The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

It is a myth that black people destroyed the Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis
It is a myth that black people destroyed the Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis


I’m still trying to understand why this documentary was called “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth.”

In 1954, downtown business interests and Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) built this massive public housing project for blacks in St. Louis. The idea was to cure poverty by moving them out of the blighted slums and into the “City of the Future.”

From the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s, the blacks systematically destroyed Pruitt-Igoe. They urinated in the elevators and halls. They broke the windows. They dumped their garbage everywhere. They demolished the custom designed “indestructible” light fixtures and other aspects of their apartments.

The Black Undertow made Pruitt-Igoe a no-go zone for the police and fire department. They turned their homes into drug and prostitution dens. They turned the halls of the buildings into a war zone. They went on a rent strike which deprived the housing authority of the money used to maintain the buildings. They physically gutted the buildings in order to sell the scrap metal.

It’s Whitey’s fault for moving to the suburbs, taking the jobs and the tax base, and refusing to live amid the living conditions created by Concentrated Blackness. If black children grew up without fathers, it is because the housing authority didn’t want unemployed men living in the building. If black people were shooting and killing each other and fouling their own nest, it is our fault for not caring about them and not spending enough money on them.

Watch the videos. You can’t spin this one.

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  1. Laura wrote:

    What is the address of the vacant lot that used to contain Pruitt-Igoe?

    No address per se, just the southeast corner of Jefferson and Cass. It’s still woods, save for a part that was cleared a number of years back to build a new school. There is always some pie-in-the-sky redevelopment proposal once every few years. One of these years, one of them will fly. Hell, if Ballpark F’n Village could get off the ground, something at the old PIs could as well.

    Which black neighborhoods are going white?

    Near Northside, Old North and Shaw are the ones that seem to be recovering the best. They all have a ways to go, though.

    I looked up some information about Clayton (my old neighborhood) and was surprised that the Clayton schools are now 23% black, and the city of Clayton is now 8% black. (The school district lines are larger than the city lines, so blacks from Maplewood, etc., attend school in Clayton.)

    Clayton PSes are so black b/c of interdistrict deseg/busing, which is still going on in spite of all the propaganda you hear in the local media about how it’s “ending.” Maplewood’s blacks already have the MRH district, which is heavily black now. How Clayton is 8% black in residency, I don’t have a clue. Maybe there are some Section 8 apartment complexes technically in the Clayton city limits but on the fringes close to U-City or the City.

  2. These hideous buildings all emrge fomr the Bauhaus style. It’s called “German” – but it’s not.

    It’s Yids.

    Walter Gropius, Hannes Meyers, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

    LOL, none of those men were Jewish.

    Pruitt-Igoe wasn’t in that style, its style was New Formalism. Bauhaus architecture is typically cubic, asymmetrical and has rounded corners with balconies. It’s more artistic than Pruitt-Igoe, which looked like big concrete slabs that stuck out like a sore thumb from the rest of the area. There was no harmony.

    The man who designed it was Japanese, not a Jew.

  3. Kirkwood, another fairly affluent inner suburb, is about 10% black by resident population but the student population of the Kirkwood Public Schools is about 25% black. Forced busing ended, but some districts, like Kirkwood, continue to participate voluntarily for the sake of diversity (and of course $$$$). So, I think the higher number is explained by voluntary busing from the city, plus a fair number of white kids go to private schools. I would assume the same thing happens in Clayton, which is more affluent than Kirkwood.

    It does help Kirkwood’s football team, which won the 5A state championship last season. But such diversity does have its drawbacks:

  4. Patrick wrote:

    Kirkwood, another fairly affluent inner suburb, is about 10% black by resident population but the student population of the Kirkwood Public Schools is about 25% black.

    I respond:

    Kirkwood was unusually enthusiastic for interdistrict deseg. While it seems conservative and middle class, Kirkwood is pound for pound the snootiest and most n-word-loving place in St. Louis County.

    However, it’s not all deseg to explain the disparity between %black in Kirkwood city ad %black in Kirkwood SD schools — Meacham Park is part of the Kirkwood SD.

  5. Is the population of St. Louis still declining? Is the percentage of blacks declining? I assume that the percentage of Hispanics is rising.

  6. Laura:

    Overall, yes. The black population both in raw numbers and percentages, yes. The white population is growing both in terms of raw numbers and percentages, heavily gentrifiers and yuppies. The Hispanic population is still insignificant, but growing.

  7. There are plenty of whites. The old Empire, Victorian and French style houses are incredible architecture. A great shame about the bongo parties.

    Kirkwood and Webster are really nice places. There’s a pocket of blacks around there near Sunset Hills. Cookie Thornton shot up the Kirkwood council chambers.

  8. Bauhaus wasn’t Jewish.

    Van Der Roe was an ultra catholic. Kandinsky was a Russian aristocrat who taught painting there.
    Hitler should have kept Bauhaus open. They were great designers and architects.

  9. I read that the population was declining according to the 2010 census. Do you think that there has been a turnaround since 2010?

  10. John:

    Kirkwood annexed Meacham Park quite a few years back.


    Yes, the overall population did decline in 2010 over 2000, and is still declining. But I think the quality of the population is increasing. Which would you rather have in your city? 300,000 white largely self-sustaining relatively well to do LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH or 800,000 blacks?

  11. Notice the utter refusal of delivery of the facts all around from residents, “scholars”, etc.; in less than 2 1/2 decades they turned the place into a war zone and truth be told it was a war zone less than a year after being built.

