Reaching Hearts and Minds in Tennessee

I think we should follow the propaganda campaign of the Swiss People’s party, the #1 party in Switzerland – make Islamic terrorist the propaganda enemy that we need to shut down all non White immigration.



  1. The only problem with the poster is that it’s not obvious that he’s a Muslim.

    Other than that, good deal. Think of all the good white southern Tennessee men who have died in Crapistans since 9/11 to “fight” the enemy, only for our open borders traitors to fling the doors open to let them into middle Tennessee.

  2. Mosin Nagant

    Focusing on Muslims gets people focused on immigration. That in turn will eventually get people to think about Hispanics pouring across the border and whatever else is pouring across the border to replace us. Then from there people will eventually start grokking “the real enemy,” however you want to define that.

    But gleaning on Muslims and all the problems they cause is an ideal attention hook.

    Where was Ron Paul promising nullification and secession during his Presidential campaigns? All I heard was open borders and Martin Luther King.

  3. You certainly do not want the Pamela Gellar’s of the world to monopolize the counter jihad message anyway. It’s a reasonable and proximate way to pick up the patriotard and confederate sympathy that is available as a reserviour of support. Ron Paul ain’t gonna do it with his fixation on surveillance. Just point out that Arabs and Africans ought to feck off and that Mexicans ought to be kicked out.

  4. In England the BNP put up the most wanted and asked “Find the White”.

    I like this idea. And we could also emphasize what scientists tell us, that we will run out of food with all these immigrants.

    Malthusian theory

    According to Malthusian theory of population, population increases in a geometrical ratio, whereas food supply increases in an arithmetic ratio.
    This disharmony would lead to widespread poverty and starvation, which would only be checked by natural occurrences such as disease, high infant mortality, famine, war or moral restraint. His main contribution is in the agricultural sector. According to this theory there are two steps to control the population: preventative and positive checks. Preventative means control in birth rate, and uses of different methods to control birth; and positive checks means natural calamities, war, etc.

  5. May I recommend Joseph Hogarty’s Europe From It’s Origins.

    It’s a series of podcasts that begin around the time of Constantine and ends with the sack of Constantinople a few decades before Columbus voyager to The New World.

    Pay particular attention to the sections on Syria. I’ve never seen the levant explained so effectively before. The sections on the Cathar heresy are also important for Southern Nationalists.

  6. Thanks, Barbara. The overpopulation/environmental issue must not be neglected. Amerika is very overpopulated, the natural environment strained and breaking — NOT the fault of the indigenous, white settler population but the outcome of slave labour importation over three centuries.

  7. Sure, use the Muslim threat to garner patriotard sympathy. And then watch them freak out and become your enemies when they realize you’re not simpatico with Saint MLK.

    Rule #1 of Escaping the Matrix: Stop saying shit because people want to hear it.

  8. Captain John Charity Spring MA check out this incredible, brutal documentary about the Ottoman Turk Muslim conquest, enslavement of Constantinople, the Balkans. We lose to NW Muslims they enslave us.

    Victorious swarthy Turk, Aryabs, Pakis get the right to rape our women, enslave out daughters in their harems.

    Most regular Whites are not going to willingly accept slavery to ugly, swarthy Muslims, of course some Constitionalists here will come with some spin how this really isn’t an important issue and everything will be just fine with some monetary reforms, less government regulation (of Tyson Food importing 30 million more low wage African Muslim workers/slaves). In the short term Muslim immigrants are low wage slaves for Tyson Foods, longer term, Muslim revert to enslaving us.

    Here’s the link to the great History Channel documentary on the Ottoman War machine, Turkish government got this video banned.

  9. Yeah, that’s right, instead of saying what you actually believe, say something that the media will consider less offensive, but is disingenuous.

    This is the game that Conservatives have been playing for the entire time my father has been alive. Probably my grandfather as well.

    What this accomplishes is:
    * Our side accepts that our positions are too offensive to discuss. Bipartisan consensus for progressive ideals, if not all of their policy suggestions immediately. For example, Libertarians argue that the best way to end racism is to end Affirmative Action. That way, everyone knows that there is something called racism, it is a bad thing that Whites do, and is merely discussing how best to end it.
    * MSNBC reports that we’re being disingenuous, does an exposé on what we really believe
    * Hunter Wallace goes on Fox News and explains that the true conservative principled stand is this disingenuous position and what we really believe is actually just another liberal lie about us.
    * Young Whites (i.e. me five years ago) see the bipartisan consensus and the disingenuity and end up thinking that the progressives are principled. Because progressives are principled, right now. In five years progressivism will change, and progressives will continue to be principled. For example, five years ago it was anti-progressive to talk about pedophilia as a sexual orientation, but it was progressive to talk about civil unions for gay couples.

