OD’s 2013 Summer Fundraiser

OD's 2013 Summer Fundraiser
OD’s 2013 Summer Fundraiser


I’ve long taken a dim view of fundraising.

It doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to run a vBulletin forum or a WordPress blog.  I have run Occidental Dissent out of my own pocket for the last five years. It costs me less than $150 dollars a year to maintain a domain name with privacy protection and to pay for our hosting account.

In July 2010, OD held its first and only fundraiser, and before the month was over there were rumors flying around the internet that I was a SPLC spy, that I had reduced Michael O’Meara to the edge of homelessness, and that I was partying with scantily clad black women in the Bahamas on the movement’s dime!

There is (some) truth to these changes … I actually told everyone on this website that I was going to the Bahamas on a vacation, but in reality, I was furious about the rumors that were being spread around about me, and I was so pissed off and frustrated with the White Nationalist movement that my roommates in Virginia convinced me to take a break from the internet to calm down.

Shortly thereafter, I packed my bags and moved back home to Alabama, and ever since then I have avoided fundraising because of that experience. I came to believe that fundraising through this website wasn’t worth the trouble it had caused me. Over the past three years (2010 to 2013), I have been living a bachelor’s life and focusing on my physical fitness goals, so fundraising here has been unnecessary.

My life has recently undergone a radical change …in a good way. No, I haven’t been fired from my job, but this change in my life is going to have a big impact on the amount of time that I can spend on Occidental Dissent, and that’s why I am holding our first fundraiser in three years.

Here’s the rub: the purpose of my recent trip to Missouri was romance, my girlfriend is moving down from Missouri to Alabama next week, and the two of us are moving in together and getting into a serious relationship. By a serious relationship, I mean that we aren’t planning to spend the next several years living “The Childfree Life,” but instead plan to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” 😀

In order for that to happen, I am going to have to make some decisions about how I am spending my time. I’m either going to have to raise money through what I am doing on Occidental Dissent, or make money to support my new household by spending more of my time doing something else.

I’m pretty good at this too … sometimes when I am reading the news or watching television, I find myself laughing because I feel like the character Doyle in the 1996 movie Sling Blade: “I’m the only sane ‘sum of a bitch’ here.”

Here’s what OD is doing to restore some sanity where it is needed:

1.) In terms of “ideas,” we have the League of the South on track now. The Rainbow Confederate cancer has been excised.

2.) On August 24th, we are going to Uvalda, GA to put some heat on Paul Bridges, who has worked with the SPLC to undermine Georgia’s immigration law.

3.) If the Uvalda, GA demonstration is successful, we can start to hold similar rallies in other Southern states to capitalize on the growing disaffection with the GOP. I’ve started to build up my own group here in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley.

4.) In Montgomery, we marched into the SPLC itself, unfurled the Third National Flag of the Confederacy, and showed that we were not afraid of them.

5.) My little “hate princess” who is moving to Alabama is the daughter of the leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Needless to say, I will be working much more closely with the CofCC in the future to advance the pro-White movement throughout the United States, not just here in the South.

The road ahead is clear to me: White people can start having more children, they can get involved in an organized resistance movement (the Council of Conservative Citizens or the League of the South), they can raise more money to support that movement, and they can get mad, give each other courage, and get out into the street and publicly get in the face of the opposition.

Education is important, but its not enough. The “collapse” may happen, but not anytime soon. We’re not going to read or think or reason our way to a homeland. We’re going to have to start pushing for one. We’ve spent the last twenty years dreaming about a Southern nation or a White ethnostate. We need institutions through which we can channel our beliefs, resentments, and resources into an organized resistance.

A comrade used to always tell me, “you can’t save the world if you can’t pay the rent.” If you appreciate the work we are doing here, support the direction we are headed, or just want to send me and my lovely lady a gift to (literally) help us pay the rent, then now is the right time. OD will continue regardless of the success of this fundraiser. No one here is under any pressure to contribute, but those who do so will have our heartfelt gratitude.

To donate through PayPal, use the “Donate” button on the sidebar or under the “Donate” tab, or send cash, checks, or money orders to:

Brad Griffin
P.O. Box 1544
Eufaula, AL 36072

Note: BTW, you guys are my social network, and I don’t know who is reading this website, but any information on job offers would also be appreciated. Contact me at prozium1984@gmail.com.

