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  1. Considering the GOP Caucus, and considering the battle for immigration, it behooves white citizens and also their representatives in the House to humiliate McCain and Graham so they have reduced clout on “immigration reform” within the caucus.

    Once they start ramming through unpopular strikes on Syria, don’t think for a minute they won’t also get away with ramming though Amnesty using the same New World Order political muscle.

    The House GOP can stop them and will stop them if they feel some strength in their rank-and-file. If they think the white public is taking a siesta, they will fold.

  2. Couldn’t you be doing something more productive than hosting and updating a website like this? Why don’t you raise money for homeless children or something that will actually help mankind?

  3. Gary, did you interrupt your fundraiser for the homeless to post that?

    Or were you on your way to the study to work on your new pharmaceutical?

  4. If southerners are TRULY conservative, how did they elect him? Yes I know, because he’s an endless warmonger who supports Israel, and also a good capitalist also supporting the other side of the bad coin, the Bankers.

  5. Graham’s zeal for Israel is so uncompromising and intense it suggests blackmail rather than true belief or bribery. Maybe Jews have him recorded entering a gay brothel or bathhouse.

  6. Imperialism and elitism win votes down there evidently. Multiculturalism and multiracialism don’t matter, as long as there is a caste system with a wealthy elite. It appears to be an anti-democratic, authoritarian, elite-worshipping mindset.

  7. 29 Theses against Goober:


    I don’t agree with everything on this list. I don’t agree at all with #14, because I’m a protectionist. I have mixed feelings about #29, because that’s basically a feud between two special interest groups (insurance vs trial lawyers) trying to push for two “opposing” undesirable extremes of medical tort law, when the right policy is probably a happy median between the two. As far as #8, well, that’s really a non-issue whose politics are getting way out of hand because of deliberately confusing rhetoric from both “sides” of this non-issue.

    I would have liked immigration to be first on this list, though strangely, it appears twice and almost identically at #3 and #25. Lee Bright, the most credible of the challengers to Goober, (all the others should get out of the race by yesterday), should use what will be his limited resources to make the primary election a single issue referendum on immigration, because that’s going to be his only hope versus Goober, who will have many times more money, far more publicity and the power of incumbency.

    Other than that, full speed ahead.

  8. If Juan McLame and Grahamnesty are for war with Syria it is certainly NOT in our best interests to do so.

    McCain, Graham Push Obama for Regime Change in Syria


    On Monday, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham met privately with President Obama at the White House over his call for Congressional approval of a military strike on Syria. Obama called for the vote on Saturday, saying that the Syrian government had recently used chemical weapons on its citizens and must be punished as a result. While saying that a vote against authorization of a strike would be “catastrophic,” McCain and Graham also said the goal of military action shouldn’t be to punish Bashar al-Assad, but to remove him from power.

  9. This is the best of Lindsay Graham, Scott, Levin, Sanders, etc. and all those other Israel-loving Washington freaks. It’s hysterical:

  10. Interestingly enough, you will actually be making common cause with much of the pro-amnesty movement (the more left-wing, La Raza section which has its roots in communism), and the various little socialist parties which often used to have street fights with you pro-white people, and I will be in this alliance is well, given that you are all against the possible action in Syria. I could even see a scenario where, if we invade Syria on the day of your Tennessee protest, the local communists and Muslims (depending on what kind of Muslims they are) might join up with you and you all protest the war in Syria instead.

  11. Gary, I appreciate your sentiment. Indeed, the commenters here are wasting their talent. If they would give up racialism, they could probably be much more accomplished people in terms of their family lives, careers, charitable activities, social lives, etc. They are quite an intelligent group of people in their way. Yet, the waste of talent and potential is an all too common feature of modern life, and I am little or no better than anyone else here. In fact, 95% or more of the people in the world, inclusive of Americans, and I mean people of all races, are not living up to their full potential.

  12. @PGRT: “… not living up to their full potential.” The immigrants who move from a less White to a more White country get a greater fulfillment of their potential, but what effect does this browning or blackening have on Whites?
    “… a man’s face was skinned and stitched onto a soccer ball as a threat to members of Mexico’s Juarez drug cartel”
    http://frontpagemag.com/2013/mark-d-tooley/methodist-women-for-open-borders/ Methodist Women for Open Borders
    “I remember my first death threat. They say you always remember your first time. I thought they were talking about something else.” – James Edwards
    http://lnrlive.com/tpc/tpc20130831b.mp3 The Political Cesspool Podcast, 8/31/2013, Hour 2
    “I look at the American flag and I just get sick. … Stalin would be envious of what’s going on this country. … Every stinking war we’ve had for the last five hundred years has been a bankers’ war.” – Eddie Miller
    http://lnrlive.com/tpc/tpc20130831c.mp3 The Political Cesspool Podcast, 8/31/2013, Hour 3
    “… our utopian minded beatnik elites who were living in a fantasy world did not anticipate that magnifying our internal differences would drive us further apart rather than bring us closer together.” – Hunter Wallace

  13. “I could even see a scenario where, if we invade Syria on the day of your Tennessee protest, the local communists and Muslims (depending on what kind of Muslims they are) might join up with you and you all protest the war in Syria instead.”

