Thor 2 Very Good

I viewed the Thor II movie – very good, better than Thor I.

Very well cast.

Nice love interest Thor and Jane Foster, Jane is a bit over educated, too “scientific” but that’s accurate, American gals study too much, little or no sex, but Jane is interested and interesting, though the Norse goddess Sif is a strong rival – Sif is in to positives sex and violence, she’s not a book worm spinster/ feminist.

Loki is really good, one times on our side… Half frost giant/Jews on our side – well we can hope.

Thor 2 is kicking ass at the box office…

Mighty Thor doesn’t “turn the other cheek”

Here’s the excellent trailer:


  1. Monroe,

    Yes. Idris Elba once again plays Heimdall (Heimdallr in actual Norse mythology), who not coincidentally is the “Whitest of the gods.”

    Kyle Rogers made news back in December 2010 when he launched a “Boycott Thor” campaign over Elba’s role. (Thor came out in May 2011). Here’s a shot of Elba as Heimdall:

    The thing with movies is you just have to tune out the PC crap. Sometimes the anti-white/anti-Christian/anti-Southern/anti-family propaganda is so blatant and in your face that the movie is rendered unenjoyable. For some, like Rogers, that was the case with Thor. For me it wasn’t.

    Thor 1 was much more multicultural than Thor 2, which I saw last Friday in IMAX when it hit theaters. There’s one scene after a victorious battle where all the Asgardians, Thor included, are celebrating in a beer hall, and you see nothing but happy, smiling, cheerful White faces. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings.

    The other noteworthy thing about Thor 2 is how the the main antagonist, Malekith. becomes darker and darker in appearance as he slowly gains his powers back through the Aether. He’s pasty-white at the start, but by the time he tries to destroy the universe during the climactic finish, he’s as dark as one of those fighting Urak-yi that made the anti-whites scream “racism!” over LOTR.

  2. Also, I hope Thor dumps Jane for Sif. Jamie Alexander is much more attractive and a much better actress than Natalie Portman anyway.

  3. Dan,

    I kind of agree.

    But Jane’s appeal is that she isn’t a Viking Tomboy. Though Jane’s an over educated, science nerd, she has that appeal that she might become a wife and mother and let Thor do manly things away from their home.

    Sif insists on being on the battlefield, going on Viking raids, criticizing Thor’s fighting choices, we men don’t like that.

    I’ll bet Sif has never seen the inside of a kitchen.

  4. “I’ll bet Sif has never seen the inside of a kitchen.”

    One can hardly blame a Viking warrior for not being a modern metrosexual “foodie.”

  5. You’ve got to be joking.

    I watched the trailer. It has all the faults of the modern Hollywood product. The gratuitous and incongruous niggers*; the loud music that completely drowns out the mumbled dialogue; the crash, boom, bang effects; the camera-man-as-star with his cutesy angles, fade-in, fade-out, zoom-in, zoom-out; that dumb focus-on the character-then-turn-to face-the-camera cliche; it’s a puerile mess. Can’t comment on the actual story content – there was no clue to that, that I could understand, but I wouldn’t be optimistic.

    * I prefer to watch negro-free movies. I understand that it would be difficult to make Zulu with an all-White cast, but Heimdall? Anyway, they’re just plain ugly, and I get no pleasure out of seeing them.

  6. Heimdall is the only non White in the movie and he’s just the Black doorman who has to work far away from the parties in Asgaurd.

    London England is all White in this movie – how about that?

    Thor, Sif,Jane and Loki are perfectly cast.

  7. Turns out that selling out and casting a wise neeeegro as a Norse god didn’t pay off with black wallets. The new Tyler Perry* movie made more money than Thor, this Friday. No Imax or 3D to pad the numbers, either. I might see it just because it’s 99.8% white, but I can’t stand these comic book movies (never saw the Thor I either). IIRC “The Conjuring” was a nice, White Refuge, as it takes place in 1970s New England.
    *(dont know, dont care if it’s actually Tyler Perry)

  8. Hey Alex,

    I see that Thor II is topping the box office this week with $85 million in ticket sales. Don ‘t know what financials you are looking at to say some Tyler Perry movie made more.

  9. “American gals study too much, little or no sex”

    LOL, what? The overwhelming majority of American women (at least 90%) have sex at least once before marriage. In fact, some of the most sexually active single women are also some of the best educated, given that highly educated upscale women marry later on average than working-class and poor women. I also read a study that over 75% of people have sex before finishing high school.

    Feminists nowadays are thoroughly sex-positive. Go check out Jezebel if you have any doubts.

  10. EC university of Chicago women do not have sex. They don’t date , dance, or do much anything fun.

    As for places like Brown University, Smith College – horrible, I ‘d rather be stationed in Iraq.

  11. Jack, I guess that was just Friday’s numbers (domestic) at boxofficemojo, where Madea’s 6th Grade Reunion beat Thor by $200,000. Thor bounced back on Saturday and Sunday (projected), up $4 million each day. Globally, I’m sure it’s no contest. But still, they keep sticking negroes in movies where they don’t belong. Most people are idiots and don’t care or notice, or are even happy to see a black computer genius, but it pisses me off and ruins the rest of the movie for me. The proverbial teasponn of shit in a gallon of vanilla ice cream, if you will.

  12. Alex I feel your pain. But it’s a fallen world. There’s no way we’re going to get a 100% white Nordic Norse Gods now in an all White earth movie. The jack Kirby comics were a bit better, but the movies are very good. It’s great that millions of White women are fantasizing about Thor instead of Will Smith.

  13. You are aware that when you pay to see these movies that you are putting money into the pockets of the Jews, aren’t you? Better to watch these movies for free on the Internet through the various streaming and file-sharing sites that are available.

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