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    • The CofCC isn’t a SN organization.

      OD has long been in the weird position of being on the border of White Nationalism and Southern Nationalism, not fully one or the other. Now, that’s been etched in stone because my girlfriend’s father is the leader of the CofCC.

      It’s an interesting situation. I’m going to be working closely with both the CofCC and the League of the South in the future.

  1. I’m contributing.

    But, think OD’s editor should step away from alternative right blogging and instead become a rich Auburn Univ banker.


  2. I would advise using Hunter W. for the fundraising appeal.

    Really, REALLY hope and pray that this “relationship” works out for yo and our people.

    God bless.

  3. Congratulations Brad. Hope you guys will be very happy together!

    I was really impressed when I thought it was 8 men against 400 Commies, but when I looked carefully, there were two women in the ranks. Great to see women of such courage.


    Just a suggestion. You might get additional funding, if you offer a BitCoin payment option and show people how to use it. If you do it right using a proxy, you can donate anonymously. There will be no financial trails for ZOG to follow.

  4. Congratulations. I wouldn’t have waited so long to have kids if I knew how great it would be. Once you have kids, unless you have a full-time assistant, you’ll quickly forget what it’s like just to grab your wallet and keys and go somewhere. You’ll have to really prioritize your time. I hope you can keep OD going with your unique perspective in the firmament of rightist blogs.

  5. I suppose you will be remaining in Alabama, in or along the edge of the “Piedmont-Atlantic MEGAREGION”? http://www.america2050.org/piedmont_atlantic.html http://www.atlantaregional.com/about-us/public-involvement/atlanta-fifty-forward/fifty-forward-future-forums/megaregions-forum

    Enjoy the future in “sustainably-grown”, “diverse”, “MEGAPOLITAN” America http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9781932364972/ that is already more densely populated than any European country including the U.K., and planned to grow much denser! Your SOUTHEASTERN “Megaregion” is being managed for ESPECIALLY rapid growth: to DOUBLE its population over the next twenty years.

  6. I take back any rude things I have ever said. Congratulations on beginning your family and the best of wishes to your hate princess!

  7. Population decline and failure of infrastructure in other regions is actually a blessing if the local communities are cohesive enough to resist immigration and the intrusion of new industries, Walmarts, franchises, etc.

  8. instead plan to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

    Pics or it didn’t happen :-p

  9. Congratulations! I’m impressed. You’re actually walking the walk. Let’s hope your contemporaries take note and follow suit.

  10. I suspect in the old traditional south you’d get your ass kicked for moving in with a woman without being married. Had you decided to “further the race” without being married you’d have had a shotgun in your face.

    It’s a horrible idea. You want the benefits of traditional culture without the sacrifice of maintaining that culture yourself. You prove yourself to be wordist.

    Truly disgusting, Hunter. I’d donate 4 figures if you were getting married. But instead you’re fucking up like so many others. So you get nothing. Dumbass.

    • Re: Occigent

      It’s an unusual situation. Well, not really.

      She lives in Missouri. I live in Alabama. We both know that long distance relationships don’t work. It’s not like she lives down the street from me. We can’t have a normal relationship – and I am certain that marriage and children will come out of this, eventually – unless one of us moves in with the other.

      BTW, literally everyone I know in this area is divorced. Every single one of my friends married someone from around here and got divorced. My cousin dated a girl here for five years, got married to her last year on a beach in the Caribbean, and they were divorced within two months.

      In the Old South, we didn’t have smartphones, email, Facebook, airplanes, automobiles, etc. We didn’t have social networks that allowed romantic relationships to form over hundreds of miles.

  11. A couple of Things to Remember:

    1) The little lady is always right. You are always wrong.

    2) Never argue. You cannot win.

  12. Re: WG

    This is a big step forward for me.

    I’ve dated several women in my local area around here, but none of those relationships ever got as serious as this one, nor were they ever worth commenting about on the internet. In this case, I have started to dating someone who is in “the movement,” and we are far more compatible and happy with each other.

    I’m at a very happy point in my life right now:

    1.) I’ve lost 75 pounds and gotten myself back in shape.

