Can Christianity Save Us?

Can Christianity Save Us?
Can Christianity Save Us?


Over at Counter-Currents, Matt Parrott and Gregory Hood are debating the merits of Christianity to the project of saving the White race.

Naturally, I see this issue through the lens of Southern Nationalism, and I have explained on many occasions why I don’t believe that Christianity played much of a role in our racial decline.

– The American South was fervently racialist and Christian for three centuries.

– The Confederacy was fervently racialist and Christian. See Stonewall Jackson.

– The South became more religious after the War Between the States. The Redemption movement and the Lost Cause were heavily religious.

– The Jim Crow South was more religious than the North and the West. Southern ministers opposed the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

– The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t embrace anti-racism until the early 1990s. It was the last major mainstream institution in the US to do so.

In the South at least, Christianity has always been positively correlated with racialism and conservatism. While the Southern churches have adapted to the anti-racism of the dominant American culture, they never spearheaded the shift in racial mores and resisted it through most of the 1970s and 1980s:

Self-Identified Ideology By State (Conservatism)

Mississippi – 53.4%
Alabama – 49.8%
Louisiana – 49.5%
Arkansas – 47.9%
Oklahoma – 47.4%
Tennessee – 45.5%
Texas – 44.8%
West Virginia – 44.6%
South Carolina – 44.6%
Georgia – 43.9%
Missouri – 43.5%
North Carolina – 43.2%
Kentucky – 42.7%
Virginia – 41.3%
Florida – 39.9%

Religiosity By State

Mississippi – 59% (very religious), 11% (non-religious)
Alabama – 56% (very religious), 16% (non-religious)
Louisiana – 54% (very religious), 16% (non-religious)
Arkansas – 54% (very religious), 19% (non-religious)
South Carolina – 54% (very religious), 18% (non-religious)
Tennessee – 52% (very religious), 18% (non-religious)
North Carolina – 50% (very religious), 21% (non-religious)
Georgia – 48% (very religious), 20% (non-religious)
Oklahoma – 48% (very religious), 23% (non-religious)
Texas – 47% (very religious), 22% (non-religious)
Kentucky – 47% (very religious), 24% (non-religious)
Missouri – 44% (very religious), 28% (non-religious)
West Virginia – 43% (very religious), 26% (non-religious)
Virginia – 42% (very religious), 27% (non-religious)
Florida – 39% (very religious), 31% (non-religious)

In the United States, Mississippi (59%) is the most religious state, whereas Vermont (23%) is the least religious state in the Union. Mississippi (53.4%) is also the most conservative state while Massachusetts (30.3%) is the most liberal state.

The White vote and the 2012 election
The White vote and the 2012 election

In the 2012 election, Barack Obama was only able to win the White vote in the Northeast and Northwest (and Iowa), which are least religious and most liberal regions in the United States. The CNN exit polls show that Obama won 70 percent of the non-religious vote. Mitt Romney won 69% of White Protestants and 59% of White Catholics, but Obama won 63% of non-religious Whites.

In Virginia, Mitt Romney won 72% of White Protestants and 65% of White Catholics. Obama won an incredible 76% of non-religious voters. In Ohio, Mitt Romney won 61% of White Protestants and 56% of White Catholics. Obama won 62% of non-religious Whites. In Florida, Mitt Romney won 72% of White Protestants and 62% of White Catholics. Obama won 61% of non-religious Whites.

In the North and South, non-religious Whites are invariably more liberal than religious Whites. They are solid Democratic voters. There are relatively more religious voters in the Deep South and non-religious voters in the Northeast and Northwest, which are more like Canada and Western Europe, which are even more liberal and less religious than the United States.

In the United States in 2013, Christianity has been reduced to a despised embattled subculture, and it has already been routed in much of Western Europe. The dominant secular culture in the United States – the news media, entertainment media, academia, the film industry, let’s not forget The Passion of the Christ – is firmly controlled by secular Jews and their anti-Christian White liberal allies.

When Pope Francis says that he refuses to judge homosexuals and that atheists who do good works are redeemed by Jesus or Pope Benedict XVI gives an address to the U.N. about human rights, these are only illustrations that Enlightenment liberalism has become the dominant culture of the West, and Christianity has become a subculture that is accommodating it.

We live in an era of dying churches when the Lutherans condemn Martin Luther for anti-Semitism and elect openly gay bishops and the Archbishop of Canterbury believes that England needs Sharia law and the Southern Baptist Convention is condemning racism, electing its first black president, and considering dropping the “Southern” part from its own name.

Christianity is on the wane in the modern West. By almost any standard of measure, its decline hasn’t worked to our advantage.

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  1. South Carolina – 54% (very religious), 18% (non-religious)…

    Jack replies.

    OK, but too bad the “very religious” folks in South Carolina have flaming queer RINO. Neo Conservative Zionist, open borders immigration, anti White Senator Lindsey Graham.

    Still can’t figure that one out.

  2. HW- I see where you are going with this.

    But look at it another way.

