Buchanan: Immigration Bill Could Split America Into Two Countries

District of Corruption

Buchanan is focused on the wrong border.

“You put 100 million Hispanic folks in the United States and, say, 70 million on the southwest border. That becomes as much as part of Mexico as it is the United States,” Buchanan continued. “If they have a different language, different culture, a different faith — basically you get two peoples. And two peoples eventually become two countries. This is what I see as the future of America — the Balkanization and the disintegration of a country which become one nation back around 1960 when all the immigrants who came from Eastern and Southern Europe, 1890-1920, had been assimilated and American-ized. We all had gone through the Depression together, heard radio together, went through World War II together and American television.”

The only reason we have a problem with the Mexican border is because there isn’t a national border on the Mason-Dixon line. Every single representative from the Northeast voted for the Immigration Act of 1965.

If the Union was dissolved, we could easily secure the Mexican border. Without the federal courts, we could pass stronger laws that would drive out illegal aliens. Without Congress, we wouldn’t even be debating the latest amnesty. Without the White House, we wouldn’t have Holder’s Justice Department suing people like Sheriff Joe Arapaio.

Illegal immigration is a symptom of the existence of the Union. The Northeast wants to flood the South and West with Third World immigrants who vote Democrat in order to shift the balance of power within the Union. It is the same reason that citizenship was given to blacks who could be relied upon to vote for the Northeastern-dominated Republican Party.

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  1. “For the last 4-5 years, more illegal immigrants have been leaving America than have been entering, due to the Great Recession”

    The key being “illegal.” During that time, the population of the country grew by millions of legal, non-white foreigners – a fact you omitted. This amnesty triples the number of legal immigrants allowed in to 3 million per year.

  2. “If the mexicans were returning, wages would go up here in Chicago.”

    Yeah, we know they would because they’ve been skyrocketing all over the country, right?

    Actually, wrong. More illegals/legals allows employers to lower wages, not raise them. If this were not the case, big business would not be for it.

  3. Hunter, you are hallucinating again. Our borders are being opened , not because the big, bad Union won the war, but because the Jews want white resistance destroyed. If you keep on fantasizing that everything would be OK if only the South had won the war, we will never get anywhere.

    • If the South had won the war, Northern Jews and their Yankee allies would have never been in a position to dictate policy to us through the structures of a Union which would have been dissolved in 1861.

      • Correction, the Union was dissolved in 1860. What we have now is a Yankee Criminal Empire. Through the hijacking of that and the replacement of the WASPS the Jews were able to open the borders, and it is not just Southerners and the Western populations being flooded it is all of JewSA. New York City is 48% Hispanic. Once the Hispanics reach a majority after we’re gone the Marxism will begin on them and the cycle continued.

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