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  1. Mr. And Mrs Obama look better to me than Jimmy Carter.

    The Lib Dems are what they are. At least my Chicago neighbors the Obamas are well dressed, haven’t got us in to any new Neo Con Jew wars and don’t have embarrassing relatives like a Billy Carter….

    On the down side, my Chicago neighbor President Obama hasn’t managed to fix my pot holes. At least LBJ, Robert Byrd brought Federal spending home to his district.

  2. Great screensaver, there to remind that two of the figures (Carter and Clinton) are southerners elected by southerners.

  3. Sadly, the two ‘White’ ex-presidents in that photo were two of the worst presidents ever. But in Clinton’s case, the majority of Southern voters didn’t vote for him. In Carter’s era there were still a lot of the older White voters who were ‘yellow dog’ Democrats. The reason for that was rooted in Reconstruction. To many of the older Southron voters, the Republicans represented Reconstruction, and would always be the enemy, so the older people stuck to the ‘lesser evil’ of the Democrats.
    Now of course Republicans are in fact the enemy of not just Southrons but all Whites.
    And now, the “New South” contains a great many non-Southron, non-native born Americans so that the voting patterns will be ever more anti-White.

  4. Behold the fruits of the great Amurrican experiment in freedumb and “equality.” Freedom failed. Equality failed and doesn’t exist anyway.

    Dissolve the Union

  5. “Equality failed and doesn’t exist anyway”

    But God is no respecter of persons, nor should we be. Not many “noble” are called.

  6. Lincoln and JD were born in the same state. Go figure eh.

    Hardin County is only about 75 miles from Christian County.

    Christian County was one of the few areas of Kentucky to feature a plantation economy.

  7. “Jack ryan you are seriously confused”

    Jack will not accept the whole truth about our condition. He even deletes (as recently as last night) so-called “wild conspiracy theory” and “religious hobby horse” comments on his threads that disturb his very rigid, secular, urban-cosmopolitan mindset.

    However, he is RIGHT in encouraging our full political involvement — running for and holding office, voting in all elections, communicating with our representatives, bureaucrats and executives — which far too few here seem to be doing. BUT his very secular urban mindset opposes understanding of our condition and root causes through the lessons of history and religion — and lacks the experience of “blood and soil” connexion.

  8. Let’s see if this comment I just posted on Jack’s “Hearts and Minds II” thread will stand or be deleted:

    “Then keep focusing hate on an EFFECT, not the cause, Jack — protesting people that the Federal-Global Tyrant Beast is disturbing and killing in their own homelands and bringing here to live among us. Rather focus instead on the love of what is GOOD — on conserving what is good here at home, and protest that it is just as wrong for the Beast to disturb and genocide our OWN indigenous southern white population and culture as it was/is to do it unto those of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Uganda, Yemen, Serbia, Kosovo, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany….”

  9. @ Chicago sucks. Deal with it….

    Friend told yesterday of talking to a NE transplant last year who had moved to the new south (seemingly noticed other exist and got a whiff of himself then, and this is to his credit, since he noticed locals had existed there before his arrival, despite the fact that tens of thousands of his own type were moved to the south at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME AS HE— a fact IN ITSELF that ought to indicate to the guy he is not thinking for himself at all and is a militarist-corporatist human robotic “human subject,” labor unit and not much more who moves when the masses are told to move)—

    Anyway, he got this vague whiff that others existed and was becoming “concerned” about the way things are. He had told of the wisdom of the Great Indians who did things still like plant and save seeds, hand down old stories of their culture, dress in outfits they used to wear, etc, etc. And he quoted one as saying they were doing this b/c the white man’s world would end, and well, somebody had to preserve human (ie indian) culture, and this NE transplant man was very glad Indians had the foresight to do this for the evil whites who had ruined everything.

    Deep down—- to give up the idea that NETS are great missionaries, “developing” all the ignorant southern areas and bringing something to the stupid rural redneck cultures—- is QUITE A LOT OF MORALITY to give up.

