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  1. These and other refugees are moving into black neighborhoods. Are you going to show the video on the Egyptians and Palestinians or are they too white looking?

  2. Nashville is famous throughout the world. When people outside of America think of Nashville, they think of White people, cowboy hats and country music.

    Yet we see even Nashville, its founding people and culture, are marked for annihilation, in the name of “anti-racism” and globalist profits.

    So when will the “anti-racists” and assorted globalist scum, commence the genocide of the “Native” Siberian Indian peoples, on their reservations using demographic warfare?

    Is everywhere on Earth to be the same, like a bombed out McDonalds, or is this annihilation of peoples, their history and culture, only for places where White people happen to be the majority?

  3. They don’t belong in black neighborhoods either Joe Whitstein. I see no reason not to defend culturally American blacks with long roots in this country against this rising tide of Mexican, Asian and non-indigenous African color.

  4. The anti-white Jews and anti-white whites must regard Tennessee blacks as acceptable collateral damage. Blacks better wake the hell up.

  5. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton mere tools of power that be.Luis Farrakhan should be doing something about the massive third worlders replace his homies, too.

  6. @Lew
    Blacks are never called “racist” for defending their people and culture. Blacks would never be fired from their jobs for doing so. That is reserved ONLY for White people.

    If you want to save Blacks, I suggest you go to a Black Power website.

  7. And there is also the fact that Black people have over 50 countries all to themselves. No one is trying to blend out Black people in each and every one of their countries. And no one is trying to do the same to Asians in Asia. Yet this genocide is demanded of all White countries and only White countries.

    So I suggest you get your priorities straight. Blacks and Asians have somewhere to go. Yet White people are chased down by these anti-Whites, wherever we go on the planet.

  8. @Lew

    Let me explain something to you my lite toned brother. The government is in the business of destroying groups that have too much power. Because if a group ever got too much power they might rise up against the government.

    What is happening in the Black community is the same thing they did to the Irish, Italian and (insert ethnic group) over the past 60 years. It used to be that all these Catholic groups lived in the same community and what did they do? They formed unions and made sure that people paid them a fair wage.

    So what did the government do? They encouraged white flight and when whites flew they didn’t fly together in their groups. They spread out and unions died out. Now you’re fighting a bunch of refugees for chicken jobs. 60 years ago, a group of Irish or Italians would have bust that whole thing up in a matter of days. Now, you have to pray “white” people will feel some connection to your movement and work with you. It’s not going to happen.

    The black community has been harder for big brother to break up. They have been through 400 years of slavery and they have gotten fed up to the point they will riot at the smallest injustice.

    What has changed? You’ve got a “black” man in the office and now blacks feel an overwhelming urge to act in a certain way. They don’t want to riot b/c it will look bad on them as a people (says the media) when they have a “black’ man in the office. They say: “c’mon we’ve got to do better than this after all we’ve got our President in office”.

    So, all across the country the government at the behest of the corporate oligarchs that control things, is breaking up black communities via gentrification. Ironically, this is going to help “whites” short term, but not long term unless you do one thing.

    You need to have some kids and a lot of them. A large family produces many people, the kids of those families having large families produce a tribe, and many tribes will produce a nation to stand up against the powers that be.

    You can make a decision to have a lot of kids right now, but your kids are not going to have large families unless it is a strong part of their culture. I would suggest you think about contraception and whether or not this gateway to abortion is part of the reason why you are powerless.

  9. Thin Jim makes the best talking point:

    “So when will the “anti-racists” and assorted globalist scum, commence the genocide of the “Native” Siberian Indian peoples, on their reservations using demographic warfare?….”

    Seriously: about re-settlement: Why are not they not all resettled to Indian Reservations? What would be the difference?

  10. Joe seems right about the babies. But it’s not a way the whiter whites are used to fighting. (Look at what jews do also with small numbers). The whiter whites are used to THINKING their way out of things, and also technology.

    Idk about the comment about unions. (They spread out and unions died out…)

    Tons of very strong unions around that I’ve seen—- it’s just they are “internationalist” and bringing in tons of south americans. The Big money tells the unions what to do, seems like, and the locals do not seem local. But they have tons of workers, just foreign ones

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