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  1. I wonder how many people dropped after that little stump speech?

    Ann is a fairly good looking woman. Michelle is a frigging Wookie.

    One other thing about this video. The professor ought to be fired. You really can’t use politics like that in class. Even if you are a Liberal in a liberal school this is unprofessional. If I find people I violently disagree with I consider them a challenge not an enemy.

  2. As white people become an increasingly smaller minority this kind of incitement to genocide will become more and more common and blatant.

  3. It has been a long march through the institutions to get someone like Globalist widget, Gramacian change agent Professor Penn a professorship at MSU. The academic establishment (like the movie, banking industry etc) is Jewish.

    And Prof Penn is busy, busy edjewmacating the White students at MSU on race, ‘racial privildege’ and all the rest of the leftoid ideological mind warp. I reckon he will jew those young White people for a good 10 years at least.

  4. It’s too bad this rant didn’t happen between 2005 and 2008, when Kyle Bristow was around to clean house.

    Personal story: At Oakland University, I had two professors just like this guy. A History professor and a Political Science professor respectfully. The History professor even told us he used to be a Communist. Not a day went by where he didn’t trash conservatives and Republicans.

    I don’t think there’s a single university that doesn’t have at least one William Penn. Some colleges are more notorious then others, but they’re all indoctrination centers.

  5. He is clearly inciting genocide against White people.

    As I said, these so called “anti-racists” have no moral authority and never did. They hate Whites and want us gone and that is all there is to them.

    Racist is a Hate word.

  6. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:
    The professor ought to be fired. You really can’t use politics like that in class….

    Captain John, that is TAME compared to MANY college classes I had. Seriously, tame.

  7. Just curious. Whose line is it. I’ve post it 5 or so years ago in a wn blog “Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white” Someone else did, i don’t know.

  8. This is unprofessional.

    I’ve never felt the need to present my opinion as my opinion. Normally it’s well hidden under layers of evidence and circumstantial evidence.

  9. “I’ve never felt the need to present my opinion as my opinion.”

    Hah! That’s good for a laugh. You’re incessant mis-statements and half truths about history are nothing other than your opinion.

  10. That’s right John. Barbarian Gallic and Germanic hordes were “Chivalric.” Just to mention one of your latest egregious statements.

    Chivalry grew out of the conversion of Roman agricultural estates into feudal manors during the Dark Ages. Medieval chivalry grew out of that tradition with a heavy emphasis on Christian ethics not from the pagan Celts and Germanic tribes however noble they may have occasionally been in their own primitive way.

    You have the sensibilities and intellectual discernment of a highly Romantic 14 year old boy. You really need to put down your Flashman books and read Maurice H. Keen’s Chivalry so that you know WTF you are talking about.

  11. Anti-racist is a code word for people who know how to think in the long-term, have the capability of getting along with people in different cultures, may even have some in our family, and know that no matter the problems with the Jewish agenda, the agenda of most WNs and satellite types such as SN, would be far worse, since they admit that they want to take freedom away from most people.

  12. Back on topic, I’m proud to say I was endoctrinated by primarily liberal professors, many of them Jewish (but the Jews in academia generally are feuding with the bankster Jews). Their endoctrination may not have been perfect, especially reg. social issues like abortion, but I’m sure you would endoctrinate white children if you could. Their indoctrination is better than yours. Your indoctrination failed because the system of racial Jim Crow racial hierarchy was unworkable; maybe we’ll end up with permanent de facto racial hierarchy with some exceptions such as Du Bois’s talented tenth. That’s the best you’ll get.

  13. PGRT is naming the Jew now. I have seen “anti-racists” dangle Jews in front of our people as bait, because they know it is a sure loser.

    Speaking of obsession, I saw an better than average movie a week ago. Its about a man obsessed with the number 23. He sees it everywhere and to him, it explains everything that occurs in the world. He writes mathematical proofs on his body and the walls of his house about this number. Eventually he becomes a mentally unstable loner.

    The Number 23

  14. The Arthurian legends are quite strongly connected to a post Roman Celtic revival, an abortive one that was squished.

    You are also misreading what I said. I’m just commenting on the Terry Jones series mentioned above. I don’t particularly agree with what he said in the programmes. In the Brainy Barbarian episode he examines The Parthian empire and finds a society organized as a Feudal hierarchy. There’s a king, he contests power with an aristocracy that fights on exclusively on horseback. These aristocrats hold estates and are responsible for local defense and for raising levees and a unit of cavalry. The individual ability of the mounted warrior is a premium. Each lord is expected to host the king as he travels with his court. Theater, especially Greek is popular, the lots of this society sponsor music and poetry, much of it about love and stuff. That’s a description of chivalric society. Apparently when news of Crassus’s defeat at Harran reached the Parthian King he was watching a play by Euripede, it doesn’t get more high brow than that. The Romans presented too crudely, but the overall narrative is quite refreshing. You are the one stuck in a romantic idea Rudel, not me.

  15. Is endoctrination some sort of hormone treatment? Surely you mean brainwashing? Or indoctrination? I’m not a spelling Nazi, but I thought that one was funny.

  16. On the other point about hiding an ideology.

    I covered a unit on Egyptian Statues.

