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  1. NY Yankee,

    I have met Hunter, and a number of other White Activists. I like and respect Hunter immensely. I have been so busy of late that I’ve only had time to check in here occasionally. I actually know a lot of folks in person. Lots.

    The OD provides tons of brilliant info. Hunter is rightfully dealing with his own sphere – Dixie. He now has a family, which must be his VERY first priority. I bless him and Renee, and the baby Aryan.

    The sparring on here is not casting pearls before swine. It’s largely nonsense. I’ve written elsewhere that Ragnarok goes live in 2014. I’ve been preparing, as are very close associates of mine, for what’s coming. We must all get ready for 2014. In whichever way that works for us.

    I will check out the VB blog. I know several folks therein already. In 3D land. I’ll never ever ever wish any ill will or harm to the OD crowd, ever. I am truly grateful for Hunter, and the LOS, and Palmetto Patriot. Every-one plays a part.

  2. NY Yankee – Hugh and I know each other. We’ve met in 3D Land.

    Hugh – were your ears ringing? My Hubster and I were out for a bit ,and I was singing your praises.

    For any-one who wants to know – Hugh is the BEST!

  3. @Lew

    The “Cooch” lost a key element of his support in the Washington metro area when he went soft on immigration. STEM is a big issue for lots of upper income folks—they don’t want to see their earning potential diminished by immigrant scabs, and they also want good STEM jobs in the future for their children.

    @ Hunter

    You, Kyle Rogers, and James Edwards & Company are really starting to put some political muscle back on the CofCC. You are working hard, and are persistent, and it shows! Keep it up!

  4. Re: ‘Trying to link Gaga to Catholicism is bizarre’ and ‘Tarantino is a product of JEWS, not Catholics’:

    Lew, I DIDN’T connect Lady Gaga and Tarantino to Roman Catholicism. If you would open the link I posted, you would see they are on a list of evil culture-influencers of JEWISH DESCENT — NOT a list of Roman Catholics!

    But I don’t think being anti-Romanist is necessarily small minded, though it is always bound to offend Romanists. We don’t say ‘Catholic’, which is much too broad a term, and arguably inaccurate, when referring to Romanists (or Roman Papists or Roman Catholics).

  5. Lew,
    I just read the article you linked to re the assassination of the senior Iranian official. I will ask the Good Lord in my prayers tonight, if Israel is the culprit, to hold Netanyahu and his accomplices accountable. My prayer would be for the evildoers to be properly punished. Ps.I believe in capital punishment.

  6. I’m not convinced that it takes a LOT of money and a professional career background to ‘handle’ a small group. A small fish is much more ‘influential’ in a very small pond. But even in a large pond, ‘handling’ in the form of a weak nudge at the right effective moment is possible. Meanwhile the ‘yes man tactic’ can put even the strong-minded off guard. But whether or not there is any intentional ‘handling’ going on, the communication of crucial truth and information is being opposed constantly.

    Thanks for the VB link, NYYankees. Here is a good, interesting article I found: http://blondegynocide.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/quotable-quote-2/

  7. Denise seems to have an unerring sense of the presence of Crypto-ness, and says that DNA will always out, even a trace. Enough said.

  8. Mosin,
    I’ll show my ignorance. I’ve seen your posting name on this site for some time and found it unusual, but did not know the significance. I don’t recall ever disagreeing with your postings…they are spot on. And then I went to a gun show this past weekend. The riddle of your pen name is resolved.

  9. Denise-

    Dixie lost. They didn’t just lose that war, they lost a people – if they ever truly had one. The Civil War had the highest desertion rate of any war americans have fought, although that was in part due to it being fought on our own soil. But the average joe also abandoned the cause of the plutocrats of both the north and the south. Jewish-hijacked liberalism won the minds of the white middle class in the ensuing century and history cannot be undone. I have a pretty huge extended family that’s spread all over the country. An aunt and uncle married southerners, from Virginia and Georgia. They are the ‘well dressed’ folks Jack Ryan speaks of – and they would balk at having anything to do with race realist-premised activism even as they loathe what’s happened to their country. Others in my yankee family have moved south and raised ‘southern’ white families in states like North Carolina, where New Jerseyans and other northerners seem to be flocking to.

