Craig Cobb Charged With “Terrorizing”

North Dakota

The moron who was with him was also charged with felony “terrorizing”:

Note: It looks like the White Nationalist movement is washing its hands of Craig Cobb once and for all.

“Two white supremacists were charged with terrorizing after they carried guns in the small North Dakota town they want to turn into a white enclave.

Grant County authorities arrested 62-year-old Craig Cobb and 29-year-old Kynan Dutton on Saturday after residents of Leith called for help, saying the two men were threatening them with guns.

Grant County authorities say Cobb and Dutton were charged with four counts of felony terrorizing and will appear in court Monday afternoon. …”

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  1. While I agree that Cobb showed poor judgment and unnecessarily shot himself in the foot, let’s not pretend that anti-white media framing isn’t the main reason the local people reacted badly to Cobb in the first place.

  2. Please do effective racial realism, White activism in something other than 24/7 American WN – it’s dysfunctional, nothing good gets achieved.

    White Power: We’ve Got It!

    Is “White Power” really the answer to the survival of our race?

    by Jost Turner

    “You can buy a White man for a compliment, let alone $60,000 a year!” These words describe the frustration and disgust of an educator in the public school system after years of watching the predominantly White administrators and teachers unquestioningly affirm, expand, and implement with religious fanaticism, every new dictum of political correctness – the new State Religion -which slithers down from the educational hierarchy – regardless of logic or consequence! This is White Power in action.

    The words White Power adorn reams of White racialist literature, posters, and stickers. They embellish telephone messages, tattoos, and quasi National Socialist salutes. White Power is a universal demand of much of the White racial movement, and it is looked upon with great longing as the final savior of a world gone mad. But the joke’s on us, because White Power is exactly what we have today, and what we have had every day that this world has been going mad. It is time we faced some cold, hard facts. Most any Jewish activist will happily point out that Bill Clinton is just about as White as they come, as has been every other president before him.. At no time in the history of this country has the vast majority of the Senate or House of Representatives been anything other than lily White. The Supreme Court has always been predominantly White, as are government police agencies such as the FBI. The Federal Bureaucracy is still largely White, and all no-Whites therein have been given their jobs by the White Federal hierarchy. State governments are White, as are most municipal and county governments. The courts on all levels are still predominantly White. A clear majority of the voters in this county are White, and the majority of the tax-payers are White. A majority of corporation CEOs and board members are White, and there are even enough Whites in positions of power throughout the media to counter Jewish influence. Finally, there are more wealthy Whites than Jews or other ethnic groups. All of our enemies would point out that this nothing more nor less than White Power!

    The fact is that there are more than enough White voters, Whites in positions of governmental and police power, and White financial muscle to ship out every single Jew, Negro Asian, Latino , and other non-White on the next boat! But instead, every one of these elements of White Power encourage the immigration of still more non-Whites in the country and disenfranchise their own White brethren-either by direct power (government, police and financial) or seeming indifference (voters). The situation we have today is a direct consequence of 200+ years of White Power. How the Jews and non-Whites must howl with laughter when they hear us shout “White Power”. You want it? You got it! At the rate that White Power is exuberantly staffing the government, courts, bureaucracies, and police with non-Whites, it won’t be long before we see an end to White Power.

    Perhaps this will be for the better. Perhaps then a few more Whites will begin to reconsider their position. We definitely have White Power, but why does it serve only to destroy us? The answer was pointed out by Adolf Hitler: “As soon as egoism become the ruler of a Folk, the bands of order are loosened, and in the chase after their own happiness men fall from heaven into a real hell.” Egoism is self-absorption. Today, most White are very self-absorbed, not only with financial accumulation, but even more with societal position or image.

    In this state of egoism, they can be easily manipulated and controlled by simple compliments or ego-strokes to their position, authority, identity, status, education, or intelligence. It’s that simple, and it works! This, not to mention a salary in the five or six figure bracket, is how university administrators, instructors, and students are so easily manipulated into ratifying, embracing and further preaching virtually every nonsensical decree of political correctness as a new State Religion!. They go on to initiate the doctrines of this State Religion not all the different governmental, judicial, corporate, media and educational positions of power to which they gravitate. That’s White Power.