    Not likely. Southerners seem to love Zionism, war and imperialism too much to ever protest their own bombing and invasion of Syria, ESPECIALLY alongside Muslims! Furthermore, the protest might be perceived by many, through the filter of the mainstream press, as a protest against Muslims rather than immigration policy.

  14. @ PGRT—- “…are not living up to their full potential….”

    What, exactly, is a “full potential” in your view??? Charity seems to mean you want others to give to YOU, to what YOU value, but don’t people from groups outside your own have some right (“inalienable right” given by God, the spirit of the Universe, or however you wish to call it) to the “work of their own hands,” ie, some share of the talents God gave them for themselves and their own families, instead of yours?)

    Gary, it is NOT THAT PEOPLE DO NOT wish to collect some funds for homeless children, lol—-

    It’s that SMARTER people study THE SYSTEM THAT IS DESTINED to PRODUCE homeless children.

    They point out that people s/a you KEEP A SYSTEM that is DESTINED TO PRODUCE homeless children GOING…. by not cleaning up the underlying problems.

    This is a problem with both neo-cons and what are often called “liberals” (the “left-right hybrid paradigm)—- your own check is so OFTEN GOTTEN from shaving off the “charity.”

    So—- you have a vested interest in KEEPING CHILDREN HOMELESS.

    This would be a normal perception of what you want to term “the far right.”

    Therefore—- who is more moral? The people who keep the Homelessness INDUSTRY going, or the people trying to clean up the underlying reality THAT ENSURES ever more homeless children WILL BE PRODUCED by the system?

    Obviously, in that scene, you would be seen as part of the problem, not the solution, (maybe even incapable of human, intelligent thought)

  15. PG—- Surely you have some talents yourself. So, to what extent do you apply them to the left-right hybrid communist-fascist paradigm—- which helps the HOMELESSNESS INDUSTRY and “hunger INDUSTRY” keep going… in other words, is committed to starving little children???

  16. Lew – I’d warrant that ZOG has something much worse on Dame Graham than mere adult consensual inter-gender encounters. No one much cares about adult homosexuality anymore.

    I’m merely speculating…..

  17. Denise,

    I get what you’re saying I think. It has been speculated that certain criminal networks known to deal in that type of thing provide the access.

  18. PGRT,

    You know you like white racists. You keep coming back. Drop the silly racial liberalism, and join our side. Helping white folks is a good moral cause. You can make a seamless transition by changing your name to Proud Race Loyalist.

  19. You know, for a long time I thought PGRT’s comments were satire. I still find it hard to believe that he’s real. Mainly, I think, because I can’t get used to those positions being expressed without obscenity. Most uncharacteristic.

  20. Lew says:
    September 4, 2013 at 3:54 am

    You know you like white racists. You keep coming back. Drop the silly racial liberalism, and join our side. Helping white folks is a good moral cause. You can make a seamless transition by changing your name to Proud Race Loyalist.


    PGRT often sounds like a decent guy, many, most honest Liberals are decent people. We’re not going to get these types to “come out of the closet” as open White Nationalists or “name the Jew” as the enemy. Instead just try to find ways where they can help decent, poor, working class Whites and oppose these terrible wars that are pushed by, well, certain people who are not decent, poor/working class Whites.

  21. PGRT is a subtle “concern troll.” He likes to lead you on by agreeing with you until he lowers the boom over some inconsistency in your logic. He’s undoubtedly a Jew.

  22. Graham’s Hawkish Posture Confronts War-Weary Voters in South Carolina


    (snip) Facing that strain of skepticism, Graham wound up his case on Syria intervention by raising the stakes considerably. He painted a frightening picture of cascading world events that would reverberate far beyond the borders of a civil war in one Middle Eastern country.

    If the United States doesn’t deal with Syria, Graham promised Iran would acquire a nuclear weapon by 2014, the King of Jordan would be deposed and Israel would start preparing to protect itself.

    “I believe that if we get Syria wrong, within six months — and you can quote me on this,” Graham said, pausing for dramatic effect. “There will be a war between Iran and Israel over their nuclear program.”

    But it wouldn’t even end there, Graham surmised. Undoubtedly, he said ominously, the Iranians would share its nuclear technology with U.S. enemies.

    “My fear is that it won’t come to America on top of a missile, it’ll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York harbor,” he said. (snip)

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