    Without a life-and-death battle for conversion (and I am not talking about merely ‘making a decision (in one’s intellect) for Christ,’ but a ‘I am changing my ENTIRE LIFE for the Messiah of His People, Israel [Matt. 1:22] by every single Christian, ready to embrace prison, and even death for standing up to the Deicides and the Sodomites, and then, realizing that ‘This earth is not my home,’ we still work as strenuously as we can, ‘striving after righteousness… all the days of our life,’

    Well, without that sort of ‘religion,’ Xtianity as you delineate it, has no vigor, no life, no ‘pnevma’ to keep us alive, spiritually! And is nothing but God’s spit. [Rev. 3:16]

    Even the most staunch RC must, by now, realize that Rome is ‘no true church’ with Franky the First’s recent ‘I cannot judge a gay person’ balderdash. My God, he makes J2P2 look like St. John of the Cross! (I’m hyper-allusioning, here)

    Every single churchgoer, whose pastor is not calling for his congregants to be ready to embrace martyrdom, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Especially if they are in a 501(c)3 tax-muzzled ‘corporation’ known as the ‘organized’ Churches.

    We need to establish cells of true Christians, use encrypted software for all religious intercommunications, refuse State ‘tax exempt’ lures, and deny those who would bring in either false theology, or false incarnationalism (mixed-race unions, children) communicant membership, and call the Jew the antichrist seed they are, if we are going to EVER be held righteous before YHWH God.
    [Ez. 9:2, Matt. 5:17, John 8:44, Rev. 2:8,9]

    After we do that, we can talk about the ‘relevance’ of Christianity for a nation such as Obamastan.

  3. The South would not be the South-As-We-Know-It without historic Christianity. And I’m not talking about the wimpy so-called Christianity you now see in most mainline churches. I’m talking about the manly, robust faith of men such as Stonewall Jackson, R.E. Lee, Rev. Robert Lewis Dabney, J. H. Thornwell, et al. The current Southern Nationalist movement embraces this type of Christianity, for without it our cause will not succeed. We will be just another secular political movement with a prettier flag.

  4. You can’t rely on Christianity to defeat Cultural Marxism, because as we see it is losing badly. It’s fine to be Christian, but don’t kid yourself it will advance our cause.

    If an enemy is beating you, you must study his methods and turn them back in him x10. The Cultural Marxists use very simple methods, anyone from the greatest intellectual, to the ordinary man in the street can learn them.

  5. Heritage

    By Jost Turner & “Teffy”

    The snow was fresh that mystic night,
    And sparkled in our fire’s light.
    The scent and warmth of burning pine
    Had eased the chill of winter time.
    The moon was full and climbing higher,
    `though dimmed behind our smoking fire.
    The coyotes howled and barked and screamed,
    And water rushed through rocky streams.
    We sat around our fire and told
    Of heroes and of days of old.
    We taught our youth here on this ridge
    Their cherished ancient heritage.
    We spoke of music, art, and Folk,
    Within that frozen grove of oak.
    We talked of honor and of right,
    Expounding courage, strength and might!

    But then we spoke of nowadays:
    Our long lost tribe and alien ways,
    Of governments which worship gold,
    Of leaders who are bought and sold.
    But as we spoke of death and doom,
    A northern cloud obscured the moon!
    A frightful wind began to blow
    Which caused the trees to bend and bow.
    As thunder crashed beyond the oak,
    A form appeared in wind-strewn smoke.
    It was a giant of a man
    Who held a hammer in his hand!
    As he approached we came to feel
    The proper act would be to kneel.
    But as we knelt, our heads low bowed,
    His angry voice now thundered loud!

    “Enough of this groveling and cringing!” he said
    “I’ve no holes in my feet and no thorns on my head!
    Why do you think that a God is a foe,
    A being who judges and brings weal or woe?
    You should understand that a God is a friend,
    Yes, someone who’s like you, whom you comprehend!
    This bowing and scraping is not what we need,
    So pick yourselves up! Take a drink of my mead!”

    Upright `fore him we stood in awe.
    A warrior tall and proud we saw,
    With fiery beard and sky-blue eyes.
    We now began to realize,
    Before us stood the mighty Thor,
    That God of old, so famed in lore!
    The wind now ceased, `though clouds remained.
    A dreadful mystic stillness reigned.
    He poured us mead, then shook his head,
    And with a fearsome growl, he said:
    “What’s natural in life is what’s sacred to me!
    So very few people perceive this, you see.
    Just look at the forest and see all these stumps!
    The oceans have all become chemical dumps!
    The beasts of the earth are all getting so rare!
    Just look all around at the state of the air!”

    He gnashed his teeth and flexed his arms,
    Then calmed himself and smiled with charm.
    The atmosphere now changed from fear
    To one which gave us joy and cheer!

    “By living in harmony with nature, you see,
    All people can prosper as well as be free
    From all these afflictions which plague man today!
    They’re one and the same: nature’s laws and my way!
    The forces of nature must e’er be preserved
    For all to survive, this is truth, take my word!
    And that is why so many temples of yore
    Adorned the deep forest or graced the sea shore!”

    He grinned as he looked up and down
    At starless sky and snow-clad ground,
    then stood there staring for awhile,
    Still on his lips a gentle smile.
    His eyes were sparkling like two stars,
    His stance relaxed, his gaze afar.
    Then suddenly he stood erect,
    With muscles bulging in his neck.
    He raised his fist up in the air.
    His voice rose like a growling bear.

