Jackson Gas Station Shooting



Amid the Jack Hunter scandal and the George Zimmerman verdict, OD hasn’t had the occasion to comment on Chokwe Lumumba, the former vice president of the Republic of New Afrika, a Democrat who was elected mayor of Jackson, MS in June.

The video below is the latest illustration of what life is like for black people in Chokwe Lumumba’s Jackson.

Note: The Jewish neocon Jennifer Rubin is now cheerleading for a Kentucky Democrat to defeat Rand Paul over his association with Jack Hunter. Meanwhile, a Black Nationalist is elected as a Democratic mayor of Jackson, which would be the equivalent of Jack Hunter being elected as a Republican mayor of Charleston, and silence ensues from the Mainstream Media.

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  1. Unfortunately, the Zimmerman verdict encourages racist whites to profile individuals of the kind whose actions are recorded in that video. Black — firing handguns repeatedly at someone. Racists see only one thing: criminals.

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