The Ruins of Gary

In heavily blighted and 85 black Gary, Indiana, MLK's "Dream" has come true
In heavily blighted Gary, Indiana, MLK’s “Dream” has come true


The New York Times has been kind enough to provide us with a window into the future of the US system, which OD and SBPDL have labeled Black Run America (BRA).

In 85 percent black Gary, Indiana, which was previously known as an “industrial utopia” and “steel’s greatest achievement,” thousands of blighted and abandoned homes are being sold for the price of a McChicken sandwich on the McDonald’s Dollar Menu:

“GARY, Ind. — As a tower of black smoke rose above this blighted city last week, a group of neighbors huddled across the street from a burning house, trying to guess which other vacant properties on their block would be arsonists’ next target.

“There’s so many,” said Tasha McMiller, 50, a resident dismayed by the estimated 10,000 abandoned homes here. “They’re a burden.” ….

While some of those homes will be demolished, Gary is exploring a more affordable way to lift its haggard tax base and reduce the excess of empty structures: sell them for $1. …

Gary, which is 85 percent black, has since wrestled with high rates of unemployment, crime and fleeing businesses, as well as fewer resources to invest into 50 square miles of infrastructure that continues to decay. The city department that handles road repair, snow removal and other public maintenance has reduced its staff to 17 employees from 100 employees in 2006. …

“It’s not flashy,” S. Paul O’Hara, a historian and author of “Gary: The Most American of All American Cities,” said about the so-called Dollar Home program. “It doesn’t come with promises, but it does come with possibilities.”

How about that?

The fate of Gary, Indiana, “The Most American of All American Cities,” is the dystopian future that the Obama HUD is planning to impose on the “racially imbalanced” suburbs, which are suffering from chronic deficits of black dysfunction in terms of high property value, commercial activity, low unemployment, a tax base, safe streets, high quality schools and public services, and competent public officials.

There is no need for long winded historical and philosophical arguments to explain what has happened to Gary, Detroit, and Birmingham or what is going to happen to other prosperous American cities once “diversity” is redistributed elsewhere. White Americans are already smart enough to avoid these places and to resist the racial transformation of their communities in various indirect ways.

The only thing left for us to do is to start fighting back … make a huge scene about it, publicly oppose what is being done to us, violate the racial taboos, show that we are not afraid anymore, explain in explicit terms why the US system tends toward our destruction, and rid ourselves of the parasites who are channeling our resentments into things like tax cuts for Sheldon Adelson and cheap labor for Mark Zuckerberg.

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  1. Gary starteed its downhill plunge when it was illegally put under Federal martial law by the Army in 1919 and US Steel imported nigger scabs from the South to beak the steel worker’s strike.

  2. There are large signs, similar to the large green interstate signs, posted going into Gary warning motorists to not go into the city unless they have business there. Don’t let anyone bullshit you that I am wrong. I worked near Gary in the steel mills several times when I was an ironworker.

    My buddy was stopping at stop lights and a cop turned his lights on and stopped him. The cop told him he would arrest him if he continued to stop at lights. The cop told him to do not stop at lights. Do not cause other cars to have to stop.

    Guy’s went there to work as often as they could to work the shutdowns. You could bring home close to three grand for a week’s work. Sometimes these shutdowns would last as long as ten or twelve weeks. Some longer. The plants weren’t bad. You just didn’t go into Gary.

  3. Your two best friends in Gary, Indiana are Smith & Wesson. Even if you don’t want to, or don’t like to lug around a piece, you have to, and there is nothing you can do about it, and nothing romantic about it.

    What was Inland in East Chicago is just as bad a scene as Gary.

    The fellows who work for USS in Gary, or whatever they are calling Inland now, live 30 or 40 miles from where they work. Lots of fellows, many with roots in South, the sons and grandsons of Southerners who came north to work after WWII.

    US Steel, Inland, Bethlehem, and other smaller steel corps dumped the Blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans etc. off without any concern or plan, and let them become a burden to the communities where they were dumped off. Literally. The Puerto Ricans they flew into the US on cargo planes recruited by a New York Jew labor agency.

