OD Summer Fitness Thread

Agent Hunter Wallace 2013
Hunter Wallace, June 18, 2013


Summer is here.

Back in February, we had a long and fruitful discussion about exercise, cuisine and nutrition.

No-man has been doing great with his chin ups at the gym. How has everyone else progressed in the last five months? Are you hitting your goals?

Have you learned anything new that you want to share with us? I’ve learned quite a lot about exercise and nutrition from watching Scooby and J.R. Barthel videos on YouTube. I try to watch at least one video a day and learn something new that I can apply in either my diet or at the gym.

Hunter Wallace, White Nationalist
Hunter Wallace, June 13, 2010

Don’t think you can lose weight? Well, I was that guy above three years ago. I’m still hacking away at my goals.

Note: I love this video. It has nothing to do with this thread though. I think my next goal will be to buy myself an antebellum home like Candyland.

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  1. How does Tarantino get away with telling the truth (in a fashion)? What a change from what looked like a southern caricature of a waffle fed shuffletard to a fit young dude who probably has to beat the ladies back with a stick (except axis sally, she’s hot).

  2. Lacoste has about the best fitting polos around. I hate Ralph Lauren.


    ^^ That’s the shirt I have on in the photo.

  3. Off topic and I really hate to interrupt the manscaping discussion, but if I need political asylum in the New Confederacy is there a place in Alabama where the temperature is not blast furnace 9 months out of the year and the leaves actually fall off the trees? I had a friend in a nice town name of Fayette, Alabama, but even in January the oaks still had green leaves.

  4. Try Fred Perry.

    I watched this on the flight and I must say it does give racists a few back handed compliments.

    I sometimes wonder if James Watson did something like this after he was shitcanned from his research directorship?

    Why don’t they rise up and kill us? Well, who the fuck would feed them once we are gone?

  5. Omega rich chia seeds guys, the aztec warrior secret weapon.

    Very filling, tasteless and can be taken whole (un-crushed) sprinkled on food or two tablespoons a day gulped down with water.

  6. Why do I also identify with Tom Buchanan rather than Gatsby?
    Was Fitzgerald sneaking in the truth there too?

  7. Shaved of 40 pounds two years ago, I have remained slender. My work is physical . change of diet was simply low carbs and high in protein. Most immortally. I stopped eating late at night and then hit the sack next day I wouldn’t be hungry till 3 pm and the cycle repeats.Now i eat 3-4 hours before bed time. By morning, crave for breakfast.

  8. Thread jack alert! HW if you get that mansion will you then get yourself a “fighting nigger?”

    As an aside “fightin nigger” would be the best internet handle, EVER.

  9. I’m also doing rather well in the weight fitness department. I’m 6 ft 1′ dropped below 190 lbs for the first time since college. Mt heaviest weight was about 215 lbs and women actually preferred me as a bigger “biker guy”. I don’t have any aspirations to be an underwear model – gay Brazilian guys tend to get all those jobs.

    Instead, my weight loss was health inspired, got diagnosed with high blood sugar levels.

    I made some dieting changes – cut out carbs, potatoes , white pasta, White rice, White bread. No sugar or deserts. I still drink lots of beer and wine, but mostly Guinness and Old Style Light which are somehow better.

    I have very little breakfast – yogurt and coffee, one full meal a day, no snacks. I’ve always done lots of sports, tennis and walking are what I do now.

    Works for me.

  10. My diet; breakfast: eggs, bacon and toast. Skip breakfast and go for Lunch: grilled poultry vegetables or seafood past,hoagies sandwich, whatever brain craves for. skip lunch and go for dinner.( the body will burn calories break off the routine.

    Drink water with meals.

    I may have couple of cold brusky later on.

  11. My experience as a 40+ year old guy….

    I dropped about 20 lbs over the past 7 months (got a ways to go yet…). I bought an exercise bike and started doing some muscle building exercises, which has been a bit difficult due to the fact I am still recovering from a severe shoulder injury (which included nerve damage which has taken a long time to heal).

    I kept plateauing though with my exercise routine. I would drop a few pounds and my body felt like it was shutting down. I fixed that problem through vitamin supplements. In particular B vitamins (Biotin, Pantethine, and B-12) seemed to have the greatest effect. Huge, huge, difference.. most of my weight loss happened the past few months since I started taking the supplements. I don’t have the lack of energy problem now.

    The other thing that seem to work well was changing my diet by reducing fruit (I ate a lot of fruit) and carbs. I increased protein and fat intake. My meals are higher calories per unit… but I find myself eating a lot less.

  12. By my late thirties I was pushing 210 pounds. Being 5’10” that was rather hefty. That would have given me a BMI score of 30.1. That’s obese. So I changed my diet. Stopped drinking Co-Colas and started drinking juice. Cut out the snacking. Over a period of five or six months I was down to 170 to 175. And I stayed there for a couple years. Then I started moving towards paleo. I eliminated the grains and cut the sugar. Reduced the carbs and increased the fat intake. Water is about the only thing I drink and has been for several years now. Currently my weight fluctuates from about 148 to 150. Which is what I weighed in high school more than 25 years ago. I had a physical back in January and the PA was impressed with my health and said to keep doing what I’m doing. But I do need to start an exercise programme. I started weight training back in February but started having trouble with the right elbow and stopped going.