    “Eschew alien ways and the preachers they suit!
    And look deep within for your spiritual roots!
    Your values, your virtues, and what it compels,
    Yes, that’s your religion! You need nothing else!
    Your heritage, culture! In this you should delve!
    You must understand your religion’s yourselves!
    For you are the Gods and they’re you, yes indeed!
    I’m just a reflection of all you should be!”

    Then Thor relaxed and gave a smile.
    He spoke again with earnest style:

    “Your purpose in life, like all creatures on earth,
    Is insuring ennoblement, virtues and worth,
    And high evolution for your kind of man!
    For this aspiration do all that you can!
    By natural selection does all nature thrive,
    Insuring the best in each species survives!
    The next generations need planning and thought:
    Intelligence, character, strength should be sought!
    One thing you should learn now before it’s too late:
    To exercise care when selecting a mate!
    Besides procreation you should realize
    Your ongoing purpose is to service the tribe.
    There’s no higher virtue than such sacrifice.
    Without selfless service there’s no joy in life!”

    The voice of Thor now raised in pitch,
    And thundered through that forest niche.

    “Remember your heritage rests with the youth!
    So teach them these values, these virtues, this truth!
    Your kinsmen of old placed much value in strength:
    A virtue which should be considered at length!
    For weaklings are creatures which never survive,
    and that’s not just muscles, but all that’s inside!
    Extol self-reliance, and pull your own weight!
    Now make that your way or be slaves to the State!
    Adversity’s seen as a challenge, you see,
    So meet it with zeal, an adventure indeed!
    Now fight to the death for what’s deemed to be right!
    Your kinsmen of old never fled from a fight!
    Live life to the fullest! Enjoy all the best!
    And when you meet death, have a smile and a jest!”
    He paused a bit and took a drink,
    And then with sadness, said: “I think
    That these days it’s
    Just about gone out of mode,
    But in olden times we lived by honor’s code!
    We need to revive it and make it our way.
    To live life with honor is needed today.
    Aspire to this virtue,don’t let yourself fail!
    It’s so very simple, here’s what it entails:

    First loyalty to family, to Folk and to tribe,
    In all circumstances, where’er you reside!
    Of sanctity of word, let there ne’er be a dearth;
    Don’t ever forget that your word is your worth!
    Now fairness in dealings is truly admired,
    Your honesty’s certainly always required!
    Another requirement’s to squarely face life
    With courage, no matter the trouble or strife!
    Yes, loyalty, honesty, worth in your word,
    And courage! They’re all what your honor infers!”

    We ventured now to question Thor
    About occult and mystic lore.
    He laughed aloud and slapped his side,
    His voice resounding far and wide.

    “These matters were pondered by mortals for years.
    The answers they gave produced torment and tears!
    Don’t bother yourself with that hereafter lore,
    There’s so much on earth to prepare yourselves for!
    Leave questions like that to the whimpering kind.
    Face death as adventure, fear not what you’ll find!
    Forget all that dogma, it breeds only strife!
    Observance of nature solves mysteries in life.”

    Thor drank some mead and wiped his chin,
    Then winked his eye and spoke again:

    “Yes, truth lives in nature and this I must say:
    Things only make sense when approached nature’s way!
    By strength of the will and the power of mind,
    You’ll understand all of the mysteries you find,
    For mysteries of death and the mysteries of fate,
    Your mind has the power. Explore and create!”

    His voice then lowered just a tad.
    His gaze seemed just a little sad.

    “Now this is no secret but ought to be said:
    Although I’m a God I may one day be dead!
    If Gods were immortal they could not inspire
    A natural life with its zest and its fire!
    If Gods were immortal they could not know fear,
    Or courage, how boring, the thought brings a tear!
    Remember: I’m just a reflection of you,
    Of all that you are and of all that you do!
    And I only live for as long as my tribe.
    As long as you’re living then I shall survive!”

    But then he laughed and clenched his fist,
    His hammer raised in smokey mist.
    With beaming face, that mighty Thor
    Elaborated still some more:

    “Now each needs their own inspirational light
    To guide them all on to those spiritual heights.
    Some follow the warrior: to them life’s a war.
    To others the virtue of love offer more.
    It makes little difference so long as we feel
    Inspired with joy and with spiritual zeal!”

    He raised his horn up towards an oak,
    Then shook with joy and blithely spoke:

    “For spiritual experience I must recommend
    An old universally uplifting trend!
    In feasting and dancing there’s naught to annoy,
    Since these are all expressions of joy!
    For joy is a natural part of our being.
    Experiencing joy is experiencing me!
    So sing and be merry, yes, dance and have fun!
    It’s natural and should be religiously done!
    But spiritual joy should not end at the fest.
    To realize joy is a spiritual quest!
    Don’t ever be gloomy! Don’t ever be sour!
    Be lighthearted always for spiritual power!”

    We stood there silently entranced
    And gazed at him with eyes that danced.
    His inspiration had instilled
    Determination, strength of will.
    To us, he represented all
    Our aspirations, great and small.
    We saw within his sky blue eyes,
    the joy of being strong and wise.
    He now put forth one final thought:

    The essence of those things he’d taught.
    “You should realize though I have been concise
    That all that I’ve said shows a great way of life!
    Religion is something that binds you this way,
    It’s needed and useful and joyful each day!
    Your religion’s yourself, and you know what that means:
    Your heritage! Values! The fruit of your genes!”