    I meant no disrespect for Hunter as a person, but truly consider such a backwards-looking movement to be degenerate. I won’t mince words about that.

    And I for one have no time for nonsense or degeneracy, which unfortunately is what the established channels of pro-White ‘activism’ are. Pure nonsense. Jack Ryan proudly proclaims he is ashamed of the working class whites, while shouting slogans protesting that very demographic’s displacement.

    But he underestimates his own ethnicity. Hardworking Whites aren’t so stupid, or gullible, or manipulable. There won’t be the home guard’s heel grinding into their ‘white trash’ backs this time.

    The struggle between appeasers like Wilders and what seems to be the modern Le Pen and true nationalists like Golden Dawn, Jobbik, New Force, Griffin’s BNP and the burgeoning Irish Nationalists mirrors what takes place right here in our camp. The ‘respectable’ types will broker deals with the immigrationists, at the cost of the next generation’s future; restrictions will be enacted but the status quo will remain intact, as the same ‘nationalists’ guarantee a continuation of the welfare state to support the invaders. The White middle class’ spiral down into multicult serfdom is a fait accompli under these collaborators.

    Jack Ryan lines up to collect his fair share of the spoils, and has the audacity to try to enlist the very people he’s dispossessing, here in my people’s country, which ceased to be two distinct regions more than a century ago.

    With every passing month, more top military brass speak out against the Zionist leviathan. They will never cotton to your southern obsession with the Negro. They will not shake hands with the appeasers over the bodies of their dead. I know some who travel in the inner circles and let there be no mistake – they have no time for negrophobia, only White Liberation.

    See y’all at the revolution. I’ll be waving the flags of freedom from the other side.

  10. Lew, here is that link I posted, retrieved from up the thread: http://jewishfaces.com/ You will see it does not connect Gaga and Tarantino to Romanism, but by the common denominator of their Jewish heritage. Regarding anti-‘Catholicism’, I probably would not write about Romanism here at all (like I ‘didn’t used to’ write about it before), if it did not rear its ugly head so often lately — and OF COURSE I know it is not the FOCUS of evil in the world.

  11. Mosin,

    Thanks for the link. I stand corrected.

    But I still don’t get how you can place “Romanists” in the top tier when it comes to promoting evil in the world when Jews seem to own so many of the top spots. When Gaga /Miss Germanotta entered the discussion, I was reminded of Henry Ford’s observation. Ford said (slight paraphrase here) that you can pick any degenerate social trend, and if you trace the parties promoting it to the top, you’ll find Jews — not “Romanists.”

    “When there is something wrong in this country, you’ll find the Jews” – Henry Ford, The International Jew

    I grabbed some links that show that this pattern is indeed the case with Lady Gaga. She didn’t hit it big putting out songs that now garner 100s of millions
    to half a billion hits on You Tube until she joined Interscope Records. According to Vigilant Citizen (industry insider), Interscope is a main purveyor of Judeo-Masonic, Satanic imagery in the pop culture which they couple with all kinds of filthy themes in the “music” that they finance and promote, such as Gaga’s.


    This is the current promotional image of Eminem. One eye and devil horns. That the type of stuff you have to do to be able to stay relevant and get exposure in this business. Especially if you’re signed with Interscope Records. Source (Ctrl+F, Interscope)

    If you trace the ownership path to the top, it turns out Interscope Records is owned by Vivendi SA, a French multinational focused on mass media. The CEO of Videndi at the time Gaga was brought on board was a man named Jean Bernard Levy. Levy, it turns out, is a member of a club for elite French Jews, a Zionist organization called Club Abravenal. This name supposedly is a reference to:

    The Abravanel family (Hebrew ???????, also spelled as Abarbanel, Abrabanel, or Barbernell, literally meaning Ab (father) Rabban (priest) El (of God)) is one of the oldest and most distinguished Jewish families of the Iberian peninsula; they trace their origin from the biblical King David. Source

    The chairman of the club: David de Rothschild.