  13. I’m cycling around Denmark. My god the women are fantastic looking here.

    I second that, God bless Denmark. Danish women are unbelievable.

    Right up there with Latvia and Lithuania. Love the Go Blonde parades! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q4xiyJiOps

    One of the most perfect female Nordic specimens I’ve ever seen is Jennifer Avalon/Tracy Ryan, an American softcore actress. Perfect height, proportions, pigmentation, face, even down to her labia. Like she was designed in a Nordicist lab.

  14. Diet is much more important than exercise, unless you want to build a lot of muscle or you’re a professional athlete.

    Two key things, no sugar and no processed foods. If you can cut those out you will lose weight naturally.

  15. I found Django Unchained boring and obvious propaganda, as if White Southerners just beat black slaves all day for the hell of it.

    The lame excuses that the White bounty hunter gave to get away with murdering Southerners was complete BS. He and Django would have been killed quickly in reality.

    I did enjoy Leonardo’s character and performance, he does an excellent Southern gentleman.

    Also, I laughed out loud at Samuel L. Jackson as the surly house nigger, that hated niggers more than racist White people did.

  16. Stopped drinking Co-Colas and started drinking juice. Cut out the snacking.

    Juice is really no better than sodas for weight loss. It has vitamins, but it’s still extremely high in sugar.

    Especially for people with an ectomorphic body type, cut out as much sugar as possible, drink water, no sugary drinks at all. I enjoy unsweetened tea or water with lemon, I can’t stand artificial sweeteners.

    Inbetween meals I drink green smoothies. Easy way to get more fiber and nutrition in your diet.

  17. I see fat people jogging, running, bike riding everyday. They do the best they can but have a hell of a time slimming down. Cardio vascular benefits are derived for sure, still they are pudgies.

    The key is diet. If you need 2100 calories per day , simply reduce your intake by 300 cals a day and monitor your weight. Adjust from there. Moderate protein, moderate to low carbs works for most people. Carb intolerants need to cut back substantially.

    When i wanted to get ripped, vascular and etch the abdominals I would go high protein, high fat and very low carb for 4 days followed by a higher carb day to restore glycogen and fill up the muscles.

    Couple or 3 rounds and my skin would get paper thin, veins looking like garden hoses.

    I used to rely on protein powders but learned that was not necessary. Quality food did the trick.

    Now that I’m older and care if I’m shredded I’ve found I can still stay slim and look good without being fanatical.

    Can eat more so-called junk food and get away with it as long as I stay under daily requirement.

    If I ever desire to lose a quick five lbs or so I go zero carb for a few days . Not really loing much fat but shed a lot of water weight and tighten up.

    Too many old guys are walking around with bad knees, hips, joints because they lifted too heavy. I warm up and stay with higher reps. Joints feel great I don’t burn out. At my age I will not put on substantial muscle anymore anyway, so why kill myself.

    Roiders make unbelievable gains, but sure seems like they pay the piper sooner or later.

  18. Good for you, Hunter. And good job with the rugged pose. If they ever make a film of it you’d be a shoe-in for the role of Oscar Yeager.

    I’ve dropped some 14lbs since February and about 2.5″ off the waist. That’s slower progress than I expected, but my strength has increased tremendously during this time. After a two year near-complete layoff I found myself at close to ‘Novice’ levels of strength according to the standards at the link that comes up when you google for “weightlifting performance standards exrx.” Since then I’ve reached a level closer to ‘Advanced’ than to ‘Intermediate,’ which is not far now from the very strongest I ever was, back in 2006.

    As for polos, they are the ultimate in white boy attire. Out of all my friends (dagoes, greasers all) I can’t recall ever seeing one of them in a polo. If I were ever to don one it’d have to fit much tighter than yours – what’s the point of the muscles if you can’t show them off, right? (This is no doubt nigger logic to someone like Mark, and for him the connection would be obvious, so spare us, Mark.) In fact, I got jumped one night by a pack of drunken white boys for wearing a t-shirt they thought was ‘too tight.’ They poked fun at me as I walked past and I foolishly walked back and mouthed off despite being heavily outnumbered. (And they say white boys don’t attack in packs, right, right.)

  19. I drink water, non-sweet tea, zero cal mineral waters, diet soda and the occassional glass of milk, usually with high fiber, whole grain cereal. I also drink beer, but not as much as I used to.

  20. Advanced for my weight is 275 pounds, elite 345. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m cool with hanging around intermediate.

  21. Get MyFitnessPal.

    Plug in everything you eat. Do lots of cardio if you are trying to slim down. Stay in the green zone, be consistent, and the weight will melt off.

    I’m out for a walk right now. My average walking speed is over 4 mph now. Not tonight because I am typing.

