Winning With Southern Nationalism


Here is Palmetto Patriot’s speech at the 2013 League of the South conference:

Note: The speech is about effective messaging. He argues that we need fewer long winded essays and a more distilled message that can be hammered into the public’s consciousness through exposure and repetition.

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  1. Here’s a classic example of this: a mutual friend of ours from the time we met in Atlanta recently asked me to remove a barnburning speech about “conservatism” that he gave at the 2010 CofCC conference in Nashville.

    I’m going to guess Gregory Hood. You don’t have to say anything.

    Folke, who runs Folke CPAs, P.C., with his son Kurt, writes that Hitler speaks to him. In an autobiography appended to his racist fantasy novel, Hyperborean Home, Folke, using his “Farnham O’Reilly” pen name, describes how, while walking his dog one day, he heard the voice of Hitler talking to him. Another time, Folke says Hitler spoke to him at 2 o’clock in the morning. He identifies this voice as a “spirit” that he has heard “repeatedly down through the years.” …

    Where does Kmac come up with these people? Smartest move he made in five years was shutting off the comment section.

    Oh, and you know what they say, you talk to God, that’s fine; God talks to you, er, something’s wrong.

    Fwiw, I clicked on the vid only to hear whether PP was a gin-yew-ahn southerner but ended up listening to the whole thing. Good speech overall. Certain parts could have been more forcefully expressed, especially the bit requesting the audience to repeat the slogans – that was very weak. You don’t want to launch into tirade from the get-go, but if you’ve earned the audience’s trust the use of an impassioned tone at key points will endear you to them rather then turn them off. If I were antifa watchdog I would label PP: “Dangerous.”

  2. Re: RRS

    As previously noted, the League has changed in the last several years. I’m a member. Palmetto Patriot is a member. Matthew Heimbach is a member. This is pretty definitive evidence that the League no longer has a problem with race.

  3. The Voting Rights Act, not the word “racist,” is the real problem in the South. From the beginning to the end of the Civil Rights Movement, Southerners were labeled “racists” by the U.S. media, but that didn’t stop us from overwhelmingly voting against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    It was the black vote that killed segregation and shifted the axis of Southern politics from the hardcore segregationist strongholds in the Black Belt to the Republican leaning suburbs.

  4. Re: Long Live Dixie

    Some of our people have joined the Orthodox Church because they are alienated from the super patriotism and Zionism of evangelical Protestantism.

  5. Long Live Dixie,

    Those phrases work too, particularly as they apply to Southrons. Something to think about though: Your ancestors fought with everything they had to preserve the Southern way of life in 1963 (notice I said 1963 and not 1863, although that’s true too). As Hunter has written about multiple times on this website over the last couple months, Southerners who fiercely defended segregation were outmanned and outgunned. It wasn’t just the Cibbil Rights marchers. It was Yankees, DWL’s from all over, white business interests in the urban cities like Atlanta, the federal courts, Congress, the Presidency, and even the military (as we saw in 1957 in Little Rock).

    There’s a valuable history lesson to be learned here: Southrons can’t win with that much going against them. It takes more than ferocity and determination. It also takes numbers. More specifically, the fewer enemies you have and the fewer obstacles you have, the better your chance of achieving an Independent Dixie.

    The mantra of dissolving the Union diverts attention away from Dixie and all the negative stereotypes that brings up in the minds of non-Southron whites (race-conscious or not) and focuses it on the central government in Washington. Southrons can only benefit from having a critical mass of European Americans channeling their rage against the central government and coming to the conclusion that the United States must be broken up into different ethnostates. I understand that your concern is Dixie and Dixie alone, but you know you can’t afford a repeat of 1963 (or 1863). You can’t afford to be outnumbered and outgunned again.

  6. You’re wrong people fear being labled racist more than anything if the new SN does not liberate whites from that no lengthy and correct essays will do a damn thing.

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