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  1. Should have waited to announce it on the internet. But, the cat’s out of the bag now, so just make sure you do your advance work.

  2. We’re going to need everyone there who can show up. This will also be a test of how serious we are about our beliefs. Are we just fantasizing on the internet about a homeland or are we serious about creating a real movement?

  3. A quick look at rentals has the following:
    a 7 seater Kia Sedona is $90 a day for weekend rate
    or a 12/15 seater van is $137 a day for weekend rate

    Not a whole lot of time to start organizing.

  4. I agree, HW. We need to carpool where possible. Dr Hill will announce a HQ hotel soon once he works out a cheaper rate with them (as we got in Vidalia). When he does we need to move quickly.

  5. THis yankee supports you 100 percent. I applaud you for taking a stand. These baby steps might just lead to more and more white Southerners to support your cause. The wrong side won the Civil War . Be proud you’re a Rebel cause the South gonna do it again .Hail to Dixie now and forever

  6. Prune makes a good point…is a Mexican raised in Tennessee a Southerner? That’s what young people run into today. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans born & raised in the South. Often with one White parent, married to a Mexican or Puerto Rican etc. It’s a reality the under 30 crowd has to deal with.

  7. I can get legitimate 5 to 10 percent discounts on various auto rentals when ordered online. I can email Hunter with the discount offer code as this protests draws near, or now if needed.

  8. That’s the idea.

    The SPLC isn’t going to do shit to us. There is really nothing stopping us from creating a real movement in the South except our own fears and inertia.

  9. @ Hunter: Not to get too philosophical, but our worst enemies are usually ourselves. Although, with the government and various other groups like the SPLC, there is a strong 2nd place contender.

  10. @ Hunter

    I see your friends at the SPLC have already tagged the planned Tennessee rally as an anti-Moslem rally. They didn’t waste anytime did they. Watch what you wish for…

    Btw, I guess you have noticed that your other friend President Obama, is planning on attacking Syria, and there’s a very strong possibility that this could touch off WWIII if he does, and all indications are that he will attack Syria in support of the radical Moslem rebels.

    Be careful.

  11. “… are we serious about creating a real movement?” The basis of a real movement should be persuasion of the target audience and potential membership. Create a list of ten books and a list of ten videos that explain the situation to the typical White person. One of the books might be “White Girl Bleed a Lot.”
    “… I looked at the videotapes. It was unbelievably violent. And it kept happening. … I saw a thousand black people, running down the streets of Philadelphia, pulling people out of cars … stealing purses, cellphones, destroying property, overturning cars. … That looks like a race riot to me. … My book is just one horrific example of racial violence after another.” – Colin Flaherty
    http://lnrlive.com/tpc/tpc20130824b.mp3 The Political Cesspool Podcast, 8/24/13, Hour 2 – the Colin Flaherty interview begins around 12:20 in the audio.

  12. Hunter, I respect and applaud everything you and your confederates (pun intended) are doing but is “Displacement” the proper billing? “Displacement” implies you are forced to move elsewhere but you and your people still remain intact. An exclusive homeland will not be denied to you. Genocide, however, implies that even if you move elsewhere there will never be an exclusive place for you and your people to go. Any exclusive homeland will be denied to you by the “race replacers”. This is exactly what is going on in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. It’s Genocide, not displacement.

  13. Think the poster has a little too much text.

    “Demographic displacement” might also go over the heads of working class Whites.

    But, the message is very good. How can I help?

  14. This will be a bigger protest in larger towns. Our side should prepare for Antifa, iron heel harassment, dirty tricks, even attacks.

    Let’s study effective BNP protests against mosque construction. EDL is not really our style as they are more rowdy soccer fans.

  15. Re: more of the same

    I agree.

    Southern Demographic Displacement just doesn’t have the same ring as White Genocide. It doesn’t roll off the tongue.

    If we call it “genocide,” it will get bogged down in an argument over how we are not being physically exterminated. It’s not my call though.

  16. I agree with Jack, the poster is too cluttered.

    Alternative terms to the opaque and academic sounding ‘demographic displacement’: invasion, dispossession, theft, etc.

    Alternatives to demonstrate FOR: southern revival, reclamation, etc.

  17. Here’s a suggestion:

    Make Sept 11th a day of activist against bad (Muslim) immigration.

    Sept 11th 2001 is the defining day in Most White Americans’ lives. It was the day that ugly, hateful, racially alien, culturally alien Muslim illegal aliens mass murdered 3,000 Americans in our country, including 300 modern day Spartans, 300 White FDNY firemen.

    The invading Muslim immigrants understand the importance of this day as they opened and in our face Mosque at Ground Zero to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attack.

    Clueless, Libertarian, race denying Constitutionalist loons like Ron Paul ignored the tenth anniversary and worse took the occassion to explain that we deserved this mass murder of our people in our country by Muslim illegal immigrants for insulting Saudi Arabia by stationing Us troops in Saudi Arabia – what a %#^*}* loon, traitor.

    9-11 should be a holy day for immigration patriots, it should be our Remembrance Day – the open and shut argument why we must stop bad immigration.

