Progressives Leftists Target Tyson Foods

Once in a blue moon, progressive Leftists in the USA actually get something right. This week, they got on the right side of immigration, on our side and targeted Tyson Foods for destroying the once, nice American small town of Noel Missouri. Tyson Foods is flooding the area with low wage, 3rd world immigrant workers – the results are predictable, terrible.

Progressives: Tyson Foods exploits immigrant labor, destroys small towns

We once wrote about this arch enemy Tyson Foods.
It always helps to put a face on our enemy – make things personal, as we have real, live enemies working to displace Southerners from the South, Midwesterners from the Midwest.

Our enemies walk amongst us, they breathe the same air we breathe. Our enemies are not the Syrians, Iranians, much less the White Serbs, Russians or Germans living in some far off foreign country. Our enemies are in the South, flooding beautiful Middle Tennessee with tens of thousands of diseased, Bantu African Muslim savages; and our enemies are getting very rich sponsoring the destruction and displacement of our people.

So here’s the enemy:

Tyson Foods CEO Donnie Moore

Tyson CEO e

Donnie Smith
Chief Executive Officer and President, Tyson Foods, Inc.
Age 54
Total Calculated Compensation $7,844,679
As of Fiscal Year 2012

Mr. Donnie Smith has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Tyson Foods Inc. since November 2009. Mr. Smith served as Senior Group Vice President of Poultry & Prepared Foods at Tyson Foods Inc. from January 2009 to November 2009. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the food industry and has been part of the Tyson team since 1980 in a wide variety of key roles. He started his career in poultry operations and became a senior leader in the purchasing and …

Jack Ryan writes:

It appears this scum bag $ millionaire Tyson CEO Donnie Smith is even wading in to the Tutsi Hutu genocide African country of Rwanda to expand his Neo slavery, low wage agribusiness empire.

“Rwanda’s Poultry Industry Set to Expand

“Visiting Rwanda, Tyson CEO Donnie Smith talks to Matthew Karugarama, one of our Rwandan Scholars, a recent University of Arkansas-Little Rock graduate and Tyson intern. Also pictured is Tom Phillips from Memphis who has built Rwanda’s largest commercial egg farm – a business as mission with 10,000 laying hens. One of the missing links in Rwanda’s agriculture sector is its lack of a commercial animal feed mill, a business essential to increasing the country’s production of meat, eggs and milk – foods important for healthy children – and to thousands of livestock and crop farmers in Rwanda. Bridge2Rwanda is excited about the opportunity to provide a private sector solution to this challenge.”

Jack Ryan resumes commentary.

So we see our enemies are not just White hating Leftists, Jewish cultural Marxists, Soros or the SPLC, ADL – greedy White agribusiness owners are the worst of the worst and for too long their treason has escaped personal notice, they’re living the filthy rich good life…

That has to change and it will change.

Regular good Southern people in Middle Tennesse are going to get to know the likes of Donnie Smith.


  1. Capitalism demands cheap labor. Cheap labor demands socialism. Capitalists arrange for a version of socialism paid for by expensive labor, that is non-elite white suckers. Donnie Moore is happy to ruin the South with Somali workers and the cost of their food stamps and Medicaid, he’s getting $7 million a year. Donnie Moore is the enemy as much or more than the $PLC.

  2. I suppose you could compare him to Calvin Candie, if you were Chris. But it does show you how some smug rich git will force you to have to deal with Skinnies.

  3. Corporate-Government is one and the same. employ third worlders when jobs are scarce. Not to mention every one they bring in work for minimum wage. 5 of their relatives consumes public service and schools taxpayers maintain.

    On the Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. His nemesis Craven turn’s coat says “people who deserves better” “I’m a United States Senator”Craven- “By what standards?”

  4. That doesn’t surprise me in the least, southerners have always had a propensity to import niggers so they can profit from their cheap labor.
    Some things never change, thanks for the post, Jack.

  5. @Thrasymachus- Aug 30,2013 at 6:22 P.M.,

    “Capitalism demands cheap labor.Cheap labor demands socialism.Capitalists arrange for a version of socialism paid for by expensive labor…”

    What you are describing,sir,is a textbook example of CORPORATE WELFARE.

    Defeating the Senate Amnesty bill,now pending in the House and waiting to be shoved down our throats by Boehner & Co.,will be a necessary first (and only first) step in the long and arduous process of stopping Capitalist Pigs like Donnie Moore from feeding at the trough overflowing with taxpayers’ hard-earned money!

  6. Spot on Jack. We tend to forget how the “profit motive” plays an integral part in the betrayal of our people by those who look like us but have no loyalty to us.

  7. This is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. I don’t know where you get your info, but they are liars.

  8. Donnie Smith is not the enemy it’s the idiots th as t comment on something they know absolutely nothing about. Everything said about donnie is a bold f a ce lie. Get a life people. I know what I’m talking about for a fact.

  9. It appears we were prophetic in targeting Tyson Foods with flood Tennessee with hostile, alien Muslim invaders/low cost food processor wage slaves.

    Today one of these Muslim invaders just went on a murder spree targeting White Southerners in the military:

    Thanks Donnie Smith and Tyson Foods. Thanks Lamar Alexander and the oligarchs and the anti Southern MSM who lie and tell us “Diversity is our Strength”, Islam is a religion of peace.

  10. Attention Johnny Reb,

    this is a Redleg Yankee typing this. We hear you want this man gone. You may find we have similar interests on this subject. We don’t approve of him being so damn powerful and especially the way he treats the farmers of his company for speaking out. He’s a tyrant and a sick bastard who we want gone and to protect the farmers wishing to exercise their first amendment. You want him gone for other reasons. Now, he runs his company by fear control over his farmers. He makes examples of them to intimidate everyone else into a sheeple state. Our proposition is we join forces to make an example of him. We got a deal Johnny Reb?

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