Why Women Reject White Nationalism

Where are the women?


Editor’s Note: I wrote this article over two years ago. I was considering writing a new article about the subject, but nothing ever changes in the White Nationalist movement, and everything that I said below is as true today as it was back then.

I bring this up now only because the issue has resurfaced. I’ve long since moved on from White Nationalism. I have also made my peace with the movement and honestly I have nothing further to say about it.

Lately, I have been hearing the same stories from racially conscious women about the White Nationalist movement – they value their race and are eager to participate and do their part to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” but they are alienated and disillusioned by some of the “wounded soldier” type rhetoric that they see at WN conferences and on the internet.

Before I am accused of picking a fight, I want to emphasize here lots of White Nationalists like James Edwards and Richard Spencer are happily married. I also couldn’t be happier with my own relationship. In spite of this, there is still a very loud group of these “wounded soldiers” out there – think of Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump – who have had bad experiences with American women in general, and it is a problem attracting and keeping women involved in the movement.

I bring this up because women are indispensable to any movement that seeks to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” and there are attractive young women who I know who are being repulsed by these types, and I would much rather see them end up with some of my bright racially conscious friends than with the losers they are meeting in bars.

Why aren’t more women involved with the White Nationalist movement?

There is a conversation going on about this in the comments. It is such an interesting topic that it warrants a separate thread. Everyone who has attended a White Nationalist conference has noticed that men are always drastically overrepresented.

Why is that?

Dealbreaker #1: Because they are offended by the people who rail against White women on account of their bad experiences with dating and marriage. They shouldn’t have dated women like that anyway, but take out their sexual frustrations on all women with untenable generalizations.

Dealbreaker #2: Because of the HBD cogelite nerds who glorify Asian women and who denigrate White women. This is one of the biggest pet peeves.

Dealbreaker #3: Because of the aura of negativity that surrounds the White Nationalist movement. Most women can’t stand a constant drumbeat of negativity and self consciously avoid demoralizing websites.

Women like to see confidence in men. When they see men who have no confidence in themselves and who preach an “all is lost” political message, they instinctively turn away from a movement that they perceive as a bunch of losers, especially when they encounter a hostile atmosphere on pro-White websites.

Dealbreaker #4: Because White Nationalism attracts a disproportionate number of geeky, socially awkward males who have Asperger’s syndrome or who are creepy in some way as well as the homosexual misogynists who are on the warpath against women.

Dealbreaker #5: Because there is a lot of crossover between the Men’s Rights community and White Nationalism and this is a turn off to women who are culturally conservative and therefore more likely to be Christians.

Dealbreaker #6: Because the vast majority of women who qualify as “traditional” in America are strongly Christian or religious in some way. They are turned off to White Nationalism because of the atheism, misogyny, and lewd discussions about women on White Nationalist websites.

Anyone who goes to church knows that there are far more “traditional” women than men in America. Among women, it is fashionable in some circles to save yourself for marriage, whereas few men think that way these days. A respectable woman is not going to be dressed like a slut in some bar or club on the weekend.

Dealbreaker #7: Because women will always be less interested in politics than men. White Nationalism focuses heavily on politics and science and less on culture, family, and religion which are subjects which attract more conservative women.

Dealbreaker #8: Because women are more empathetic and are natural conciliators and thus mix like oil and water with the curmudgeons who are drastically overrepresented among White Nationalists.

Dealbreaker #9: Because some White Nationalists practice a type of effeminate political correctness and consciously go out of their way to elevate Asians and Muslims in particular over White Americans.

Feel free to take issue with any of the above positions. I have heard this view about White Nationalism from so many different women on so many different occasions that I am convinced it represents something of a consensus among traditional White women.

I wish someone would test this theory by creating a pro-White website with these dealbreakers in mind: exclude the HBD nerds who glorify Asian women, the negative curmudgeons, the “all is losters,” the creepy weirdos, the embittered misogynists, the effeminate homosexual intellectuals, and the Neo-Nazi atheists on a jihad against Christianity.

The website would need a good editor that would balance political discussion with a hefty complement of articles about culture, religion, and family. There would also have to be more talk about ethnicity and pocketbook issues.

I would bet money that would solve the problem. In fact, I predict that racially conscious women would start coming out of the woodwork because women are more social than men and would be attracted like moths to a flame to other women who share their views and who are potential friends.

