OD’s 2013 Summer Fundraiser

OD's 2013 Summer Fundraiser
OD’s 2013 Summer Fundraiser


I’ve long taken a dim view of fundraising.

It doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to run a vBulletin forum or a WordPress blog.  I have run Occidental Dissent out of my own pocket for the last five years. It costs me less than $150 dollars a year to maintain a domain name with privacy protection and to pay for our hosting account.

In July 2010, OD held its first and only fundraiser, and before the month was over there were rumors flying around the internet that I was a SPLC spy, that I had reduced Michael O’Meara to the edge of homelessness, and that I was partying with scantily clad black women in the Bahamas on the movement’s dime!

There is (some) truth to these changes … I actually told everyone on this website that I was going to the Bahamas on a vacation, but in reality, I was furious about the rumors that were being spread around about me, and I was so pissed off and frustrated with the White Nationalist movement that my roommates in Virginia convinced me to take a break from the internet to calm down.

Shortly thereafter, I packed my bags and moved back home to Alabama, and ever since then I have avoided fundraising because of that experience. I came to believe that fundraising through this website wasn’t worth the trouble it had caused me. Over the past three years (2010 to 2013), I have been living a bachelor’s life and focusing on my physical fitness goals, so fundraising here has been unnecessary.

My life has recently undergone a radical change …in a good way. No, I haven’t been fired from my job, but this change in my life is going to have a big impact on the amount of time that I can spend on Occidental Dissent, and that’s why I am holding our first fundraiser in three years.

Here’s the rub: the purpose of my recent trip to Missouri was romance, my girlfriend is moving down from Missouri to Alabama next week, and the two of us are moving in together and getting into a serious relationship. By a serious relationship, I mean that we aren’t planning to spend the next several years living “The Childfree Life,” but instead plan to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” 😀

In order for that to happen, I am going to have to make some decisions about how I am spending my time. I’m either going to have to raise money through what I am doing on Occidental Dissent, or make money to support my new household by spending more of my time doing something else.

I’m pretty good at this too … sometimes when I am reading the news or watching television, I find myself laughing because I feel like the character Doyle in the 1996 movie Sling Blade: “I’m the only sane ‘sum of a bitch’ here.”

Here’s what OD is doing to restore some sanity where it is needed:

1.) In terms of “ideas,” we have the League of the South on track now. The Rainbow Confederate cancer has been excised.

2.) On August 24th, we are going to Uvalda, GA to put some heat on Paul Bridges, who has worked with the SPLC to undermine Georgia’s immigration law.

3.) If the Uvalda, GA demonstration is successful, we can start to hold similar rallies in other Southern states to capitalize on the growing disaffection with the GOP. I’ve started to build up my own group here in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley.

4.) In Montgomery, we marched into the SPLC itself, unfurled the Third National Flag of the Confederacy, and showed that we were not afraid of them.

5.) My little “hate princess” who is moving to Alabama is the daughter of the leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Needless to say, I will be working much more closely with the CofCC in the future to advance the pro-White movement throughout the United States, not just here in the South.

The road ahead is clear to me: White people can start having more children, they can get involved in an organized resistance movement (the Council of Conservative Citizens or the League of the South), they can raise more money to support that movement, and they can get mad, give each other courage, and get out into the street and publicly get in the face of the opposition.

Education is important, but its not enough. The “collapse” may happen, but not anytime soon. We’re not going to read or think or reason our way to a homeland. We’re going to have to start pushing for one. We’ve spent the last twenty years dreaming about a Southern nation or a White ethnostate. We need institutions through which we can channel our beliefs, resentments, and resources into an organized resistance.

A comrade used to always tell me, “you can’t save the world if you can’t pay the rent.” If you appreciate the work we are doing here, support the direction we are headed, or just want to send me and my lovely lady a gift to (literally) help us pay the rent, then now is the right time. OD will continue regardless of the success of this fundraiser. No one here is under any pressure to contribute, but those who do so will have our heartfelt gratitude.

To donate through PayPal, use the “Donate” button on the sidebar or under the “Donate” tab, or send cash, checks, or money orders to:

Brad Griffin
P.O. Box 1544
Eufaula, AL 36072

Note: BTW, you guys are my social network, and I don’t know who is reading this website, but any information on job offers would also be appreciated. Contact me at prozium1984@gmail.com.

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  1. Re: 313Chris

    I don’t see that happening.

    I’m happier with OD now than I have ever been. The only thing that could limit my involvement with this site is working for the man to pay the bills. Whenever you take that big step, it comes with new responsibilities.

    As for the future of OD, we’re pretty much locked in now as pro-Southern and pro-White. This website has long been near the border of White Nationalism and Southern Nationalism, not completely one or the other.

    I went to North Carolina in June to check in with the White Nationalist movement for the first time in three years … and wham, next thing you know I am getting married, and I am back for good.

    Life is full of surprises.

  2. I just sent another small donation to the LOS/Southern Victory fund. I’m sorry I can’t send more at this time; more will come in the future.

  3. I have been smiling for a week, thinking about the wonderful turn of events for oyu and your Renee! All the very best to you both!!! Don’t post pics yet – enjoy each other!!!!

    I pray that your wonderful new path leads on to a long, healthy brilliant line of Hunters and Renees’!

  4. “Re: Chess Master

    In the 1960s, we controlled the entire states of Alabama and Mississippi, but because power is concentrated in Washington, it didn’t matter that we controlled all the state and local offices here.”

    Well…..no. The South never controlled the message. Hunter, everything comes down to who is controlling the message. What the Palestinians have shown the world is that a weak group can dominate a more powerful group by simply controlling the message. ……especially with something like the internet.

    kudos on your activism…..just remember …..EVERYTHING comes down to MESSAGE ….and I mean something the locals can easily swallow and remember.

    • Re: Horus

      I disagree.

      We had complete control of the message in Alabama and Mississippi and segregationists thoroughly dominated both states … MLK was a radical communist and integration was wildly unpopular. Alabama alone passed dozens of segregation laws in the 1950s and early 1960s. We overwhelmingly voted against the Civil Rights Acts of 1957, 1960, and 1964. We voted against the Voting Rights Act.

      Birmingham elected Bull Connor as the Commissioner of Public Safety. The Citizens’ Council dominated Selma. George Wallace was elected governor of Alabama and carried Alabama and Mississippi when he ran for president.. Liberals were driven completely underground.

      In Alabama and Mississippi, the segregationists won the democratic elections and dominated both states, but because of the existence of the Union, it didn’t matter what voters here had to say, or what “message” resonated with them. The Brown decision was so unpopular that Gov. Wallace made his “stand in the schoolhouse door” to physically block the integration of the University of Alabama, but we found out in the 1960s that real power is concentrated in Washington, and we are ruled ultimately by federal courts and federal bayonets.

  5. “but we found out in the 19 1860s that real power is concentrated in Washington, and we are ruled ultimately by federal courts and federal bayonets.”

    There. Fixed it for ya’.

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