    2.) I’ve finally met the right woman and expect to be getting married soon.

    3.) I’ve found institutions – the CofCC and League of the South – through which I can work to advance my racial and cultural beliefs with likeminded people.

    4.) I have a great set of friends in real life and within the movement.

    5.) I have a clear vision of the path forward.

  13. Re: Palmetto

    I agree.

    I think that gets lost in all the posts about black crime, immigration, multiculturalism, crazy liberals, Jews, etc. The single most important thing that we can do as individuals is to start families and raise our children.

  14. Good luck Hunter and Renee. I wish you both all the health, happiness and prosperity in the world. God bless.

    I will do a contribution right now. Keep up the great work.

  15. I say get.her knocked up and get on the dole. There’s no way to further the race doing it properly anymore. You’ll be too old when you can finally really afford kids.

    Also plan to buy much more toilet paper. I don’t know what women do with it but every one I’ve ever met uses more than one can fathom.

  16. I have been encouraging you to raise money for years. Politics is about raising money! You and your pals should be raising all kinds of money, and lots of it. Don’t let anyone who comments here discourage you from raising money.

  17. Get married soon. Not for everyone else, but for you both. I understand marriage is treated poorly these days, but what it does for your relationship is give it an extra degree of permanence. Getting married in church in front of family will lend you a bit of a sense of psychological permanence that helps you through the first few years. In other words, giving yourself an out by just living together makes you more likely to take that out if things get difficult. It’s the same reason divorce is more common today: it’s easier.

    • Re: Jim

      In our case, we met at a White Nationalist conference (I told you guys to go to the conferences), and things started to rapidly blossom from there. We live hundreds of miles apart in different states. We’re moving in together because long distance relationships don’t work and one of us moving is necessary to have a normal relationship.

  18. Don’t do it Hunter. Don’t do it man.


    If you both love the idea of marriage, than just get married. Your love for the ideal is more important than your love for each other, which can always fluctuate, whether you live together or not. If you don’t both love the ideal then don’t go half way. Living with each other isn’t going to make you love the ideal any more. It’s just going to tarnish the ideal.

    Your commitment is to God, not to each other. “Knowing” each other better is not going to bring you closer to this fundamental Truth. It’s actually going to make it more difficult to find.

    Just get married or don’t. BUT DON’T DO THIS.

  19. Congratulations Hunter!

    I made a modest donation, but I think you’re going to have to get a job if you dn’t have one already. you can’t make a living on teh WN movmeent.

  20. Hunter:

    Congratulations, this is to the next step! I am married and have a baby myself and all I can say is, good luck. About the fundraising, I would prefer to support you by buying a signed copy of your book, as soon as it comes out.

    Re Occigent’s comment:

    Nobody in the West outside of crazy religious sects does marriage in the traditional way anymore. Although it is too long a story, we are moving towards the elimination of marriage and the next stage of social evolution in which child bearing becomes a specialised profession (see e.g. ants and bees, who have completed the process). I congratulate you on doing things the old way, as I have, and wish you the best of luck.

    • Re: Occigent

      Thanks man, I understand your concerns and normally I would agree with you (we’re in complete agreement on marriage), but I am not going to gamble our future on trying to make a long distance relationship work.

      I’ve been in long distance relationships before. I know how long distance relationships fizzle out over time – living an hour or two away from each other, not ten hours away. That’s not a risk that either of us are willing to take. We have too much riding on the outcome of this to take that chance.

  21. Oh, I am sure we are getting married.

    If I didn’t believe that was where this was going, I wouldn’t have made an announcement about it here. The only thing that could prevent that from happening and wreck everything is distance.

    I’m not going to gamble our future on trying to make a long distance relationship work. There is also the small matter of our parents not wanting us to leap into marriage so soon.

  22. If you love each other and are committed to each other, what does a piece of paper from the state have to do with anything ?

    Seriously, move in together, but on “paper” keep separate residences, keep your income separate, knock her up, go on welfare, let our white tax welfare dollars go to you instead of another “diversity” baby.

    My guess is that you can’t do this because it will look bad “politically” due to involvement to CCC? Well, in my opinion all the more reason to do it, get the welfare message out there.