It should be interesting to see what kind of feedback this post receives in the comments. I think I am onto something here.

Note: Richard Spencer addressed the same issue in a video at Trad Youth.

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  1. Conchobar – I know that the vast majority of Whites, that went off to fight and die for their own civilizational destruction, has NO concept of what that were ultimately participating in.

    The thing is – we must move up that learning curve really FAST. The clock is ticking.

    Sean, and the Bitter One, and boytoy Thamsey, in this thread, are typing examples of WHY women reject WN.

    The blame women for EVERYTHING that happens.

    What if Sean’s military Golem relative had stayed home, and dealt with his wife and family, and gotten really involved with THEM?

    Given his full time and energy and attention to his FAMILY?

    White men have largely abandoned White women, as well as their historic roles as Social Protector, Huband, Father, and all around Leader, on the 19th to 20th century, in pursuit of mostly ANYTHING else. Ideas and exploration in the 19th century. Electronic toys, and Bunny Girls (women who are REWARDED BY MEN, for being sluts). As well as DESTRUCTIVE warfare. Have the Jew Wars HELPED White Civilization?

    The Middle Eastern Islamic Caliphate seems to be expanding….

    So when ARE White men going to see how STUPID that their warring is? As well as their abnegation of their roles?


    Never mind. Blame the women. That’ll work. Damned slutty bitches. Loud mouthed gold-digging harpies. Damned White women. Let’s get rid of White Women entirely – rent out poor dark wombs. Damned bitches think they can control EVERYTHING. Even birthing babies. We’ll show ’em!!!!

    Conchobar – nothing I could ever write could be too harsh, in dealing with certain lunatics on this forum.

  2. No Sean, I do not. I don’t have kids because:

    1) Of the way my Mother behaved. She was a drunk. I was fearful I would turn out like her. I found out, years and years later, that she BEGAN drinking after dshe was married to my father.

    2) I was involved in the Arts, in my youth. I am grateful for my experiences, because I saw the other side – and all the destruction the “Liberal lifestyle” wreaks. Saw it firsthand. I know why the whole Liberal Lefty thing is such a disastrous fraud. Alas – so is what passes for “conservatism” (run off to fight the Jew Wars. Bring in hordes of “cheap” alien Helot Brown/Black labor…errr…they just need the right education to make a better life for themselves we’re not racists after all…)

    3) I didn’t want to marry and have kids with the Artsy guys – cause I relaized so many of them are far more childish and self involved thatn actual children.

    4) I got OUT of Arty world around age 30 – found that “regular” guys weren’t much different than Arty guys. Oh -they had more money – but their cars and hair and wardrobe, and Almighty Careers, were more important than starting a family and raising rugrats.

    5) I’m married now. Had I met my hubby when I was a Bright Young Thing – maybe we’d be married, and have grandkids. Maybe not. He never married, either. Until me. Does this make him worthless, as a man? Or could he rent a foriegn womb, and buy some White eggs, and still have “his” own children?

    6) I DO have young relatives that I love DEARLY. Boys, in fact. And I absolutely fear for the life they will endure, if older Whites don’t finally get their acts together. The kids I know and love deserve so much better….

    There Sean. There you go.

    How about you? Do you have a wife, and children?

    Sean – White men had it ALL, and threw it ALL away.

  3. In FACT, and as Hereward Saxon says, the final word:

    Denise is the best of the best among us, sincere, honest, forthright, fearless, a very quick and superior thinker and writer — and the good adjectives that apply keep coming, but I want to stay on topic:

    This post “Why Women Reject WHITE NATIONALISM” is rather old, and in more than a year since, I notice this blog has been concerned mostly with southern secession and “southernism,” not WN as such. I’m wondering now what the white women of the region tend to think of (accept or reject and why) SOUTHERN SECESSIONISM, rather than WN.

  4. keep typing harpy, you are doing more for my case against White women than I every could.

    That which you cheer is why many White men will not marry, esp the young White men who have seen their fathers go through the grinder, but your glee in a mans trouble blinds you from reality

    The harpy pissed away its youth and looks, hanging out with queers, chasing the jewish dream of feminism. Now its is pissed off her looks and fertility has passed away and anger she has no value/ has added nothing to our people. It’s opinions on making strong White families with more White babies are disqualified because of its lack of experience producing.