    There are many more Jews than “Romanists” at the top.

  12. Wiki:

    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born in New York City on March 28, 1986, to internet entrepreneur Joseph Anthony “Joe” Germanotta, Jr. and Cynthia Bissett. Gaga is of three quarters Italian descent (her maternal grandfather had French, German, Scottish, and English ancestry).

    Despite her affluent upbringing on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Gaga says that her parents “both came from lower-class families, so we’ve worked for everything—my mother worked eight to eight out of the house, in telecommunications, and so did my father.”

    Gaga and her family are Roman Catholic. From age eleven she attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private all-girls Roman Catholic school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. (snip)

  13. ‘There are many more Jews than Romanists at the top.’

    Lew, I agree, but there are many cases of overlap and hybridity everywhere.

    Sam, your source appears to be correct, proving her background is almost entirely Italian, whether or not partly Sephardic Converso. Thanks.

  14. The who is or who is not a jew sites are not totally reliable.

    Richard Gere is not a jew either according to Wikipedia if the article about him is factual. My younger brother was a dead ringer for him as a youth when he still had a lot of hair. So, I never bought into the jew thing with Gere.

  15. Tarantino is probably not Jewish-descended either. I just re-read the link I posted to see if Gaga and Tarantino were really on it. They are not. So how did those names enter our discussion? The first time the names appear on this thread is in one of DixieGirl’s comments:

    ‘At some point, just blaming jews for people like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Tarantino (etc) DOES NOT WORK’ — which WASN’T a claim of their Jewish descent, but somehow some of us began to assume that it had been claimed somewhere. I assumed they were on the list in the link.

    I have never taken any interest in ‘celebrities’, and still know almost nothing about them, don’t watch their movies or listen to their music — but after this discussion I will remember that these two prominent evil culture-influencers are mostly LATIN, GENETICALLY, even though they may LIVE ‘Talmudically’.

  16. NY Yankee – thanks for your fascinating reply. Yes – a LOT (most) of “official” White Nationalism is utter nonsense – and sadly, a result of almost total sheer incompetence. The functional Whites have simply followed the careerist path.

    The predicament of the White Race, and our existential peril, is unprecedented. Most Whites don’t know we are on the verge of extinction. I think the awareness is dawning, though.

    Your assessment of the Appeasers, and the effects they create, is spot on.

    I pray you are telling about me the truth about the Top Military Brass; it’s the best news I’ve heard in days and days. I’ve felt completely betrayed by the military. Those enjoined and sworn to uphold our Nation’s interest (and I mean Nation in the literal racial sense) seem to be wallowing in the Multi Culti MUD, and slavering to serve the Tribe of Satan. There ought to have been a coup after Patton’s murder, and certainly after the USS Liberty.

    Thanks again.

  17. Denise
    I had missed your earlier comment. Yes, my ears were ringing, but I though that was just the tittinitus (sp?) from having the volume up too high on the ear phones when younger.

  18. ‘From a strictly historical perspective, Christianity is a Jewish sect that went viral.’

    From a VERY strictly (myopically) ‘historical’ and agnostic perspective, Christianity at its inception might seem to be just another Jewish splinter group such as the Essenes, etc. But a southern white ethnonationalist movement and all other white nationalism should be, MUST BE, founded on faith in the Biblical account of the UNIQUENESS of Christianity.

  19. Hunter, my daughters tell me ginger is effective for morning sickness. I believe there is a candied or crystallized version that Renee can take like a pill. Good luck with that.

    NYYankee, you speak of “burgeoning Irish nationalists”. Did I miss something? I follow the Irish Savant blog, and I’m sure if there were any such thing, he’d be aware of it, but it seems he’s not. I presume you don’t mean those clownish thugs of the IRA, who sold out for government jobs and are happy to see their country flooded with Babuntus, so long as the Brits stay out. Details, please?

