Smart Women and The Intelligence Paradox

Why are smart women having so few babies?
Why are smart women having so few babies?

United Kingdom

In “The Childfree Life,” we saw that Time magazine had dedicated its entire August issue to glorifying voluntary childlessness.

In the UK, BBC magazine ran a parallel story called “Your post-pregnancy tales: Stretch marks, scars and ‘breasts like zeppelins'” which further ridiculed the ideal of White motherhood.

The US Mainstream Media – CNN, CBS News, Fox News and The View on ABC News – have all piled on to the Time magazine story to discuss the pros and cons of “the childfree life.”

A few years ago, The Daily Beast ran an article called “Cuckolding: The Sex Fetish for Intellectuals.” It was described as “S&M for Ph.D.s: Cuckolding, in which men watch their wives have sex with other guys, is catching on among people with high IQs who revel in the psychological agony.”

Yesterday, we saw that Don Ennis, an ABC News editor, had come to work in May in a black dress and an auburn wig, and had announced to his co-workers that he was becoming a woman, and would henceforth be known as “Dawn Ennis,” but had changed his mind by August and is currently undergoing hormone therapy to reassume his manhood. This was considered perfectly normal by his “wonderful colleagues” at ABC News.

Lost in the noise of a world gone mad, I stumbled across a story in The Guardian on “the childfree life” which drew my attention to a book by a Japanese psychologist that attempts to explain why smart women aren’t having children, and why smart people in general are failing to pursue their ethnic genetic interests:

“It seems that women these days are too clever for their own good, at least when it comes to making babies. Research emerging from the London School of Economics examining the links between intelligence and maternal urges in women claims that more of the former means less of the latter. In an ideal world, such findings might be interpreted as smart women making smart choices, but instead it seems that this research is just adding fuel to the argument that women who don’t have children, regardless of the reason, are not just selfish losers but dumb ones as well.

Satoshi Kanazawa, the LSE psychologist behind the research, discussed the findings that maternal urges drop by 25% with every extra 15 IQ points in his book The Intelligence Paradox. In the opening paragraph of the chapter titled “Why intelligent people are the ultimate losers in life”, he makes his feelings about voluntary childlessness very clear:

Here’s a direct quote from the book:

“If any value is deeply evolutionarily familiar, it is reproductive success. If any value is truly unnatural, if there is one thing that humans (and all other species in nature) are decisively not designed for, it is voluntary childlessness. All living organisms in nature, including humans, are evolutionarily designed to reproduce. Reproductive success is the ultimate end of all biological existence. …”

Kanazawa dismisses the idea that higher education and demanding careers are responsible for the low fecundity of intelligent women:

“That said then, Kanazawa finds it paradoxical that intelligent women apparently don’t possess the desire to pursue what should be the ultimate goal of their biological existence, (hence the loser reference). He says that it’s not yet known why intelligent women are having less babies but says it’s not the reason most people assume, that women with higher IQs are more likely to go to college and have demanding careers. Basically he seems to come to the paradoxical conclusion that intelligent women just aren’t all that wise.”

Note: Satoshi Kanazawa is the London School of Economics psychologist who made international headlines when he claimed that black women were less attractive than women other races.

Occidental Dissent will be reviewing his book, The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice Isn’t Always the Smart One, which explores why the smartest people are so often found doing the dumbest things.

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  1. I actually think that the pendulum is about to swing back on this phenomenon. Home school kids are now graduating from college at age 18 or 19, with little debt because they lived at home, used public transportation or took courses by computer, and worked part time, etc. Even if they then attend graduate school, they are ready to launch their careers at 21 to 23, unless they have a medical residency.

    Just as the younger siblings and cousins of drug abusers often say “no thanks” to drugs, the younger siblings and cousins of those who failed to get married and have children, ending up instead with $100,000 of unpayable student loans for diplomas in frivolous subjects are going to be much more careful about debt, and much more willing to be realistic about dating and marriage.

    We are going through a bad patch right now, but I do have a lot of hope for the future.

  2. How many children would pro white whites need to have to net a 0.1% growth rate assuming no white children from other whites? Assuming 60% of white couples are pro white and a 2.5 child replacement rate, I conclude 4 children.

