OD Summer Fitness Thread

Agent Hunter Wallace 2013
Hunter Wallace, June 18, 2013


Summer is here.

Back in February, we had a long and fruitful discussion about exercise, cuisine and nutrition.

No-man has been doing great with his chin ups at the gym. How has everyone else progressed in the last five months? Are you hitting your goals?

Have you learned anything new that you want to share with us? I’ve learned quite a lot about exercise and nutrition from watching Scooby and J.R. Barthel videos on YouTube. I try to watch at least one video a day and learn something new that I can apply in either my diet or at the gym.

Hunter Wallace, White Nationalist
Hunter Wallace, June 13, 2010

Don’t think you can lose weight? Well, I was that guy above three years ago. I’m still hacking away at my goals.

Note: I love this video. It has nothing to do with this thread though. I think my next goal will be to buy myself an antebellum home like Candyland.

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  1. It’s a shame that online buffoonery of some wogbaiting chavs would be grounds to question Anglo-Latin relations. The Germanic types showed what they thought of Meds in Greece when after the Italians stopped machine gunning Greeks the Germans had them dig their own graves.

    Actions vs Words.

  2. Starting carb-cycling, using Scooby’s online calculator.

    My Sicilian Uncle was a semi-pro bodybuilder in the 70’s. He was an advocate of getting huge before anything else, “You can’t chisel air”, “You need to start with a big block of marble.”

  3. Congrats on the huge transformation, Hunter. I’m know it took much hard work to arrive where you are today. For the past 10 years I have cycled between a regular 4-5 times a week gym and healthy eating routine and an off cycle where I stuff my face with fried foods and beer. I always seem to lose my discipline after working out hard and eating right for six months or so. I need to find a middle ground between eating the foods I enjoy and maintaining a healthy weight. Right now I’m 6’4 and 225 lbs. I could stand to lose about 10 lbs.

  4. Drawback in technology; Back then folks had to walk, ride horses or buggies to get around. Obesity Amish?

  5. >>>I’m 6’4 and 225 lbs. I could stand to lose about 10 lbs.

    Forget the weight. Take height in inches, divide by two. Waist should be no more than 1/2 this amount. (in this case 38″) I’m 6-3 and 187 (age 67) and still overweight with a 38″ gut. Lots of flab remains. Avoid high glycemic foods- stop insulin spikes. ALL overweight folks have excess circulating insulin.

    I’ve been waiting for the collapse since ’68. . .

  6. “What I want is intelligence matched by pure physical existence – like a statue. And for this I need the Sun, I need to leave my dark cave-like study.”

    His preparation for death began with the preparation of his body……

    Making himself a beautiful body… And then destroying it just before it began to come to pieces…


  7. My Sicilian Uncle was a semi-pro bodybuilder in the 70?s. He was an advocate of getting huge before anything else, “You can’t chisel air”, “You need to start with a big block of marble.”

    The problem here is it’s so easy to delude yourself that you’re “getting big” when all you’re really doing is “getting fat.” At some point – I’d guess somewhere around 20% body fat, maybe even sooner, at least for some – virtually all the “bulk” you’ll be gaining will be fat. And even from 20% bf it takes a hell of a long time to lose that fat, let alone cutting from higher than that. I’d set 15%, maybe 16%, as the absolute highest you should allow yourself to reach. At much lower body fat levels a much greater proportion of the “bulk” you gain will be lean mass. It varies somewhat by individual so the only to know what the optimal rates of gain for yourself are is to have gone through a few bulk/cut cycles.


    2-3 hours a day? Of doing what? That’s pretty extreme. If it’s anything more than light cardio I think you’re going to hit a wall sooner rather than later and will have to take a month off before you even think about setting foot in a gym again. Is the advice those vids have given you (2-3hours)?

  8. Hunter, I hope you realize Plitt and all the fitness guys that making a living showcasing their physiques are on a boat-load of drugs. Oh no, they are Natural! No way. Many sites on the internet can give you an idea of all the junk they take.

  9. Hunter, if you should ever change your focus Olympic style lifting, what with it’s abundant functional-strength benefits, then I would point you in the direction of Greg Everett. He’s easily the most knowledgable person I’ve ever known on the subject.

  10. Heart attack took him out.

    The American lifestyle will kill you and make you miserable. It was killing me. I educated myself though,.changed my habits, and now I feel great. I still got a ways to go until I get where I want to be.

  11. Hunter, okay, I’d classify that as light cardio.

    Hunter, I hope you realize Plitt and all the fitness guys that making a living showcasing their physiques are on a boat-load of drugs. Oh no, they are Natural!

    Plitt’s physique doesn’t set off alarm bells in the sense that it doesn’t exceed those of today’s natural, drug-tested champions. Scooby’s raises suspicions, though (that chest, sheesh). Still, if he is on gear he hasn’t overdone it, so it’s far from obvious.

    I wonder how ‘functional’ Olympic lifting really is. How many objects in daily life do you ever need to ‘snatch’? It’s a bizarre move when you think about it. It’s hard to imagine how it was even invented, let alone why it rose to such prominence that it became an Olympic event.