    All you who think the harpy is anything good, look at what she rejoices in. Think about how that transfer into other areas of it’s life. Right now it’s bile is aimed at me; but it will spew bile on any White man that doesn’t tow it’s line. It doesn’t want White men to be men, free and strong with differing opinions. It doesn’t want you to have options or risk free ways to have your own children. It wants White men to be the woman’s beast of burden

    Barb is…. we disagree and she does the shaming thing, but that’s what women do. I’m not going to hold her lack of understanding against her.

    Lynda is most likely a good woman. It carries through on many of her posts but I simply do not trust women. Once bitten twice shy as the old folks taught me.

    I do not want to help White women. I have no desire to help White woman as a group. Clearly and I don’t hide the fact. BRA is also woman ran america(WRA). Every law that puts White men at a disadvantage puts White women at an advantage. Woman gain a lot from the war on White men. They will not join us in large numbers. We will end BRA/WRA or White women will cheer on those who kill us and spread their legs for our conquerors

    islam and large families. moslem men have large families because it is safe for them to do. It’s not the lack of military adventurism; its the lack of feminism that makes it safe for moslem men to invest in women and kids

    in islam

    the bride’s family pays the groom for taking her, offsetting the finical liability women bring ( look at who spends more vs income, who has the most debt vs income and who makes most purchase decision if you don’t think women are a fiscal liability)

    a woman cannot divorce her husband in islam, by law in some places and by culture/ custom in others. If she leave him, her family will return her or return the bride price to the groom

    if she does leave her husband, or he divorces her, he keeps the kids and his wealth, she gets her clothes and her jewelery ( which is why hajji chicks buy their gold jewelery by the ounce)

    wives are not allowed to deny sex to their husbands. There are no martial rape laws and the husband may take on another wife for whatever reason. If that’s to get more sex and more children, so be it. Or the 1st wife puts out and works hard to be a good wife to avoid him taking a second wife. Either way, its a good deal for the man and more wives bring more children

    in islam there are temporary marriages ie legal prostitution which give wives another motivation to put out and be pleasing to their husband

    physically disciplining your wife is still OK in islam. Get angry at your wife in the USA, and she can file false charges against you. You as her husband will be ejected from your house despite no physical evidence of abuse. Your wife will also face no legal penalties for her false accusation once you demonstrate they are false. Hell yelling at her when she’s really messed up is emotional abuse, so is working long hours to pay off her deb etc.

    in islam, if the woman is unfaithful she pays a price for it. In the West, she gets half her ex-husbands stuff, the kids, the house and monthly cash payments.

    Add to that, every man alive knows one or more men that have gone through the grinder, maybe it was their father or brother or uncle and you might began to get the difference on why one has large family and enjoys family life and another group of men do not.

  5. Denise:

    Be grateful for the hole between your legs – it is small compensation for the vagina between your ears.

  6. Thank you LandShark

    The harpy hangs out with queers and compliments them, then turns around and tries to use queer slurs as shaming attacks. harpies are very unstable creatures



    Rhett, I really am sorry I demanded all those rights I never did anything to deserve. You will fight to protect me like you did before I started this feminist nonsense, won’t you?


    Scarlett, my dear, you are such a child. You think that all the past can be erased by saying ‘I’m sorry’.


    But Rhett. What will happen when all those mass raping enemy soldiers get their hands on me?


    Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  8. My experiences with Art Homos has taught to to identify the sounds they make. I am extremely grateful for my myriads of expreiences, in differnet modes of being.

    Thamsey, snookums – you squeal like the Sodomite you are. You are letter perfect in in EVERY way. Your trite, obvious insults revolving around your dread and loathing of female anatomy – well – ’tis a pity you didn’t pick up anything more original, by way of casitgation, in your years of hanging around in queer bars. Ye Gods – even as an actual dreaded female, I was welcomed in the circles of the First Tier Queers, as my retorts provoked ceaseless mirth.

    You’re just sad.

    You’re one of those sad, ugly little fags, that never got it “right”. Not the clothing, not the hair, not evne the drinks, and you’d never have dared to try to dance with the Gorgeous Ones. Too mortifying, when they’d snicker you off the floor. Why – you’d just have to cut yourself with razors, as 4:00AM, when you tried again to gain attention – and failed.

    This site, for you, is the equivalent of a Fag hanging out a Dyke bar, with all the Failure Homos. And you’ve gotten what you perceive to be a Big Butch Straight Man, to notice you, and pay attention to you, and offer you praise and thanks. Maybe, if oyur truly lucky, you’ll actually get to meet one day. He brags of his wealth, and fitness. You’ll finally have the recognition and belonging you so desperately desire.