    One work I had the kids work on was the Sphinx of Taharqo. This was the the last Pharoah in a diminshed Egypt in steep decline, riven by racial disputes between Kushite and Egyptian subjects. He was also a son of Obama, ahem. The point was obvious once Taharqo was compared to RamessesII’s Ozymandian building programmes.

  17. Posted this in the wrong thread, but for the record:

    This is not a “Yankee”: “William S. Penn (born 1949) is a mixed-race Nez Perce author and English professor at Michigan State. His work explores the issues his father faced coming to terms with his Indian heritage. [. . .] William S. Penn is an urban mixed-blood Nez Perce. Born and raised in the West, he has lived in many different regions of the United States, as well as in England. He was educated at the University of California at Davis and at Syracuse University. ”

    Here is what an actual Yankee looks like: http://racehist.blogspot.com/2013/09/an-actual-yankee-politician.html

  18. Is this a lecture or a sermon? What class is this? I mean, he’s just ranting on his own political views– there’s no scholarly information there.

  19. This appears to have quite clearly existed among the Parthians. The Eastern Romans appear to have integrated Cataphracts into their army… By any measure this is the stock that later mutated into what we see in France, via the adoption of horses after the Arabs and Persian horsemen were progressively pushed back into Al Andalus. One thing I will give the Arabs and their Persian fellow travellers is that they had a very complex and effective martial class, and they had the best horses for warfare well into the 1100s. and if you are going to go into troubadour lore it’s very hard to avoid the orientalism that the Crusaders picked up on from Outremer and the Recoquista. The military-technological transfer was enormous. I’m pretty sure that Williams’s mount at Hastings was a gift from a Castillian king for instance.

    The Mongols are another matter.

  20. “Rudel, it’s hard to explain away the evidence presented in the video.”

    No it’s not mounted cavalry /= chivalry. Not by a long shot. There is not even a hint of Christian charity in any of their actions and Middle Eastern fiefdoms are not French manors.

  21. Now you are just pouring out non sequiturs. Plus ça change!

    The only thing that could produce the sort of force Suwena used at Harran 9,000 mounted archers and a 1,000 Cataphracts is a feudal system. The amount of training needed to have these guys perfect their martial art and to equip their mount is feudalism. Even the numbers under his command bear a striking resemblance to a medieval host. It looks, acts and presents itself like a duck, it’s a duck. In this respect it is quite clear that medieval Knights were produced by a nearly identical culture. The only difference that the Parthians have with The De Hautville Normans in battle like Civitate is that the Normans had foot archers instead of mounted ones. The battle of Civitate isn’t that different from Carrhae (Harran)

  22. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    ‘Is endoctrination some sort of hormone treatment? Surely you mean brainwashing? Or indoctrination?’

    Are White people inherently susceptible to brainwashing? Some say we are much more altruistic and trusting than other races making us easy targets to be indoctrinated, conditioned, manipulated and conned by hostile forces.

    Classic case of Stockholm Syndrome?

    Consider this pathetic couple.

    Oh, and be sure to to click the link for the photo.


    Sunday, September 1, 2013
    SWPL Canadian Couple Travels To Somalia, Gets Kidnapped, Raped, And Humiliated, Converts To Islam, Forgives Their Abductors, And The New York Times Gives Them The Cover Story Of Today’s Sunday Magazine
    It’s Amy Biehl syndrome with a twist.

    In a sane society, the female author of this NYT Sunday Magazine cover story – Amanda Lindhout of lilly white Alberta, Canada – would have, after being ravaged by the semitic, western-assisted durka-durka Islamic Somali scum she set out to write about, demanded that the white man call in an air strike to scrub this verminous cockroach-like scab of pre-humanity from the wretched lands it leeches upon.

    Instead, in an emotional explosion of Amy Biehl-style pathological altruism, Lindhout does everything in her power to not speak ill of the pre-humans who abducted her and her equally clueless boyfriend.

    The Somalians who held her and Brennan for 460 days, managed to extort close to one million dollars out of these kids’ parents.

    But the painful lesson was not learned: Lindhout you will see does everything in this long article she can to show compassion, not hate.

    When the Canadian duo manage to escape from their pre-human Somali captors and find refuge in a nearby Mosque full of dirty-beard old men who’d left their Chinese-made plastic sandals at the door, Lindhout hopes beyond hope that some decent Somali citizen will take pity on them and help them. She implies this in the article.

    But it quickly becomes apparent to her that these dirty men in the Mosque do not share her sense of idealism. Therefore Lindhout projects this idealism – ever so weekly – onto the only Somali “hero” in the whole store, namely a niqab-covered Somali woman with henna tattooes on the backs of her hands, who reminds Lindhout of her own mother, and is the only person that tries even a little to help the Canadian duo.

    I seriously doubt that even one single, lone person in Somalia tried to help this white Canadian couple at all. Even a little as the author claims, lamely.
    In a sane society, this woman, after being abducted, ape-raped, humiliated and abused by some sickly pre-human POS Somalian, would not be calling for compassion and making up stories about some courageous burka-clad woman who tried to help her.

    No. In a sane society, a sane, pre-brainwashed white woman would respond to this ultimate “mugged by reality” moment by begging the white man, her brother, to bomb this shit pit that is Somalia back into the Stick Age from whence it emerged cockroach-like not that long ago. (Note: “Stick Age” = pre-“Stone Age”).

    But this is not a sane society. For after Lindhout’s ordeal, this is how she chooses to be presented in the Western Press :

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