2013 League of the South National Conference

Inside the Alabama League of the South building near Wetumpka


The 2013 League of the South Conference is coming up next weekend on Friday and Saturday, June 21st to June 22nd in Wetumpka, AL which is on the outskirts of Montgomery.

I’m going to lay out some reasons why you should consider showing up:

The Big Picture

1.) Taking Back America – The last year should have removed all doubt that “Taking Back America” is futile.

As many Southern Nationalists predicted (this blogger had too much faith in our Northern friends), Obama was reelected in the 2012 election. He won every Northern state (with the exception of Indiana) from Maine to Minnesota and from Washington to California. He cruised to victory by beating two Yankees – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – who were too conservative for White Northern voters.

2.) Conservatism, Inc. Embraces Amnesty – In the aftermath of Romney’s defeat, Conservatism, Inc. rushed to embrace amnesty for illegal aliens.

Tea Party reformer Rand Paul went on national television and told America that the Republican Party had to embrace amnesty and other liberal causes to stay competitive in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast. Sean Hannity announced his abrupt “conversion” to amnesty on his television show.

Paul Ryan, who was defeated by Obama and Biden, started campaigning for amnesty for illegal aliens with Luis Gutierrez. Even if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had won the 2012 election, we have solid reasons to believe that they were dissimulating and would have stabbed us in the back anyway.

In 2016, the GOP presidential field will be crowded with heavyweights like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Jeb Bush, every single one of whom support amnesty for illegal aliens.

3.) Gun Control, Gay Marriage, and Taxes – How worthless is Northern conservatism?

Northern conservatism is so worthless that the GOP surrendered on tax cuts for millionaires in the fiscal cliff deal. It therefore came as no surprise when the Boy Scouts of America embraced homosexual members and Washington, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota became the latest Northern states to legalize gay marriage.

After the Sandy Hook school shooting in December, Northern Democrats were so emboldened by the timidity of Northern conservatism that gun control reentered the mainstream in a renewed attack on the Second Amendment. California, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Maryland, and Colorado have already passed gun control legislation and Nevada and New Jersey came close to passing similar laws.

4.) Obama’s Police State – Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA have exposed the scope of the Bush-Obama police state.  The “majority” of Americans believe that the NSA’s destruction of the Fourth Amendment is an acceptable way of fighting terrorism. The NSA spies more heavily on Americans than Russians.

5.) John Derbyshire and Jason Richwine – Like Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan, the cases of John Derbyshire and Jason Richwine have shown that Conservatism, Inc. is useless and incapable of fighting back against the Left and that the taboos against White racial consciousness have grown stronger over the last ten years.

6.) The “Southern” Slur – According to Rich Lowry of National Review, it is a smear for the GOP to be associated with the South, and he has written a book that glorifies Lincoln’s atrocities and defends the consolidated government that he created. From the view of his Manhattan office, Lowry believes that Obama’s America is a “jewel” that “needs to be secured” and is “still worth fighting for.”

Rush Limbaugh says:

“I’ve heard them say they get embarrassed going to Republican conventions with the pro-life crowd that’s also there. My first experience of that was in Houston in 1992. The pro-life contingent there was huge, and I remember the way I was treated by that group, making other Republicans nervous. The bottom line is that the Republican Party is embarrassed by its own base. The Republican Party is ashamed of its base. They accept the Democrat caricature of the Republican base. Southern, hayseed hicks, pro-lifers, pickup-truck-driving, gun-rack-in-the-back-window people, chewing tobacco and going to church and talking about God all the time.”

7.) The Supreme Court – The Southern conservatives who placed their faith in the Supreme Court were sorely disappointed when Chief Justice John Roberts gutted Arizona’s SB 1070, ruled that Obamacare was constitutional, and refused to take Alabama’s appeal of  the 11th Circuit’s ruling on HB 56.

In the next few days, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on California’s gay marriage ban and the Defense of Marriage Act. There are also major rulings coming on Shelby County’s challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action in the Fisher vs. University of Texas at Austin case.

Don’t hold your breath. This is the same venerable institution that gave us Brown v. Board of Education, Loving v. Virginia, and Shelly v. Kraemer.

As Matthew Heimbach pointed out at the 2013 Council of Conservative Citizens Conference, twenty years ago it was Bill Clinton and the Left who gave us Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and DOMA, but now Northern conservatism has been defeated on the definition of marriage itself.

8.) Working Within The System – It is possible to work within the system and pass reforms at the state level. Alabama, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and other states have passed some type of nullification of federal gun control laws. Florida passed a law that required drug testing of welfare recipients.

Lots of Southern and Western states nullified Obamacare. Some Republican governors like Jan Brewer in Arizona vowed to fight Obamacare but have since gone along with the expansion of Medicaid.

The existence of the Union – through acts of Congress, executive orders, federal court rulings, and most effectively through control of the spending of federal tax dollars – subverts all these reforms from the top down.

9.) The Secession Petitions – The secession petitions which flourished in the aftermath of Obama’s reelection revealed that discontent with the existence of the Union is brewing and there is a mass audience in the South that is increasingly receptive to the idea of secession as a final act of resistance.