    Good luck

    He says a lot of things – but some of us are beginning to wonder if dementia is setting in….

    The saddest thing about the both of you is that EVERY post illustrates, in a myriad of ways, EXACTLY what keeps women from signing on. Again and again. You are both too…..words fail, for once….to ever see it.

    Ah well.

    I hope Hunter or Jack closes this, as it’s not even funny anymore. Shutting this down would be akin to shooting a crippled horse, or a rabid dog. A mercy, at this point.

  9. LandShark – you do realize that Your Hero wants to do away with White Women entirely, and plant White eggs into impoverished dark foriegn wombs, don’t you? That’s the Stoned One’s Great Vision to Save the White? Race…….

    Weigh in. I want a poll done.

  10. my plan doesn’t do away with White women you stupid harpy; it side steps them for the men who wish to do so. nothing more, nothing less. White men dumb enough to believe a woman’s lie about her companionship, fidelity, undying commitment etc would be free to ruin their lives with marriage.

    I do advocate White men avoid having women in their lives in any capacity more than sex objects because women joined team hate White man when they signed up for feminism. But that’s hardly doing away with women.

    funny how the losing side wants to shut this thread down when they still haven’t said why our cause needs women or offered a better, near term solution than mine.

  11. Denise:

    Your only problem is terminal stupidity. As for my alleged faggotry, you sound exactly like the Jews who make the same accusations against me every time I shoot down their gas chamber hoax. I prefer my cock in a cunt hole, not an asshole. If you ever had one in you for any reason, it surely was not because any man was focusing on your “brain”.

    Now, we really do not need any would be Joan of Arc’s like you and Barbara, anymore than we need Tailhook dinner parties. Why don’t you just reproduce, shut up and disappear?

  12. And you sound EXACTLY like a FAG. Why are you here? Are you and your BF agent provocateurs, TRYING to drive females away? Well done! Bravo!!!! What a brilliant posts you’ve offered, to destory any shrewd of credibility.

    You fellas are exceptionally thick – so for the record:

    YOU are THE problem.

  13. And YOU sound EXACTLY like a FAG.

    You really are oblivious to the level of loathing and terror, and failure you and your would be BF reveal. Are you both TRYING to showcase the more freakazoid elements, and are TRYING to drive females away? Well then well done! Brilliant work!

    I thank God for the real world White men I know, who are healthy, sane and normal, and are not terrified of those Big Bad Vaginas!

  14. I’d still like an answer from Sean

    Yes, Denise. Two kids elementary school age.
    My wife is from N. Greece not far from the Albanian border.
    A very beautiful woman who respects herself. She or her sisters never speak with the vulgar vocabulary you use.
    Her mother never eats in front of anyone. You probrally have never been around this caliber of women before. They are respectful. Devout Christain Orthodox family. No short shorts or any of the whore attire so often seen with White American women.

    I almost feel sorry for you getting ripped up on this thread. Then I remember it was you who began to hurl personal insults around to others.

    You said your mother was an alcoholic, probrally a big mouth as well. You take after her whether you now it or not. Probrally the reason no man would marry you when you were a young woman.

    Anyway, I don’t want to pile on, just answered your question.

  15. Sean -you do want to pile on. You want to join in the insults. You don’t know me in person. You’ve never seen me.

    So fuck off.

    You are perfectly free to marry docile women – and your Mother in Law story is just WEIRD. I guess most men are so insecure in their actual masculinity that they NEED limp dishrag females, in order to feel like a “man”

    My mother was not a loudmouth. She crawled into a bottle shortly after she married my father, in a means of escape. I probably would not have had anything to do with him as he’s a very shallow, materialistic man. Had he given me a shred of CRAP, I’d have broken the bottle over his head. I only respect men, and women, who act MERIT respect. None of you eunichs do, though.

    I had proposals of marriage, when I was a sweet young thing – but I wasn’t interested in tying myself down. Frankly – most men get rather boring, with time – and I moved on. Really – most men become hidebound bores, with age. I can’t stand being BORED.

    Stoned Asshat and I got into a fight over DANCING, some time ago, and the feckless little snivelling worm carried a grudge. I backed off. I ignored trite and childish insult AFTER petty insult. Whne I read his female HATING lunacy about renting foriegn wombs, to breed “White Babies” – all bets were off. He’s stark raving looney tunes.