    He offered one last drink of mead.
    We knew ’twas time for him to leave.
    He drained his horn and wiped his mouth,
    As moonlight glimmered from the south.
    We saw the clouds begin to clear,
    The southern stars had reappeared.
    But then a wind began to blow,
    Again the trees did bend and bow,
    And, as the thunder loudly spoke,
    Thor faded back into the smoke.

  6. TMT — Episode #185.5 — Solipsism Cannot Save ZOG or ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns — 1 August 13
    Time: August 1, 2013 9:30 PM EST/8:30 PM CST <— Talksjew Channel

    Whenever you are resident in the bowel Movement, almost perpetually you have some ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clown yapping about how jew-day-o Khazar-insanity that they call jew-day-o Christianity cannot save "us." "Us" is never defined, I suppose it means unspecified ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns going ass-to-mouth with each other every so often until they are on the outs with theysselfs, as jewsually happens every so often, indeed incessantly.

    A few daze ago, Greg Hood of Counter-Currents, wrote some fatuous silliness about how "Why Christianity Can’t Save Us". Which is true enough. Given enough time and inevitable circumstance in the long term both this mighty Evil Empire known as ZOG/Babylon/The Beast the Third and Final will be deader than dogshit, along with most of the ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clown herd animals. It doesn't matter how powerfool ZOG/Babylon seems to be, shit happens, as Cain/Sargon the Great found out the hard way. Here Sargon/Cain was trucking along with his mark-of-Cain kike snout flapping in the wind in a chariot and shit, foolishly 'thinking' itzself safe what with having a Mark of Cain kike snout from both the Sons of True Adam and the two-legged Beasts of the Field of all sorts of pelt color when all of a sudden, thunk, an arrow cums down and strikes Cain/Sargon the Akkadian/Spawn of Akke/Satan in the gizzard and kills Cain/Sargon deader than Abel. Cain's bodyguard — which was remiss like JFK's bunch — can't do shit about it because the shooter is none other than Lamech, Cain's great-great-great-grandspawn. They plug Lamech through the gizzard for payback and not only will they have to deal with many a several pant-loads of Coonspiracy Theories, why they'll get seventy times seven of a shitstorm personally from YHWH. Which goes to show that often most times your friends and family will fuck you up more than your enemies. If nobody except a member of Cain's family dared provoke YHWH by skragging Cain, then Cain should have seen it cummin'. Maybe Cain did see "it" cummin'. So does ZOG and ZOGlings as well. They know that the shit they do won't end up well, but they keep on doing it because they are both evil as well as stupid.

    Anyway, Greg Hood is full of shit. He idiotically yaps about what Christianity is, claims that Christianity is universal, then blames both Christianity and Christians for destroying the Whigger Race for stupid ZOGling whigger ass-clowns for destroying theysselfs.

    The religion of Greg Hood isn't Christianity. Nor is Christianity the religion of ZOG/Babylon or 120 million ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns. The Mark of Whigger is a mental one: Whiggers are smarter than God and dumber than dirt. The religion of ZOG/Babylon and ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns is solipsism. Worsesheep of theysselfs.

    Back in 1996, when it was apparent that Bubba Caligula Clinton would beat Boob Dolt, and make boob Dolt like it, I wrote an an article called "Cult of the Me-God." It seemed to me then that ZOG was doomed because there really wasn't much in the way of Christianity amongst the ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns. Solipsism is like a cancer in that cancer cells can't form together and create the greater bodies of working organs necessary for human functioning. The ZOGling herd animals ought to follow the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy or Hardy Mong[r]ol-Lloyd and when not busy shooting cougars in the face or promoting CreaTardivity, should cut the crap about worsheeping some god in the sky and get down to worsesheeping jewrselfs. Now of course this policy will encourage further balkanization in that instead of having a few thousand whiggers serving the jews, instead you will have 120 million whiggers and 180 million mongrels/mamzers serving theysselfs. The end result shall be chaos. An honest chaos in which itz every mamzer for itzself, followed by cannibalism, but it will end in Nature taking its course — except for nazified unreconstructed Christians mopping up. Which is why I think that rather than trying to build anything what is needed is Ten Thousand Warlords.

    By the way, the usually mamzer-fuktards who want to go back to worsesheeping Woden/Odin don't seem to realize that they are nothing more than poseurs pretending to worship some local tribal god-king who lived around 200 AD, that displaced a fertility goddess named Nerthius. Tacitus in his Germania which was published in 98 AD, wrote about how the Germans worshipped a fertility goddess with elaborate ceremonies, especially every nine years in a sacred grove next to a lake. In my unpublished novel, The Stallion and the Dragon I wrote about how Woden worship displaced Nerthius worship:

    "We Angles worshipped Mother Earth on the fertile island of Zealand. Every nine years the leading men of our tribes would go to her shrine in a sacred grove next to a lake. Starting in November, when cattle and other livestock were slaughtered for the winter to provide food for the gods and men and after the harvest was in, Nerthus would be drawn about the island in a veiled cart drawn not by sterile oxen but by pregnant heifers. Her cart would be guided by her mortal husband, a high priest of highest birth chosen for life. There would be three festivals commencing with the first one on the full moon after the first frost. Then another festival would be held the week after the shortest day of the whole year, starting the new year. Finally, after spring had come and the fertility of the world was assured, Nerthus would tire of human company. The heifers were slaughtered and burned on her altar. Nerthus's drawn car, her draperies, even the goddess herself would be bathed by her female attendants in a secret ceremony supervised by the high priest. Then the female attendants, who were slaves, would be drowned in the sacred lake, ending the ceremonies for another nine years.

