Update: Tom Watson Protest Signs


The League of the South signs for our “Stand With Tom Watson” rally in Atlanta arrived yesterday afternoon:

Tom Watson Protest Signs

Here’s the CofCC sign that we are sending to the printers:

CofCC Tom Watson Sign

Note: I’ve already taken care of the permit. Everything is set and ready to go for Nov. 23 at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta from 10 AM to 12 PM EST.

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  1. Hunter, your skills at getting things rolling along are going to bring even more success down the road. I see your protests are getting larger as time goes on. A big thank you and a hearty pat on the back! And, I can’t leave out the missus and all the other folks who work with you on these important events.

    All I want for Christmas is a Nathan Deal ‘recall.’ North or South, they’re all so slimey.

  2. Good luck to you, HW. IF and when the South secedes, I’d be one of the first to apply for asylum in a new White Nation.

    a- sy-lum- the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee.

  3. For someone with a “brood” to support, “Fr. John” sure does spend a lot of time online shooting his pilpul mouth off. “preacher-man” spends every second, every day, 24/7/365, online opining. Every second , every day, 24/7/365, ALL his waking hours is spent online. If he does have kids, they’re most likely starving, for all the work “Fr. John” does to support “his brood, his quiver” > LOL….

    hebe “Hunter’s” “mayberry” : Still a giant Judah Benjamin “Golden Circle” of jew-jerk-off-circle-jerk-of-jew-heebie-jeebie-kikes. AND “Fr. John” — and his precious “Snowhitey” — are two of the kikes in Scarlett’s stage production. AND so is Mosin, by the way, the one who names himself after a soviet communist rifle.

    U kikes are fuckin hoot.

  4. Why does “Fr. John” turn “THE FILIOQUE MATTER” into a giant issue ? A Giant Bone of Contention? ; When he communicates with Catholics, or is discussing Catholicism, “The Filioque” matter is ALWAYS brought up, and used as a Giant Bone of Contention, and a giant excuse for “Fr. John” to get “righteously indignant”.

    Yet, “Fr. John” Never turns it into a giant bone of contention when he’s surrounded by Lutherans and Calvinists? All of a sudden, when “Fr. John” is communicating with Protestants, especially Lutherans, the “Filioque Issue” is no longer an important matter. In fact, the issue doesn’t even exist when “Fr. John” is with Lutherans [and Calvinists]. So far, “Fr. John” has yet to explain this dichotomy of sorts, this Cognitive Dissonance ; In Short, this very handy excuse — “The Filioque Issue” –to bash the ONE Faith, The One Church, that always historically protected Europe, and by inference, the White Race, from mohammednaism and Islam’s inherent and innate Islamic jihad, dhimmitude, and sharia . How joyful, how gleeful “Fr. John” is now that the Catholic Church is totally usurped [ Oct. 1958] and can no longer protect Europe and the White Race from mohammedanism, and the jew communism which follows close on the heel of islam, jihad, dhimmitude, sharia.

    ” Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism, and the New Age”

    “Fr. John” LOVES the hagarenes to fuckin Chechar province, Algerian habiru-sagiz donmeh noir kike hydra-headed snake-treats-and-desert-lizard-snacks. That’s what I think. That’s what I always thought. Nothing can get me to change my mind about that “Fr. John” [ and his ju gurlfriend in Plano]. For a “Russian Orthodox priest” “Fr. John” sounds awfully Lutheran to me.

    ” Protestant Reformation + Islam”

  5. Hunter Wallace says:

    ‘There’s nothing stopping us but ourselves from building a real “movement” in the South.’

    Not true!

    You face the anti-White, anti-South juggernaut spearheaded by jews!

    The media, education, movies, tv shows, magazines, newspapers, pundits, lefty politicians, negros, mexinvaders, the music industry, banking, goverment agencies and programs are all carriers of the virus.

    Take a look at the repulsive act of Lady Gaga on SNL simulating intercourse with a nigger.


    One of her Youtube videos has nearly 1/2 billion views.


    Miley Cyrus and loads of rappers also have enormous numbers.

    This is the culture and RELIGION of America and the Western world!

    All of your videos and and countless SN, WN websites do not amount to a drop in the ocean compared to the massive propaganda machine of the anti – Whites.

    Old White people sympathetic to us are dying off.

    The young for the most part are dumbed down whiggers, drug addicts, anti–White race traitors and tattooed freaks.

    Thanks to the jews!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sam, all political, or religious movements start out small. Their growth (humanly speaking) depends on the will of the people to press toward their goal.

    Yes, it’s sad that the culture is so corrupted, but as Hunter has said, there’s nothing to stop us from building a movement. Nothing except an attitude of defeatism that feeds off the very culture that many are lamenting. Instead of pissing, wailing, and moaning about bad everything is, we need to start doing the right things ourselves, and quit blaming the Jews and other non-white and Non-Christian minorities for our sad state of affairs. As I have said before, the Jews and other minorities only have power when we give it to them. If we stop buying their ideas, products, and services, their power will go pfft! If we refuse to do this, because it’s so much easier to blame the other, we will deserve our fate.

  7. The Mosin predates Soviet Communism by DECADES. Joe, your wit and style have survived the ‘Kosher Dissent’ gulag. Remember in your trial I was a lone voice voting against your banishment, against the tide of the ‘KN’ crowd. Free speech and thought, now and forever.

  8. ‘hebe “Hunter’s” “mayberry” : Still a giant Judah Benjamin “Golden Circle”’

    Judah Benjamin and Golden Circle system reminder!

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