    You wanna comment on THAT, you stupid shit? (I use the language you merit)

    Shols we ever meet in person – please identify yourself -so I can bitch slap you in front of your wife. Mmm’kay?

  16. I suggest that you cretins re-read Hunter’s post; try to pick the numbers that you embody.

  17. Well actually, Denise she is not a dish rag, as you put it. She has higher degrees both here and in her homeland, higher than any art degree you have.
    Another thing you should understand about women like her is they serve God first, husband second. That means she has a set of morals that superceed me. I don’t have to controll her or keep an eye on her. She does that on her own.
    Any devout Greek Orthodox man/woman familiar with women from that background will confirm this to you.
    As far as her mother, that’s their culture, it is out of respect, something you know nothing of.
    I had to cort her for over a year and never had sex with her until marriage. She was still a virgin.
    He brothers and uncles had to approve of me as well. We worked hard together in the begining to win everyone over.
    But this is all foreign to a hussey like yourself.
    You could not even stand in her shadow, Denise.

  18. Off the topic but pertinent:
    Denise is one of the most intelligent posters I’ve ever read on this site and one of the reasons I love to read the posts. I have learned A LOT from her since my “awakening” very recently from the corporate controlled liberal media. I was surprised to see three so-called men absolutely attacking her for standing up for the way she sees things. I see she is well able to handle these insults but it still strikes me as offensive.

  19. Gemjunior, I agree. I liked Denise as well. If you read above and see all the wild rantings and insults you may understand why some have called her out.

    She is not targeted due to her being female. If I ranted and called you a moron, stupid, fag, insulted your heritage, called you spouse derogatory terms, would you not respond?

    Just for the record, I observed a few unprovoked insults thrown my way(which I ignored) before I was going to respond. I was hoping she would just tone it down, but that is clearly not going to happen.

  20. Honestly. I just read all this again. Stop flaming each other now – it will never help the situation which lies thus: We, the children of Europe are being exterminated. Somehow we have to get together in some way and find a way to stop our genocide. Fighting with each other will not help, sure there is infighting and disagreement everywhere but then people grumble at each other and get on with it. I think a challenge should be issued to all parties: how much do you love your race? If you love it enough to forgo further argument then you really do love it. If not ,you are lukewarm and your emotions betray you – and you know what happens to the lukewarm don’t you….

  21. Sean, I have met some of the same type of people from n. greece/albania. They are stronger people with backbone of iron. There’s a large community of them here. DON’T get in their way though, because they will DESTROY you, I actually wish more whites had their sand. There is something scary about them almost – I want you to know they RARELY seriously rarely marry anyone outside their own culture/community w hich is why you were subjected to such a long drawn out examination. I kind of understand that you know – in a way – it’s hard enough to get along well for some husband/wives EVEN from the same background so why add all the extra things that are not understood silently? Like for example I’ve been married a long time to a man just like me – parents from Ireland, they were all friends, we went to the same grammar school, knew the same people – and I think it made my marriage easier. There was a lot of understanding each other where when you marry out of your culture some things need to be explained. They had to make sure of you, see? Anyway, good luck it sounds like you are very happy.

    P.S. Lay off Denise. LOL

  22. (1) Sean is right – you started the insults.

    (2) You know nothing about me, Denise. Do not imagine that you do.

    (3) You probably have never known an actual homosexual. They are nothing like me.

    (4) You confuse contempt with fear.

    I have a well justified dislike of females; that reflects on the behavior of your sex; it does not reflect on me. Like Saint Augustine I see nothing in your gender but a useful reproductive capacity. I will not go down in history as a saint; I shall avoid the charge of biological fuck hole head. You shall not be so fortunate.

  23. In fact, my first comment towards her was, “you are a treasure in the comment section”
    Another guy above offered her “300lbs of back up” in terms of a troll threating her.
    She is not rational and clearly has men issues.
    As far as her views on jews, niggers, ect. Spot on.
    If I’m not mistaken, just about all the topics disscussed here involve failures of White men in power and their traitorous ways.
    But if White women and their failures are brought up, just on one thread, Denise go ape wild hurling personal insults and spewing hate.

  24. Gem – thanks.

    I began hurling abuse when it was hurled at me – AFTER ignoring cheap petty shots, from Stoned Anus, for weeks and weeks.

