with their ex-boss.

    Gingrich is generally considered to be a Jewish name (to
    wit, Arnold Gingrich, longtime editor of Esquire, and New­
    ell Gingrich, a prominent Who’s Who physicist). Newt,
    however, is strictly non-kosher. His mother is Irish and his
    father was a MacPherson. The Gingrich moniker was sup­
    plied by his stepfather. (None of this, incidentally, is men­
    tioned in his Who’s Who entry or in the biographical
    puffery put out by his congressional office.) A registered
    Baptist, Newt publicly prides himself on being a deacon
    and a Sunday School teacher in his denomination’s local
    church, though he has been known to strike out any refer­
    ences to God or religion in his ghostwritten campaign
    speeches for fear of offending the Atlanta media. Newt
    sounds off a lot on the dangers of central ized government,
    but he doesn’t get too wound up about affirmative action,
    and he voted for the extension of the Voting Rights Act.
    One of his principal mentors is the Jewish swami, Alvin
    T offler, the author of Future Shock, who special izes in
    fanciful and best-selling tales of the shape of things to
    come. The person who ran his early political campaigns is
    a gentleman by the name of Chip Kahn. On a Larry King
    talk show, Newt said that Commentary, the racist monthly
    of the American Jewish Committee, and the “foreign affairs
    section” of the even more Zionistic New Republic were
    examples of his favorite reading matter.
    Mrs. Kahn, the wife of the previously referred to Chip,
    had this to say about the man that Richard Viguerie calls
    “the single most important conservative in the House of
    Representatives” :
    Newt uses people then discards them as useless. He’s like
    a leech. He really is a man with no conscience. He just
    doesn’t seem to care who he hurts or why.
    Flying back to his district after his first stint in Congress,
    Gingrich threw a fit when one of his staffers, L.H. Carter,
    instead of servilely standing at the arrival gate and waiting
    for him, was a few seconds late. When Carter brought up
    the fact that Gingrich was beginning to lose touch with his
    home constituency, the latter blew up:
    F—you guys. I don’t need any of you anymore. I’ve got
    the money from the political action committees. I’ve gotthe
    power of the office, and I’ve got the Atlanta news media
    right here in the palm of my hand. I don’t need any of you
    Like every politician on the make, like everyone who
    casts a vulpine eye on the presidency, Gingrich has pub­
    lished a book. His is titled Window of Oppo;tunity, and its
    platitudes and tacky syllogisms are supposed to prove that
    the author is a deep thinker and has a brain big enough to
    occupy the Oval Office. In his book, Newt writes that he
    wants to balance the budget (how statesmanlike and origi­
    nal!), yet he comes forth with a dozen new federal pro­
    grams that would cost up to $75 billion a year. He follows
    the economically illiterate Reagan line of refusing to raise
    taxes, despite the close to $200-billion annual deficits. He
    intimates that his various proposals, which boil down to
    the standard GOP economic boilerplate, would hold infla­
    tion down to 2% a year. He talks grandly about guarantee­
    ing a 5.5% annual growth in the GNP, though it averaged
    only 2.5% for 1970-83-.
    The enemy in the living room is ten times as dangerous
    as the one down the street. The political career of Newt
    Gingrich, who pretends to be everyone’s favorite conserv­
    ative Lochinvar, feeds off the votes of people who believe
    he is something he is not. With the white South African
    government under worldwide attack and hanging on the
    ropes, what does this conservative politician, this cham­
    pion of Middle America, do? He affixes his name to an
    ultimatum to the South African Ambassador demanding
    the end of apartheid and threatening dire consequences
    (the curtailing of “new American investment” and “inter­
    national diplomatic and economic sanctions”) if the Af­
    rikaners don’t turn the only livable and civilized country in
    Africa over to a camorra of black Stalinists and bone-in­
    the-nose savages.
    If this is conservatism, God help the conservatives and
    God help the u.s. The truth is, Gingrich’s politics resides
    largely in his tongue and in his wallet. By his refusal to
    support a prudent fiscal policy he appeals to what Walter
    Bagehot aptly called “the shop and till” conservatives, the
    little people who are afraid of being squeezed into poverty
    by taxes and who try to postpone the squeeze by rooting to “pay later” economy propped up on printing-press mon­
    ey. He ignores the salient issue of our time, the general
    deterioration of the American racial picture, by focusing
    on the Russian threat. He would not be averse to taking us
    into another war in Europe, even a nuclear one, but would
    take us even faster into a war to save Israel. In many ways,
    he and the others in his group are more dangerous to the
    American Majority than the liberals.
    We know what the liberal-minority coalition is, and we
    know what it has done to us. Many of us, bemused by their
    Lorelei songs, still don’t understand that Newt Gingrich ______
    and his political think-alikes are part and parcel of the
    liberal-minority coalition. Until we peg him and his kind
    and learn to distinguish between our false and true friends,
    and between false and true conservatives, the American
    Majority and America itself are headed for nowhere.
    True conservatism in this country can best be summed
    up in two words: America First. Gingrich, as proved by his
    congenital political bypocrisy and his pathological devo­
    tion to Israel, is a non-kosher leader of that special brand of
    political racketeering known as kosher conservatism, the
    spurious conservatism that puts Israel First and America
    Last and thereby earns him, in addition to Majority Re­
    negade of 1986, the dubious title of “First of the Lasters.”
    The news story at right, espe­
    cially the headline, is the kind
    of thing you never see in an
    American newspaper. It ap­
    peared in the London Daily Tel­
    egraph (Sept. 17, 1985).
    Although the U.S. is now a
    debtor nation for the first time
    in three-quarters of a century,
    although the U.S. balance of
    trade is one gigantic minus sign,
    our Jewish compeers have man­
    aged to worsen our plight by
    sabotaging a huge aircraft sale
    to Saudi Arabia. The net effect
    is not to weaken Saudi defens­
    es, but to stick another knife in
    our already severely wounded
    foreign trade and to hand a $4
    billion sales plum to Britain.
    We not only have to pay an
    annual $3.75 billion to Israel
    and almost as much to Egypt
    a bribe for signing the
    David Accords, but we have to
    lose a huge piece of business
    with a friendly Arab state that
    pays cash on the barrelhead.
    As usual, the U.S. national in­
    terest plays second fiddle to Is­
    rael’s national interest. And if
    any executive or worker in the
    American aircraft industry
    should complain publicly, then
    the American media would get
    into the act — not to attack
    Zionist lobby and its Congres­
    sional trenchermen for damag­
    ing the U.S. economy, but to
    accuse the complainers of anti­

