Alabama GOP Chairman: Candidates Don’t Have To Be “Old White Men”


Leave it to the Alabama GOP to denigrate the constituency that gave them control of every statewide office and put them in charge of every branch of the Alabama state government:

“MONTGOMERY, Alabama — The chairman of the Alabama Republican Party expects the GOP to dominate state elections again next year but hopes to see more diversity among the slate of winners.

“We’re focused on winning elections by recruiting folks that we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with and share our convictions,” Chairman Bill Armistead said. “They don’t have to be old white men. They can be young folks. They can be black, they can be brown. All we ask is that they share our general conservative philosophy and we welcome them on board.” …

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  1. Just the fact that he uses the adjective “old” before “white men” tells you the guy is bought and paid for. He doesn’t possess a stitch of pride nor dignity. Kick them all out, unless you have proof positive they have your/our interests at the forefront and will fight tooth and nail and everything else.

    I am beginning to detest white folks more and more (not here, of course). They sickenen me with their sniveling, groveling, spineless, jellyfish ways.

  2. Contact info of this traitor?

    If he is not outed and punished very soon, Alabama will become like South Carolina with no straight White Southerners in top offices.

  3. Snowhitey: They sicken me with their sniveling, groveling, spineless, jellyfish ways.

    I doubt you’d think so highly of them if you were a politician. For few people have ever been so staunch in their determination to be treated with contempt. The bumbling venal republicans can barely keep up with demand.

  4. This pitch is so ridiculous that you have to wonder if he isn’t trying to bolster his ‘anti-racist’ credentials. He has an ideological litmus test that will rule out 97% of Blacks. It’s more stupid than problematic. It isn’t going to fool anyone. Only Whites care about meritocracy. Libertarians and most Republicans believe in a meritocracy. Blacks don’t fare well in a meritocracy on average.

  5. ‘Just the fact that he uses the adjective “old” before “white men” tells you’

    Even on Occidental Dissent, white male maturity has been deprecated (‘very old, squeaky voice’ etc.) and ‘cult of youth’ expressions appear. True conservatives tend to honour the settled wisdom of the aged, and distrust the enthusiasm of inexperienced youth. ‘Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man,
    and fear thy God’.

  6. They can be young folks. They can be black, they can be brown.

    And the Swedish bikini team can kidnap and molest me for days on end.

    They’re going to be old white men.


    1. Politics are old people’s games

    2. Blacks have the Democrat Party

    3. Browns (Hispanics) have the Democrat Party

  7. We need more courageous old White men like Jeff Sessions from Alabama.


    Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a key figure in fighting against amnesty, said on Wednesday in response to House Speaker John Boehner’s move to kill the Senate’s amnesty bill that it is a “positive development” for the country. (snip)

    “Arguably the single most destructive feature of the Senate’s immigration bill was the massive permanent surge in low-skill immigration that would reduce wages and increase unemployment,” he continued. “The White House and Senate Democrats shamelessly coordinated with a small cadre of CEOs to pressure House Republicans to yield.”
    Sessions said it is time for the party to eradicate special interests from spheres of influence.
    “It’s time for Republicans to tell these special interests to get lost and to be the one party that will defend the interests of the millions of low-wage Americans looking for better jobs and better wages,” he said. “This is the moment for a vision to emerge centered on growth and prosperity for working Americans—not just the powerful and well-connected.”

  8. You got that right, Mosin. European descended people used to respect their elders knowing full well that only experience brings true wisdom. And, now our government-sanctioned healthcare system will make sure they disappear quickly as the younger ones cheer!

  9. Sam

    You just proved the benefit of “old white men.”

    Over time, Jeff Sessions has moved from just an above average Republican Senator when he first came to the Senate to being the best of the lot and the next President today.


    Age (usually) begets experience and better judgment.

  10. Go with a good mister of youth and experience.

    Experienced, old trusted hands with still clear heads can be good advisers, just not inspiring revolutionary leaders.

    Some sincere old guy trying to bring back the 1950s now 60 years later, that’s not revolutionary.

    Also, with old White leaders, we run the risk that they are just unaware of the current situation, they’re living in the past. This was the case with President Ronald Reagan who wasted the 1980s fight ….

    The Russians.

    Such a policy might have made some sense in the 1930s, 1940s, but by the 1980s it should have been clear to any White person w.ith a brain that are enemies were not healthy, racially conscious White European people like the Russians.

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