As the GOP shifts further to the left, the “mainstream” will exile millions of Southern conservatives to the “fringe.” We will have an easier time recruiting these people moving forward because Northern conservatism won’t even give lip service to their issues when Democrats can win the White House with 1/3 of the White vote.

The Union

Getting Involved

1.) Diminishing Consequences To Resistance – Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know that the Obama administration can access every phone call, email, text message, and credit card purchase you have made in the last decade.

The NSA knows who your friends are and which websites you visit. It almost certainly has a comprehensive list of everyone in America who can even remotely be described as a “rightwing extremist.” The Obama administration even uses the IRS to harass mainstream Tea Party kosher conservative groups.

So, if you are afraid that the government might figure out who you are and that you might lose your job as a consequence, you have nothing to lose because Big Brother has known who you are for years now. The Obama administration almost certainly shares this “intelligence” with the SPLC.

There’s no point in “hiding out” anymore. Edward Snowden has made it clear that you can’t hide from these people.

2.) Enjoy The Fun – I attended my first League of the South conference in 2012 and had such a great time that there was never any doubt that I would be coming back this year. Unfortunately, I had so much fun last year that I overslept and missed the second day of the conference, but that won’t be happening this time around.

I’ve been to several of these conferences – CofCC, League of the South, Amren – and the reason everyone goes to these conferences is to socialize with intelligent, likeminded people. You can sit at home and read this blog and watch the videos over the internet, but you can’t so easily meet a potential business partner, or a potential mate, or someone who lives in your area, or hell raise to the break of dawn.

3.) Meet OD Readers – When I showed up unannounced last year, there were lots of OD readers at the League conference, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you in Montgomery. I already know that some of you are coming back this year and we will have  a great time again this year.

4.) Meet SNN – Palmetto Patriot of SNN will be speaking at the League conference this year and that’s reason enough to come.

5.) The GOP Is Finished – The GOP will never recover from the defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012. It has ceased to be a viable national party. While the GOP will run someone in 2016, the “moderate” candidate they select will almost certainly lose and the South will be “primed” to consider alternatives to Northern conservatism.

We need to be a position to take advantage of that. Wouldn’t it have been great if we were so positioned during the secession petition controversy?

6.) Finding an Institutional Home – In the context of a dying GOP, Northern conservatism losing its last shred of credibility, the dawning realization that it is impossible to “Take Back America,” and the long overdue excise of the Rainbow Confederate cancer, the League of the South is the natural institutional home in the real world for radicalized White Southerners.

Don’t believe me? Check out the Facebook group.

7.) Learning Experience – Even for someone who has been around for as long as I have, the 2012 League of the South was a learning experience.

I believe it was Michael Hill who summed up our predicament at the 2012 conference by saying that a chief without Indians can’t accomplish anything. We can’t influence anyone in the real world without an organized resistance in the real world. We don’t have any power to challenge the status quo because the definition of power is having an organized resistance in the real world.

8.) Education Alone Isn’t Sufficient – While I know there are people who are invested in the “metapolitical revolution” paradigm, American Renaissance is a good example of why education has to be followed up with action.

In the course of his career, Jared Taylor has educated thousands of people about race realism. I myself have educated hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years, but educating people is one thing and acting on that education is another.

For every one person like Matt Heimbach who is educated, there are hundreds who do nothing to change our circumstances. As a result of this, we have a situation where more people are probably aware of racial differences than twenty years ago, but the racial taboos have grown stronger over that same time period.

This isn’t an argument against “education.” We can all agree that “ideas matter.” It is just that no one is going to consider your ideas, much less feel any pressure to bend political reality to them, if you keep all your good ideas to yourself secure in your fantasy world behind your computer screen.

9.) Getting Off The Internet – I can tell you from personal experience that it is good for your health to get off the internet.

When I did nothing but sit on the internet and converse with people online, I became less physically active, and that had negative consequences for my health. A few years ago, I met people in the real world who shared my political views, who were into physical fitness, and just the act of getting off the internet, moving to Virginia, and reorienting toward the real world completely changed my behavior and health.

10.) Anonymous Relationships – The “Bowel Movement” on the internet – to borrow an apt phrase from Pastor Martin Lindstedt – is a breeding ground for anonymous shit stirrers and petty feuds that derail our ability to unite around a common purpose.

In real life, people are always more civil with each other, and meeting up regularly in real life creates stronger interpersonal relationships and a stronger movement. I’ve met Jack Ryan, Denise, Palmetto Patriot, Kyle Rogers and many others in real life.

It is time flush the Bowel Movement.

11.) Rainbow Confederates – It was clear after last year’s conference that the Rainbow Confederates who dominated Southern Nationalism in the 1990s and early 2000s were in retreat and their influence in the League has only continued to fade.

At the 2011 League of the South conference in South Carolina, Michael Tubbs delivered a speech called “Reform Is Impossible.” In the two years that has passed since then, we have seen Tea Party Republicans like Rand Paul who vowed to ban birthright citizenship aggressively embrace amnesty for illegal aliens.

