Just Playing The Game


Richard Spencer on his relationship with Jack Hunter:

Note: As for the idea of “playing the game,” the takeaway lesson from the Jack Hunter fiasco is that you can work within the system – in some areas, at the state and local level – until you reach the national level where power is concentrated and all the really important decisions are made.

In order to “play the game” at the national level, you have to travel to Israel, wear a yarmulke at the Wailing Wall, change your beliefs, and get your kosher “mainstream” certification from Organized Jewry. By that point, the game is playing you and you are censoring yourself, policing your Facebook for “associations,” and mumbling bullshit about how you “abhor” racism.”

Dr. Michael Hill described it as doing “the Trent Lott crawl” in the latest SNN podcast.

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  1. Challenge what can you essayists produce that can help these turncoats parry the attacks and reverse the situation and allow the turncoats to attack the anti-white establishment?

    Hint, history papers will not suffice.

    If Jen Rubin crawls her way here I recommend she google “Anti-Racist Hitler” the video. Now there is some company for the lovers of Israel like Jen, Jack and Rand now that Hitler is an avowed anti-racist its all about love.

  2. Richard Spencer has done much better than this latest video — which is verbose, lethargic in delivery, and drags on way, waaaaaay too long. This kind of thing is something that Ram Z Paul does much better, and with more impact.

    After this, Spencer may have to wander over to Greg Johnson’s hug-room for a little huggin’, perhaps with MatTonto in tow.

  3. Long-winded and boring, with a delivery just this side of effeminate. Quit your stupid smiling and quit wasting people’s time. The substance in this video could have been condensed into five minutes if not two.

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