    Don’t tolerate any conspiracy mongering loons, nut case trying to deny Muslim immigrants had anything to do with 9-11. I always use 9-11-01 to argue for immigration control,it works with 90% of Whites from Left to Right.

  18. “Ron Paul ignored the tenth anniversary and worse took the occassion to explain that we deserved this mass murder of our people in our country by Muslim illegal immigrants for insulting Saudi Arabia by stationing Us troops in Saudi Arabia”

    Ron Paul deflecting the policy of DC 1965 immigration act.

  19. “Sept 11th 2001 is the defining day”…dividing the foolish from the wise, the uninformed or misled from the informed, and NEO-“conservatives” from TRUE conservatives.

  20. This poster wasn’t made for the public. It’s just something I came up with rather quickly to post Facebook. I would love to have a better poster if someone is skilled in making such a thing.

    Also, I agree about the term ‘demographic displacement’ but I can’t come up with a better one. The term ‘genocide’ is powerful but as HW says I don’t want to argue with people over the meaning of that term and I believe that is what would happen. They would say that no one is gassing us. Something like that. It’s a bit over the top even if it’s technically true. We need a better term.

    I like the moral argument and phrase ‘It’s wrong to replace us.’ I think everyone understands that and it’s hard for the Left to argue with it. Plus, I think we have failed in the past to make the moral argument. Few people are won over with facts and stats and such. The Left wins with emotion and their twisted appeal to morality.

  21. Palmetto, how about something like “Conservation not colonisation”? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Khlw-CASa08

    Something like: “Conserve, don’t colonise!” or “We want to conserve our southern society, don’t colonise us!” or “Don’t colonise me” (as in “Don’t tread on me”) ? Colonise is a well-understood term. No one wants to be colonised. Just another idea. I won’t repeat it again.

    Actually I like “Demographic Displacement” best of all, so far. Better not to underestimate intelligence, talking down to people.

  22. Mosin, I’m not that big on those. I think ‘demographic displacement’ is better though I still think that we could probably come up with something better than that. Something less abstract and academic.

  23. I understand what you are trying to do, Jack.

    The counter argument is that giving the neocons any more glue to huff will not lead to closed borders, and there is no logical basis in reality to believe that neocons will ever give so much as a hair’s width of license to traditionally socially conservative values. Unless by “socially conservative” you mean that the proctology exam at the airport only goes up to the first knuckle.

    There’s a flip in the process of occurring. The neocons are about to turn back to the Democrats, and the socially conservative Democrats are going to join the neocon free Republicans. The libertarians will obviously follow the neocons.

    You’re playing with fire when I don’t think you need to be.

  24. The GOP pretence of a good husband tells the wife he’s not cheating. GOP needs to be dissolved. Open the door for a true political party.

  25. Genocide is not necessarily violent, but can be deliberate policies that reduce a group’s percentage of the population. The UN’s definition of genocide applies to whites going from ~85% of the US to <50% within a few decades, since the 1965 Immigration Act), yet they don't admit it.
    From wikipedia: "Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups."

  26. Recent Demos against the Mosque and in DC rally bikers commemorate 911. Falling for the neocons trap
    When the herd goes straight for the cliff. You go the opposite. We need to hurt CEO pocket. And this how they’ve
    done it in decades of integration through mostly financial incentives or boycott
    their product ala Jesse Jackson shakedown smear campaign frighten the ceo’s.

    2 million bikers stage a rally on Tyson Company importing
    chaotic being. That would change the tide.

  27. Demonstration against: “Southern Colonization”. I like it, a lot, no semantic legerdemain, but it’d be easier for the left to caricature and propagandize such a slogan.

    “Demographic Displacement” seems a manicured version of the above and doesn’t smack of one who’s Mad Dog Mean.

    “It’s wrong to replace us” is too sentimental for my tastes, the implication being we’re powerless to stop replacement so we must appeal to the generosity of our rulers to halt such a fate. The words simultaneously advertise powerlessness and defeat, IMO.

    “Our Displacement Is Not An Option” is strong, confrontational, testicles fully descended.

    Perhaps employing the word “displacement”, after the word “colonization”, in say, a banner or piece of propaganda, will create resonance in the minds of sympathizers, the idea being: smack ’em with a bat, then put your arm around their shoulders and take ’em home to the message.

    “We Must Work Toward Secession, for You, for Your family, for Your Future” strikes emotionality at the heart of sympathetic observers. Applying the words: family, mother, daughter and other power words, surrounding visual aids, will facilitate any message.

  28. I is a wise thing to attend this function.We must stay vigilant,and on constant watch of those that are doing their very best to destroy the greatest nation that has ever existed.From the end of WWII,until this very moment,we have ben suffering the slow death of a thousand cut’s.It will not STOP until we as a people STOP IT….

  29. “I think ‘demographic displacement’ is better though I still think that we could probably come up with something better than that. Something less abstract and academic.”

    You might work ethnic cleansing in somehow. “The Southern people are being ethnically cleansed by immigrant flooding from their own sacred soil.” Or something similar. The term ‘immigrant flooding’ is powerful. Also, “blended out of historical existence” gets at the idea without using the hot button “genocide” word, which we all know is trademarked.

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