    Woden worship displaced Nerthius worship because it paid for Woden and his descendants, who were the god-kings of the Angles, Saxons, Franks, Lombards, Danes, Geats, Swedes, and about every single wandering Germanic kingly family except for the Vandals to claim to be of divine origin. However, by the Sixth Century to 11th Century AD, both kings and commoners seem the value in Christianity and willingly converted to it. The Anglo-Saxons compared Christianity to solace like a sparrow finding shelter from the storm in a long hall; indeed, one Woden-priest himself overturned his idols and tore down and burnt the Woden temples. What is probably the most amusing is that Nerthius, a female earth-goddess for the Germans, became a sort of transgendered demi-male god of the Swedes. Which might well be appropriate over on Counter-Currents.

    I also quickly read Matt Parrot over on Counter-Currents. He thinks that ZOGling whiggers should "Save Churchianity." Nein, nein, nein, Greggie's Moan Parrot. ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns can't save theysselfs. How are they gonna save jew-day-o Churchianity, much less wrap theys' minds around the fact that they shouldn't bother? When Gideon tore down the idols of Baal representing YHWH, and cut down baal's sacred grove, the solipsistic Israelite whiggers of his day called Gideon "Jerubbaal" or "Let Baal Defend Hisself." What with Matt Parrott proposing to somehow "Save Christianity" I suppose renaming Matt Parrot to "Parrot-Piss-On-It" . After all, let the idolators protect their own idols as best they can.

    As ZOG falls apart and millions of ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns die of theys' own stupidity, the Remnant will come into Their Own. Your job, if you be of YHWH, is to first save yourself, not the solipsistic idol in your own mind representing your own private baal.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. JustASocialConstruct:

    Christianity was the original Cultural Marxism.

    Just two different rabbis, that’s all…

  8. The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t embrace anti-racism until the early 1990s. It was the last major mainstream institution in the US to do so.

    Let’s not forget the roots of the Baptists in the South. They came here as rabble-rousers from England and New England, they defied racial taboos, and they found great numbers of converts among the slaves.

    Back then the South was Anglican. Hopefully it will be again.

  9. @Hunter Wallace…Wonderful essay.

    Jackson was a serious Protestant. But, I don’t think he was an Old Testament prophet type like a John Brown or a Nat Turner.

  10. Awesome post. Especially pointing out how Christianity today is the tail wagged by the liberal enlightenment dog. Blaming Christianity for this mess is like blaming dog crap for what the dog ate.

  11. This issue cripples the White Nationalist movement and has for years. These constant debates about Christianity are endless and pointless. However, I am starting to notice that some of the new younger WN leader types coming on the scene are rejecting the idea that we need to “destroy” Christianity – the guys over at the DailyStormer being an example.

    Many of them are inspired by Golden Dawn who embraces their own Greek Orthodox heritage rather than attacking it. They recognize that Christianity (like all our institutions) has been taken over by the enemy and that the Church fathers are the source to understanding real Christian ideas, not modern so-called reformers.

    The rugged individualist types who loves to go on and on about Christianity and will not compromise on the issue are dead weight in any nationalist movement. They must be left behind and certainly cannot be our leaders. We really don’t have time for this shit anymore.

    BTW Hunter, great piece and it sums up perfectly the real truth of the matter. Many nationalists are starting to come to understand this and want to stop fighting and start organizing.

  12. “Jackson was a serious Protestant.” Stonewall Jackson and R. E. Lee were Protestants but they belonged to the moderate tech age. The Roman empire was low tech. The era from the Italian Renaissance to the end of the second world war was moderate tech. With computers and biotech we are in the high tech era. The two main brands in our world are McWorld and Jihad. McWorld is financially successful. Jihad is demographically successful. McWorld is controlled by Jews and plutocrats. Both McWorld and Jihad aim at destroying the white European races.
    The Holohoax and the myth of human equality/non-white benevolence are used as psychological weapons against Whites. Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness: The Jewish Attack On the Western World
    Stonewall Jackson and R. E. Lee did not know about Darwin evolution. Human genes generate ethnic chauvinism. McWorld is Jewish. We need a program that is both anti-McWorld and anti-Jihad.

  13. Just another bunch of white people arguing over what they cannot see, but instead what they think they see.

    Blood, Soil, and tradition, theology and ideology kept on very short leashes.

  14. This kind of essay is the old paleo-CON money maker, “Blah, blah, blah we are under attack, send us money, we will defend this till the money runs out.”

    How about something new, I suggest, “We are the social critics now.”