    The working class is just as susceptible. They are self-absorbed with their own status and intelligence, and, responding to ego-stimulation by television and motion picture media personalities, they too feel the gratification of the politically correct thinking of the new State Religion – not to mention social security, health insurance and retirement! That’s White Power. The great majority of Whites are far too self absorbed to consider the effect of all this political correctness on the future of their children. Most are far too self-absorbed to worry about the welfare of their children, let alone their Folk or arena are being denigrated by self-styled racial writers and leaders who have never made any comparable contributions to the struggle. This, too, is White Power.

    Egoism in the White racial movement is not confined to the leadership. Virtually overnight, a handful of “Hollywood Nazis” destroyed years of careful, successful work which we had done to demolish media distortions and show the residents of a small California county the nature of true National Socialists. Almost as soon as they arrived, these “neo-nazis” wiped out everything we had accomplished with pointless flag burnings, intimidations, threats, violence (against Aryan women!), and, of course, parading around in their childish “White Power” tee shirts.

    These media-scripted, un-Aryan “neo-Nazi” activities were not even aimed at non-Whites, Jews, or left-wing activists. There are few non-whites in that county, and none in the affected town. These childish antics were all directed at Whites, most of whom had no interests at all in urban racial problems. Any observer could see that everything done was to gratify fragile egos. Now, a whole county will never again be receptive to any message of National Socialism. That’s White Power. If we are to survive as an Aryan Folk and as a White race, a sizeable portion of us must follow the guidelines of Adolf Hitler and get beyond egoism. We must banish our self-absorption, and put all or our own personal desires, interest, and welfare of our Folk and race. This is not “White Power”. This is National Socialism!

    This “revolution in thought”, the higher idealism of Folk-consciousness, is what created the great social and economic miracles of National Socialist Germany. To survive, we must begin right now to build a solid foundation of Folk-consciousness, first within our own lives, then educating others who are already racially aware, and finally offering it to those who become disillusioned by self-aggrandizement and egoism. We should replace that inappropriate, embarrassing slogan of “White Power” with one word which carries the connotations of a new consciousness and a new age: Folk!

  3. SPLC article:

    “Leith Mayor Ryan Schock said Cobb had been out of town recently but that after returning from an appearance on The Trisha Goddard Show – where he had agreed to a DNA test that showed he was 14% sub-Saharan African – he returned combative. On Friday, Schock said, Cobb was walking up the street “raising hell” with a rifle, stopping vehicles and yelling.

    “He was going up to people’s vehicles and hollering at them, anyone that was walking up the street, telling them to get the hell out of town,” Schock told Hatewatch today.

    When asked if he had any comment about Cobb’s arrest, Schock added, “About damn time we got him in the can.”

  4. Cobb has managed to piss off a bunch of North Dakota Germans who are probably still pissed off about American entry into WWI, and secretly think that Hitler was right. LOL. What a fukin’ jerk.

    Somehow 3 adults, ad 5 children living in a nigger shack without running water & sewage surely isn’t a White Germanic lifestyle.

    Fukin’ jerk.

  5. I do not think he was a plant, just that he has pahetically poor judgment. I am biased as a Catholic Christian, but what bothered me most wasn’t the WWII emblems, it was his “Church” of the Creator getup. While there may be rare exceptions, “Creators” too often act like the sort of White prison gang our enemies love to report on so they can villify peaceful White advocates by association.

    Still very sad to see the plans coming to an end. It would have been nice for White Northerners to have a hamlet of their own, even if it resembled a NS hippie commune.

  6. I’ve heard that it’s not 4 felony counts – but SEVEN. Each conviction carries a Mandatory Minimum of 2 years. However, each count also carries a Maximum 5 Year Sentence, should the judge be so inclined. That means that Cobb is facing a potential sentence of 35 YEARS, should he be convicted on all counts, and given the maximum sentence on all counts.

    35 YEARS.

  7. The citizens of Leith, ND had every right to be concerned and worried about this man yelling and stomping around with a gun in his hands. They didn’t need any anti-white mass media to ‘brainwash’ them to make them think Cobb was a loo-loo. He did a fine job on his own.

  8. Somewhere in this great country some blacks are basically doing the same stupid shit as Cobb, but nno outrage from the vermin media. Yes I thought Cobb a frikkin dumbass but IMO we should refrain from too much joy in his position.

  9. So Cobb showed some bad judgment. This is true, and it’s reasonable to point it out. It doesn’t require kicking the man while he’s down looking at years in prison. Whatever Cobb’s misjudgments, he was trying to establish a white outpost in the real world.