  23. Re: Peak Finance

    I’ve talked with Renee at length about this.

    It’s a big concern of mine because literally everyone who I grew up with in this town is divorced. Every single one of my closest friends is divorced. The only people who I know who stayed married were my own cousins, but one after another, every one of them has gotten divorced, and now the last one who stayed married is about to get a divorce.

    Occigent is absolutely right that marriage is not about our love for each other. It’s about taking a solemn oath before God. It’s fundamentally a social and economic pact between a man and a woman – taken before God, your family, and the community – whose primary purpose is to provide the ideal long term structure for raising children.

    Fag marriage is an absurdity. It’s a sign of how unserious we are about marriage in general these days.

  24. Yeah, I agree with Peak Finance. Have your girl be on paper a “single mom” while you “camp out” with her. Have her get its free swipe yo ebt so she can be a traditional stay at home mom and you can be teh breadwinner. Just like the 1950’s! All you have to do is NOT GET MARRIED! At least not officially. Have a troth ceremony, but no marriage certificate.

  25. Thanks, Kievsky.

    I’ve never believed in living off the movement. There are people who live off the movement, but I would prefer to avoid conflict with them.

    Any money that I can raise through OD certainly helps, but it’s not a stable enough source of income. I’m not joking when I say that my priorities have changed. It’s easy to live a bachelor’s life and maintain an inexpensive website, but when I have a family of my own soon, the amount of time that I can spend here and doing related stuff will have a direct relationship to my new responsibilities.

  26. Yeah, you don’t have to get married right away. The smart thing is to live together a few years first. Hell, the truth is you don’t even really have to get married technically. A lot of people don’t anymore, and contra the dooomsayers, it can be as good as an official marriage. We don’t need to rehearse yet again all the objections to official marriage that exist these days, and that are certainly valid.

    If you want a kid or kids, well, you know how they are made. No matter what, you will still have the kid(s). Again, all the doomtalk like Occident simply is not a priori valid these days. You know all about all this. I even have kids from one night stands, lol. The mother’s are not worth much but the kids are grand. They are well taken care of. So are their siblings, as much as possible, who are not mine. This is the world we live in, not the idealistic one so many WN and other Occident like folks like to talk about. So you do what you do to make things work, and it can be done and things work out pretty good, the things that count.

    We live in a messy, fucked up world, so all this idealistic stuff often is not going to be doable in every case. Instead, worry about making what you can out of it and concentrating on getting some solid goals accomplished, kids of your own, for example. If your 80 percent right 80 percent of the time and getting a few goals done, you are doing pretty good. And if the Occidents of the world are not happy that all is not according to Hoyle, well, that’s the era we live in and you have done the best that the situation as it really is is capable of producing. Not Ideal but workable. Good enough is workable, remember.

  27. There are a lot of issues here, love, god, the church, sin, the state, marriage 2.0, etc.

    Really, it is so emotionally charged to so many people I don’t want to touch it. You literally can’t discuss it without hurting someone’s feelings.

    So, my personal advice would be to think about it purely in practical terms like a business transaction, as heartless as that sounds. That’s what I would do. Move in together, pool resources, keep everything separate on paper, no marriage by the state, think about the welfare issues, and if you think welfare issues would effect your reputation.

    If you act like your married, say your married, and behave like you are married (love, devotion, no cheating), then you are married. Period. Marriage in a church? What does this even mean anymore? Does Marriage in a church that supports faggotry, feminism, and jew worship even mean anything to god anymore?

  28. I’ll contribute.


    I know a couple whose being living together for 5 years with three siblings. Few weeks ago they married.

  29. Peak finance,

    I want to get married before God to Hunter. It’s way more than just a piece of paper to me, as it should be to everyone who is Christian. My church doesn’t support any of those things you mentioned. We’re very traditional in my Lutheran church. No, I’m not ELCA, I’m part of the Missouri Synod, which is the second largest Lutheran church in the nation, soon to be the largest because ELCA has gone so far to the left. But I want to move in with him first because, like he said, our parents don’t want us rushing into marriage and we live so far away from each other that I think this is the next right step. Of course my father wants us to be married before we have children. He’s a very old school, traditional Lutheran man.

