SPLC attacks Police Chief Smith & League of the South


Keegan Hankes
Keegan Hankes

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has broken its silence on the recent demonstrations by the League of the South (LS) in Uvalda and Vidalia, Georgia. The main thrust of the piece was to attack Uvalda’s police chief Lewis Smith for accepting an award from the LS, which the SPLC describes as ‘extremists’.

The SPLC used the services of an infiltrator named Keegan Hankes (who claimed to be from Alabama) who at first said he was interested in the League because of its activism. He held a sign denouncing the pro-amnesty mayor and had dinner with League members.

It’s interesting to note that the SPLC concedes that the demonstration was ‘notable for the lack of overt racism’. The piece also points out that participants were ‘subject to a strict dress’ and ‘smiled and waved to local traffic’. But, of course, ‘Despite the veneer of moderation, the underlying message was clear: This land belongs to white people.’

The piece recognises OD and refers to it as a ‘racist blog’. It notes our upcoming demonstration in Mufreesboro, Tennessee. And it also mentions our new and popular Southern Nationalist Activism Flag in the first sentence. All and all, this was excellent coverage, despite the expected references to participants as ‘neo-Nazis’ for opposing the SPLC’s anti-White agenda.

Editor’s Note: The SPLC was kind enough to send us some backup to carry our signs. Thanks y’all.


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  1. The Jewish $PLC will not chase normal white people around until they are a minority, they will chase them around until they are extinct.

  2. The SPLC made the initial blunder of publishing his name as the author of their hit piece. We looked him up. Then we went back through our film and found him in the videos. Once the SPLC saw their mistake they took down his name. But it was too late. He has now been outed.

  3. Instead of gloating about how you guys found him out, (which was purely by accident, I might add) maybe you oughtta give a thought or two to how easy it was for a hostile operative to scam his way into your outfit in the first place.

  4. I’m not Keegan, I promise. C’mon SPLC, step up your espionage game. Unless there is a deep cover double agent within SPLC who is responsible for releasing that name?

  5. You got to admit; he does look the part. A young, fit, straight White male who could easily blend in with the League of the South. What did you talk about with him at dinner?

  6. This should come as no surprise, the $PLC will continue to plant informers and eventually blackmail members of your organization as you pick up steam and continue to hold rallies.

    It’s what they do, they are a motivated group that is well funded. They exist for the sole purpose of smashing pro-White groups and individuals. The $PLC works in tandem with the NSA and other governmental domestic spy agencies.

  7. “The SPLC concedes that the demonstration was ’notable for the lack of overt racism’.”

    There was a thick smog of covert racism though. White people talking to each other about topics other than social justice. Covertly Keegan could hear the ovens firing up, and openly wept when Dees debriefed him.

  8. That’s exactly why there has been a media blackout.

    If we had showed up as representatives of the Clown Movement – say, dressed as Klansmen marching around with Confederate flags screaming “nigger” on a street corner – it would have been national news, but because we projected an image that dispelled all those stereotypes and would have resonated with ordinary White people in Georgia, we are being ignored.

  9. Chris, they weren’t really infiltrated here. The guy showed up at their protest, then had dinner with them. That was the idea, to have normal people show up and do normal things. It was entirely in line with their objectives. It’s not like he broke into the “inner circle” or something. Competent vetting and a credible threat of retribution for turncoats can minimize the risk of infiltration, but I think history proves that if infiltrators are determined enough any organization’s security can be breached.

  10. @ …..Keegan…. “Chinaberries and Crows: An Anthology, the first title from Solomon and George Publishers – a local, non-profit press….”

    He has one of those “in-a-paying-world-no-one-would-pay-for-me-resumes,” LOL.

    Intern, intern, intern, non-profit, intern, infiltrator, public access, intern, intern…

    And there you have it. You can’t blame him for his politics. What else could he have even DONE to “make it?” Don’t you have to pity him in a kind of weird way, like you would a retarded person…idk.

  11. Proud Globalist, read the guy’s resume, lol. Don’t you want people in your “team” (if you even have to parse it out that way and be a reactionary against people or whatever) who can think for themselves, create things, beyond being on the dole? Do you see why the owner of that resume would be called a “tool?” People who use people s/a him don’t really respect him as a person, right? Like someone not really thinking and feeling for themselves or something?

  12. “…..Oh, I just want to be an unpaid intern as much as possible, then maybe I can get a line on the public money to be a “writer” b/c in the marketplace nobody would really pay for my stuff, and I can then maybe move up to the bigger public money and get something from that national endowment for arts that is the real motherlode and, sure, only a couple people will read my great stuff, but that’s ok, b/c the real reason for that is b/c I’m so great and above them mentally…”

    “and if that fails, well heck, I’ll just get another job —if I really hustle— as an unpaid intern again!!!…”

    signed, keegan

  13. —-whoops, left out “teaching.” … “if I can’t get another job as an intern, maybe I can teach again. I am a brilliant academic, after all!!!”

