Women and Southern Nationalism

Do women have a place in Southern Nationalism?
Do women have a place in Southern Nationalism?


“Oh, what a horrid sight! What a degradation! After four long bitter years of bloodshed and hatred, now to float there at last! That hateful symbol of despotism! I do not think I could possibly describe my feelings. I know I could not look at it.”
– Emma Leconte

In the comment section of the previous article, I said that I would write a follow up article on the place of women in Southern Nationalism.

As far as I can tell, this is a settled issue in the Southern Nationalist movement. Women are free to join the League the South and have always been encouraged to do so. There are married couples at the national and state conferences.

At the 2013 League of the South Conference, Shane Long and Matthew Heimbach described how eight Southern Nationalists – including two young women – stood up to 400 communists on May Day in the streets of Washington, DC. There were no catcalls from the audience, only sustained applause, when a young woman from Northern Virginia gave her recollection of the experience.

In the historical Confederacy, women like Emma Leconte were fully engaged in the Southern Cause and the Confederate war effort. Southern women didn’t serve in combat roles or in the political sphere, but they shamed the men who failed to take up arms to defend the Southern homeland, and they served as nurses, managed the slaves, sewed uniforms, and supported the Confederacy in other ways.

In the modern Southern Nationalist movement, there is a consensus that our culture is degenerating and that the existence of the Union – whether it is through the Roe decision which legalized abortion, the Loving decision which legalized interracial marriage, the garbage in Hollywood movies and on television, or no-fault divorce laws and the family court system – is the engine that is driving the process.

Southern women aren’t biologically different from their grandmothers. What’s changed is that our culture is being soiled by aliens – let us be blunt, the Jews and their White liberal allies are poisoning our culture – and the existence of the Union is what smothers all resistance and blocks reform in our state legislatures.

The solution to this problem is to dissolve the Union, diminish the amount of garbage pulsing through our culture, and restore the traditional Christian mores which regulated sexual relationships in the Old South. The frustrations that modern Southern men have with modern Southern women (and vice versa) are due to our advanced stage of cultural decline, not any inherent flaw in the opposite sex.

Southern women are our wives, mothers, and sisters and should have an important role to play in our movement.

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  1. “Here is an approach that might allow women to see the light. Ask women whether they would stay in a marriage to a man who failed to provide economically, failed to maintain a civilized living space, and was irrationally violent. They will of course say no. Then point out that the behavior of African-Americans is analogous to that of a totally unacceptable spouse; AA’s have not upheld their side of the civic marriage with white Americans. Divorce is an entirely reasonable solution.

    Make this analogy into a meme. Print brochures for distribution. Present it on talk radio, etc.”

    Yes! THIS. I am going to do just that.

  2. @butzhead

    “This must be Rudel under another catholic high knee moniker.”

    Hans-Ulrich was the son of a Lutheran minister dumbass. I’ve schooled you on this before. You need to pay more attention and stop equating us Lutherans with Catholics just because we aren’t a bunch of pig ignorant snake handlers like yourself!

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