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  1. DixieGirl – there is no such organisation as the Vatican Trade Organisation or VTO.

    The Vatican City state sends oberserver delegations to the World Trade Organisations

    The Vatican is a key player in the international politics of Jew world order Babel building project.

    In America, there is no separation between synagogue and state. The operation of all Christian churches and organisations must be situated in this context. They are subverted and are now agencies of the new (Jew) world order, co-operating as partners in the destruction of what remains of the nation states post the Judeo-Masonic republican revolutions and the world wars.

    War, redrawing of geopolitical boundaries, refugee resettlement, false flag counter insurgencies, regime change etc are the tools of these massive population shifts and invasion of targeted demographics.

    The subverted and instrumentalized churches, Christian orgs etc all have their ‘refugee resettlement’ role to play on ZBig’s Grand Chessboard.

    The fact that the Vatican City state has an embassy to ZOG in DC means nothing. Comunist nations which are officially atheist in their constitutions and pontificate atheism have embassies to ZOG in DC. Israel has an embassy in DC and every general is their toy soldier; every congressman is their little shabbos goy go-fer. (That is the embassy that should concern you, DixieGirl).

    The Vatican has been a player in the politics of Jew world order since the Vatican II Council and indeed officially mandates it in the conciliar document: Gaudium et Spes. Just as it mandates the re-tooling of Roman Catholic doctrine to suit the Jews in Nostra Aetate. So what would that tell you?

    On July 7, 2009 Benedict XVI advocated a new world political authority “with real teeth” to enforce an ethical, global financial order.” No mention of the Kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ in this announcement; but Benedict did not neglect the significant contribution made by foreign workers to “the economic development of the host nation.” Contribution to whom? Wisely, he did not go into the great benefits of foreign workers to the Judaic Babel building project which mandates the break-up of those host nations.

    This is not the Roman Catholic faith or doctrine. This is a complete idolatry of Apostolic works.

    The new ecumenical order for all nations was announced over 2,000 years ago by the Lord Jesus Christ when he established the Church and mandated the Apostles and their successors to make disciples of all nations. The Church is our Lord’s Kingdom order for all nations which they either accept or reject.

    It is rejection and the forcible removal of those who did accept from their foundations that is the cause of the present crisis necessitating world authority and global financial system.

    One should place Benedict’s call for ethnical financial order in the context of his co-Pope’s ‘call me Jorge’ Francis present pickle. His hand-picked fixer Monsignor Nunzio Scarano has now turned states evidence and goes to trial in Dec 2013 charged with being the kingpin in an international plot to smuggle millions of dollars out of Switzerland for a mafia org under the authority of the Institute for Works of Religion.

    If you understand that ‘the Mafia’ are Italian Jews who hid their identity as Jews and their control of the underworld internationally within the Catholic Church then this makes complete sense. There is no separation between synagogue and state in the post conciliar Vatican city state. Since the Judeo-Masonic Revolution plunged the Italian peninsula into a bloodbath under Garibaldi and Mazzini from 1848 – all that little patchwork of Italian principalities and city states (including the papal states) were ‘unified’ under a Jew bank.

    The Judeo-Masonic Revolution formally inaugurated in France 1789 has now succeeded in destroying the Catholic nation states throughout the world whereas the Protestant nation states have always been owned by Jew banks. This is because the synagogue financed and equipped the Protestant rebellions in the beginning – starting in the lowlands of France which got the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank to monetize their debt to the synagogue.

    The Revolution is now in its global totalitarian phase; that is its Communist phase. This is where they consolidate their assets and bust up demographics across the globe. The subverted and retooled JudeoXtian orgs all have their script and anwer to peak international bodies in terms of this agenda. The fact that this script is cloaked in Christianspeak and Bible phraseology should not deceive anyone.

    But for those who are up to speed with developments thus far – the Lord Jesus Christ “who must reign until all his enemies are under His feet” – is putting all the rats into one trap.

  2. Lynda, what scenario makes more sense to you:

    1. The ancient faith will save the white man.
    2. The white man will save the ancient faith.

  3. Occigent, it makes sense to me that the holy faith (Credo) was established in the world to be believed. Even if no one believes it or all abandon it, the faith exists by Divine grace as evidence to the more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of under the low horizon and ideological flatiron apprehension of reality inculcated into the spirits and minds of modern peoples. Faith is a grace from God – why not save the jewed and largely apostate Whites by return to the ancient faith? There is no other remedy.

    Then, saved by the ancient faith, the White nations could create again the kind of culture that perseveres in the faith and transmits it to future generations.

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