    You know where talking about Muslim terrorists leads? It leads to a comprehensive immigration reform package involving a recognition of America’s history as a nation of immigrants that permits the free flow of people while increasing both surveillance of and especially outreach to immigrant Muslim communities, to prevent terrorism by alleviating the racism and alienation that causes it.

  10. Jack, go back further: Consider the centuries of Roman and Byzantine Roman persecutions that destroyed the bulwark of Armenian ethnic Christians, creating a vacuum that drew the Muslims into Anatolia. Continued destruction of genuine Christianity in North America may cause a similar attraction.

  11. Peppermint, very good comment, in my opinion. Pandering to anti-Muslim hate by protesting Muslims will not reveal but only confuse and distract from the root cause of the demographic displacement.

  12. We’re protesting the same issue that brought us to Uvalda and Vidalia: Southern Demographic Displacement.

    There are more Hispanics than Muslims in Shelbyville. In Shelbyville, it is the local Tyson chicken plant that is bringing Muslims and Hispanics there. In Uvalda and Vidalia, it is the onion farmers like Stanley Farms.

    Also in Shelbyville, ICE has run off a lot of the illegal aliens from Mexico, so management has adapted by using Somali “refugees.”

  13. Those are not onion farmers but a government-supported and subsidised onion monopoly, and Tyson is not a poultry farm either. What is the ROOT of the monopolies, subsidies, mega-corporations that are the immediate causes of demographic displacement?

  14. Tanstaafl says:
    August 29, 2013 at 6:31 am (Edit)

    insert screenshot of


    JR responds – Excellent link Tanstaafl. These wanted posters of nasty looking, racially alien criminals are always great propaganda. Why not rent a PO box and have a virtual office of something like so and so county crime commission, make it a mission to alert public, press about dangerous wanted criminals and circulate these TBI, FBI wanted posters. the Islamic terrorist guys always look great. Only nut case loons like Ron Paul and Rand Paul recognize them as fellow American citizens in danger of attack by US military dro e attacks, as supposedly we all are.

    You see, strict Libertarian Constitionalists believe that our bill of Rights apply to Islamic extremist terrorists in Yemen based on the strict interpretation of their Constitutionalist American rights of birth right citizenship, blah, blah, blah.

  15. Our side has had some success using RICO anti crime conspiracy laws to harass, take down bad corporate people bringing in sub minimum wage illegal alien labor.

  16. The Muslims were drawn into Anatolia? They besieged Constantinople within a decade of conquering Jeruslam. Drawn in?

    The officer Corps of the Byzantine military was largely Armenian anyway. The Greeks were the Admiralty and the Generals were Armenian.

    The Arabs swept in like a storm because they were united under one banner for about 60 years. They may not have even been Muslim at this time in any meaningful way either, it’s possible that Islam caught on after the Arab invasions as a way to consolidate power and create an Arpartheid with Arabs at the top and Greeks at the bottom, with Jews acting as intermediaries and chamberlain/viziers.

  17. To claim that the Romans depopulated Anatolia before the Arabs raided in is astounding history. Where are you getting it from? The Byzantine general sent to protect Egypt from the Arabs was himself a famous Armenian.

  18. Peppermint wrote:

    You know where talking about Muslim terrorists leads? It leads to a comprehensive immigration reform package involving a recognition of America’s history as a nation of immigrants that permits the free flow of people while increasing both surveillance of and especially outreach to immigrant Muslim communities, to prevent terrorism by alleviating the racism and alienation that causes it.

    I respond:

    Now I’ve heard it all. People complaining about Muslim immigration and people engaging in political activism to display their displeasure with it and to try to stop it will result in more open borders (for Muslims and otherwise).

  19. I am not anti-catholic or anti-orthodox at all, but not ROMAN Catholic. The Roman Papacy is both heretical and a chief enemy of the white race and white civilisation.

    Captain John, Stephen Dalton who wrote that is an admitted descendent of Jews (distantly) and of “Scots-Irish” (Ulster Scots) who are generally Calvinists, NOT Roman Catholic — yet he is now an enthusiast of Papism, though formerly an Armstrong “Church of God” cultist — and is most recently attracted out of Illinois as a “Copperhead” to join the southern ethnonationalist movement. Let the Southrons beware.

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