  14. Palmetto Patriot says:
    August 28, 2013 at 2:39 am
    The SPLC made the initial blunder of publishing his name as the author of their hit piece. We looked him up. Then we went back through our film and found him in the videos. Once the SPLC saw their mistake they took down his name. But it was too late. He has now been outed.”

    Jack Responds:

    PP could you serve as our intelligence officer and start a database of known infiltrators, Antifas, Agent Provos etc.?

  15. Well done men. I have said that all planning should be able to take place in a conference room at the Hoover Building in DC. But the old school “nigger/kikers” object to this and want to plan in “secret” on the net.

    Great idea about having a script so you know who goes off the script violates the agreement and can be asked to leave, and if too much of a pain can then be roundly denounced as a tool.

    And since this young white man is probably reading this (what a job), I would like to ask how he became an anti-white?

  16. there are several books on detecting deception, such as “What Every Body Is Saying.” You don’t need to be a police agency or alphabet agency to use these tools. What you do need to do is ask people questions on videotape, then study the videotape closely for involuntary, physiological signs of deception.

    Worst case scenario — someone who is truly on our side and supports us somehow makes false positives and is no longer invited to activism or inner circles. No big deal. It’s not like we’d hurt someone whom we suspected as an infiltrator; we just exclude them. and we make that clear.

    Make it like a parlor game — practicigin deception detection on one another, so we get good at it. So for example, one of us answers a series of random questions that we do not expect, and we videotape it and replay and see if we can detect when he is lying. Since we know when we lied, we are like an “answer key.” Everyone watches each videotape and scores each question/answer, and we see who is best at deception detection. Maybe someone will just have an instinct for it. Others can learn it. We call become experts at decetpion detection and we do it as a game with each other.

  17. The SPLC really do want to know what you are up to. Fascinating that they sent a ringer to observe you.

  18. Getting good at deception detection and doing it as a fun parlor game will itself make infiltrators very nervous. The SPLC will have to pay for trained spies and not just desperate interns.

  19. The rallies that you run ought to stick to very disciplined on message messages. One way to deal with spies is to do what MI6 does. Coopt them. If you find one, have them do the grunt work, have them distribute flyers and have them sign contracts that spell out the conduct expected of them. Pretty soon they will be a force multiplier. Then feed them some info that is falsified or falsifiable and humiliate them.

  20. Also, you get someone’s name and google them immediately. See if their back story checks out. that much more work — creating a back story. Read this book:


    He had to go through all kinds of trouble to create a fake background, and almost got caught. Becaues it is a true story, it’s not “gripping, suspenseful fiction” but more just a retelling of what Robert Mazur actually did, and you get insight into how the cartels work.

    Actually, if you got good at deception detection, you could hire yourself out to groups and people who have an interest in detecting someone’s deception. Tell them you don’t need to meet anyone in person, just look at a video.

  21. Captain John – Organized Jewry HATES and LOATHES Whites. They go after ANY White that acts on behalf of our own Race. No exceptions.

    Thanks for your ideas . Secrecy, however, is wholly impossible. The Enemies of Whites know who is who, They are not us, and we are not them. RRS is correct; do everything up front.

  22. From Keegan Hankes LinkedIn profile: “Provided tutoring and classroom support to 30 at risk high school students…”

    The punk is obviously a n*gger-lover, judging by the “at risk” evidence above.

    Suggestion: next time, all participants in a LOTS protest should have their names pre-Googled before being allowed to attend. Had this been done with Keegan Hankes, he would have been exposed.

    Security is far too lax.

    Over and out.

  23. “RRS is correct; do everything up front.”

    It all depends on what exactly it is one is doing. For political front groups definitely yes. For other activities definitely not.

  24. @HW

    Any chance you can get this to the right people at the CofCC for further investigation and wider dissemination if justified?

    The typical scenario: 3 blacks beat the shit out of a white couple; the police claim it was “random”; the local press is giving it perfunctory reporting with no mention of race.

    One difference: there is evidence a black cop stood by and let it happen.


  25. So a few guys holding up signs by the side of a road in a small town is deemed by the hostile Jews of the $PLC as worthy of all this attention? By the way, it’s amazing how Jews learn absolutely nothing from their history. Even Southerners who never heard of Jews and didn’t view them as anything but Whites albeit with a peculiar religion, have to now realize that Jews are a tremendously hostile elite that wants to harm their interests and shamelessly gloats in their publications about the ethnic extinction of White goyim. For an organization that constantly and ostentatiously obsesses about “hate” it sure possesses a great deal of it. Sadly and tragically, the more you see Jews at work, the more you come to believe that perhaps Linder’s solution is the only viable one.

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