HUD’S Plan To Destroy White Suburbia

District of Corruption

In Obama's America, there is no escape from "fairness"
In Obama’s America, there is no escape from “fairness.”

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has effectively declared war on White America:

“The Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed a new plan to change U.S. neighborhoods it says are racially imbalanced or are too tilted toward rich or poor, arguing the country’s housing policies have not been effective at creating the kind of integrated communities the agency had hoped for. …

States would then assess the best way to integrate communities deemed by HUD’s data to not be integrated enough. A HUD official, who did not want to speak on record because of the public comment period, said the rule hopes to better match up HUD-assisted housing with the communities that have good hospitals, schools and other assets. …”

In other words, the plan here is to redistribute diversity from places like Birmingham to Hoover or St. Louis to St. Charles. Henceforth, White Americans will no longer have the liberty to escape from “equality” in the suburbs.

Consider the implications:

1.) Fifty years of voting for the Republican Party, which has which has boldly defended conservative principles, has brought us to this low point.

2.) The blacks are going to be moving into your neighborhood. They are going to bring all their crime, poverty, and blight with them. They are going to go to school with your children. They are going to destroy your property value.

3.) This means you no longer have the option of avoiding confrontation and living out a private life in an expensive suburb with a decent public school.

The time is coming when White America is going to have its back pushed against the wall and will have to confront the result of fifty years of moving to the suburbs, avoiding confrontation, and voting for the Republican Party. We are going to have to start fighting back or idly watch the Detroitization of our communities.

What’s it going to be?

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  1. Small towns slashing public service due to tax revenues. Put them on a carnival cruise line vacation for a while until repairs of urbans are made. What a fecken joke. Society once resembled a civilization. Follow by rot and corrosion. Fish rots from the head. Folks cant even phantom the thought of removing the head in DC.

  2. If you want to make a roadtrip and shoot that AK and discuss our resistance options shoot me an email Hunter. I’m in Biloxi MS. Nice range close by.
    The new Jefferson Davis Library just opened, lots to see & learn.

  3. LEt’s talk about what we have done to ourselves in this area. North Carolina I am talking to you yes you NC. I am returning “up north ” after years of disappointment of living in NC. I am taking my white ass white wife and daughter back up north because after NC finally got the repulicans in and after folks risked their lives to take care of the Trayvon martin case in florida you dumb white assholes in NC still get your drugs from black thugs and let them into your neighborhoods and homes! Some of you are still having sex with them as well. You know who you are.Yes it mostly goes on in Wake County Durham and Fayettville and then you wonder why there are a rash of home invasions and crime.Hell you even go into your public libraries to get the drugs they bring you. What kind of return to Dixie is that? Wake up NC. You can’thave it both Ways in the age of Obama. There is no white priveledge. YOu can’t let them in for drugs and sex and then expect them to go away when youdon’t wantthem or tell the middle class upstanding negroes not to buy a house next door to you when they see the thugs and druggies leaving your 300,000 dollar home in the burbs on Saturday nights or when they see them hanging out in your parks and public libraries while they wait for you to come and pick up your weed. It does not work both ways. Honor what Zimmerman did for you. HOnor that you live in the south. Do like we do in suburbs of Chicago we have whites deliever our stuff. We have the real segregation that you all claim to have but don’t really live up to.What loosers. You will never get Dixie back because you will never get over your addiction and dependency on niggers. You are always eating their food down there , having them take care of your kids, stillhaving sex and partying with them and then you wonder what is up. Get over black people southerners. Get over blacks North Carolina and learn to be like real white people or pay the price. (some say you can’t get over blacks because all you so called white folks down there have too much nigger and native American blood in you yourself) Prove them wrong be white and keep thugs and drug dealers out of your neighborhoods!

  4. “If your dumb ass was the hard chargin
    Vietnam Vet you claimed to be you’d know the AK was the superior weapon in that conflict.”

    Bzzzzzzt! The question is not about the relative merits of any platform the question is about why you are bulshitting about the AK – 47 being accurate against human targets at 500 yards. And it sounds like the only gear fetishist around here is your lying ass. Poseur.

    Just look at this AK barrel flex like a piece of cooked spaghetti:

    STFU and GTFO. You’re stinking up the place.