We have seen Confederate parks in Memphis renamed by the majority black Memphis City Council while the SCV joined forces with the NAACP to impotently protest Klan racism. We have seen federal judges rule against the SCV who were seeking a Confederate license plate in Texas. We have also seen the Selma City Council attack the replacement of the stolen Nathan Bedford Forrest monument.

The Rainbow Confederates were so discredited by what happened in Memphis that we don’t even bother discussing them anymore.

Final Thoughts

If I have to leave you with a final thought, it is this: until there is an organized resistance in the real world like in Greece or Catalonia, we are going to watch our slow motion racial and cultural suicide from behind the window, and nothing is going to change.

Until there is an organization that has the numbers to make political waves (CofCC, League of the South, whatever, etc.), we are going to continue to “educate” people who will post comments on blogs, forums, and Facebook, who will agree with our “ideas,” but who will only act by buying the next book or reading the next essay or listening to the next podcast.

There’s plenty of opportunities out there. We just need the muscle – the action that follows up on the education – to capitalize on those opportunities. There is too much arguing on the internet about ends and too little about first steps. Every journey begins with that first step which is the hardest step to take.

The first step is showing up whether it is at this conference or some other meeting.

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  1. I think it is a Christian flag, No-Man.

    It is indeed the Christian flag. It’s an odd choice for the LS, though, since its design was inspired by the US flag and its designer was a New Yorker.

    The Christian Flag was first conceived on September 26, 1897, at Brighton Chapel on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York in the United States. The superintendent of a Sunday school, Charles C. Overton, was forced to give an impromptu lecture to the gathered students, because the scheduled speaker had failed to arrive for the event. Overton saw a flag of the United States in the front of the chapel (a common custom in many American churches). Drawing on the flag for inspiration, he gave a speech asking the students what a flag representing Christianity would look like.


  2. It is my understanding that those people quit a long time ago. I certainly haven’t seen them or heard from them if they are still around.

    If by “those people”, you mean the Rainbows, then you should be aware that the League’s North Carolina Chairman, Bernhard Thuersam of Niagara Falls, New York, is a Rainbow. If the LS is purging the Rainbows, then it has some more work ahead of it yet. Their racial liberalism has always been the biggest obstacle to my full support of the League.

  3. “It is indeed the Christian flag.”

    It should be obvious since it is commonly displayed in churches (though not in ours).

    I tend to ignore developments in “popular culture,” but I am told that two movies premiering this summer, “Elysium” and “World War Z,” express some regular OD commenters’ vision of an Elitist future. In one, national or global “Security” is achieved finally through robotics. In the second, I understand the Elite is relieved finally of the burden of the global overpopulation of middle- and lower-class white and other human “trash” and all their nonsensical “individual rights”.

    I suppose that in the future secular Republic of Dixie, the combined “Southron” global Talmudic-and-white Elite will use robotic and other high tech security systems and also practice “Z”-style apartheid and enslavement or trash-disposal of the white and coloured middle- and lower-classes.

  4. The wisdom and courage of Pennsylvanian Edward Snowden is foolishness and treason in the mind of Golden Circle Elitism.

  5. Apparently there really is a “christian flag”, thanks LLD, I thought Hunter was just being a bit vague. Thank God i’ve never seen that ugly rag in any church. It looks like it could be useful for wiping up spilt grape juice though so it makes sense why the usual suspects keep it around.

  6. “useful for wiping up spilt grape juice” indicates you haven’t been catechised yet, or not successfully.

  7. Actually “it should be obvious” that it was a reference to podunks that use Kedem grape juice instead of wine. And “it should be obvious” that this carnival flag is not “commonly displayed” in bishopric Churches….

  8. It’s a seamless transition from pride (“should be obvious”) to lies (“don’t drink Kedem”).


    TidBit: I noticed the other day that the Welch’s grape juice that my church uses for communion is “from concentrate.” The label lists the ingredients as water, grape juice concentrate.

    Note: there may also be a preservative and some sort of vitamin fortification.)

    Does this bother anyone but me?

    JimBob: 1. The wine at the Eucharist is usually diluted with water, I don’t recall anyone having a problem with that when the discussion came up about using wine in communion. Difference?

    2. So, they’re not too stingy to buy Welches, but too stingy to buy the “Not from Concentrate”? Tisk, tisk. 🙂

    3. I don’t have a dog in the fight, so to speak, but I do think it might be a gnat straining issue (that said, I’m actually a stickler for the not wine thing, not because of the alcohol, but the purposefully added leaven in modern wines).

    4. Just buy Kedem’s Kosher instead of Welches. 🙂

  9. I’ve seen only Welches or homemade, homegrown grape juice. Kedem would border on sacrilege, though Premillennial Evangelicals might favour it.

  10. “As the GOP shifts further to the left”

    Is this a joke? The Tea-Party-dominated party that refuses to raise the debt ceiling if social programs for the poor are not cut, that refuses to vote even for disaster relief, is somehow more to the left than the party under Bush?

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