    His Grand Vision “Get Rid of the White BITCHES via Implantation of White Eggs, in Darky Wombs – well – these creatures seem to be on board with that, which pretty much defines their actual weakness.

    They are WEAK.

    Sean – I’m not “ranting” I’m giving it BACK.

    I can trash talk til the end of time. I WILL give it back. I don’t tone ANYTHING down. PISS on any-one who does.

    I thought you were OK – but you have STILL not commented on the White Eggs in Darky Wombs issue.

    Do you agree with this?

    If so – the White Race deserves to die off.

    I have been aghast by the lunatic “thoughts” of some of the alleged “males” on this thread. The dementia inspires nothing but contempt. I must say though – it’s been VERY instructive, in revealing elements and characteristics of “White” “male” thought processes.

    No wonder Jews have taken over. Since they’ve been allowed to run loose – it’s been candy, taken from BABIES.

    Gem – thanks for your thoughts. I know real live White Activist guys. I must keep reminding myself that REAL men, in the real world – as well as the LODMOUTHED broads I KNOW, have done more to advance White Interests than these worms ever will.

    Sean thinks his Mother In Law is the Ne Plus Ultra, in Feminity, because she doesn’t eat in front of others.

    That’s the behavior of a slave.

  25. Thamsey – Stoned Anus STARTED the insults.

    I’ve known plenty of homos.

    You are only trying to fool yourself, Mary.

  26. Sean – RE READ Hunter’s post.

    Then read the crap the alleged males here are spewing.

    Then ask yourself YET AGAIN Why White Women Flee in HORROR from the WN “Movement”.

    Maybe, after the 8 millionth time, something might sink IN.

  27. Thanks Gemjunior, Yes it was a loooong road to win her family over, but it all worked out well and we have a great level of trust and respect for eachother. Her brothers probrally wanted to kill me in the begining, now they are dear friends.

    I will drop it anytime, I will not sit back and not respond to insults though. That’s just not in my nature.

  28. Denise is flipping out. In betweenn making false accusations of homosexuality she cannot even write coherently. Or, as Shakespeare once wrote,: “She speaks but she says nothing.”

  29. Gem – yes – infighting doesn’t help at all. IF you can endure reading up the thread – you’ll note the trajectory of the Flame.

    I have been telling people I know about the White Eggs in Foriegn Wombs thing. THAT’S what infuriated me. ANY Newbie that would read something like that would think we were stark raving loonie tunes, Yet THESE creatures have YET to comment. Thamsey, to her credit, has weighed in; it would be wonderful to be fish free, to her. To folks that don’t post, but act, inthe real world – they’ve shuddered. The general reaction was “EwwwwWWWWWWwwww”.

    Read Thamsey’s last post .

    Really “read” [it].

    This is what we are dealing with.

    P.S. – Thamsey is a TOTAL Moe.

  30. Oh Mary – go get your back waxed. You won’t be totally convincing in this weekend’s Drag show, if you don’t. And you will be so disappointed if you don’t win THIS week, in the Ethel Merman look-alike contest.

  31. Denise, she is a knock out. A shapely figure with a beautiful face. When we go out, the room stops and stares at her.
    She is a pedigree of beauty from a wealthy family.
    She wears more jewelry on an average day than you have owned in your whole life.

  32. If you want to meet her, maybe we can have you over to clean the tires on the new five series.

  33. Sean – maybe everyone is staring at the overload of jewelry, and wondering how much your wife paid for al that flashy junk. Heaping on tons of jewellry is usually an indication of a

    1) peasant
    2) socially inept arriviste

    What next will you boast of?

  34. I’ll on your tires. I’d not spit on your wife’s “jewellry” as I’d be afraid of ruining the plating.

  35. Not plated, Denise. All 22kt. Very dark gold.
    Her mother wasn’t a drunk, like yours. Her father owned tons of farm land. She owns it now. It is a hassle for us to manage it from here.
    Your not on her level, Denise, just let it go.

  36. quick run down on things about women and marriage and divorce. it’s a lot like dealing with info about negros, folks don’t want the truth about negros to go mainstream, and they don’t like the truth about women to go mainstream

    According to a study published in the American Law and Economics Review, women currently file slightly more than two-thirds of divorce cases in the United States.[69] There is some variation among states, and the numbers have also varied over time, with about 60% of filings by women in most of the 19th century, and over 70% by women in some states just after no-fault divorce was introduced, according to the paper. Evidence is given that among college-educated couples, the percentages of divorces initiated by women is approximately 90%.