    I’m also puzzled by your statement that “With every passing month, more top military brass speak out against the Zionist leviathan.” I’ve been reading a lot of reports that suggest the top military brass is being purged. Are those two statements linked?

  20. Sorry to even bring it up—- but Lady Gag and Madonna did also even go to the same romanist school in nyc. Just saying, there is much social and political inter-link between romanists and jews, whether on t.v., hollywood, etc.

    The whole idea that romanists have not gotten Big Bucks out of the machinations of the sixties would just never wash with me. Their major gains are just blatant.

    As long as they keep sweeping under the rug that the Northwest euro non-catholic, non-jews had a right to try to create a country for themselves outside the insanity of europe (which they now have to live in, again, also, b/c europe moved in on their country)— they can have it “all.”

    And that is often what they seem to want. Just like NY yankee discusses how he and family are “southern” now (since he has relatives populating North Carolina and Florida—- where Americans felt they have to move out in droves, to get away from them, something he doesn’t acknowledge or care about)— And he says “if there ever was a real southern culture anyway….”

    This is the real voice of the “movement.” Southerners (who certainly do feel they have a culture, or HAD before they had to flee NC and FL to maintain it elsewhere)— would call that a voice of Genocide.

    Wiping out cultures (by mass migration) is Genocide of them often. (They just don’t reproduce in alien surroundings, just as the “natives” quit having children in NC, FL, etc.)

    Now, they also say the Northwest Euro “protestant” was never a “real” culture either. Just like the “southerner was not real culture.”

    I can admit NY yankee is a culture. Why can’t they do the same ever? Like he can’t.

    Anyway—- the romanists do have the Supreme court, embassy which means “diplomatic immunity,” and such, offered nothing BUT on the VP ticket last time (and along with crypto romney), Commonweal Mag last Dec. 19 ran the headline “The Catholic Takeover of the u.s. is Almost Complete.


    But it’s verboten to mention, of course. That’s all. Thing is, everyone watches, even if their comments are shutdown. So they know. I’m just trying to say WHY they see what they see.

  21. The digression started when DixieGirl linked Gaga and Tarantino’s cultural influence to their Catholicism. This linkage is spurious because they owe their cultural prominence to Jews not Catholics. Jews promote Gaga and Tarantino in the culture sphere for the same reason they promote protestant blacks: to attack white culture, the white gene pool and ridicule Christianity.

    Most of the visible blacks who work to undermine white interests everywhere including in the South are protestants. Martin Luther King who Jews backed was a protestant. The Reverend Jesse Jackson is a protestant. It’s not relevant. What is relevant is that they have conflicting interests with white folks, including the subset in the South, and Jews help them.

  22. NY yankee said, the south wasn’t a real culture?

    LOL—- it is demonstrably MUCH more of a culture than the “irish catholic.” But could you even imagine if I said “the irish catholic” was never really a “culture.” I would just not be that sick and rude, to take someone’s reality away from them, no matter how stupid their reality is!!!! (the northwest european non-catholic, non-jew, was longer in duration, more people, more serious and consequential in america as a political movement, etc.)

    I do think people need to be put to the fire—– and that they must be made to say WHO THEY ARE, really, what is their real background.

    Not valuing this history, (as NY Yankee does not) and how long people carry it, is how you wound up with a communist indonesian in your white house, lol

    This romanist-taught idea that you can just disregard any culture that is not you, b/c you can’t use it for what you want, is at the heart of much of this trouble (it works nicely for jews too).

    NY yankee just illustrated that voice. The only “america” is his version. The founders and their family are “old news,” and so on. “They lost.” They are nothing. Fine, but this is so they can make their own new reality (“order out of chaos.”) And it will be their order (very foreign to many). And it will not matter in the u.s., JUST AS IT DOES NOT MATTER the displacements of the Southern culture (“it never really existed anyway”— says NY).