    Step one, realize that “liberalism” is in itself a religion an utter fraud meant to liberate the production of some citizens to promote the welfare of its priests and hangers on.

  15. Christianity will not save us and itself will need to be saved. Moreover, it is worth saving because it is a major part of Southern culture.
    What is termed “Christianity” today is made up of mainstream schmucks who believe God’s purpose is to make them feel good about their no-fault divorces, illegitimate offspring, etc. There is no fear of God anymore. He’s like their personal sky monkey, ready to overlook whatever they do (or more importantly, don’t do). Many digest themselves of any serious concern for their nation, though they are ready and willing to send their children to die for Israel at a moments notice because they are sure they will all get raptured to the Pearly Gates when the SHTF.

  16. To answer the question of the title: “Can Christianity Save Us?”…

    The phony “Judeo(Jewdo) Zionist, Jew loving Christianity, that is ever present in the world with it’s buildings with phallic symbols they call spires can’t save itself, let alone anyone else. It has no inner life, so cannot minister life to anyone else. It only has an outward form of goodness covering the deadness within. They think they are “born again” but are not, but are conceived and still in the “womb”.

    There is a faithful remnant, but they are hidden.

  17. “Of course, as a friend put it after watching an Orthodox nationalist rally, ‘Impressive, but eventually they are going to start reading their Bibles.’ By removing the protective shield of an esoteric priesthood around Christian doctrines, the Enlightenment, literacy, technology, and the Protestant Revolution made Christian belief widely accessible to the masses. The result is that stripped of superstition and dogma, Christianity is being taken to its logical conclusion. The specific beliefs of Christian denominations are less important than their universalist message of salvation and overall moral and metaphysical outlook.” — Gregory Hood, “Why Christianity Can’t Save Us”

    When I came to this point in Mr. Hood’s article, I was reminded of something I read last week:

    “The mispronunciation of words and ignorance of their meaning often led the backwoods preacher into the most fantastic interpretations. One word, wrongly interpreted, often served as material for a whole sermon. One pious minister took for his text: “Wherefore, gird up the loins of your mind. . .” He confused the word “loins” for “lines” and dwelt at length on the different kind of lines: lines by which carpenters carried on their work, lines to divide land, stage lines for travelers, and lines with which to drive horses. In all these uses of the word he unfolded a deep mystery, to the delight of his hearers.
    A preacher was explaining the reference in Ecclesiastes xii, 6: “Or ever the silver cord be loosed. . .”
    “The doctors say that there is a cord that runs from the nape of the neck, down the backbone, through the small of the back, into the heart, right thar; and that when a man dies that cords always snaps: That is the silver cord loosed. “Ah,” said a sister, her face radiant with delight, “Brother P— has studied that.”
    The delivery of a written sermon was little shord of a disgrace. Old Peter Cartwright said that ‘it made him think of a gosling that had got the straddles by wading in the dew.” Some of the ministers of the Disciples of Christ were alarmed because they felt their brethren studied the Bible too much. Once of these Bible students on his way to meeting was joined by one of the fearful, who told him he hated to see him take the Bible to church. When asked why, he said he was afraid someone would think he was going to preach from it.” — Everett Dick, “Frontier Dixie”

    That’s exactly how I feel when I go to hear a speech!

    The vestiges of paganism found in Southern culture are so much more interesting to me. Think of the Greek Revival plantation houses inspired by Greek pagan temples; the folklore and folk customs of the countryside; the preeminent place given to the classics in Southern colleges; and the importance given to honour.

    Anyone even slightly interested in the European Folk religions that existed before Christianity (and survived, albeit altered, after the coming of Christianity) owes it to themself to check out James C. Russell’s “The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity”. It is extraordinary.

    Also, Jack Ryan, I quite enjoyed reading your comment above featuring the poem “Heritage”. My favorite line: “Observance of nature solves mysteries in life.” My feelings exactly…

    I think the frontier backwoodsman would concur.

  18. One thing to remember about Jackson’s character, he was by all reports a very strong Calvinist.

  19. Christians who are counter-Revolutionary (all churches have been Revolutionized through the World Council of Churches and the Vatican) are also supportive of nationalism.

    Europe was once the Christendom before the inauguration of our Judeo-Revolutionary Era commenced with the Reformation (check out the historic role of the rabbis). The Judeo-Revolution could never bring the Judaic world order to power without the help of its Masonry in that overthrow.

    The destruction of Dixie is one of the battlefields of the Revolution.

  20. Please, it was the White Protestant nations of Europe vs. the miscegenation of the Roman Catholic countries of Europe. The Catholics invented miscegenation.

  21. Historical snapshots correlating Christianity with different voting patterns are highly misleading. Conservative Christians and secular liberals have quaffed the same egalitarian and escatological Kool-Aid. It is just that for some groups, the poison has been slower in taking effect.

    But Gregory Hood is right: “conservative” Evangelicals who 40 years ago opposed race-mixing are now among its most fervent promoters. The Christian pro-life movement reserves special horror for the fact that more than one third of black pregnancies end in abortion. In another generation, the evangelicals will be celebrating gay marriage too.