    As for the media, of course this Jewish malignancy was instrumental in smearing Cobb. Suppose a Somali had moved in looking to establish a “Somalis only” outpost on private land in Leith, ND. Suppose the good people of Leith, ND had reacted to the Somali in the exact same way they reacted to Craig Cobb. Anyone here think the media would have slanted its coverage differently?

  10. The Leith mayor wouldn’t get away with saying “about damn time we got him in the can” about a negro, Shia Muslim, or illegal immigrant from Mexico under ANY circumstances. Damn fool doesn’t realize he’s cannon fodder for people who hate everything white, including rural ND. The higher ups at the SPLC he is cannon fodder, and I’m sure they have enjoyed a nice laugh or two by now at the expense of the good goys of Leith.

  11. Being an aging white male is both ridiculous and damning in itself. Rejoice while you can, your turns are coming.

  12. Lew says:

    ‘The Leith mayor wouldn’t get away with saying “about damn time we got him in the can” about a negro, Shia Muslim, or illegal immigrant from Mexico under ANY circumstances.’

    Truer words were never spoken!

  13. I clicked on the link to that video, and I could only watch a couple of minutes of this poor man’s foolishness. “So Cobb showed some bad judgment” indeed! That’s what’s precisely wrong with far too many would be leaders in this movement. Thankfully, we are now getting some leaders like Dr. Hill who do have good judgment. We need to tune out fools like Cobb, and give our support to folks like Dr. Hill. And train a younger generation of men and woman who also have good judgment so they won’t become Cobb reduxes.

  14. As the Tea Party movement was brought to heel and under control by the well-spoken-well-dressed-well-heeled, so may the WN movement soon, some hope.

  15. Oriana South Africa has done PLE right – most everything.

    This Cobb guy in North Dakota – did most everything wrong, like out of some Hollywood script for the dysfunctional racist bad guy.

  16. There sure are a lot of sideline commentators here who have a whole lot of criticism to offer but not much personal action on their own behalf. You condescending intellectual pussies can continue seeking social affirmation from your fellow peers of online armchair activists but bitching and whining on some blog like a bunch of niggers and jews isn’t going to accomplish diddly-dick as far as the future existence of our race is concerned. I have nothing but respect for Cobb and his unrelenting efforts in Leith.

  17. Dalton, that’s just wrong. You seem almost pleased. If the government throws the book, given his age Cobb might die in prison for doing non-whites do all over the country every day, east, west, north, south (claim neighborhoods and communities for their own and/or carry guns). Cobb is more sinned against than sinned. A lot more.

  18. We need whites walking around black areas, nations, continenrs with rifles laying down the law to them.

    Not walking around in 99.99% white areas walking around with their rifles. All people like Cobb do is intimidate other white people (who are themselves avoiding the groid) in rural areas.

  19. Cobb is headed straight down the corn hole, of that there is no doubt.

    Cobbsville could still be salvaged, however:

    ? Sign over all Leith properties to me

    ? Allocate a minimum of $5,000 to install proper plumbing and bathroom amenities (I know you have it, too – according to the police department)

    Once these stipulations are met, I will set about making of Leith what it COULD have been from the start, under proper leadership. My HQ will be freshly painted, mowed, landscaped, and otherwise turned into an attractive showplace. It will look second-to-none in the town. As donations are received, they will be used to expand the other properties, installing new structures for my WN Leadership Institute, a facility where top WN speakers will be invited to conduct seminars on a wide variety of WN subjects.

    And all that’s only the beginning. For there will be no “village of the damned”. There will only be a village of the beautiful, the inspirational, the educational, and the exceptional.

    THAT is the vision that Cobbsville should have been.

  20. The Rosa Parks thing sounds like a good laugh. The stroll with the rifles was nuts. His side kick looked like Michael Ryan in Hungerford.

  21. OT: Urban Guerrilla Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Golden Dawn Murders, Promise More Executions

    A previously unknown urban guerrilla group calling itself Militant Popular Revolutionary Forces has claimed responsibility for the murders of two Golden Dawn members on November 1.

    The authors of the proclamation say that the two Golden Dawn members, 22-year-old Manolis Kapelonis and 26-year-old Giorgos Fountoulis, were killed in a “political execution” in revenge for the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, who was stabbed to death by another supporter of the Neo-Nazi party, Giorgos Roupakias.

