Secede Yard Signs


For $527 dollars, I could make 100 of these yard signs and distribute them around the Lower Chattahoochee Valley.  I could easily substitute a link to OD, SNN, or the League of the South website.

Note: Let’s use this thread to brainstorm practical ways that we can get our message out in the real world in our local area.


Update: We could use these signs at our protests:

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  1. Try a “Burma Shave” sequence of road signs, one phrase at a time, leading up to the organisation name on the final sign.

  2. Homemade roadside cross displays, remembering the death of the people and culture at the hands and teeth of the Federal-Global Monster, are bound to attract attention.

  3. ‘Don’t think the words and images are racial enough. Hard to tell who’s “us” and who’s “them”’

    Use of the Confederate battle flag would leave no room for doubt.

  4. I think Mosin Nagant is onto something.

    The Southland will…

    See better days…

    If North and South…

    Just part ways…



    Deep down South
    Between the cracks
    Whites are hidden
    Among the blacks

    Though it seems
    Dark as night
    Somewhere near ‘Lanta
    There lives a white

    Zoom in close
    You’ll see his visage
    His lips are moving
    We see his message

    We zoom in closer
    His lips do shout
    “Oh dear Lord


    Sorry, only a joke. It is Friday after all.

    It’s a bold idea for the signs. Very bold. It will be interesting to see how many will have the stones to plant them.

  6. Be careful about political signs around the house. Let your home be sanctuary. You don’t want bricks coming through the living room window. There is a whole class of msm brainwashed thugs aimed toward White people generally and us in particular.

  7. Chris313 is always saying ‘you should’ve picked your own cotton.’ As if we had time machines and could change the past. It’s a stupid saying. Utterly meaningless in practical terms. It’s just a way of insulting us without offering anything of relevance or substance to our efforts.

  8. We want to secede, so we don’t care if the U.S. Constitution gives us permission to. We don’t like the United States obviously or we wouldn’t want to leave it. Do you honestly believe we would only do it if the United States just willingly allowed us to? Lmao

  9. Our nation is our people. The Southern people. The USA is a multi-national state – a failed, artificial society based on false premises.

    • Michael, are all those millions of Southern niggers “Southern people”, and thus part of your nation?
      And this: “The USA is a multi-national state” — How is that exactly?

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