    One can argue that the churches are just bowing to the prevailing Zeitgeist. But that is objectionable in itself. And such suppleness in appeasing worldly powers is an integral part of Christianity too: rendering unto Caesar because ultimately, the church is not interested in this world anway. Christianity conserves nothing but itself, and its true self is otherwordly. Thus from a purely political point of view, it is a weak reed.

    I see no reason for White Nationalists to pander to Christians, who will not help us gain power, and who will be ready to cut a deal if we do get power.

  22. There are important cultural differences among “White people.” In the Deep South, “White people” are more religious, conservative, and racially conscious than the “White people” who live in Vermont and San Francisco.

    Every mainstream institution in the United States gives lip service to the dominant culture. The universities, the news media, and the entertainment media were captured long before the churches, especially the Southern churches.

    In the South, the Southern churches opposed the Civil Rights Movement, and continued to wrestle with the triumph of anti-racism in the “mainstream” through the 1970s and 1980s. It was only in the 1990s that the Southern Baptist Convention finally condemned “slavery” and “racism.”

    Similarly, the Southern Baptist Convention recently cut ties with the Boy Scouts over its embrace of gay members. The Southern churches have succeeded in enacting a constitutional ban on “gay marriage” in every Southern state. Those bans will eventually be struck down in the same way that the Loving decision ended every anti-miscegenation law in Dixie in one stroke.

    I’m sure that the same churches will be condemning “homophobia” one day like they now condemn “racism” and “slavery,” but that is not it because these attitudes are evolving out of Christian doctrine, rather it is because the churches are trying to conform to the dominant secular culture – which is produced by Jews and non-Christian Whites – in order to stay relevant.

    The funny thing is, the White Nationalists who condemn Christianity on the internet under pseudonyms are guilty of doing the same thing. In public, they too conform to the dominant anti-racist culture; they too are “rendering unto Caesar” by policing their Facebook accounts for “associations” with people that groups like the SPLC might find objectionable.

  23. “I see no reason for White Nationalists to pander to Christians, who will not help us gain power, and who will be ready to cut a deal if we do get power.”

    I think Greg Johnson here means Christians who value their religion more than their race will not help WNs. But even then it’s a strange thing to say. Christians may value their religion more than their race but it doesn’t mean they don’t value their race at all, or that they would not work with WNs under any circumstances. It’s the specific circumstances in which they feel WN threatens their faith (at whatever level, be it “destruction” or merely disparagement) that make them hesitate. Not disparaging Christianity wholesale seems like a rather small price to pay in order to encourage Christian involvement.

  24. Also, Jack Ryan, I quite enjoyed reading your comment above featuring the poem “Heritage”. My favorite line: “Observance of nature solves mysteries in life.” My feelings exactly..”

    Jack replies:

    Please research the author Jost Turner, there was a noble man.

  25. Greg Johnson doesn’t understand Protestant church governance. Protestant churches are not governed from the top down like the Roman Catholic church. A Protestant has no obligation to anyone except himself, and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No obligation to any preacher, minister, pastor or bishop—none.

  26. Every pro-White movement whether in the past like the KKK or theNSDAP or current movements like Golden Dawn and Vladimir Putin’s government are officially pro Christian. Whatever the leaders of these movements really thought are of no consequence these activists were/are serious men who desired to rule their people and decided the best way to lead was not to piss on their people’s most cherished beliefs. Any wanna be leaders of the North American New Right who can’t keep their own personal/religious issues under some sort of control should probably stick to movie reviews and articles about Julius Evola and not waste everybody’s time

  27. Brandon put it so well: “The phony ‘Judeo (…) Christianity, that is ever present in the world with it’s buildings with phallic symbols they call spires can’t save itself, let alone anyone else (…) There is a faithful remnant, but they are hidden.”

    Well, they are hidden but can be found. Their persecutors find them, while they (like Stephen Dalton) teach that true Christians are a figment of imagination, that never existed, and that the Whore of Bablyon and its sisters have always been “the only game in town”.

  28. White nationalism is philosophically incoherent.

    You’ve never heard of a great white nationalist statesman that can compare with a John C. Calhoun ( Calhoun, by the way, was a Christian, pro-slavery advocate, and political philosopher who created a unique philosophy of government).

    You can’t build a movement on Nietzsche. Furthermore, if you tried, you’d not be able to articulate any reason for the trying!

    The South was the last great bastion of Christendom; when she fell, so did the West. We’ll not resurrect the West without the passionate fighting-faith of our ancestors.

    We don’t need tactics – we need religious passion. That’s the only thing our enemies have that we don’t. When Southern men regain that fire (that religious zeal for their way of life and their country), then the tactics will work themselves out.

  29. “In another generation, the evangelicals will be celebrating gay marriage too.”

    I don’t think so. The Bible, including the New Testament, is extremely clear on the subject: sodomy is a sin. On the other hand, it is difficult to construct a New Testament justification for a 100% ban on miscegenation – which is why evangelicals were willing to cave into outside pressure on that subject.

  30. The Catholic nations of Europe: Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Poland-Lithuania, Ukraine, what is today Slovakia and Herzogovina. When these nations had pre-Revolutionary government – show me the pro-miscengenation laws. There might have been ethnic diversity but people honoured their ethnic heritage and married within it.