  18. Gingrich is long-term buddies with “former” marxist (joo) Alvin Toffler, author of 1970 hit Future Shock and a few more after that. NWO all the way.

  19. Robertson points out in that piece on Gingrich that Gingrich was not native to the South, though many identify him as a ‘Southerner.’ The same should be said of another on the list, Ted Turner, though he too gets blamed on the South.

    And it should also be mentioned for accuracy’s sake that many if not most on this list are not ‘Anglo/British’ or ‘WASP’. True of Gingrich, Lugar, and several others on the list. I only point this out because Anglo-Americans are lambasted for being guilty of betraying the country they founded, etc., while ethnic Whites get off easy.

  20. Off topic but did anyone see Matt Drudge’s ominous tweets today?


    2.Survivors need to: Raise your spirituality. Raise your integrity. Raise your nutrition. Raise your physical health. Raise your consciousness

    WTF does he know?

  21. Tom wrote:

    WTF does he know?

    I respond:

    He knows what anyone with two eyes, two ears and a functioning brain can deduce just by observation guided by intelligence, experience and common sense.

  22. Can’t Atwater and most GOP politi­cal candidates get it through their heads that American women don’t want to be told they have to carry unwanted pregnancies to term? – Instauration, 1989

    Glib advocation for abortion rights which undermine decency and patriarchy… Then the article goes on to accuse Atwater of being part negro. This is the swamp WN’s crawled out of it seems. Enjoy reading this, the Jamie Kelso character left a lucrative career in Scientology to be a “white activist”.

  23. So, No Man, most pro-White activists are slimy, hypocritical, disingenuous bastards (except for you, of course) that you pin a smeared “WN” label onto? Anyway, that’s the general drift I get from reading your posts, most of which have a demoralizing effect.

    BTW, who do you nominate for white anti-White traitor of the year?

  24. I’m really surprised no one has blurted out “It’s the Jews, stupid!” or something to that effect by now. Every Namer knows that Newt and all other white anti-White traitors would be pure as the new driven snow if not for some kind of evil Jew spell they are powerless to break.