    Also—- by giving Generational Americans any credit, they can feel disloyal to their own (big city) people, I imagine. It would be like admitting YOU, YOURSELF had something to do with “what went wrong” in cleveland, detroit, chicago, etc, etc.

    It was better for that man to let the Indians save him, than ever give the settler north euros their due.

    BACK IN REALITY, the largest seed bank is in NORWAY.

    BACK IN REALITY, many whites have not forgotten who they are, where they come from, their real religion, the vision of how to live more properly.

    That’s a devastating thing for some people to understand— to see what was taken from them.

  10. Northeast people will be best served by illustrations of WHAT HAS BEEN TAKEN from them.

    They should understand —in no uncertain terms— that they DE-ELEVATE the places where they go (not the opposite, which is what they have been told).

    The proof is in the pudding. They elevate, but only by tossing out the money they collect through centralization. It looks good only for the brief period before the money moves on and leaves a ghost town in its wake.

    —- the people brought for “industrialization” after the war were (sadly) largely slaves of europe, who were WELL SUITED to repetitive mechanized “assembly line” factory punch-clock tasks.

    In the wake of “de-industrialization,” the SOLUTION to this population is “Obamacare.”

    Pittsburgh (which Denise thinks is great) is an example. The STEEL MILLS were shut down. (Steel does actually REQUIRE more intelligence than some other products, btw, and working with it is very dangerous, hot, etc.).

    Anyway, the mills were shut down. All the articles about how “Pittsburgh is a shining example of how places actually grow after de-industrialization.”

    The answer was HOSPITALS, and growing revolving door relationships with schools and “teaching” hospitals and research (ie University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and other smaller area schools, Carlow, etc.)

    The main population (catholic, jewish, relatively recent immigrants) is often not of a sort who will understand the problems with replacing a commodity product with this R&D and “Health Care” sector.

    Central NC—- “research triangle park” is another example (and a ‘pittsburgh’ population was imported there to feed it, for whom it would feel “natural.”)

  11. —Where Denise has touted the pittsburgh people (basically solid working class whites), another reality remains that, to many, that kind of area is the face of everything that is wrong.

    You can’t make a country’s money entirely on Death Industries. (Collecting ever more taxes, to do Military, or “health care” (keeping people on the edge of death as long as possible while you bleed the never-ending tax allocation for them), or “Welfare” (a dole after you have impoverished people by military or “health care). Ok… the other job they offer is socialization, media, schooling—- i.e., indoctrinating the rationale to keep the Death Industry Culture going. Or drugs industry, to shut them up, lol

    And that’s the direction of things like Pittsburgh or RTP.

    The yankee model.

  12. Those in the know (and we do know everything that needs to be known about race and culture, wars, immigration, Muslims, Blacks, women and Jews) are now playing to win. We’re tired of embracing losing.

    Our kinsmen in Russia are winning, Russian sports, Russian media, Russian police, Russia military is in the firm hand of people like us- White people. If you want honest reporting about immigration, racial crime in the USA, UK, tune in to Russia Today.

    Everything you/we want to do arrogant Marxists, degenerate anti-fa, lesbian internationalist, anti nationalist degenerate pop singer, Hollywood scum, Russia does it. Some anti nationalist punk rock band called “pussy riot” invaded a historic nationalist Orthodox Church, insulted the church and President Putin, they were arrested convicted and sentenced to hard labor in Siberia.

    Russian nationalists are well aware of the Jews, our side in Russia takes practical actions to make sure Jews don’t do in Russia what they once did in 1918-1953, or what the Jews have done in USA >1965. A terrible Jew oligarch $billionaire head of Yukos oil tried to set up American style Jew media, start American style political parties in Russia. Putin arrested the Jew Oligarch, put him in a public cage, jail – kind of put the word out to the Jews and everyone else that Russia was ruled by Russians, not Jews or anyone else.

    Most every remaining Jew oligarch promptly fled Russia, many bought up British Premiere League soccer clubs.

    Russian policies in Middle East, with Muslims everyone else is what we want to do if we were in power in the South anywhere else. Russia invites White South African farmers to colonize far away places in White Russian empire.

