Big Jew Demands Rand Paul Fire Jack Hunter

Big Jew demands Rand Paul fire Jack Hunter
Big Jew demands Rand Paul fire Jack Hunter
District of Corruption

Big Jew is now demanding that Rand Paul fire Jack Hunter … and has linked to this website. 🙂

How’s that for chutzpah? Poor Jack Hunter is not even the “Southern Avenger” anymore.

He’s just a little ol’ neutered American Avenger who “abhors” racism … as the STP song goes, he’s “half the man he used to be,” just someone who will say anything to keep his job.

Update: Check out this article in National Review about Rabbi Rand Paul. See also this article in The Daily Caller about Rand Paul’s hotline to Big Jew.

Note: Will Rand Paul stand by his friend Jack Hunter or throw him under the bus and prove to everyone that he is “controlled by the Jews?”

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  1. What is the big hangup that these Jews have with Rand Paul having someone on staff who once liked the South? I guess Judah Benjamin and David Yulee mean nothing to them.

    Here’s what I think is going on: The Jewish neo-cons will never forgive or trust Rand Paul for being his father’s son, so they’re latching onto anything to pounce.

    Of course, let’s not forget that we should never forgive either Paul for being for open borders.

  2. I doubt this avenger person has ever said a word about Jews. I hope this is a wake up call. Certain Southerners strike me as constitutionally incapable of grasping what they’re up against: the Union AND Talmudic hatred. It’s 2013 not 1853, and history moves forward not backward. The Jews who matter today HATE the South. They mean to humiliate and then destroy it.

  3. First of all the Paul family are Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area high knees who wear Alpine caps, and not even a real old “Dutch” family, but, fairly recent arrivals. I’m pretty sure it was Ron’s grandfather who immigrated from Germany, although it may have been his father as a boy.

    I have a couple of political friends who described the Paul philosophy as understood in Pennsylvania as “Libertine”. LOL.

    Then there is Rand. Good picture of him standing, near or on, where the Jews stoned Stephen the first Christian martyr to death.

    Couple of posers.

  4. Rand Paul is nothing but a Kentucky hillbilly Jew sucker. He is a total sell out and fraud. Lew: It’s the Jews, not the north.

  5. Ron Paul is a closet anti-Semite and white nationalist. His former part-Jewish aide, Eric Dondero, revealed that Paul opposed U.S. intervention in WW2, stated that Israel should never have been created, opined that the US had no duty to rescue Jews from the mythical Holocaust, etc., etc. In short, he knows the truth but prefers not to address it directly, so he talks about the Federal Reserve and big government. The Jews hate him for the same reason they hate Mel Gibson.

    Junior has jumped into bed with the Zionists, just like Geert Wilders in Holland “Joan of Schmuck”, Marine LePen in France. No one is going to get anywhere by playing ball with the other side. Yet that is what Rand thinks he can do. I wish we could stop refighting a long ago war already decided and start fighting Jews, blacks and Hispanics. If we could do that, Civil War reenactments would not bother me a bit.

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