  25. June 14, 2013 at 1:52 am (Edit)
    “Robertson points out in that piece on Gingrich that Gingrich was not native to the South, though many identify him as a ‘Southerner.’ The same should be said of another on the list, Ted Turner, though he too gets blamed on the South.”

    Jack responds:

    Wilmot Robertson accurately outs Newt Gingrich as a non Southerner who came to the South, conspired with anti White, anti Southern media to get elected to Congress while Newt pushed all kinds of worthless Jewish pop psychology, pretended to be Reagan conservative while he kissed BRA as@. Plus Newt was a selfish as@, abusing his cancer dying wife and always abusing his staff.

    30 years later Newt gets brought back from the dead and runs for President of the United States back by the money of Sheldon Adelson – straight out of central casting the behind the scenes, wire pulling eternal sleazy, anti White Jew.

    It’s important to recognize the white racial renegades like Newt Gingerich. They will always be with us.

  26. Lee Atwater guided his horse (Bush 41) to victory against long odds in both the primary and the general.

    WNism needs more Lee Atwaters (stone cold bastard SOBs who want to win) and fewer cranks and crackpots.

  27. Thanks VA.

    What no one discusses is how WEIRD and sick it could feel—- to live in a “culture” that is all about making certain people BREED with other people. That is just sick. All the social promo, the commercials, the “diversity,” stuff— what is that really about, except trying to make certain people sleep with other certain people? Right? And it’s not just black people or brown people—- the “whiter” typed people are told endlessly how much “sexier” (smarter, vibrant, etc, etc) the white latin people are, the endless antonio banderas and penelope cruz and jennifer lopez memes.

    That is sick, isn’t it?

    It’s a bizarre way to try to control people’s biological drives.

    Would you have a child in such a society? Wouldn’t that be child cruelty?

    Nobody ever discusses how it feels —as a little kid— to be treated by the “society” in such a weird way— right?

    Instead, it is all these intellectual ideas. Oh, right— as someone said yesterday, I’m just a stupid hick “picking my toes.”

    I just wish my parents had left this country and given us a better life.

  28. BRA has enough rotten political left-overs to feed an army of low-information dissidents. The WN-tendency is to cobble together any non-mainstream beliefs, even conspiracy theories they can find, then when subjected to any critique they simply take umbrage. They’ll object to discussion of things like abortion or the reformation, they don’t actually have an opinion on such matters, beyond whether or not a certain topic hurts morale in their epic internet struggle.

    The quote I shared here might as well be from Chris Matthews. That’s ignored though because Instauration gave a smart name to shitthink, in so doing it was good for your morale. So what if they larded an article bashing Lee Atwater with pro-abortion/pro-Palestinian nonsense? Lee Atwater’s popularization of welfare queens and Willie Horton is seemingly diminished because he associated with people that hurt “palestinian children”…

    Trying to tar the only militant ethno-nationalist state in the world will not appeal to rightists. WN’s aren’t rightists though and “white” isn’t an ethnicity, it’s a crayon color.

  29. These sort of juvenile adjunct priests are amusing for their determination to live wholly outside the corporeal world. There are lotus to be eaten and the sexes of many angels to determine. Though its most comical when circumstance dictates their temporary reentry:

    Ummm, Jose could you please turn down Sabado Gigante for a moment? We’re trying to discuss the complex vertical social order of antebellum Anglican gentry.

    Fuck you, ese.

    Ok thanks bye!

  30. Fr. John, I respectfully say you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    There’s no proof what ever that the Scandanavians, Germans. English, Irish, and Scottish people are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. The preserved ancient histories of these people (Norse, German, Roman, Greek, Hebrew sources) show no Israelite origins for them. I have read several sagas, including the Heimskringla , and there’s nothing about Israelite origins in any of them. The other ancient histories I ‘ve read say nothing about Israelite origins. These people are the descendants of Japheth, not Shem.

    DNA testing also discounts Israelite origins for that European people. Their DNA is totally different from the known Israelite population of the world. Also, Semitic and Japhetic people don’t even look the same. A quick look at pictures, statues, and written descriptions from ancient times to this day shows a world of differences between the two groups.

    B.L. Comparet was a lawyer who’s specialty was criminal law. That doesn’t make him an automatic expert on the Bible and ancient history. The fact that he denies the flood of Noah was worldwide tells me he was not orthodox in his understanding of the Holy Scriptures. So whatever he has to say about the Church, Christianity, and its doctrines and dogmas is of no interest to me.