    The proclamation dedicates the murders to immigrants and says that the killings are just the start of the group’s campaign against Golden Dawn and its members.

  22. Hey Creator,

    Please learn how to dress and act in ways that do not completely alienate and scare off regular White Americans.

    Clean up your act.

  23. Lew. I really don’t understand you. I pointed out that we now have leaders like Dr. Hill who have good judgment. In order to grow this movement, we need people who’s minds operate in the real world, not in some fantasy world created by a flakey ideology like Creativity or Neo-Nazism. Our real world is America, not 1930’s Germany 0r Ben Klausen’s Creativity dream world.

    Your main concern about Cobb seems to be that he will go to prison. Well, I’m sorry that he will probably land up in the clink too. However, this poor man has a past history of stupid, dangerous behaviors. You claim his latest behaviors are normal. Ah, sorry Lew, but walking around town, brandishing rifles, yelling at people, scaring them, is not “normal”. If someone did this on my street, my shotgun and my pistol would be cocked and loaded, the police would be called, and I’d be pressing charges.

  24. The new commie Revolutionary Front is obviously a special military intelligence unit intended to provoke a massive retaliation by GD…

    It’s time for GD to use whatever sympathy in the Police and Military to expose it and to destroy it. The Military and Police in the case of Greece are naturally on GD’s side. Everyone in power in Greece ought to start wearing stab vests too.

  25. Cobb reportedly had $11,000 dollars on him when arrested. There is no reason why he couldn’t have spent a few grand getting the water, sewage, and gas hooked up to his nigger shack. What a jerk.

    Like, I said before, if Cobb is a very lucky boy, he will get, a get out of town plea deal, after spending a some months in jail awaiting trial.

  26. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:
    November 19, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    “It’s time for GD to use whatever sympathy in the Police and Military to expose it and to destroy it. The Military and Police in the case of Greece are naturally on GD’s side. Everyone in power in Greece ought to start wearing stab vests too.”

    JR replies

    Is a stab defense vest the same as bullet proof vest?

  27. If Cobb bites the big weenie and cops some heavy prison time, with the very real likelihood that he will never live to walk free again, who here thinks he should commit suicide?

    (i do)

  28. Making jokes about a man dying in jail for doing what non-whites do everyday with government support and 100% media backing. Real classy. How about you kill yourself instead troll? 5/10 since I typed a response.

  29. Lew, of course we shouldn’t make jokes about racially conscious White males committing suicide.

    But, this Cobb has done same old, same old American WN public relations disaster. He might as well be acting from a Hollywood Jew script, getting on TV and acting stupid, looking crazy, doing photo ops scaring locals with guns- what a loon!

  30. If a Somali attempted it, would the global media treatment and outcome here have been the same or different. No need for a long answer.

  31. Lew,

    The game isn’t fair, but the goal should be to win. Cobb played and lost.

    When the SPLC later uses this as an example of why nationalism is dangerous, we should be ready with your response that nonwhites behave the same, with concrete examples of such.

    In theory, our having to overcome obstacles should, or at least could, make us stronger. A good way to bring about ethnic unity is to be discriminated against. Ideally nationalism shouldn’t be a reaction against something, such as against unfair treatment, but in practice I fear it too often is. An enduring nationalism though has an identity. You can look at Finland: It’s independent from Sweden with its own customs and mythology. Finland has set up the necessary structures to support its nationalism in the long term, even in the absence of persecution.

  32. Without any ‘clown behaviour’ at all, two well-dressed, well-spoken, well-funded normal-looking, well-funded, clean, un-bearded, hairstyled, responsible-appearing, fairly attractive but ordinary-looking, and did I forget to say wearing appropriate attire, and well-funded, NEVERTHELESS STILL CONSIDERED ‘NEO-NAZI’ Baptists (minister and wife) are allegedly ‘establishing a white supremacist community’ in Rachel, Nevada:

  33. Well, one of my original news source was wrong. The minister (shown here with his wife: ) of the original Baptist Church in Rachel identified a well-funded newcomer-to-town, Richard Bunck, who is also Baptist but NOT really a minister but a contractor and developer, as a ‘Nazi’ — and I am sorry, the alleged Nazi Baptist DOES have a history of Neo-Nazi ties — but apparently there is no evidence of current or recent ties or intention to set up a white supremacist community as such.

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