  5. “Just look at this AK barrel flex like a piece of cooked spaghetti:”

    It is a known fact that all rifle barrels flex (actually, undulate like a snake) when being fired. Here’s a Ruger Mini-14 doing the same thing:

    And I would be willing to bet that if I could afford the camera to film it while being fired, my bull barreled Ruger 10/22 probably shows some flex as well.

  6. How did a discussion about the Feds flooding whitopia suburbia with nasty filthy non-whites get sidetracked into a 2A conversation? Aren’t there already 87 million 2A websites/blogs/message boards where this conversation could occur, so that we could have one of a scant few places to talk about race qua race?

  7. Hunter and all others with a drop of self preservation in your veins, ignore Jack Ryan’s advice on firearms.
    The life you save may be your own or a loved one.

    Buy as many arms and ammo you can afford. Train to use them effectively.

  8. And if you fired any sort of cheap ass carbine barrels like you describe they would flex a lot. I’m sure a 16 inch naval cannon flexes. But a quality full power rifle barrel flexes a whole lot less than an AK.

    The AK-47 fires a carbine round. It is not a 500 yard weapon.

  9. @Rudel

    Meanwhile from people who actually shoot:

    Listen to this silly faggot double down on his previous retardation. Why the fuck do you think they have free float barrels, you poseur? Because of barrel flex! Holy shit, I’m going to blow your mind here by saying you can adjust for drop by raising your sight picture. Mind you, a cursory search around the internet indicates there’s a drop that has a spread from 50 inches to over 100, dependent on so many factors that your autistic ass couldn’t do anything but latch on to something that you thought proved you right but showed your ass for what a tryhard you are.

    In the meantime, please indicate for me where exactly Giap, Che, or Mao talked about ‘cannon fodder’ attacks in guerilla warfare. I’m really fucking curious on this point, because anyone who’s been there and fought againt the real VC (as opposed to your dumb ass, likely eating ice cream in Da Nang if you were over there at all) knows that the VC didn’t engage in mass rush tactics where they lined up to be shot dead by crew served or blasted by arty.

    Ahahaha. Holy fucking shit. I’ve never seen someone so clueless continue to be so aggressively stupid about it. Please continue with your idiocy, bitching about red dots and rails and talking about what a tuff He Man Killer you are. You’re so obviously defensive and full of shit I’m anticipating what you’re going to come up with next.

  10. @Mosin

    I’m not a regular here, so is Rudel a high effort troll and I’m just being strung along or is he serious?

    I’ve seen that before, but thanks for sharing it. 🙂 I’m not one to get into the weeds in that timeless debate (I own all three platforms), but I don’t like leaving aggressively insulting stupidity unchallenged.

    Weird how the Mosin sends some people into a froth. I guess it takes all sorts.

  11. I’m glad this is happening. All things in their time. HUD is right; there will be no White Flight anymore. Technology – White created technology – has changed this historical pattern forever. The cowards fleeing to New Zealand, or Costa Rica, or the Moon – they are deluded craven fools. The Darklings and Skraelings will follow us wherever we go. They have.

    No matter where we are – Whites must decide to BE White. We must decide we wish to exist As a distinct Race – or not.

    The reason why a Golden Dawn, right NOW, won’t work in America, is twofold:

    1) It’s an outfit By and FOR Greeks. God bless ’em!

    2) It’s not bad enough yet, economically, now. Food is still really really really easy to come by. But that’s all about to end. IF “Obamacare” does actually “go forward” – 2014 will be THE year. It’s building NOW.


    Wait. Here is comes.

  12. “I’m going to blow your mind here by saying you can adjust for drop by raising your sight picture.”

    By holding over six feet!?! Your pig-ignorance of weapons and ballistics is amazing, absolutely fucking amazing. Lobbing the totally non-aerodynamic 7.62X39 bullet into the broadside of a barn at 500 yards might result in an occasional hit somewhere (not that it would even penetrate tough old siding with only 300 ft/lbs of energy at that point.)

    Maybe that’s why they didn’t even use the round in that video you posted. I say FRAUD.

    You stated the AK 47 is accurate on human targets at 500 yards. I demonstrated that it is not. Consider yourself pwnd, moron.

    There were some VC left after Tet but up in I Corps I fought NVA regulars not a bunch of towel-head rabble.