  31. Since this one is the archetypal mass-man that believes the time for measured discussion has passed his presence at online commentary sections shouldn’t be expected to extend beyond turgid hambonery. I suggest he joins Bob Whitaker’s group to fight wordism, leaving us to drop acid and count how many Deaddy-Bears can dance on a pinhead.

    His posts are useful so far as they evince the resentments of long-dispossessed, unhappy flyover Americans; leaving his antagonism of yours truly nothing but a welcome endorsement.

    Stay mad, Porter.

  32. Stephen E Dalton

    Please adhere to the OD comment guidelines, no hobby horse comments.

    This post is about infamous White renegade traitors, not theological hair splitting.

  33. @Stephen E Dalton

    Don’t waste respectfulness on him — Fr. John+ is the batshit craziest fuck on here.

  34. That was good Noman. Composed twaddle. I feared you had swallowed your tongue during yesterday’s fit of apoplexy.

    As you were.

    –Sorry Jack. On topic henceforth.

  35. Hillary said there was a vast right wing conspiracy; political jive . both parties advance each others. DC reign supreme.

    Paul’s GOP frontman.

  36. “He ignores the salient issue of our time, the general
    deterioration of the American racial picture, by focusing
    on the Russian threat.”

    Hollywood films produced numerous fear factor of the Russians are Coming:
    Red October. Red Dawn.Foxfire>

  37. @ contenance

    “Rand’s “we’ll find a place for you” malarkey (like the 50th time he said it) is starting even to get on the nerves of lamestream conservative talk radio hosts.”

    What encourages me is the talk host who came out saying diversity immigration was killing the repug party last fall.
    Mostly I remember Rush Limbaugh and Anne Colter saying that. Laura Ingrham was reasonably good on the issue too.
    It’s the politicians who are a little slow on the up take. Limbaugh has to watch his ratings every day and the call screeners I’m sure get lots of juicy comments that never make it on air. Limbaugh and Colter know where their audience is going, and they are following.
    As to the top picture, Gingrich is the politician we love to hate. What a dog.
    Then there was the way he treated his wives. Harry Truman had some comment about “how could America trust a man who’s own wife couldn’t trust him.”

  38. One thing I’ve noticed. Too many White activists favorite subject is themselves. Really, I’m not interested in every small detail of someone’s life, career, and family history.

  39. instaurationonline:
    LOL “A recent edition of Inside the NFL
    boasted that two-thirds of pro footballers
    are black. However, it didn’t mention
    that all four of the program’s pundits are
    white, as are the three in the booth on
    Monday Night Football. Guess they”
    couldn’t find any articulate blacks.

  40. @Jack Ryan: Sorry if I got off topic. I was merely responding civilly to Fr. John’s vitriol. BTW, that is the only response I intended to give him, so if you were worried about a flame war, don’t be. I don’t like them, and I won’t be in one. BTW, I consider NG to be a loudmouthed bully, as well as a racial sell out. If you and the other commentators at OD want to see a good portrait of Ol’ Newtie, the late Alan Stang’s book “Not Holier Than Thou” shows the man as he really is to this day.

  41. Brother Nathanael Kapner serving it up v hot to Jew Power on Capitol Hill. Edward Snowden has really pushed all their buttons and they are outing themselves on all the media with their crapola.

    Plain reason suggests that it will not be long before these hell cats stage another ‘job’ on America and Americans.

    Don’t miss Brother Nathanael’s latest

    I love the way he bares his teeth and says: “Diane Feinstein” before he clicks to the Exhibit Herself – totally classic, totally Bro. And what’s the name of that other Edomite hag – Wasserman? Sounds like the blood test for syphillis to me.

    Savour it while its hot.

  42. It seems to escape you, Fr John, that Bishop Williamson and the priests who placed themselves under his episcopacy are rebuilding the Archbishop’s society – which is carrying the Church.

    Those who wish to keep the good bishop on his travels and help with his court costs –


    yes he has decided to appeal against his conviction in the Regesnberg German court for the crime of ‘holocaust denial’. So he will be back.

  43. “Sweden. The defiant Swedes have rallied their forces and at least managed to ban bestiality”

    As in two legged beastiality.

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