    Quite something, isn’t it?

    Other than vacation, I have not been to england in some of my family since the early SIXTEEN HUNDREDS. But I still LOVE England! I am still MOSTLY English!

    If that’s the case after nearly FOUR HUNDRED YEARS, How much more so will the ties be with people “nationalized” into the fake spin of the “Proposition Nation” for only a generation?

    Could you reasonably expect loyalty there?

    AND when the groups are tied to other “Proposition Nations” (like romanism, which is a country in europe) or LAND nations, especially ones in the making like Israel, weren’t the Americans “right” to have attempted to “oppress” them, lol, (for the sake of their own now defunct country)?

    The Worldwide Colonial Alliance is a real connection, often felt by those affected by the early Diaspora—- like Aus, NZ, definitely S.A., u.s., canada—- the people who really didn’t want to live in the current euro crap, largely jews and romanists fighting over who controls the central Socialist state.

  23. The linkage isn’t spurious in the sense that they ARE mostly Latin or ‘Med’, not Northwest European white. I had heard of ‘Lady Gaga’ and seen her picture but until yesterday didn’t know who ‘Tarantino’ is, didn’t know what he looks like. Studying these Med X Talmudic hybrid ‘celebrities’ is extremely boring and a waste of time, I think.

  24. Lew,

    Yes, I am very clear on the imagery in the t.v. dance routines. Personally, I think the endless bondage, s & M, is tied, no pun intended, to the sense of hierarchy, secrecy, initiation degrees, etc, in romanism. And to a point, what is called “liberalism” was seeking (not in a stupid way) to undermine some of that, so people could live more like human beings without Power being their God.

    I have gone far off topic, sorry Hunter!

    Anyway, I do think “profane” populations, proletariat, whatever PERHAPS DOES NEED such things. America proved that people coming from europe NEED THIS. They want a “cult of personality,” whether obama or the pope or the queen. WANT to bow down, experience adulation, kiss rings, fancy outfits, lavish expenditures of money, and so on.

    That reality has been a shock to Generational Americans, imo.

    They don’t need it, their government didn’t have it, their religions and church services don’t have it. And it is alien to them. Like the president giving his acceptance speech at the Pergamom Altar, or the weird arena style circus “football” that expresses their culture.

    I really must go away for awhile…

    I’m another kind of White, lol. In other words, Romanism does not seem “Culturally White” to me at all. Jews are their own culture, but they DO NOT say they are culturally the same as me.

  25. And Lew,

    It’s not that I don’t agree with your analysis of jews. And I have read Culture of Critique and many more books about such.

    I’m just trying to find a succinct way of saying that —in order to set the things right— the commoner descendants of the founders of America (who DID NOT MAKE A proposition nation, but an ethno-state) would have to demand a seat at the table in their own country.

    That cannot happen without media help and reeducation. No romanist wants that, lol, nor “minority,” nor jews, nor anyone who has gained from the sixties

  26. ‘I have not been to england in some of my family since the early SIXTEEN HUNDREDS. But I still LOVE England! I am still MOSTLY English!’

    Very good, perceptive comment. William Penn intended his colony to be ‘New Wales’ but the King overruled it. For those consciously of Welsh descent here, it may still be ‘Wales’ (Cymru) for us. For those of German, Swiss and French Anabaptist descent here, occupying some of the best farm land in the world, this is their own ‘Promised Land’ (Gelobte Land), and they are still in the Fatherland.

  27. I’m going away now—

    But it just seems if Romanists would take care of THEIR OWN issues (like their own people pushing “immigration,” the Philip Hart end of the disastrous “Hart-Celler Act,” the world would be a different place overnight.

    Cleaning up their own ranks, instead of finger pointing (at wasps or jews or ‘illuminati’ groups, or whatever their Scapegoat Du Jour)—- seems a better use of their time.

