Sodom on the Lake

If the South needed any more reasons to secede from the North – here’s one more nail in the coffin:

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is set to sign into law homosexual marriage equality!

In a very close, long fought vote along partisan and Chicago against the rest of the state lines, homo marriage squeezed through. Supposedly “Conservative” Catholic, LDS, mega Churches were noticeably AWOL from the fight against this abomination – these cowardly, corrupt, tax exempt institutions are spending their time pushing amnesty for illegal aliens. Chicago Black Protestant churches did put up a very strong fight, which we note and honor. We hope to work with these solid, principled Black Christians in these dark, latter days.


  1. And now, some St. Louis LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH are planning on crossing the river to get “married,” even though their “marriage” isn’t recognized in Missouri.

  2. As a fellow Illinoisan Jack, I’m saddened that my church didn’t do squat to fight this horror. I suspect the crowd that centered around the late Cdl. Bernardin had something to do with this lack of zeal for fighting this thing. Berny was, of course, deeply involved in the sodomite underground in the Church, and sadly, his malign influence reaches out from the grave.

  3. The Abrahamic religions treat humans worse than cattle, you are nothing but a vessel for some shyster to pour his religion into. May they fade away.

  4. As one who has already had his state (MN) adopt sodomite infection in the body politic, welcome to the ‘gay old club’. UGH. May our nation die from cultural AIDS quickly, so we can pick up the pieces, and stone the remaining offenders in the streets.

    It is folly to think that a city (Chi-town) that could elect an Israeli dual-national (Rahm ‘not’ Emmanuel) as mayor, would not also stoop to give burly men with a penchant for penises, the ‘pink light’ to destroy further a state already mired in corruption, cronyism, and communist universities, and communities filled with the Deicides. Skokie’s probably having a LGBTGETHER Latke-fest over this latest perversion. It’s what Jews dew.

  5. OTOH, this is going to be a good acid test.

    I keep reading on some of our favorite websites that all these white LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH are on the verge of becoming WNs, the only thing standing in the way are all of us knuckledraggers opposing gay “marriage.” Now that it’s legal in Illinois, we should see a throng of gays becoming WNs.

    Small print: Gays in New York City (not all of them are white, though) voted DeBlasio over Lhota 85% to 11%. So they voted for a man who wants to get rid of SQF, which helps keeps white gays and other gays safe from the black undertow.

  6. Some good news, the Catholic Cardinal (might be bishop) of Springfield Illinois issued a very strong statement opposing this Obamination and has threatened some exorcism on the Illinois State House.

  7. Yeah Jack, I heard that the Bishop was a real man. After the mess the last bishop left him, he has to be a real man. Lets hope he continues his good work.

  8. Quote: “We hope to work with these solid, principled Black Christians in these dark, latter days”

    You hope to work with Obama supporters? Are you serious?

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