Knights of the Golden Circle: Secret Empire, Southern Secession, Civil War


Just ordered a new book: David C. Keehn’s Knights of the Golden Circle: Secret Empire, Southern Secession, Civil War.

“Based on years of exhaustive and meticulous research, David C. Keehn s study provides the first comprehensive analysis of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret southern society that initially sought to establish a slave-holding empire in the Golden Circle region of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Keehn reveals the origins, rituals, structure, and complex history of this mysterious group, including its later involvement in the secession movement. Members supported southern governors in precipitating disunion, filled the ranks of the nascent Confederate Army, and organized rearguard actions during the Civil War. …”

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  1. Am I correct in thinking that we haven’t had any remotely successful or influential pro White secret societies since the end of World War II?

  2. Very interesting, useful information, Hunter.

    “In 1860, during their first attempt to create the Golden Circle, several thousand Knights assembled in southern Texas to colonize northern Mexico (…) Later, the Knights shifted their focus and began pushing for disunion, spearheading pro-secession rallies, and intimidating Unionists in the South.” So first, a very small group attempted to create a Golden Circle utopia in Mexico, which failed. Then they shifted their energy and resources to fomenting war, which succeeded.

    Attempting to take over Federal forts, assassinations, and various other violent activities — all clash with the cultivated image of peaceful, constitutional southern secessionism.

  3. “we haven’t had any remotely successful or influential pro White secret societies since the end of World War II”

    The Golden Circle secret society was successful in its short term goal of fomenting war for secession, but probably harmful in the LONG view.

  4. Before the combustion engine. Southerners relied heavily on slavery fiercely market competition.

  5. Reads like Yankee propaganda to me. The author is building a case that a large and important faction of Southerners was interested in foreign expansion a la Aaron Burr.

    By the way there was a preacher in the Cincinnati area who did write a book about Golden Circle expansion, and slavery prior to the Civil War.

    I will stick with my analysis, that Northern money, and Northern railroad corporations in particular, wanted what the South had, an were willing to use any excuse to steal it.

  6. This “William Houston” of the VDARE articel has got to be close friends with you, Hunter Wallace. Is it you?

    “How long can Dixie continue to carry the rest of America on its back? For almost fifty years now, Dixie has voted for border security and against Third World immigration. But, because of the existence of the Union with the Northeast, West Coast, and Upper Midwest, we have gotten illegal alien amnesty, Open Borders, and Third World immigration—among a laundry list of other undesirable things that could never pass an all-Southern Congress.”

    I was critical of your plan for Independence for the South, I still think you ought go with “Southern Autonomy”. It seems you may yet find a way to lead on this issue, good luck with your conferences. I am a Yankee, converted by Enrichment by Diversity to the Southern cause. I believe the rest of the nation, as it is Enriched by Diversity, may have increasing numbers of members who will look with favor on your Dixie Dreams.

    I wish you luck in your endeavours with the League of the South. One opinion brought up on SBPDL was the idea that states should be able to bring back banishment. How about this for an idea?
    Anonymous 10:49 “The answer to the criminal negro problem is banishment. The US Constitution does not prohibit banishment as long as the punishment and sentencing meet the substantive and procedural requirements of due process of law. Banishment is not considered cruel or unusual punishment.
    In that regard, I don’t see why the individual states could not banish the feral negroes to exclusion areas with no right of return. That would remove them from the cities/neighborhoods they infest and use as a base for their criminal activities. Doing so would not violate the law nor the Constitution.”

    With more State Gov. control in the south, you could begin to reduce the Negro population burdening your somehow yet alive states. Somehow yet alive, some spirit….

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