  13. “In the meantime, please indicate for me where exactly Giap, Che, or Mao talked about ‘cannon fodder’ attacks in guerilla warfare.”

    I didn’t. Just like I didn’t make any claims about the AR. Learn to read.

    The AK was specifically designed to be used in mass assaults of the type engaged in by the Soviets on the Eastern Front in WWII. Your credibility about subjects la guerre is plunging far into the negative now.

  14. Hunter,

    I did go to the SF conference. There were ……ahhh…”issues” – but it went off, despite all attempts by the Gods to screw everything up. I personally enjoyed myself, despite almost no sleep all week. I finally met Matt H, and a new fellow named Tom, and met Matt P again. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

    To you – heard about you and your gal. ALL of my very best wishes to you and her!!!! Live is crazy. People are crazier. Have FUN!!! Love life, and have FUN!!!!

  15. @rudel


    Babby’s first internet argument. First you said


    “AK’s are up close and personal pray and spray weapons developed for massed cannon fodder assaults,” then backpedaled immediately once you realized what an idiot you sounded like claiming the VC were using cannon fodder charges by trying to seque with “B-b-b-but the Eastern Front!” when we were talking about Vietnam.   The AK wasn’t issued until 1948 which makes your ‘what might have been’ claims even more ludicrous.  What your assertion about how it might have been used in a Russian invasion of Europe means nothing when it was used as a standard battle rifle to great effect in Vietnam.


    You think you need to raise the barrel six feet to adjust for muzzle drop? And you’re claiming that you know anything about rifles? Ahaha oh goodness there’s the rudel I’ve come to enjoy, discovering barrel flex and that raising your sight picture a few inches at your shooting point is going to have magnitudes of effect down the line.


    The only thing you’ve been right about is my screwup by listing an article that talks about a 5.45 round. So here is a guy shooting out to 500 yds with a 7.62 using iron sights, to compensate.



    Googling “500 yd AK shot” makes it obvious that its not the impossible feat you seem to believe.  Youtubing it reveals video after video of the same.  The only place this is a controversial issue is in your mind, much like where all your ‘real battles with VC’ only occured.


    What a shock, another internet blowhard tough guy who killed a hojillion Charlie revealed as a know nothing idiot who thinks stringing together buzzwords (srsly who the fuck says pwned anymore other than neckbeards and tryhards?).


    Sorry Hunter for shitting up your topic.  I’m done with this goof.  Its obvious no amount of basic research is going to change his mind and he’s way too impressed with himself to listen to things like basic marksmanship.  But again, its rare for me to meet someone so very wrong and so aggressively stupid about it.

  16. We missed you, Denise.

    I figured you were at the Stormfront conference. I’m glad that you got the chance to meet Matt Parrott and Commander Heimbach. I would imagine that a lot of people there were gossiping about the Derek situation.

  17. “I don’t believe it is a conspiracy. I think the destruction of our race and culture is the logical and inevitable result of the liberal worldview.”

    Unfortunately, that belief with so many whites has caused our doom. The problem is you’re taking us all down with you! Eventually it will become so obvious you won’t be able to deny it 🙂

  18. Oooooh. Blowhard Jack gets called out on his ignorance of ballistics and now he is whining about getting called on his BS. Sorry I can’t oblige you with the stupid AR vs. AK argument you so pathetically want to engage in.

    “The AK wasn’t issued until 1948”

    True enough but it was designed for the prior war dummy.

    “You think you need to raise the barrel six feet to adjust for muzzle drop?”

    No, but you are sure going to have to raise your point of aim that far to make up for the 123 inch bullet drop. You would need to be pointing at the sky, difficult to get a consistent point of aim at best. Face it, you lost this argument the second I pointed out the ballistics of the round that included the 123 inch bullet drop.

    ” its not the impossible feat you seem to believe.”

    I didn’t say it was impossible. I said it was so unlikely as to negate it’s effectiveness on human size targets your pics of amateur targets to the contrary. They only claimed a one in eight hit ratio. Even if I believed it, it sucks for a battle rifle.

    “real battles with VC?”

    You seem to be fixated on a force that never engaged in fixed battle in my AO at the time. Quit making things up. Guess what. It was the NVA who marched into Saigon in 1975. You are a fraud and a poltroon. Go back to you air-conditioned tent you candy-assed would be warrior. Your only claim to fame is to have lost TWO wars. 🙂

    I’m through with your lies.