    Heaven knows there is enough to work on among their own people. Romanists cleaning up the gaping south border (which they benefit from, as it is “their people” and they “win by numbers”)—- would be the best use of their energy, not just going on with the hackneyed heardmanytimes materials about the various Scapegoats Du Jour.

    If one wants to “Place Blame,” (i.e., work to distract the public while you do your dirty), there are MANY RABBIT HOLES, the jews just being one. Each Rabbit Hole has its own personalities, webcasts, reading list of books, community social networks, etc. One can spend A WHOLE LIFETIME in any ONE of these Rabbit Holes. Like, you can go down the jew Rabbit Hole for a whole lifetime, lol. Or the Wasp Rabbit Hole. Or the Illuminati Rabbit Hole. Or the AliensfromAnotherPlanet Rabbit Hole. Or even the Romanist Rabbit Hole.

    It’s a many headed Hydra, so if you lop off a head, it just grows new ones.

    Cleaning up one’s own business is the best course, no?

  28. There is likely nothing that elite Jews take more seriously and find less boring than using their cultural power to mock every strain of Christianity, and to promote degeneracy and anti-white ideas, especially to the young. This is where Gaga and Tarantino come in. Tarantino’s last film backed by the Weinsteins promoted Southern genocide.

    How about we learn from our enemies and adopt a FORWARD-looking perspective and when analyzing problems focus on causes rather symptoms? While Jews cherish their history and traditions and are always drawing lessons from them, their historical orintation doesn’t prevent them from adopting forward-looking perspectives and avoiding paralysis by always looking backwards.

  29. The ethnic origins of America must be deep-sixed, otherwise headlines like this would be seen as Genocide: https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/blog/catholic-takeover-us-almost-complete

    As “proposition nations” (which America was not), the charge of Genocide can be more easily skirted around. However, the destruction of a clear CULTURE is also Genocide.

    Unless of course, that “culture” did not exist—- as NY yankee wants to argue, whether for america or the south.

    This is all a way of getting around being charged with Genocide, right?

    The headline shown to you above (one of many)—- is quite something, if one DOES take into account the historical aggressions of romanism on White Europeans (and their many groups Genocided by romanists, even up to the North Ireland troubles, and other actually recent examples, where North Europeans were trying in England to protect their borders from romanist culture).

    This is why it was said to me that I am ‘outdated and worrying over stupid conflicts in the past’

    Even as this headline runs in my country! As Sibelius pushes obamacare! And so on.

    White Genocide is an issue today! Concentrating only on the (as noted above “protestant”) black people used by the jews— well, that’s the only real trouble for some of these folks…. isn’t it?

    (The buried reality is this… The reason “protestant” black folks were used by jews is THEY WERE THE ONLY black people in the country. Now…other forms of black folk are starting to be used, since they EXIST for the first time, lol)

    About Rome—why not just keep it in rome and in the middle-east, lol? Why is that so difficult?

  30. Well… down in the “deep south” where it was more catholic, maybe there were catholic blacks.. I really don’t know! Hunter could answer that. The protestants clearly let blacks have a religion. You’d think New Orleans would have catholic blacks… historically, but they are more associated with Voodoo, lol

  31. @DixieGirl

    “I am still MOSTLY English!”

    Unless you can come up with the names of all 256 or 512 of your great*-grandparents your claim is sheer speculation.

  32. Rudel, I can honestly say, I’m mostly Irish, because that’s what my Y-DNA results show. My haplotype is the U Nial one, that is, the majority of my gene stuff comes from that old Irish rascal, Nial Of The Nine Hostages. I also have a scattering of German, English, Scandinavian, French, Arab, and Jew as well. BTW, did you get your testing done at Family tree Dna too?

  33. “I’m mostly Irish, because that’s what my Y-DNA results show.”

    The Y-chromosome is only passed on from father to son. While it represents 50% of your immediate ancestors (your father) it only represents a small fraction of less than 1% of your ancestors if you want to trace it that far back as it halves every generation. You need to sample the rest of your genes (called the autosomal) to identify all of the rest of your grandparents.

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