  31. Every pro-White movement whether in the past like the KKK or theNSDAP or current movements like Golden Dawn and Vladimir Putin’s government are officially pro Christian.

    I wish people would stop calling Putin “pro-white”. Firstly, “pro-white” is an American concept. Secondly, Putin has a long record of supporting immigration to Russia and opposing Russian nationalist organisations.

  32. 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    Matthew 10:34-35

  33. Lynda, the NON-Catholic ethnic nations, counties and clans of Western Europe also maintained their ethnic identities, until they were fully swayed by the nearly universal (“Catholic” or Katholikos means “Universal”) universalist propaganda of universalism. Ethnic mixing is not natural, and neither is rootless cosmopolitan urban existence.

  34. “The South was the last great bastion of Christendom”

    “Christendom” perhaps, but what about Christianity? The Bible Belt ran NORTH of the Line, and how is it that “synagogues rose next to plantation houses across the South”?

  35. There is something seriously deficient in a “culture” that imported the Africans, in immense numbers, and used them “to create immense wealth”. But “Christendom” as such never had any problem with that sort of thing.

  36. “A Protestant has no obligation to anyone except himself, and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

    Well, that’s the problem right there. You people act as if you’re on your own, and you reject proper authority. I’ll be open about this and say that we need to shut down attitudes like this. This is our biggest problem. I think a lot of our people’s blood will be spilled, both among the conservatives and paleocons, and then among the liberals and progressives.

    In so many cases what is annoying about Christians in the WN/SN movements isn’t their Christianity itself, but the toothless hillbilly way in which they express it, so typical of the charismatics, evangelicals and low church folks. Keep your “religious passion” to yourself guys.

    A strong nationalist movement should be able to tolerate and absorb Christians, as long as they know their place, without exclusively advocating for them or their cult.

    Keep in mind that Golden Dawn of Greece has strong pagan roots. Paganism is alive and well among Golden Dawn activists, and it is getting stronger.

  37. @Lynda, all you have to do is look at the Spanish colonial empire, or the French colonial empire, or the Portuguese colonial empire to see that the Roman Catholics invented miscegenation with non-Whites! From the very start the Catholics & the Roman Catholic church were marrying Indians, Negroes, Orientals, you name it. #LOL.

  38. It’s never been adaquately explained why Christians, who so strongly reject this world and everything/everyone in it, should be given the lead in saving our people and civilization.

  39. “Greg’s views represent that of a culture which is alien to me. Might work on the Left Coast but they won’t fly here.”

    Yeah, myself and most white folk have about the same connection to “wooten” or whatever as we do budda. Hell, at least Buddhism is a real religion instead of a bunch of warmed over pop-spirituality. Any true european “folk-religions” have lost the kin-links required for any meaningful generational belief.

  40. Christianity can save Europeans and their American descendants, but it has to be the Christianity that saved Europe time and time again. “Europe is the faith and the faith is Europe”. So said Catholic author and historian Hilaire Belloc. The Catholic Church may be in some what of a mess right now, but time and time again, it has surprised both its friends and enemies buy rousing and restoring itself against all odds. If you think that impossible, remember Vienna and Lepanto.

  41. White nationalism is philosophically incoherent.

    True but so what? You could say the same about any system of thought or political theory in its early stages. However ineffectively, there are White Nationalists of good will working on solving the many conceptual problems in WNism.

    What is your philosophically coherent alternative? Surely you don’t believe that a resurgent South will be led toward secession from the pulpits of the South. If you do believe this, can I ask why? Christianity will likely be the dominant religion in the South if the South succeeds in seceding. But that’s a different issue, how religion in the South might be handled after a breakaway. I’m talking about before any breakaway. What are the pulpits doing to help make it happen? They’re doing anything, except opposing you. So whatever philosophical coherence Christianity might have isn’t helping you; it’s hindering you.

    WNists don’t critique Christianity no reason. They critique it for exactly that reason, among others. The leaders of the brick and mortar churches are on the same side as the people who mean to do us harm. And his is true all over the world from the American South to Greece. They also critique Christianity because secularized versions of many Christian ideas quote clearly have infected modern liberalism. According to HW, Yankeeism got its start with Christian sects in the northeast.

    So WNsts do it for a reason, not for no reason. This is a factor you and most critics of the WNst stance on Christianity seem to overlook or ignore.

  42. Putin has a long record of supporting immigration to Russia and opposing Russian nationalist organisations. – LLD

    The notion that Putin is pro-white, or, in a Russian context, pro-Russian Slav is so false it borders on comedy. It’s like calling George W. Bush pro-white. In my experience Prussiancroat is a well-informed contributor too. I’m surprised to see him make an error like that, bit it seems to be a common misunderstanding.

    Keep in mind that Golden Dawn of Greece has strong pagan roots. Paganism is alive and well among Golden Dawn activists, and it is getting stronger. – WG

    That’s interesting, and if true is evidence against the claim that paganism has no relevance or potential to inspire. On the other hand, all of the top Orthodox leaders in Greece have shunned and criticized Golden Dawn.

    Bishop Seraphim turns against Golden Dawn

    Archbishop Ieronymos Shuns Golden Dawn

    If Southern Nationalism ever gets off the ground, you bet the top Christian leaders in the South will be first in line to denounce.

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