  19. This post is about HUD threatening to flood White suburbs with low life, Black Section 8 undertow. It has nothing to do with AK47 gun nut kooks.


    Our people can’t seem to concentrate.

    The Jews call us stupid, dumb goyim…

  20. honestly rudel the world you live in with a 7.62X39 mortar is indeed a thing is pretty cool but unfortunately we live in one with mountains of evidence that show people firing the weapon normally and hitting targets at extended ranges.

    the biggest tantrums by internet geriatrics who type and have the same seeming combat knowledge as 13 year old Call of Duty players will not change that. Thank you though for this time portal into the past of gun arguments circa 2001, before the common advent of streaming video made it possible to stand by your insane bullshit claims. I’m sure we all appreciate the trip.

  21. “Jack Hanson” is an self-admitted federal cop who has repeatedly tried to lure posters here into making threats of violence. Beware.

  22. Snowhite(y) is right:

    “that belief (that there is no Conspiracy) with so many whites has caused our doom. The problem is you’re taking us all down with you! Eventually it will become so obvious you won’t be able to deny it”!

  23. Hunter – I was away for a bit, not merely the conference. No one spoke of Derek; this topic would have been insensitive. People rolled in from everywhere. I spent time with folks that I haven’t seen in years. and met wonderful new folks. No one mentioned Derek at all. We had too many interesting things to discuss. I’ll write about the Conference tomorrow.

    One of the speakers could not make it; Parrot stepped in and did a marvelous job!!!! He said a lot of really interesting things. I enjoyed his “talk” immensely; more with every word. The Commander made a brief statement – he’s MARVELOUS!!!! He shines like a diamond!!! I really can’t rave enough about both.

    I’m still settling in from returning. I’ll do a post on my own blog tomorrow, when I finally get some time.

  24. Rudel is correct about the AK, unlike the “aggressively stupid” gubmint tax parasite Hanson. The AK is an assault rifle (M16 type weapon) using an intermediate cartridge (intermediate range <300m) not a battle rifle (M14 type weapon), which uses a full powered cartridge for long range accuracy. The AK was designed as a cheap imitation of the German MP43/StG44, which was the first true assault rifle.

    Jack Ryan is correct about these types of firearms. They are designed for the battlefield and are a less than optimal choice for personal defense, regardless of the hype used by many armchair commandos. Shoot someone with one of these, especially at longer range, and you aren't going to have a good day in court.

    These weapons do provide a rationale for federal scum like Hanson to take your life simply because you own one. Which is probably why he gives the advice he does. It's good for business.

    I think the HUD program is great thing. More diversity in white suburbs means less complacent whites everywhere. Worse is better.

    “I don’t believe it is a conspiracy. I think the destruction of our race and culture is the logical and inevitable result of the liberal worldview.”

    True. The white herd needs culling. Let nature take its course. It ain't pretty, but it needs to happen. Clueless anti-racist whites need to go the way of the bison.


    Proximity to real negroes is the cure for what ails white Amurrica.
    Check your privilege. It's all good.

    Deo Vindice

  25. “Proximity to real negroes is the cure for what ails white Amurrica.”

    Hurrah for the Southrons, who imported them from Africa! Thanks to the Southrons, we ALL have access to the cure for weak white racial identity!

  26. The Fed, Bilderberg Group, Rothschilds, etc. are not the source of our problems, but it is insufficient shoulder-rubbing contact of whites with Africans. The solution is diffusion of blacks among whites, “sending them North” into pure white areas.

  27. “Hurrah for the Southrons, who imported them from Africa!”

    You have the New England shipping industry to thank for that.
    Emancipation and cibbil rights! Kingdom Coming!
    The thought of your new negro neighbors does fill my heart with glee.

    Obama is the apotheosis of the yankee nation.

    Deo Vindice

  28. There is no such thing as a Talmudic Conspiracy, Amerika is really run by BLACKS, and African slavery in the Golden Circle not only created immense wealth but also brought the cure for weak white racial identity to North America.

    • Re: Mosin

      1.) You already know that BRA means an America run for blacks, not by blacks, which is ABRA like Detroit.

      2.) Slavery did create immense wealth and it also stimulated racial consciousness.

