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  1. The civil wrongs movement was started and supported by Reds from the beginning. This group is carrying on an old tradition of subversion.

  2. That Facebook page is hilarious! They seem to have their panties all in a twist about how “Republicans” are spreading the “virulent meme” that anti-racism is anti-white. They don’t even realize who they are dealing with.

  3. The fact that the Southern National Congress is telling Southern people to store up gold and silver is excellent! It’s so good to see a practical minded political organization!

    Pro-white and pro-southern organizations need to adopt a promote a prosperity doctrine, not because we’re greedy, but because that is how one has an effect in the USA. Not by being a charismatic speaker, but by being wealthy and owning businesses in the local community and supporting the Little League and Pop Warner football and town youth soccer leagues.

    Those who store up gold and silver will be the only people around who have any startup capital for a business. They’ll probably be able to buy a working farm for one or two gold coins. Be sure that the “dry goods” general store is in the hands of a good Southron and not anyone with an alien ideology and/or hostile agenda, and if any business is owned by someone with a hostile agenda, set up competitition and boycott the hostile.

    The world laughs at white people because we continue to spend our money and enrich people who have a predatory and parasitic agenda toward us. But in general, we don’t have any alternatives. There’s no pro-white pro-Southron Quickie Mart to go to. There’s no pro-white pro-Southron dry cleaning shop. You need to make sure EVERY business in town is owned by someone who doesn’t HATE you.

  4. It’s amazing how many of these tiny Jewish-communist-socialist groups that there are in the United States. Every wannabe Jew guru must have his, or her own socialist-communist group based on Marx, Lenin, & Trotsky, or some combination including Mao and Stalin too.

  5. Bombshell!


    In custody!

    Gun charges forthcoming!

    (and now back to our regularly-scheduled Occidental Dissent programming…)

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