    OK so our side won/wins in Russia.

    Let’s try to make some similar wins in the US South.

    When in Rome do as the White Romans do.

    When in Dixie, do as the White Southerners do… With the caveat that we will gently kind them away from some recent bad habits like worshipping Black criminal SEC football slaves and supporting Neo Con Jew wars, Christian Zionism etc.

    When in Murfressboro TN try to act and think like a regular Good ‘Ol Boy from Tennessee. Regular good ‘ol Boys from Tennessee don’t like being colonized by Muslim immigrants from Somalia or anywhere else. That’s kind of basic.

    Please leave your Libertarian loon, race denying Constitutionalist wonkery out of the great state of Tennessee.

  13. Mosin Nagant, I have not commented on this thread until now. However, I do believe that freedom and equality has failed. Freedom can only be had by people who want to be responsible for themselves and equality can only be had by birth or talent. The Jews, the blacks, many Asians, and non-white Hispanics fail big time in these areas.

    JR is right to delete “wild conspiracy theories and religious hobby horses”. If a conspiracy can be proven from actual facts, fine and dandy. But to automatically impose a theory on a ongoing or past historical events is the height of stupidity. It causes the holders of the theory to overlook other factors that might be causes of the events, some which are right in front of them.

    Religious hobby horses, like conspiracy theories, do little to explain the main currents of history. In order to understand Western political and religious history, we need to understand the true history of the Catholic Church, Judaism, Protestantism, And Eastern Orthodoxy. These “pilgrim churches” you’re always harping about were minor players outside the mainstream of Western history, and except when they caused trouble with their heresies, had very little influence on our European cultures. And to interpret that history from a narrow, sectarian viewpoint, like you do, is to miss the real picture of what when on.

  14. No one will listen—

    But the centralized christianities (orthodox, catholic) always PRECEDE the polarization-fight, (the “right-left paradigm,” “antifa versus bulwark against communism,” or whatever words they put on it).

    This is just a fight over which of two factions gets to control all the money collected from the financially enslaved populations — (ie, catholic fascism versus jewish communism)

    This polarization LEADS to GENOCIDES. (See history of fascism and communism TOGETHER) Polarization is a step on the list of Genocides. See Genocide Watch.

    NO ONE can really live happily under fascism (very unhuman system) NOR can they live happily under communism. Therefore THEY ALWAYS BECOME polarized.
    Polarization is a step in Genocide

  15. —they say catholicism is a “bulwark against communism,” just as they say “judaism is a bulwark against fascism.”

    —-NEITHER GROUP seems able to see that this is a system, clearly each side SUPPORTING the other side, lol.

    —These people say “Freedom is a failure.”

    But really, “Freedom is a failure FOR THEM.” THEY ALONE were too dependent to live and thrive in it. With “freedom” they just make Taratino movies or some such. they could not make something good.

    But why punish the people WHO CAN live in freedom?

    And what should THOSE PEOPLE do now?—– maybe that is the real question.

  16. Jack Ryan wrote:

    Please leave your Libertarian loon, race denying Constitutionalist wonkery out of the great state of Tennessee.

    I respond:

    Why is the white South still somewhat politically sane? Because white Southerners never embraced libertarian wonkery, right-libertarian paradigms. California and Colorado did, and guess what happened: All the libertine social left wing whites came flooding in, then they trucked in their non-white pets, and right-libertarian ideology left its adherents defenseless to the onslaught. Now, California is lost in terms of the legitimate political sphere, and Colorado is heading that way.

    Meanwhile, Mississippi and Alabama, non-libertarian both, don’t seem to have those problems.

  17. I’m half inclined to think that Obama might be a Sunni. He also compared MLK to Jesus. This means that he’s certainly a Black Liberation Theologist. The more I look at the underpinning of Black Run America with the deification of MLK and how Islam came into being the more and more i am convinced they share a common origin of some sort. Plagiarizing older texts is certainly one among the many similarities.
    I also think that both have a whiff of Sulphur to, a demonic character that is civilization ending.

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