      3.) The lack of slavery in the failed White religious utopian cultures in the Northeast established by the Puritans and the Quakers explains why America has degenerated to its present level.

  29. Perhaps Golden Circle culture was right. Perhaps there is no healthy white racial identity outside a multiracial caste elite society. Perhaps not.

    • In the absence of slavery, the Quakers took the leveling principle of their own culture to its logical conclusion, and Pennsylvania became the first state to approve of interracial marriage in 1780.

  30. “You already know that BRA means an America run for blacks”

    Yet it is always spelled out: “Black Run America”.

    Then, I suggest: “ARFB”, spelled out “America run for Blacks”.

  31. “Quakers took the leveling principle of their own culture to its logical conclusion” yet miscegenation with Africans and with “Land Bridge Asians” was VERY rare among white settlers of this colony. Why?

  32. The German Anabaptist “Utopians” invited by Penn did not practice African slavery either, and they STILL remain extremely genetically, ethnically uniform. Marrying “strange flesh” would be considered a sin of lust.

    • Really?

      Is Vermont the way it is because of slavery, or is it because of its own indigenous degenerate leveling culture?

      BTW, anti-racism and civil rights are the children of anti-slavery, which were also spawned by the North’s low church leveling culture.

  33. So what’s the best play for white folks? It seems to me that if they’re moving them out, it’s time for us to move in and buy property in heavily gentrified neighborhoods deep inside the cities.

  34. “their sick culture has triumphed in the South”

    I don’t agree that the Christian culture of the settlers of Penn’s Woods is, or was, “sick”.

    It is an ANTI-Christian culture that is sick and has, apparently, triumphed.

    • Of course it was sick.

      Everything was “equal.” They started out trying to build a multiracial utopia with the Indians.

      They later moved on to leveling the British monarchy, next came masters and slaves, black and white, and later men and women.

      Modern America grew out of the Northeast’s culture.

  35. There is no such thing as a “low church”. Immorality north and south of the Line does not spring from “low” Christianity, which lives out the Scriptures — especially the “red letters” of the New Testament.

  36. White people (north of the Line), “low” Biblical Christianity, and lack of regular contact with Africans are not evils.

    • Oh, that’s right.

      I forgot: according to your theory, white = good, multiracial = bad. Vermont is so much better than Mississippi. No, it is because of the “white” states like Vermont and their screwed up, degenerate, leveling culture that causes them to vote for Obama and amnesty for illegal aliens and “civil rights” that we are in this predicament.

  37. “They started out trying to build a multiracial utopia with the Indians.”

    They purchased the land fairly and didn’t enslave the Indians, and lived SEPARATE. In other places, especially LATIN America, Indians were enslaved and miscegenation was relatively MUCH more common.

  38. White X Indian intermarriage WAS common however in the northeastern corner of the state first settled by New Netherlanders.

  39. “Levelling” is not necessarily wrong. Racial and ethnic and religious MIXING is wrong. Abandoning Christianity was wrong.

  40. I agree that the culture of Vermont, and other states, is degenerate. Some states are relatively more degenerate and liberal and less Christian than others.

  41. “the Northeast has leveled real marriage with fag marriage”

    A Defense of Marriage Act is still standing in this state, barely.

    There is nothing “leveling” about the promotion of homosexuality as “marriage”. Right leveling has NOTHING to do with promoting or allowing sin.

    ELITISM is historically more corrupting than “levelling”, “egalitarian”, democratic-republican constitutional mixed polity.

  42. The label “Levellers” was applied first to rural English who resisted the taking of their land, by tearing down, “levelling”, the hedges and other barriers put up to enclose the taken land.

  43. “The lack of slavery in the failed White religious utopian cultures in the Northeast established by the Puritans and the Quakers explains why America has degenerated to its present level.”

    The right topography and climate are a fundamental necessity that plantation slave culture needed in order to flourish, irrespective of religion.

  44. Guys disarm yourselves and use single shot hunting rifles because of the obscure chain of events that exists in the minds of random anonymous posters.

    And I’M the controlled opposition lol holy shit. Apelius, much like your other idiot on here can’t acknowledge real world experience that five seconds on youtube verifies but knows wikipedia history inside and out.

    yeah, there sure needs to be a culling of whites. physician, heal thyself.

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