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  1. Yankees getting what they asked for, offer no quarter, ask for none. The only book I could actually read and finish that dealt with any battles of that war was Foote’s short work on the battle of Gettysburg, it actually was more than the usual blather about generals. IMO the union only had one hero and that was Joshua Chamberlain, and he was featured in Maxwell’s movie as well as in Foote’s book. The rest served the machine of equality, they got what they deserved with this kick in the face.

  2. It seems to me that Goodwin’s speech was absolutely pertinent and relevant to Gettysburg. One of the sides there was fighting against all of that.

  3. Lamestream conservatives are miffed that DKG would “hijack” the anniversary for her “tirades.”

    I disagree.

    The concept of universal human equality won on July 3, 1865 in Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania when the enemy forces beat the Army of Northern Virginia. One hundred and thirty nine days later in the same town, President Adolph Lenin essentially engaged in an illegal one-man Constitutional convention by a 270-word executive fiat, by falsely assigning racially egalitarian motives to both the secession of thirteen British colonies on the American continent from the British Empire four score and seven years prior and the founding documents drafted in that spirit both in that year and the next decade.

    It’s not a big step from racial equality to gender and orientation equality.

    Do you think Union supporter Karl Marx called the concept of civil rights “a revolution in permanence” as a practical joke?

  4. There is no proof of human equality, but the Right is so inept at logic and I mean utterly inept that when the left goes off on a tirade about equality the right just quibbles some details or cites god.

    “There is no proof of human equality” is all that needs to be said.

  5. And the idea of equality needing a constant stream of blood to move “forward” should disqualify it immediately by any rational man. Everywhere “equality” is held forth as an ideal, the blood runs deeper than ever. Unlike wars over territory or resources, killing in the name of “equality” will never achieve its objective. So until those in its pursuit are forced to abandon their folly, the blood runs deeper and deeper.

  6. For conservatards, lamenting Union victory at Gettysburg is something akin to doubting the Hallowed Six Million through “Holocau$t denial”.

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