    Ergo, we have the tools to stop white genocide, just not the will.

  3. I also note that Dr Kanazawa is looking at this from a strictly Darwinian / materialist perspective.

    Science is not anti-white. Cultural Marxism should be bludgeoned with science.

  4. While the government has done everything possible to bash child birth(and enough status whores have gone along with it for it to do so), the big issue is massive and rapid demographics shift.Super-normal stimuli convincing us to do things that are against our own interests can be worked through even through the simple expedient of having those who cannot exercise self control dying out.

  5. @Afterthought
    Japan has a lower birthrate than the West, but Japan is almost 100% Japanese and will always remain so, because no one is trying to blend out the Japanese.

    Doesn’t matter how many children Pro Whites have, we can’t compete if they are flooding the entire third world into our countries and force integrating everyone.

    We have to stop the flood and end the forced integration.

  6. I think I’ve said it before but it bears repeating; the reason intelligent people believe in dumb things (like liberalism) is simple. Intelligent people are more capable of rationalizing away the truth staring them in the face when it contradicts their inner beliefs, such as the unnatural ones programmed through the idot box.

    Cuckholding? Jesus Christ! Raising another man’s child as your own is the genetic equivalent to getting nuked. There’s a reason for jealous feelings that your ape ancestors knew, the redneck down the street knows and any other self-respecting life-form knows. If only “smart” people are into it (and I really doubt the validity of these claims) its only because they’ve reached their black-belt in liberal propaganda rationalization pretzel making.

  7. Oh, and to anyone out there thinking about waiting for kids. Until you’re career is established or whatever: DONT!

    I “waited” till I was 30. Man what a mistake! I really didn’t want to give up the “good life” at 25 but there’s a reason most people are able to stay out late around that age: you’re supposed to be using that energy to take care of babies crying all night.

    The weirdest thing is, I didn’t think I ever wanted kids when I was that old. To be hobbled by expense and responsiblity when I could be spending all my money on myself and getting laid. But as soon as Cracker Jr. came out, none of that shit mattered anymore.

    It was just like flicking a light switch in me. Hell, my wife still bugs me to “go out on the town” every once in a while when the little crackers are over at Grandmas but I went right from “get drunk and party all night” mode to old-man mode. Now I just want to stay home, play with my kids and work around the house. Watching a little cracker stack plastic blocks sounds 10x more fun than drinking beer and oggling boobies now.

    If you’re reading this and think you “might” want kids “someday” when you have your shit together…..that just means you want them now none of that other shit, that you’ll likely never have 100% together anyway, won’t matter one bit.

  8. Most people believe what they are taught. They’ll take what they are taught as a given and then use what gifts they have to justify it. Same with the gestalt of the time and place. Few people will question it or examine its fundamental presumptions.

  9. Mantra: Smart Women.
    Opinions of hens in all the news pundits. Put that dude Kanazawa; ya’ll spoil brats with cushy jobs making tons of money. Still ain’t worth a spit to a coal minor.

  10. The last time I went to a church , about five years ago, the preacher had selected for his flock that day the sermon that the young males should start seeking already-knocked-up women to date. I kid you not. I sat there listening with my jaw hanging open, I think. It was incredible. And this was a Southern Baptist church.

    The reason I went that day to that particular church was because of a woman I was briefly interested in at the time. I went with her. She attended every Sunday. We were not dating. I had asked her to dinner once and she made excuse not to, sort of discouraging me, I suppose. But she still remained friendlier than average, going on non-dating lunches, calling and such, you know. So I persisted for awhile. I liked her. She was about 35, a very attractive brunette, good job as some office worker at the local community college , nice new house, three children from a past marriage, well dressed, fun, etc. etc. I had known her for a few years.

    It was on the occasion of a house party at her house during the week separating Christmas and New Years that I got the shock. I had called her up, unaware of any party. She immediately invited me over. It wasn’t a large party, maybe seven or eight people at most, at one point. But I wondered what the nigger was doing there. I had seen him at the college. About two hours after I got there, she took the buck to her bedroom.

