Advert Published in Rutherford TN Reader

Rutherford Reader Advert

Our advertisement has been published in this week’s Rutherford Reader and is now online:

I have a college fraternity buddy with current ties to Middle Tennessee that has agreed to sponsor these advertisements and possibly do some interviews. The Rutherford Reader is a very solid local newspaper. The editors share our views on immigration and bad corporate labor practices. The Reader’s advertising rates are very reasonable. Please subscribe and support local media that is on our side.

Stop whining and start doing effective local activism.


  1. “Effective local activism”

    Remember the letter that various corporate personnel/HR people wheeled off to Pelosi and Boehner about a month ago begging them to swing the borders wide open? I noticed that among the signatories were signatories for two St. Louis-based corporations (Emerson, Express Scripts) and one in Kansas City (Hallmark).

    So, inspired by the Jack Ryan effective local activism imperative, I did this:

    Other than myself, obviously I’m going to follow my own activist strategy, I’ve had 14 people who are here locally or regionally who either e-mailed me or called me (those who called me know who I am personally) and said they did the same.

  2. Well done countenance!

    I also recommend doing some google searchers on these traitors’ annual compensation. These types usually like to brag about their wealth.

    Find out where they play golf, what posh private schools they send their spoiled brat children.

    Put the word out.

    That’s what we are doing with this as@ h&@$ filthy rich Tyson Foods CEO – Donnie Smith. He’s a $7.8 million a year traitor to the Southern People.

    No pain, no gain.

    No shame, no pain.

    Long past time for shame, pain and gain.

    Hey OD readers, how does it feel to be active, engaged for the real fight for our people in the real world?

  3. Well done Jack and Countenance. The Internet is the cradle of our movement, but (to borrow from Tsiolkovsky) man can not eternally live in a cradle.

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