    Regarding divorce settlements, according to the 2004 Grant Thornton survey in the UK, women obtained a better or considerably better settlement than men in 60% of cases. In 30% of cases the assets were split 50-50, and in only 10% of cases did men achieve better settlements (down from 24% the previous year).


    Two-Thirds of the Time
    It’s the wife who files for divorce in about two-thirds of divorce cases, at least among couples who have children. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the proportion has changed slightly over the years; for example, in 1975, approximately 72 percent of the divorces in the U.S. were filed by women, whereas by 1988, only about 65 percent were filed by women.

    The Same throughout the 19th Century
    A study reported in the American Law and Economics Review in 2000, “These Boots Are Made for Walking: Why Most Divorce Filers are Women” also showed that more recently, women file more than two-thirds of divorce cases in the US. Even though the individual states’ data vary somewhat and the numbers have fluctuated over time, throughout most of the 19th century about 60 percent of divorce filings were by women.

    Moreover, in some of the states where no-fault divorce was introduced, over 70 percent of the divorce filings were by women. Among college-educated couples, the percentage of divorces initiated by wives is a whopping 90 percent.


    The proportion of divorces initiated by women ranged around 60% for most of the 20th century, and climbed to more than 70% in the late 1960s when no-fault divorce was introduced: so says a just-released study by law professor Margaret Brinig of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia and Douglas Allen, economist at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University. The researchers undertook one of the largest studies ever on divorce, using 46,000 cases from the four American states that keep statistics on which partner initiates the action. In addition to women filing twice as often, the researchers found, they are more likely to instigate separations and marriage break ups.

    The Brinig-Allen study also explodes the myth of the brutish husband, finding, for instance, that cruelty is cited in only 6% of divorce applications in Virginia, one of the few states that still uses fault grounds for divorce. More women than men obtain desertion-based divorces in Virginia, but adultery cases are evenly split between men and women.

    Arizona State University psychologist Sanford Braver provides backup for the Brinig-Allen study. In his new book, Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths, Mr. Braver surveyed 400 divorcing couples seeking causes for the breakdown of their marriages. He found “violence or abuse strikingly absent.” Instead, less dramatic factors prevailed, such as “growing apart” or “spouse not able or willing to meet my needs.” In Canada, adds economist Allen, where one divorce occurs in every three marriages, the findings are similar.

    Theories abound as to why it is so often women….

    But according to Professors Brinig and Allen, Ms. Hollingshead’s custody of the children may be the very reason her husband provides so little support. There are three basic reasons people file for divorce they say: (1) to stop being exploited within the marriage, (2) to exploit the other spouse by running off with marital investments, or (3) to establish custody over children. They believe that determining which of the three predominates could assist divorce law reformers.

    After analyzing 21 wide-ranging variables, the Brinig-Allen study concludes that the person who anticipates gaining custody of the children is the one most likely to file for divorce.


    Divorce Myth: Following divorce, the woman’s standard of living plummets by 73 percent while that of the man’s improves by 42 percent.

    Fact: This dramatic inequity, one of the most widely publicized statistics from the social sciences, was later found to be based on a faulty calculation.


    the numbers carry out for women who are neither White or live in the West.

    More than half of all divorce cases in central China’s Hunan province are initiated by women, according to a report published by the local women’s federation and statistic bureau.

    The figures show 57.1 percent of all divorces filed in the province were commenced by the woman in the relationship.




    When researchers at Ohio State University began researching the reasons that women file for divorce, they were expecting to learn that women’s growing financial independence due to working outside the home made women more likely to file for divorce. However, in a result that is not terribly surprising, the study showed that satisfaction and happiness in a marriage, or the lack thereof, is usually the main factor in a woman’s decision to file for divorce from her spouse.

    The study found that, for both men and women, marriage satisfaction is the primary reason that spouses decide to stay or leave. Economic issues are also a main reason couples file for divorce, likely due to the high amount of stress that unemployment or other financial difficulties can cause.

    However, the research did not indicate that the increasing number of wives working outside of the home has contributed to a correlating increase in the divorce rate. Very simply, women file for divorce when they are not happy in a marriage.

