Fighting White Trash Hicks in Bar Fights


With the Trayvon Martin verdict in, there is a lot of concerns about “black” chimpouts, and many Southern Whites are preparing for what they should do in all out black riots (e.g., The Day The EBT Card Quits Working), especially how to use guns in self defense.

My personal experience of late is that hand-to-hand fights with White trash hicks from Indiana are more likely.

Here’s a short video presenting some basic hand to hand defense/offense for dealing with these types:


  1. PGRT, hey, I can be creative too. For example, it just struck me that you could well be incredibly dumb and wholly mendacious and emotionally blinded. See?

  2. Desirability of one’s own people is the realm of a peaceful state, makes civilization. Obviously when good things are taken for granted. Is the loss of memory .This is why the old elites were dealt with first back in the 60s70s during the so called hippie revolution of blues,jazz,rock n roll. New generation of hippies, metrosexual, yuppies, etc embraced materialism and escapade of utopia.Like Kids in the playground; soon face a harsh reality.

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