  4. Gary is a small Detroit. It is more or less equal to East St. Louis, across the river from my home town. A smaller town worth mentioning is Cairo, Illinois. It seems that cities that retain in the ballpark of 50% white population and some white power are screwed up, but have a chance. Go majority black population plus black leadership doesn’t work so well. Better stated, it is totally disfunctional.

  5. There are places here in St. Louis like that, where you don’t stop at the stop signs or lights. We natives know exactly which areas to avoid. The negroes will even take the street signs so you get lost and are more easily victimized. I have a good friend that was shot in one of these areas while being robbed at gun point.

  6. “… do not stop at lights. Do not cause other cars to have to stop.” We need an army of media cops who tell people: Do not deny the biological reality of blacks – they have higher testosterone levels and lower IQs than non-blacks. “Leaving Detriot. What Happened to a City Improbably Called: “The Paris of the Midwest.”
    The blacks happened.

  7. “One of its Black natives is confirmed to have miraculously transformed into a wealthy and talented White person.”

    Yes, only in America the land of opportunity can a poor black boy grow up to be a white woman!

  8. “Gary, which is 85 percent black, has since wrestled with high rates of unemployment, crime and fleeing businesses, as well as fewer resources to invest into 50 square miles of infrastructure that continues to decay. The city department that handles road repair, snow removal and other public maintenance has reduced its staff to 17 employees from 100 employees in 2006. …”

    They’re Mormons in reverse.

  9. True story: myself and friend were going north to Chicago. Needed to stop for gas and food near Gary. Were towing race bikes and wanted to find a place we could park the trailer but still eat quickly. Driver decided on church’s chicken.
    walk in and I hear sound of a record scratching as a bunch of eyes and feet look at us. Did you know it’s like 8 bucks for a drumstick and side of coleslaw?

    Anyway we turn and walk out. Just as immune about to make a comment about overpriced migger food we see a whiteman in a truck pulling a 5th wheel turn into the parking lot. I Shit you not, it was full of watermellons.

  10. As we pulled out of the lot that guy was swarmed with niggers buying watermellons. So this cant be more than 2 minutes after he pulled in.

    I never tried so hard to suppress laughter in all my life.

  11. There’s a horror movie from 1988 called Phantasm II. One of the characters says, “Small towns are like people. Some get old and die. Some get murdered.”

  12. Since 1965 I have watched less than 13% of the population hold America and the White Race Hostage with a unbelievable amount of help from the Federal Government.We had forced busing shoved down our throats in 1970 by the Supreme Court.All it did by 2013 was to turn all public schools in this city to a totally black school system.Thanks Uncle Sam for destroying a public school system that was one of the best in the country.There was a law or something called freedom of choice where a black student could attend an all white school.This was started in 1966 and we had,I believe 2 or 3 negro students.Not much of a problem because the school was still majority white.I know this to be a fact,Goodwin,one of the black students said the NAACP paid his mother quite well if she would send him and his siblings to our all white school.
    But this wasn’t enough,by God we want total integration and domination of these schools by busing out whites and bringing in black students by mass.You got your wish Mr. supreme court,you ran off all the white students and got your little black darlings in charge of the whole crime-drug infested mess majority black school system.Your forced busing really worked.Now the public school system is totally black and it makes a Jewish death camp look like paradise.Hope to see you in hell someday,LBJ,King’s little white brother and president in the white house in 1965.They were in love with each other.Should have buried johnson in the tomb by martin instead of the black widow.The white race is going to have to step up soon or we won’t have a DAM$ thing left to call ours.I don’t want a revolution because of the people I love and care for.But it’s the blacks who are fueling the flames of hate and anger,I don’t believe they will ever stop bitching or whining.We will win this war and take our country back,but we will all suffer and for no more of a reason than blacks don’t want equality,they want to dominate and control while Uncle Sam hands them the keys to the country.
    It is not I,Mr. Blackman who wants to see this great country destroyed.It is you,you want nothing but complete control to destroy it along with us.
    Too bad,Too bad,Mr. Blackman,we could all have been Americans living in peace under that great flag.

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