  12. Scooby is a fanatic.

    He built that house with his own hands too. He recently made this protein calculator (it is on his website) that compares every possible protein source to every other.

    As for J.R. Barthel, he just makes lots of YouTube videos and repeats what Plitt says to do.

  13. @Silver

    I think the functional benefit in dynamic Olympic lifts like the snatch or clean & jerk, are that they train a kind of explosiveness that isn’t so pronounced in aesthetic-focused weight training, they train an explosiveness with the whole body (unlike exercises that isolate a few muscle groups) and finally, Olympic lifts build powerful hips like nothing else. So how does translate into everyday functionality? In my own case, I’ve been training Shotokan karate since age 14, and the style emphasizes techniques powerfully driven off the rear leg from low stances with the front leg deeply bent. Strong hips and hamstrings are a necessity. Now I know that’s more my own personal benefit, and not something for everyone, but I think there are still other uses for Olympic lifts — certainly anyone who works on their feet all day, lifting or tossing heavy objects (like maybe a farmhand or a construction worker) will feel the benefits. I’m a lifelong city boy, so I can’t speak to rural life, but I did work for contract excavation crew for years, and we were always lifting big chunks of concrete and throwing them into big disposal containers. I always felt like the Olympic lifts I did had minimized the everyday wear & tear from work.

  14. I’m sure the explosiveness would come in handy for fighting purposes. And I suppose simply knowing that you’re capable of generating large amounts of force when necessary is in a sense ‘functional’ too.

    I have a lot of respect for oly lifters. This video always impresses me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rodJM0n9fE He does 265kg for 2 reps, so he’s all but certain to have been able to get 600lb for a single. Powerlifters who can do that are typically 400lb ogres, and they don’t get anywhere near that depth.

  15. “James Gandolfini just dropped dead. RIP. stay healthy guys”

    When in Rome;On Foxnews; possibly’ a heart attack.

    Maybe this guy was snuffed cus he shed a bad light on the Italians?

  16. Mussolini was around. He certainly would not glorify the mobsters as he chased them out to sea. In his mind people state.

  17. What’s your stack?

    GNC megaman
    ON Gold Standard Whey
    ON Creatine
    Carlson fish oil
    Choline/Pramiracetam (cycle with OxyElitePro)
    Turmeric & Bromelain
    Very Green (dehydrated greens)

  18. The mob is a better success than the Italian fascist movement, which backed Hitler because Mussolini worshiped war, then they lost.

    Mussolini was a guy who was kicked out of the communist party and had a grievance. And why was he kicked out? For being pro-war in world war I.

  19. You know Lucky Luciano who was inprisoned in the U.S.. Made a deal with the fed for the release for which helped the invasion of Sicily. NY transatlantic mobsters supported FDR war in Europe because many of their ties in Sicily were been inprisoned by Mussolini. Severly threaten transatlantic heroin market.

  20. “Janet Reno protected Elias whatshisname, yet burned american “heretics” at waco. —A very dangerous reality for Americans.”

    Watching the history channel. Hitler perversion. He had his gal urinating on him. You know who rules America. They won’t let the bastard RIP who’s been dead for almost a century.

  21. “I’m out running on the campus of the University of Alabama.”

    Well don’t run into a tree while you’re texting then! 🙂

  22. Motivational quote of the day:

    “I want to be a soldier, a warrior, a crusader for my God and country, and to fight the hell-inspired enemy that would crush every delicate and beautiful creation of this world. I want to be a free man, the master of my own destiny, not a pawn of usurpers and traitors who manipulate the masses into subservience. I want to do God’s will and fulfil the purpose of my creation … peace won’t come until war is taken to the enemy, and he learns the fighting superiority of the European, the Western man, over the barbarian.” – John A. Coey, USMC officer candidate, Rhodesian volunteer, hero of Christendom. (1950-1975)

    Biking to gym, blasting Justin Timberlake in headphones? Priceless.


  23. By the average persons standards I’m in shape.

    This is going to sound arrogant, but by my standards, I’m not in racing shape, and my goal with fitness is not to “look good for the women” it’s to win competitions (road races) and it’s clear that I’m not in top form there.

  24. Motivational story of the day:

    He had three drill sergeants, two of whom were sadists. Thank God it was the easygoing one who saw it. He was reading a magazine, when he slowly looked up and stared at Everman. Then the sergeant walked over, pointing to a page in the magazine. “Is this you?” It was a photo of the biggest band in the world, Nirvana. Kurt Cobain had just killed himself, and this was a story about his suicide. Next to Cobain was the band’s onetime second guitarist. A guy with long, strawberry blond curls. “Is this you?”

    Everman exhaled. “Yes, Drill Sergeant.”

    And that was only half of it. Jason Everman has the unique distinction of being the guy who was kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden, two rock bands that would sell roughly 100 million records combined. At 26, he wasn’t just Pete Best, the guy the Beatles left behind. He was Pete Best twice.

    Then again, he wasn’t remotely. What Everman did afterward put him far outside the category of rock’n’roll footnote. He became an elite member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, one of those bearded guys riding around on horseback in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban.


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