House Republicans Plan To Pass DREAM Act

District of Corruption

Here’s the latest proof that voting for the GOP is a waste of time:

Note: Within two weeks of losing the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan was conspiring with Luis Gutierrez to push for “comprehensive immigration reform.”

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) are drafting legislation to provide a path to citizenship for immigrant children who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents, their offices said Thursday.

The bill, which a Cantor spokeswoman said is in its “early stages,” would be the first House Republican proposal to address the status of illegal immigrants, but it would not go nearly as far as Democrats want. While the legislation resembles the DREAM Act that is part of the Senate immigration bill, aides said it would not be as broad. …”

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  1. @ Hunter

    “What have I been telling you for years: “You’re a Catholic; I’m a Catholic; we cannot have a permanent underclass of Americans exploited in America,” Ryan told Gutierrez, according to the Democrat’s recollection of the November discussion.”

    It hasn’t been just with Gutierrez either.

  2. Living in Wisconsin, I used to love Paul Ryan. He will never, ever get my vote for anything. Especially after I read that he wants to refer to illegals as “exploited citizens”. F*&k him.

  3. Earl,

    Take heart. Silently, a lot of your people have already left the U.S. More may go. The stated IDEAL is that it is to become Brazil, lol. Their IDEAL. (lol!)

    Already your lovely school systems were gutted, the best in the world, to produce THEIR dumbed down public. Nothing has justified your folk more than the past 50 years, the current supreme court, the catholic-jewish alliance of the 60s that not even grown MEN have the balls to discuss now, and all the rest. You’ve always had the moral high ground, the tide has turned, and everything is more visible to that faction of the public, which has been (back in reality), in the catbird seat, watching them get off the boats, watching all the tax-collections power-mongering go down.

    History is LONG, and futurism has always been a ridiculously stupid enterprise that never pans out, which is why so many predictions exist only to be flushed down their memory holes.

    Next thing you know, you come up smelling like a rose.

    The (real) wasps, the german, the anglo-saxon, the scots, the nordics, etc—– even the people who envy them the most don’t really want to see them subsumed into the italian, portugal, spanish, croatia-sphere that is african border lands of europe.

  4. Yes…. it is wonderful!

    They will have their Brazil in north america, LOL!

    Maybe we should even campaign for it. The immigrants (white) from Spain, portugal, italy—- who have replace meat and potato diets with cheesy pizzas and tacos in the strip malls!!! Oh, how it has helped the public, you see how skinny and fit they are!!!

    Once they take power, it will be a lockdown!! Already, they want their old skinny public back. Outlaw SUPERSIZE SODAS! Outlaw fast food (that was all that was offered before).

    Get the skinny public back, now that they are taxed at 65%!!!

    Get those slaves working! Only the most authoritarian groups can fix them!!!

    —— do they really think the public can’t PERCEIVE generationally? lol. The only real and decent MISSION is not to degrade the public IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Degrading, defaming, disempowering, etc— then rushing in as if you are the Jesus-Christ-Crucified-Savior of the people is so contemptible!


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