Southern National Congress Fiasco


Read about about it here, here, here, and here.

Allow me to sum it up for you: the Southern National Congress is holding its annual conference in Tennessee from November 1-3. One People’s Project and the “Tennessee Anti-Racist Network” got wind of it and alerted the media

There were two Tennessee Republican state legislators who were scheduled to speak at the event. Rep. Judd Matheny cancelled when he found out that the Southern National Congress was “the wrong kind of freedom group.” Sen. Frank Nicely still plans to attend the event, but says he is doing so because he doesn’t support secessionist groups, “they support me.”

Note: The moral of the story here is don’t waste your time supporting Republican politicians. They only diminish us and weaken us. They are not going to do anything for us. They are just going to reinforce our marginalization.

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  1. “The moral of the story here is don’t waste your time supporting Republican politicians. ”

    My thoughts exactly. I’ve been tryint to explain this to others but they just don’t get it.

  2. “Here’s a question for the board: Who is more pro-white, Louis Farrakhan or the average elected republican?”

    Neither. Louis Farrakhan hates white people. The average Republican is completely indifferent to white people. If either gets their way we end up extinct. Time to chart our own course.

  3. Patrick, I wasn’t suggesting Louie to moderate Occidental Dissent. The point was that in the video he openly acknowledges the existence of a discrete white people, with their own interests and enemies. A republican, relying solely upon the votes of whites, would sooner deny Shel Adelson fellatio before stating the same.

  4. All it would take is a handful of such people, pointing out some of the problems with the oppositional groups and just saying they don’t take it all that seriously. That they are tired of having college students tell them what to do. Just some MAN type response to the whole thing. If five people did that, about a thousand probably would.

  5. Newspaper are always crying about shrinking circulation, but, what do they do, attack White men who just might buy their damn newspaper.

  6. Porter, agreed. He does explicitly acknowledge us as a people. Although not a pro-white stance, that’s certainly more than the Republicans will ever do.

  7. Farrakhan supports racial segregation and he’s anti-Semitic. That’s why respecticons ignore his stinging but truthful warning.

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