    Thank you all for your support. I’m sure this is the right move for us

  30. The heck you can’t make a living fund raising.

    You have two vehicles to raise money, one of which is the CofCC which is the original tea party, only with principles, the other is the Southern heritage & political association the League of the South.

    I’m sure you could write a good fund raising letter for either group, make the necessary phone calls & visits. It’s hard work, but, remember you have 535 Congressman & Senators who do it everyday.

    • It’s true that people can make a living off fundraising. I think Greg Johnson is trying to raise $50,000 at Counter-Currents. I know that Stormfront and VDARE raise a lot more than that.

      I’m not planning to go that route. I would prefer to have a more stable source of income, but whatever could help us now would be useful. I am also adverse to relying on the good will of other people which often depends on their economic circumstances.

  31. Renee,

    Why can’t you get an apartment nearby?

    Are there any adults left within shouting distance of any of you? This is a bad idea beyond all comprehension. What kind of “Lutheran Tradition” posits that you move in together first?

    This is a bad idea of epic proportions.

    How about a fundraiser for Renee’s apartment rent for six months?

    For God’s sake stop this now.

  32. Hunter,

    You know why the bride is smiling when she walks down the isle? She knows she’s given her last blowjob.

    I think that’s what occigent is getting at.

  33. Don’t let people try to tell you what to do Hunter. Good people can make “suggestions”.

    My suggestion is to get out of full time activism and don’t worry about fundraising. Instead plug in to your very wealthy connected Auburn alumni network, get a real job in banking, investments, deal with rich Southerners, build your family and do Southern nationalist politics on a more limited basis.

    Let some college age,ex college guy do what you have done very well.

    You wouldn’t be selling out, giving up, just building your family.

    You can write for Vdare – as they pay you.

    American “movement” life isn’t a healthy, happy place for good women and children.

  34. “Seriously, move in together, but on “paper” keep separate residences, keep your income separate, knock her up, go on welfare, let our white tax welfare dollars go to you instead of another “diversity” baby. ”

    That might work for Hunter’s fiance (would probably work better if she showed up with a little mulatto baby instead) , but (while I admit I could be wrong on this), I do not think that a White man, especially a young physically fit one, can “collect”. That technicality has been the historic excuse for black men leaving their women. Anyway, its doubtful that Hunter would want to emulate the average ghetto gangsta’ and wouldn’t want his lady to travel that road either.

  35. About this:

    “emulate the average ghetto gangsta’ and wouldn’t want his lady to travel that road either”

    You do know, the “Average ghetto gangster” laughs at your stupid white taxpaying ass every time he swipes his EBT, right??

    Take the fucking welfare. Take the Welfare any way you can get it.

  36. @Brutus

    “Yeah, you don’t have to get married right away. The smart thing is to live together a few years first. Hell, the truth is you don’t even really have to get married technically. A lot of people don’t anymore, and contra the dooomsayers, it can be as good as an official marriage. We don’t need to rehearse yet again all the objections to official marriage that exist these days, and that are certainly valid.

    If you want a kid or kids, well, you know how they are made. No matter what, you will still have the kid(s).”

    Your blasé attitude towards the matter of children born out of wedlock is deplorable and degenerate.

  37. Hunter and Renee, my pastorly advice: Respect the Christian ordinance of marriage FULLY (as Occigent warns) and also find a place to settle outside the Southeastern “Megaregion” and any other “Megaregion” (see my earlier comment) — in a rural agrarian and conservative Biblical church community, as close as possible to your kinfolk of common ethnicity — as was the custom of Appalachian folk both north and south of the Line, to “never move further than you can still see the smoke from the chimney of the cabin where you grew up”. I also advise working with your hands in farming or a simple trade, rather than trying to win the rat race by “creating immense wealth” by doing something Talmudic.

  38. Renee,

    Congrats. I wish you and “Hunter” all the best. We met at the Amren conference in Tennessee this year, you are a beautiful woman and I wish you and Hunter” much love and many healthy children.

  39. “You do know, the “Average ghetto gangster” laughs at your stupid white taxpaying ass every time he swipes his EBT, right??”

    Yes, I am very sure that they do. Are you black? If not, you do know, the Average ghetto gangsta’ laughs at wiggers too, right?

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