Tim Wise on George Zimmerman


The crying (literally) continues:

“You remember, forever and forever, that moment when you first discover the cruelties and injustices of the world, and having been ill-prepared for them, your heart breaks open. …

So to the keepers of white supremacy, I should offer this final word. You can think of it as a word of caution. My oldest daughter knows who you are and saw what you did. You have made a new enemy. One day, you might wish you hadn’t.”

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  1. A friend of mine informed me that Tim Wise doesn’t approve of people who take my ideological approach – that the “left” should focus on class struggle instead of specifically on Black and Mexican issues.

    I have mixed opinions on wise.

  2. Hopefully the events of yesterday evening was the beginning of what will be a long hard slog process in decrackpotizing the open air insane asylum they call “America.”

  3. There was another MSNBC reporter whose daughter had a very emotional response to the news.

  4. I simply cannot imagine the conversations that occur over the dinner table at the Wise home. He is, in effect, setting up his children to be victims of his own lunacy.

    The Jew: the world’s oldest problem

  5. Not that I believe this account of Tim Wise’s hyper-empathic daughter shuddering under the psychic trauma of 40-million Blacks crying for justice… but if true, then the girl needs to get a fucking grip.

    Tim Wise should be charged with child abuse for training his daughter’s brain to be so highly and tenuously strung over the imaginary problems of others.

  6. When an anti-white is acting stupid please don’t interupt him/her with tailgating itellectualism but encourage their extremism

  7. Using your child as a prop in your display of racial psychosis. This guy is the biggest disgrace alive.

  8. Oh, timmy-boy! I was about to say the same to JEW!

    Don’t worry, my furnace is all lit and ready to go!

    This time it’ll be cooking with clean-burning natural gas!

  9. If the word “racist” loses its sting all hell is going to break loose. Imagine the pent up anger at these evil sombitches for their anti-white actions? You think Yugoslavia was bad, that was a food fight compared to what the evil anti-whites have cooked up here in “murika.

  10. The Twitter Niggers were fantasizing, and threatening to rape Don West’s beautiful White daughters.

    Let’s throw ’em, Timmy’s Mischling girl instead. As well as Timmy. Many coons go for the downlow stuff. Kikes are genetically deranged. Two birds, one NAGA pack.

    By the by – Jews ARE Niggers.

    By the by – Niggers – it’s OVER. You are DONE.

  11. RRS has the right idea. Those of you who Twitter, ask Timmy NotSoWise “Why are you an anti-White?”

  12. There is a yiddish word for what Tim Wise is doing: schtick.

    There is no conviction there, it’s just a job.

  13. White supremacy here means a Hispanic fighting back against a black man trying to kill him.

  14. Wise is just another Jew blowhard who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. It is always hilarious when Jews like Wise act as if they could ever physically intimidate a gentile.

  15. The Zimmerman verdict was a crumb thrown by BRA to white america to pacify the obvious unrest in white america. Conservative Inc fans gets to be the winning team just long enough for them to believe in the system, before the rug gets pulled out from under them for the 100th time.

  16. This was merely an opportunity for Romney voters to vent frustration at the left for the last election

  17. BRA wins again. A peruvian jew weirdo kills a negro during a fit of TNB and white men get the blame. Think about it: A Peruvian Jew pulled the trigger, 5 white women and 1 hispanic woman gave their verdict, yet white man is to blame.

  18. Unwise vs Taylor, didn’t that take place on Leftard turf? If so, that’s why Taylor looked bad. They say Taylor always lets people interrupt him. At any rate he is a baby boomer, and they are not vicious. Put Timmy vs Taylor in a young, White-friendly venue and see if that fat creep doesn’t piss his pants and refuse to answer questions, like:

    “Which college can I go to and get a scholarship for my White skin?”

  19. Zimmerman has no known Jewish relatives at all. I don’t know how that myth began, but it’s still a myth. He was raised Roman Catholic.

  20. I’ll be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the anti-education Wise has been feeding his daughter may eventually lead her to suffer an Amy Biehl-like fate. I shudder to think what dinnertime must be like at the Wise household. The fool should be indicted for child abuse.

  21. John and Hizzle are right one the mark. To Brandon, keep your head on a swivel while in “Brave Hunter’s” city. You can surmise his target.
    Does anyone else get the vibe from Wise as that of a con man using the “industry of race” to make a dollar. I think he believes what he says, more or less, but mainly a Jew doing what they do best.

    Also, i doubt that by the time his daughter is old enough, the political climate will be DRAMATICALLY different to the point where she will have to sway on what any southern white thinks or does.

    Lastly, is there anything more cowardly than shoving your child, your daughter to the forefront in a sorry attempt to threaten? It’s this act, more than any, that garners my contempt for Wise.

  22. aMatterOfTime says:
    “Does anyone else get the vibe from Wise as that of a con man using the “industry of race” to make a dollar. I think he believes what he says, more or less, but mainly a Jew doing what they do best.”

    He getting very rich out of “anti-racism”, but like all of them he is anti-White.

    See this here:

    Tim Wise – An Open Letter to White People

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