  22. I see fat people jogging, running, bike riding everyday. They do the best they can but have a hell of a time slimming down. Cardio vascular benefits are derived for sure, still they are pudgies.

    That’s because they can’t control their diet, and after all that exercise they think they can reward themselves. It takes a lot of exercise to burn off a big meal. The easiest thing to do is just not consume the calories to begin with.

    You can have a cheat day, but 6 days out of the week you have to control your diet.

    It’s funny when you see fat vegetarians right. You know why? Sugar.

  23. If I were ever to don one it’d have to fit much tighter than yours – what’s the point of the muscles if you can’t show them off, right? (This is no doubt nigger logic to someone like Mark, and for him the connection would be obvious, so spare us, Mark.)

    What the fuck did you just say?

    You just can’t help but be a little antagonistic cunt can you, always saying some stupid shit that makes no sense to provoke someone.

    You wouldn’t just be a nigger, you’d be a queer nigger if you walk around with a skin-tight shirt on.

    Speaking of acting like a nigger, what’s with the “white boy” comments over and over. Glad you at least recognize you’re not one.

    I can see you getting your ass kicked by White guys, a lot.

    Now mind your own business and don’t mention my name, you little swarthy faggot.

  24. I’m out for a walk right now. My average walking speed is over 4 mph now.

    You don’t have to kill yourself with cardio, what you’re doing is right. It’s about keeping an elevated heart rate for a long period of time. If you do 30 minutes of steady walking and keep a good sweat going at least 3 days out of the week the pounds fall off in conjunction with a low sugar, 2k daily calorie diet.

  25. Roiders make unbelievable gains, but sure seems like they pay the piper sooner or later.

    They pay for it all right, taking steroids permanently inhibits the body’s natural ability to create testosterone, so then they must remain on testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of their life. You see this a lot with athletes, such as in MMA. TRT is a big topic now.

  26. Looking at the pictures, Hunter went from Chunk in The Goonies to Tom Cruise in Risky Business, haha. That’s quite a transformation, congratulations.

  27. Advanced for my weight is 275 pounds, elite 345. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m cool with hanging around intermediate.

    Bench? Well, stranger things have happened. I remember just beginning to near the intermediate level and seeing this guy who was no bigger than me do 185 for a few reps at a time when I all I could do was 165 for about six or seven. Even that, coming from someone who was perennially among the weakest kids in high school (but also one of the more aggressive = lots of beatings received, heh), felt like a monumental accomplishment. 185 seemed impossibly distant. Yet in less than six months I’d pulled off 220 for a single. And about a year later 265. If you’re going to work out anyway (and why not? it’s enjoyable and beneficial) why not strive to do just a little bit better each time?

  28. Mark, calm the fuck down. Complete shitheads like you are a prime reason why the entire world is glad (when it is glad, when it realizes it) that your kind is exiting history’s stage. It’s going to take a miracle to secure your survival from here on out. Your supreme antagonism does not help matter at all.

    Now piss me off and stop pestering me, white boy. 🙂

  29. @Silver

    Don’t mean to badger you with questions, but if you didn’t mind:

    1.) You are in fact white yourself, correct? Didn’t you say you’re Serbian?

    2.) Why the hostility against “whites”? Being a Mediterranean/Slavic mix, I can understand carrying hostility towards Anglos in particular, what with the utter scorn and contempt which they display toward people like you or myself, but other whites, such as Germanic types… they’re basically indifferent at the very worst, at least my own experience. So why the animosity?

  30. Chris, I don’t feel any animosity or hostility toward them at all. I’m just kidding around, dude. It’s just a bit fun.* I don’t care in the slightest if they return the favor and call me every slur under the sun, not if it’s done in the same spirit as I’m doing (and, pff, even if it’s not). You have to be one uptight sonvabitch not to allow that any fun can be had even in serious matters like long-term racial life or death.

    As for ‘white boy,’ you can use it for people from southern europe, sure, particularly when they’re very white. But, still, it kind of rings hollow. When you use it with someone as white as Hunter, well, it just hits the spot. 🙂 (One more time: I’m saying it in good fun. Kinda the way – but not exactly the same thing as when – niggers call other niggers “nigga.”) You wouldn’t be able to call me ‘white boy’ though. I’m definitely too swarthy for that.

    *The reply to Mark, above, wasn’t spoken in jest though. I completely serious that people the world over rejoice at his kind departing the earth for very reason that they are seen as world-hating and world-threatening ‘nazis.’ You can’t expect people like Mark to understand it, but securing racial existence in no way requires one to feel limitlessly hostile towards the rest of the people on earth. To call not only doing so, but basing your entire political philosophy around that hostility, ‘absurd’ or ‘idiotic’ or, at the very least, ‘guileless’ doesn’t even begin to capture it. We’re all in a tight spot here, that’s for sure. And getting out of it may require a ‘tactical hostility’ of sorts, but that’s very different from the limitless hostility WN hardasses are known – and universally despised – for.

  31. Staying active up to 6 hours of which 18 hours the body sleeps and leisure burn lards .

    Physical active you don’t think about food as those who are inactive who eat cause of boredom.

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