    Also, notice the Pavlovian comments (conveniently instilled by the Jew), that the fault lies with “lack of funding”, “white flight”, “poor maintanence”, blah…blah…but NEVER with the residents.

    Unbelievable…and to think that there are many others that were built and are still standing; a testament to the failure of egalitarian methods.

  12. Countenance: I think a lot more people will have to leave STL before the improvement in the quality of the people there becomes noticeable. There is still an unbelievable amount of crime.

    Why does St. Louis have such liberal judges? From what I can remember, they were super liberal all the way back to the 70s. Maybe farther back than that, but I was politically aware before the mid to late 70s.

  13. “Why does St. Louis have such liberal judges?”

    By “judges,” I presume you mean trial level judges of the state judicial circuit encompassing St. Louis City. And the answer to that is twofold: First, the judges have to live in the jurisdiction, meaning only city residents, which limits the pool to either blacks or leftist whites, and second, the Plan Nine from Outer Space, meaning almost unfettered and unchallenged Gubernatorial edict over who gets to be judges in jurisdictions where the Plan Nine from Outer Space is in effect. Democrat Governors have appointed almost entirely blacks and white libs, while Republicans only do a little better (most St. Louis City Republicans are RINOs). However, the two best judges on the 22nd Circuit, Tim Wilson and Robert Dierker, were both John Ashcroft appointees.

  14. How can you guys not mention Cookie Thornton in a post about St. Louis?

    I just spent about 30 minutes typing a St.-Louis comment, referring namely to the whole Cookie Thornton thing (Kirkwood, Mo.), and Omar Thornton thing (Hartford, Conn).

    Geez, no time to re-post. Too bad I think you would have found it interesting.

    – Arturo

  15. “be judges in jurisdictions where the Plan Nine from Outer Space is in effect.”

    Wow! I didn’t know anything about that plan. We still elect them out here in the boonies.

  16. Knew kids who grew up going to the Rockwood District Schools; their reaction to the wonderful diversity inner city kids brought to their schools was an eye roll.

  17. Arturo:

    Believe me, I remember the Cookie Monster of Meacham Park very well. AMAF, when I was doing another blog that doesn’t exist anymore, once the news broke from Kirkwood, I started collecting news tidbits as they broke, because I knew that they would all be needed to assemble the full picture about what happened, and that the media would stuff most of them down the rabbit hole. James Edwards of TPC even cited my blog when he covered the event on his own show. The real story was that the white racial pimp pseudo-conservative panderers that ran Kirkwood did nothing but pander to the Cookie Monster day in and day out, year in and year out, so he chimped out when they didn’t pander to him to the degree he thought they should.

    Hard Right:

    The Plan Nine from Outer Space applies to SCOMO, all Appellates and trial level judges in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jackson County and maybe a few other circuits. All other trial level judges are partisan/elected.

    Dale Gribble:

    Interdistrict deseg is one of the main reasons why much of St. Charles County is full of tract housing and not corn fields now. If you wanted your kids to avoid the groid at school, you had to move on the other side of the river, because the interdistrict busing program didn’t go that far. Ironically, the Federal judge that ordered it, the late William Hungate (“Hun,” LOL), lived in Lincoln County.

  18. DixieGirl says:

    The mind-numbing sameness and lack of originality is endlessly depressing for this other type of person.

    You sound like you don’t like Mies Van Der Rohe’s black glass boxes that all look the same.

    Hunter Wallace says:

    Aren’t there nice high rises though in the big cities? Luxury apartments?

    Yes, that are more crowded together than Pruitt-Igoe or Cabrini-Green ever were. One feature of both is/was the lack of landscaping. Blacks destroy it. In any black neighborhood, there are no young trees. The only trees that exist now were old enough to endure blacks being black when they got there.

    The original idea was to have the white half subsidize the black half wasn’t it?

    Now cities have what is called mixed income housing. DWLs buy market rate condos, and public housing moves a mammy and her brood in next door. If you walk past any of these places you can tell just buy the noise where they live. The DWLs are going to learn a lesson from buying into those places.

  19. I agree that the movie refused to credit the PI residents themselves for it’s destruction. Here in Kansas City we have several excellent examples of blacks moving into homes that were once very prominent and beautiful and are now completely decrepit and actually look sort of humorous. Basically, there are large “mansion” type houses that are beat to hell and now part of the ghetto – it looks a little surreal. The movement here in Kansas City is simple, the blacks are moving south and west (to get away from their own kind essentially), ruining houses with disrepair at the same time, and the white people are moving south and west at the same rate, staying just a few steps ahead of the black people. Hate to lump anything on an entire race of people, but let’s just say that about 90% of black people do not put any work into their houses or surrounding landscape whatsoever. Have no idea why not.

  20. Dear Mark, Barb, Laura, and the rest of you racist assholes,
    I couldn’t help but to notice your strong hatred towards “Blacks” I find it strange that this sorry ass article was written. This is nothing but garbage from a white dog smelling bitch of a man.
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    Pruitt & Igoe Projects was built to confine, control, and segregate poor blacks to one area in the city.
    This was another ploy to continue to break the black household.
    Why? To make all of you sorry blue-eyed demons feel safe.
    Blacks back then had very few job opportunities, you crackers saw to that.
    There were so many flaws with Pruitt & Igoe and restricting blacks to that area, without any chance of progress to move out was a shame.

    Let’s get started. I want to respond to some of this racist bullshit you crackers wrote.

    For the white cock sucking bitch that made the comment about Cookie in Kirkwood, the question is, “Why did the police single out this particular black man?” Was because he owned his own shit and the racist motherfuckers didn’t like it? You can only push people so far before they snap.
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