    That was about two weeks after I had attended her church. I later found out that several of her friends and the clique of women in general from that church (as well as a good number of other similar seeming wholesome young women in the area, most church goers) bedded niggers, though it seems they did not date them or have any ongoing bf/gf relationships, or otherwise publicly display their sexual fetish.

    It is easy to speculate what other sermons of great wisdom this Man of God was teaching his flock, and more than a few other preachers. Moreover, I witnessed many many after-church dinner gatherings at the local restaurants, especially at the Ruby Tuesday, where the nice looking white family had their foster nigger with them. It was always a male, and usually mid teens. The niggers would literally pant over the men’s usually attractive wives and/or young daughters, the husband and father totally oblivious to this.

  11. I commented on the other thread about the “Lansing Effect.” This is the statistically observed phenomena of the life-span of offspring being *inversely* related to the age of the mother when she gives birth–the life span of a child given birth by an older mother is often substantially shorter. As I stated on that thread, this is well known to medical and research personnel, but seldom talked about publicly.

  12. “at one point. But I wondered what the nigger was doing there. I had seen him at the college. About two hours after I got there, she took the buck to her bedroom. ”
    She thinks a buck is just a pet to screw and then befriend.
    Most of the bimbos wind up battered, diseases, or dead.

  13. News anchor and pundits are filled by career women. Somewhat reasonable guys keeps me tuned in are Bill O’reilly. Don Imus, maybe Sean Hannity and few others . overwhelm of communication networks pundits are bimbos,jives,shaloms,and fairies.

  14. “A few years ago, The Daily Beast ran an article called “Cuckolding: The Sex Fetish for Intellectuals.” It was described as “S&M for Ph.D.s: Cuckolding, in which men watch their wives have sex with other guys, is catching on among people with high IQs who revel in the psychological agony.”

    Russian roulette.

    1. Slang A woman regarded as vacuous or as having an exaggerated interest in her sexual appeal.

    . an attractive but empty-headed young woman

    2. a fellow; person esp a foolish one
    [from Italian: little child, perhaps via Polari]

    . an attractive but stupid young woman, esp. one with loose morals.

    2. a foolish, stupid, or inept person.

  16. The point is that women can be intelligent but are much less likely to be wise.

    God bless the Japs, the only honest people left.

  17. People, especially smart people, are prodigious learners. And depending on how the information is presented, they eagerly learn lies. It takes longer to unlearn lies than to learn them. And that’s even truer when there is a social cost to turning away from the “holy writ” of Time magazine. It’s also true that many people don’t want to incur the costs of holding views very different from those presented in various iconic media.

    Talk to your friends.

  18. “Science is not anti-white. Cultural Marxism should be bludgeoned with science.”

    Which in theory should be easy; cultural marxism is anti-science. Unfortunately ideological control by leftists over mainstream science is almost complete.

  19. Cracker nails it. My social life outside of family and work is almost non-existent since I’ve had kids, and I’ve never been happier or more content.

  20. We don’t have a birthrate problem, we have a competition problem. There are too many people in this country, and the ethnic aliens shouldn’t be here. What sense is their in making the population mess worse than it is. Stop immigration and repatriate the aliens. America is better off at 100-150 million. What you are suggesting is hitting the gas and cramming in another 200 million. This would be an ecological disaster and send our standard of living further into the abyss. The crowd and sprawl needs to be arrested or we will all suffer. We don’t need to recreate Europe here.

  21. @Bill Rather, I think that despite intelligence women still seem prone to adhere to and enforce cliches perceived as mainstream or “popular”. It’s part of their psyche which is drastically different from men and not independent at all.

  22. “I think that despite intelligence women still seem prone to adhere to and enforce cliches perceived as mainstream or “popular”. It’s part of their psyche which is drastically different from men and not independent at all.”

    Female herd insticts.Conform to whatever trends is presented; Male is reserve.

  23. “Intelligence” here means “an objectively measurable/ quantifiable (albeit potentially arbitrary) variable.”

    “Wisdom” (or “smart”) here means “alignment with [Kanazawa’s et al.’s] own subjective values or worldviews “.

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