    Interestingly, the study did show that two-thirds of separations are initiated by women. Also, men are more likely to initiate the separation when they are unemployed or suffering through a similar financial setback. This may be because they are having trouble dealing with the reversal of the traditional gender roles of breadwinner and homemaker. However, because either spouse’s unemployment places additional financial stress on a marriage, a job loss may also motivate a wife to file for divorce.

    In sum, the study found that unhappiness and lack of satisfaction was the most common reason that spouses of both genders decide to file for divorce.


  37. gees just when I think I get a grasp of how vile the harpy is, she goes to spewing bile on a mans mother in law.

    I hope that wakes people up to what it really is. I’d like to see a woman here condemn her words, but they won’t. Team woman and all

  38. Sena – if your wife is such a paragon of virtue and delight – why were you up so late, trading insults with me, well after Midight?

    Where are the reciepts fo the fabled jewellry?
    I don’t care about the jewellry – but bragging about such things, (Iam an astronaut, an physicist, and a ballerina, in my spare time, by the by) on an Internet forum – well……while your miraculous spouse is….where? Not eating in public with your….mother in law? That speaks for itself.

    I am going to “let it go “. I wondered “why” after I signed off last night, why I was wasting my time on this. It’s absurd.

    You accuse me of raving or flipping out, or whatever, due to criticisms of White women. The opposite is true.

    Hunter offered his assessment of WHY White women reject White Nationalism – and it’s been nothign but whining, tantrums of the worst sort and vicious denunciations. All from the alleged men. The females on this thread, and oh so many others, experience nothing BUT insults, cricticism, and blame, consistently, here and in other forums, for the ultimate FAULTS of White men.

    The women I know are utterly TIRED of it.

    This FEUD began over DANCING. Jack Ryan, Barb and I were trying to think up activities that would draw people in – and Stoned and Bitter and Land Shark went MENTAL.

    Stoney carried out his feud here.

    I went full-tilt when he offered his Grand Vision of eliminating White women via implanting “White eggs into impoverished foriegn racial alien uteruses”.

    I didn’t get quite the ringing denunciations, excepting from a precious few, that a sane perosn would have expected

    You still haven’t weighed in on that – so I consider your silence to be assent.


    Stoned Bitter asserts that “the men here agree with him”.

    OK. I take that to be true.

    You are mostly more interested in using me – who you know NOTHING about – as your Judas Goat for all the Evils Dat Dem Debbil White Slut Whores have committed against poor innocent White men. You are not ineterested in why White women reject White Nationalism AT ALL.

    Then my question has been answered by myself, via my very own question. I am utterly wasting my time, here. I ought to be doing things that I enjoy, and are productive.

    So I will.

    I cannot work to draw White women into this ghoulish and abortive non-Movement, as apparently White “Nationalist” males have nothing to offer White women but Oblivion.

    I hereby denounce EVERYTHING I have written, here-in. Excepting the Art bits – they’re good.

    I bid you adieu.

    Enjoy your “triumph”


  39. For the record I think Hunter is wrong on his list of why women reject WN. As I’ve already stated, they have sided with cultural marxism/ feminism and benefit from it more than negros because they have the IQ to take advantage of the laws. The end of BRA is the end of WRA. They will not side with us in any large numbers. Women benefit from BRA, they would face reversals if we ended BRA.

    Why shouldn’t White men be angry at White women for their actions and their support of liberalism/ anti White man laws and feminism?

    Even with dancing, the harpy started the insults; in fact I had a statement in that thread where I basically said I had enough of its insults and returned fire. I let it go but the harpy started up the bile again on this thread and carried it over to another post, saying I should be happy in moslem lands because homosexuality is common there etc etc.

    The harpy is clearly divorced from reality on these things and a hypocrite; insulting so many people who it knows nothing about, yet criticizes others for using her words against it.

    Even on its way out, it attempts some last minute shaming attacks, still doesn’t recognize I do not advocate the end of White women and have said so a few times.

    I hope the harpy hangs itself, but evil doesn’t die that easily

    No one has yet to say why we need women in the movement.

    Or offered a soultion that is independent of other factors to resolve our low birth rate.

  40. Well after all, this thread WAS called “Why Women Reject White Nationalism” and this whole psychotic Jerry Springer catfight looks to be Exhibit A… as well as Exhibits B, C, D, E, F, G……

    Any undecided women out there reading this thread?

    Didn’t think so.

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