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  1. 32 suckas got shot this weekend, and 7 died.

    Impossible. Murder and gun carry are illegal in Chicago.

  2. My Chicago lakefront, university community had been beautiful, quiet, green as Ireland – with all the murder and mayhem off, away in ‘Hoods to the South and West. This weekend felt like hot Summer, we were invaded by Black punks, looked and felt like Zimbabwe.

    Pray for cold and rain.

    Thor god of Thinder keeps the Black unter away.

  3. I have a bit of nit to pick. This is a standard contard venting thread, and I think JR could do a little better explanation of the race politics of Chicago than just allowing standard “niggers are stupid” comments.

    The white Ds of Chicago are utterly destroying black political power, this nigger nonsense (I usually don’t use the word nigger, but these chimps are semi-human and proud of it). This is the Black Klu Klux Klan of the 1960s in action, a totally reactionary rear guard action.

    Since Daley the Second was elected the White Ds played blacks nice doggy politics with them, at times it was outright “Nigger mania” especially with ex-governor Hair Do and his “love” of blacks. Blacks once had some competent leaders, now they are literally left with senile idiots and the “Reverends” and the only response they have is to sic the niggers on the nice people like Jack and his nice college community (which is nice and highly respected U)

    Jack if I am wrong please correct me.

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