Don Lemon on Black America


For a fleeting moment, Don Lemon tells the truth on CNN about the real problems facing the black community, and even breaks with the liberal axiom of race relations by suggesting that black people are responsible for their own actions:

Note: OD is the only website on the internet that identifies black crime as an example of “the legacy of freedom.” Black criminality, idleness, spousal abuse and other chronic problems that now afflict black people were restrained under slavery.

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  1. He was doing pretty good there until the end when he had to get the gratuitous anti-White comment in.

  2. I like this Negro. The Birdman, of Blessed Memory, loved to say that slavery was good for Negroes. This is from memory so is not exact.

    It provided:
    1. full employment
    2. stable family life
    3. drug free enviroment

    Perhaps 4,000 Negroes were lynched between 1865 and 1965 for raping White women. Surely more than that are killed each year now by other Negroes.

  3. Those crazy asians that do the animated news have a channel in English now.

    The zimmerman video is excellent

  4. I have an alternative 5 things for blacks can do to fix their communities:

    1. Kill yourselves
    2. Kill yourselves
    3. Kill yourselves
    4. Kill yourselves
    5. Learn and embrace your unique and rich heritage and culture by…….just kidding. See step 1.

  5. I find it amazing anyone has to be told to do these things.

    Pull up your pants, finish school, don’t act like a thug, don’t turn your community into a trash heap.


  6. @ Don Pauly—

    if you don’t get that self-described “elites” will not say that exact thing about you, as a slave, then watch the movie, Edmond.

    To see if whites, especially nordics can be made into a groveling slave, by “reversing the narrative” is a game for some people (see the emasculated nordic as played by macy, who always plays the blonde-blue midwest conquered human subject)—

    people seeing themselves BEING enslaved (on tv all the time, movies, whatever) fight for “freedom” even harder— since they see that exact narrative now being applied to THEM.

    This is an aspect of the whole thing that people never seem to discuss, that falls under “there silence.”

  7. In fact–

    William Macy ought to be/become a BYWORD.

    As in, “he was William Macy-ied.” He was so William-Macy. What a William-Macy. You sound like a William Macy–”

    Used for all the metrosexual emasculated, etc.

  8. The jewish word would be Nebbish. Or I’ll say nebbishy, (which they don’t use, as far as I know).

    Nordic Nebbish— the ideal of the most racist movie ever, “Edmond” with William Macy. The scene where he becomes the “bitch” to his cellmate. Every single american should see it.

  9. — should have been “thee silence” but there was an auto-grammar-correct when I used 3 “e’s” for emphasis

  10. Hard to believe that CNN has deliberately broken the Tribal Omerta on the taboo subject of race and permitted a mere anchor to air a reality based factoid to the goyim, followed by the question that maybe (just maybe folks) there is a consideration of responsibility for one’s own behaviour that could be directed to the sacred crime of the Black – which is consecrated to the sacred war of the Master Race upon the rest of humanity.

    Let’s see if Lemon is sanchezed.

  11. It’s about time that systematic black criminality began to be openly discussed in polite society and the usual “legacy of slavery and Jim Crow” excuses be brushed aside. It is also refreshing to see the anti-White grievance industry being discussed as well. Anti-Whites such as Tim Wise have found it most lucrative indeed to sell their hatred of White people at events such as speaking engagements, writing books and setting up diversity and inclusion departments in virtually every organization. Thus, the more mainstream conservatives such as O’Reilly make this open knowledge among those Whites unaware of this the better. Baby steps as far as all of us here are concerned but steps in the right direction.

  12. O’Reily points out the illegitimacy rate of AA from 1940s 12% and now 75%. He says “catastrophe”

    AA population beginning of 20th century was 3 percent? Within 5 generation the AA population explosion of 500 percent.
    Timeline of 20th century:

    ww1, ww2, Korean War, Vietnam war, gulf war, desert war of Iraq.
    When a nation is at war. Much of the treasury and blood is spent. 140 military base around the globe.
    Emptied the towns of young boys and shipped into the far lands weakens communities. Of all the places. MLK was erected and marched the emptied streets of USA.

    DC power structure is responsible
    catastrophic collapse of white demography hanging above now by 50 percent .

  13. 20th century wars had been averted. Land expansion would have proceeded. AA would have been placed in reservation of that of 19th century Euros bonanza of Indians .

  14. off topic:

    NFL Riley Cooper Eagles WR Riley Cooper at Country Concert: “I Will Fight Every N*gger Here”

    Castefootbal forum discussion:
    “What I suspect happen was this; Riley was juiced on the beer or what ever alcoholic drink he likes. He got into a discussion with a fan or fans about his treatment by the NFL and it abhorrent affelets. Then in justifiable anger towards his employer and “co-workers” he vented and said want he said. Riley never backed down from affelets since being in the NFL. ”

    Breaking point in every aspect of quality of life. Advance stage of acceleration delegitimizing equality.

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